Fat Princess: New Pork

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You might’ve already read about the newly-announced Fat Princess DLC level and future updates on the way, but screenshots can only do so much for you, am I right?

Last week at PAX, I ran into Chris Millar and Craig Leigh from Titan, who demoed the addition to this top-selling PSN game on camera. Unfortunately, the folks at Penny Arcade are creatures of the night, and it was super dark (you’ll see that in a minute) in the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. Fortunately, Titan scraped together some hi-def footage of the new level, which we edited on top of the walkthrough this morning. Technology, she is wonderful.

So take a look at New Pork in action, and if you miss what Chris and Craig look like, you can see them here :-)

Yes, I know your questions: When can you play this? How much might it cost? I asked, and there are no concrete details at this time. When there are, you’ll learn them here.

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  • Very nice :)

  • This looks great, but I have to get better at Fat Princess first.

  • Jeff you are the man. Anyword about new classes or anything like that?

  • Once this game drops to $9.99 I’m all over it. For now, I’m just going to watch from the sidelines.

  • Cool love the game

  • Have the game on my ps3 but it has barely been played.

  • very cool hope the new ranking system works better…cant wait for all the new maps and maybe even new classes

  • Controls fixed? I need to be able to target swap (right stick) and attack (square) at the same time. Why not let me switch attack to R1?

  • Looks great! :D
    Any new trophies coming with it?

  • I just want them to fix the problem where the princess disappear.. Annoys me as [DELETED]. :/

  • Well thanks for asking, but I’m more concerned about when the scoreboards are going to be reset to fix the 1000 cap so I can start playing again.

  • @The_Wacker
    They already have concept art for the new classes on their blog.
    At the moment, the new classes are Ninja, Pirate, Chef, and King. There’s probably going to be more in the future.

  • great succes!

  • @11

    thanks for the info

  • Nice DLC. The recently released demo should help sell a few more copies of the game as well.

  • Cliff B sucks.

  • I saw the ninja class on the map playing, he was trying to be very sneaky, but not enough :D

  • I love the game but a few things. First get the current outstanding issues fixed, amazing this game still has so many problems. Second, no more “squeezing” in tons of bronze trophies. Get more silvers and golds, even if that means less overall trophies. Most don’t like tedious bronze trophies, like a few of the 21 included in the game. So spread the trophy points over various levels and match the challenge to the trophy level.

  • I hope the Warrior isn’t too overpowered. But I’m loving the size of this level! The older ones were pretty small and it was all just a big blood-fest. Also, is “New Pork” a Mother 3 reference? :P

  • hope this is going to be free…or at least like only $1.99. I love Fat Princess but my wallet is small thanks to Uncharted 2 and MW2.

  • Not played Fat Princess for a little while. The new content is looking good, so (once my PS3 is fixed) i’ll be sure to get playing again.

  • They should have two DLC packs, one free as an apology for the atrocious launch of the game, and another that costs, which I would buy out of good faith for the apology.

  • Sweet, I was just playin this last night. I hope some patches are comig. I had some weird stuff going on. On a side note: Now when ever I think of the “Big Butts” song I can only think of Fat Princess and her terrible hunger for cake. “I’m so Hungry”

  • Jeff! It’s been a while. …okay, maybe not so much. Still, good. =3

  • cliffy b made gears of war. that means he has connections. messing with him ain’t smart.

  • @15… i dont see any demo O_o

  • I just got this game and it is only going to get sweeter as time passes. New levels are cool and all, but really they just different back drops for more carnage. What I am really looking forward to is the new classes which will really add a new layer on stragedy to the game. Titan Studios thanks for bringing this game to the PSN.

  • The changes sound great, especially the ranking and new options. Looking forward to this and more, assuming the trophy level is consistent with the challenge.

  • This game is too expensive.

  • Map looks sweet. Can’t wait for this and patch.

    Psp is getting Voluptuous Princess!

  • nice i love this game i bought it first hour of release =) BTW jeff do you have a psn id ?
    Ihot you reply on my messages for the first time ever

  • Wheres Castle Crasher whens the release date for that?

  • AWESOME!!! how about some weekends having a double XP weekend like call od duty games…it will make a lot of people play it on those weekends

  • clan system, lobbies, kicking, and team switching are the only things keeping this from being my favorite all time psn game

  • and.. ..i think i saw a ninja… :O

  • There are two big things that they need to ‘fix’ for Fat Princess.

    The first being able to sabotage the enemy’s hat machines, especially in the non-princess game type. What’s the point of even going into the enemy’s spawn if you can’t do anything? It’s a fantastic element to add because it keeps the team working to find more materials. After five games of FP, most people are able to upgrade everything within five minutes of a round.

    The next thing is being able to bring up a roster for how many people there are in each class on your team. This way you will be able to figure out what you should be next spawn round to balance out the types.

    Of course, I know for certain Titan reads the PS blog on a daily basis (who doesn’t?) and are taking these changes into consideration.

  • I still have lag issues with this game.. maybe its my connection but with others games like battlefield 1943 I have no problems :(

  • For a game as good as this, there needs to be a demo. It’s almost stupid not to have made one to coincide since the game’s launch.

  • @16 Viprdude
    I wouldn’t say he sucks, I would just say he is overrated at a developer. He takes all the credits for every games he work on, with very little credit going to the other developers.

  • Awesome, hopefully it’ll be available in a couple weeks or less.

  • “cliffy b made gears of war. that means he has connections. messing with him ain’t smart.”

    cliffy b??

    The biggest loser in all of gaming? The clown who was nothing more than the guy who came up with the mind numbingly retarded Gears of War single player characters and story.

    Yeah, don’t mess with that doofus…LOL!

  • I will definitely get back to Fat Princess when they release some of the new stuff, along with the patch. I also they somehow tone down the difficulty for the gladiator trophy… and i also hope they add new trophies with this pack. One more thing, bring one big pack, not 1 map at a time.

  • I’m quite surprised I didn’t hear mention of how overpowered the worker is with the upgrade. Too many times, I’ve jumped into a game well underway, and been absolutely bombarded by workers and their bombs. This needs balancing in my opinion.

  • Ninjas, Pirates, Chefs, Kings.

    New maps…

    Cost? Ahhhh forget it….

    Ill buy it anyway.

  • I would like to see a city map like the one that’s on one of the pics in the background when you highlight Fat Princess in the XMB. It looks like a colorful little Italian villa or something to that effect. It’s charming and there aren’t enough city-like maps, small cozy houses and quaint outdoor marketplaces would play host to the blood-splattered mayhem occurring in it’s presence. Sounds about right to me. Any new maps for this or new maps and weapons for BF1943 would be ideal, I know they aren’t by the same devs.. I’m just saying..

  • Oh and as to Cliff Blesizinsky…

    Unreal…..nuff said.

    Thanks for supporting a great game even though it isint on “your” platform.

    Seriously Thanks from a member of the SDF

  • for the love of god people stop assuming there are going to be new classes. Chances are its just concept art and nothing more.

  • I know this is kind of out in left field, but can we see a co-op mode for Fat Princess. Don’t get me wrong the Capture the Fat Princess flag concept is awesome, but I really need more incentive to master the game.

    The game voice chat needs to be isolated to a single team, as it kills the game to be able to hear the other guys. Can’t give a strategy when the enemy can hear us.

  • So is the US going to be seeing the demo that the European store got? I’m still waiting to try before I buy.

  • Put it on a disc and I’ll buy it.

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