PSP Firmware (v6.00) Update

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Hi everyone, PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v6.00) will be available soon. This is a minor update, but here’s quick head’s up on what to expect.

  • For those of you looking to customize your XMB (XrossMediaBar), a few new colors will be added under the Theme Settings. These new theme colors can be used on PSP models 2000 or after (PSP-2000, 3000 and N1000).
  • A security patch has been added.
  • [Network Update] has been renamed as [System Update].

As always, we look forward to reading your feedback.

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  • @39:

    “Can we join some sort of lawsuit to get Sony to remove advertising on products we’ve already purchases?”

    No you can’t. The ticker is trying to inform you of PS news. It’s not advertising. And you can turn it off by changing your system time a day (or year) ahead.

    It’s not advertising, get over yourself. You want advertising, go try a 360

  • @Evo…

    Perhaps if Eric spent one iota of time EXPLAINING why a 1000 series can’t get a few new theme colours compared to later series it would MAKE SENSE. But his post doesn’t seem to offer early adopters any rational reason for such a move. AFAIK FW memory space is the same in all models (after 1000 they bumped memory but I don’t recall it being FW memory) so all models should be able to handle it no?

  • Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service…

    Yep…advertising it is.

  • @Eric
    I love everything about PS3 v3.00. The icon and font size, the friends list, ticker, what’s new, everything about it I love. If any changes are made please allow it ALL to be optional. Thanx a million times.

  • WTF? Why does this Update get a full number (6.0)? I’ve seen bigger updates from a 0.01 update…


    I don’t know; I’m not a programmer. Neither is Eric; look at his title. Does it say “Lead Programmer for the SCE Firmware Team?” Not so much.

    I get what you’re saying and all, really I do, but I think the degree of entitlement this generation of gamers has is absurd and flatly embarrassing. Lots of people here seem to want the world and everything in it, but don’t seem to understand that many times, it’s just not possible for reasons that may or may not be explained.

  • What’s the point in jumping to 6.00 from 5.55 if you’re not really changing anything significantly. Just call it 5.56 or 5.60 and move on.

  • @55….

    Isn’t Eric’s title irrelevant to the point? He is the ‘point man’ for these announcements, invites commentary, leaves many questions unanswered (such as this one about the 1000).

    For instance, I dont MAKE the policies for the company I work for but I am in public service and I explain them to my customers. If a policy change affects only a subset of my customers in a positive way you’ll be damned sure I have a full and proper explaination for those not benefiting from the change. It’s basic customer service.

    Anyways…I’m not complaining, as I’ve grown distant from the PSP since my UMD drive went tits up, but Eric need HELP with his presentation skills.

  • I am sick of all the barbie colors and glitter. Bring back the old xmb and add black as a default theme color crying out loud! And add better support for video playback in subfolders and in general. And for christ sake get rid of all the ps store spam and what’s new crap. I know where the store link is located damn it… I don’t need 5+ links leading to the same damn place lol

  • Oh yeah, that was me voting for PS3 change. On a side note, you guys should do a better job on filtering psp crap from the ps3 stuff in the store imo.

  • Come on…

    A major version release of your firmware and the most notable change is more theme colors?

    Where is the Divx support?
    When might we see lossless audio support (FLAC, WMA Lossless)?
    Maybe Windows Media support for video/audio?
    Where is a built-in playlist editor?
    Trophy support for PSP games?

    What really gets me about this release is that the new theme colors aren’t included for original PSP owners. Seriously, I can’t think of a technical reason for this limitation other than to try and convince PSP fat owners to buy a newer PSP. FYI: I don’t own an original PSP, I own a PSP-2000, but still…

  • Oh, and lest we forget.. when are you guys going to patch up firmware 3.00 for the PS3 so we can disable that stupid news ticker at the top of the screen and the navel gazing PlayStation Store links that now sit in the Video and Game XMBs of the PS3?

  • @ EvoAnubis:

    The “entitlement” is less an issue of entitlement, and more an issue of Sony needing to convince people who adopt their platform that their investment was worth it. Sony doesn’t make a lot of money off of the hardware they sell, they make more money off of licensing to 3rd parties.

    In the interests of keeping consumers (that’s us) keen on buying new games and using our hardware they ought to be putting in new features that make their device more useful. Is there a chance some changes might cause people to drift away from games (new audio/video codec support for example)? Sure. But as long as quality games are being released I suspect many will return when they want their gaming fix.

    But if their hardware starts to fall behind what is becoming standard on newer devices, then folks might leave their PSP at home altogether, and that’s not good for Sony or for people making games for it.

    In short: adding new features drives people to continue to use the PSP. Throwing out major version releases with only a handful of minor revisions, on the other hand, will likely drive people away.

  • you should lock this thread do to 3.00 cry babies

  • so basically no point can’t you do a major list of changes: PSP trohpies enabled which may unlock stuff in home / ps3 for true epic connectivity that will increase your sales somewhat also allow people to have more fun and challenge their friends. Next youtube / divx/ bbc iplayer videos wathched on the psp which you can also download straight into the video section which is also horribly annoying and complicated so sort that out. I would also get up a friends list and basically make a ps3 menu on the psp – same layout etc. with similar functionality obviously not all ps3 thins will work on psp but such as there is a tv option with bbc iplayer now under the ps3 aswell as going on the internet to watch and / or download divx videos or youtube content. PLEASE :) oh and just generally more downloadable demos for psp

  • Network Update changed to System Update… Now that I think about it, it makes a lot more sense.

    Anywho, thanks Eric for keeping us updated. :)

  • continuing on from what i was saying under the riends list maybe text / vid chat through ps go cam or whatever it was called or just to talk through in built mic. or just text chat friends who are online, see what game they are playing and help developers become more online friendly / easier to connect to games for psp :D

  • Hey Eric, I (and I bet others) would love some new colors for the PS3 XMB.

  • @51: KSPRAYDAD

    “(after 1000 they bumped memory but I don’t recall it being FW memory)”

    Yes, the slims also got double the firmware flash as well. The RAM and flash for the firmware is actually on the same chip on PSP.

    “Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service”

    Except that’s not all it’s used for.
    Advertising it is not.
    It’s a NEWS ticker. It just so happens that all the news is Playstation related, as it makes no sense to do otherwise.

    Are you going to call the news channel in Life With Playstation an advertising too?

    @ 59: ClubUgly

    “you guys should do a better job on filtering psp crap from the ps3 stuff in the store imo.”

    No they shouldn’t. PSP stuff can be downloaded by the PS3 better than PSP can. Which they need to fix too

  • wow! i have this update and Not many exciting features.

    I wish Sony could have the NEW colors to the Phat PSP.

  • Colours?! New colours?! Seriously, THAT warranted the major number change?

    Please Sony, at least add something the least bit functional. No more visualizers, no more colours, we have enough.

    Let me shuffle my music ACROSS subfolders, insead of just inside of each folder! Same goes for playlisting. These features have been broken since launch, and would take minutes to fix.

    Please listen…pleaaaseeee.

  • The XMB now seem to cache all game icons so it feels much better/faster to browse around in it.
    Nice work!

  • I think a sort function for save data and downloaded content on the memory stick would be greatly beneficial. I don’t like it when the game I am currently playing from my memory stick is in the middle of the selection roulette even though it would jump to the top if I were playing it on my PS3. I wasn’t quite sure what was meant by being able to change the color of the XMB icons, but the text and contrast/darkness should be up for control for those who want to use a lighter background and can’t see the standard white words and letters against the background.

  • I don’t understand why people have given this blog a negative rating. Aren’t all updates to the PSP (and PS3) good even if it’s not the update we were hoping for? Especially since it’s free? If they took away something that you liked, then of course it may deserve a negative rating. But here, they added to our system. Look! There’s a security patch. I would call that good.

  • It more than likely is a major update with features you cant use but game developers can, or maybe its another part of something even bigger. No way to really tell.

    This is psp not ps3 go in a corner and cry to yourself about 3.0 nobody cares about you, and how you dont like the look, thats the most pathetic excuse for a reason to hate a firmware update I have ever heard.

    I got no problem with 3.0. As for buttons freezing up on batman thats not the firmware update causing it, its the game, press a direction on the D-pad in the start menu if the unreal engine console window comes up, restart the game as the buttons will freeze.

  • i love my PSP even more!

  • Seconded for wanting WPA2 support.

    WEP and WPA-1 can now be cracked in about 60 seconds – they shouldn’t be used anymore.

  • Sweet, new colors! never bad…its a security patch with a bonus.

  • if this is what the 6.0 (major update) has to offer, then i”m really not looking forward to when we get to 6.0 on the ps3 lol, it’s getting to a point where your firmware programmers just can’t catch up to the hackers to even add features to the upgrades, they just have time to patch holes, pathetic really

  • i know this may not get thru and it might be the wrong place but can somebody do something about Automatic Remote Play for the PS3?

  • Why does such a minor update need a major firmware designation? There are still more important areas that need improvement on the PSP.

    Regardless, I’m thankful that you still add improvements to the PSP OS without charging for them in the manner of other corporations.

    Suggested Improvements:

    1. Redesign the internet browser to support a more intuitive user interface, more recent Flash support, easier-to-read text, and considerably larger cache settings.

    2. Enhance the music player with Gracenote support and a larger selection of visualizers.

  • Well is nice to hear Sony has decided to release a new updated to the PSP Firmware . But if this are the features that are being release with the update .

    * For those of you looking to customize your XMB (XrossMediaBar), a few new colors will be added under the Theme Settings.

    These new theme colors can be used on PSP models 2000 or after (PSP-2000, 3000 and N1000).

    * A security patch has been added.

    * [Network Update] has been renamed as [System Update].

    Really what update are we getting beside some security patch for what ?

    XMB colors seem to be pretty good to be release .

    Network update being change to System Updates . Finally have decided to change the name which is pretty good.

    Does Sony ever advice it consumers what security hole the patch is packing, Or did we have to wait for the update to be release to know.

    However this is one thing I really like to see like the other OP stated . Some more cache for the browser and better flash player support . But I know in time Sony will release this.

    Thank You

    Oh by the way, Any news on the new PSP 4000 that I have been hearing about in other gaming site ?

  • PSP firmware…

    Would be nice to have:

    -an option to disable the shoulder buttons in the PSP music player, like you can in the video player

    -bookmarks so you can save positions in MP3 in the PSP music player, because I listen to audiobooks on my commute and its a PITA when you lose your place

    -a REAL Q&A on PS3 3.0 firmware, including the reason why menu items disappear after two seconds and why the advertising ticker cannot be removed except by futzing with the system date. Pervasive advertising wasn’t a part of the PS3 when I purchased it, and as FTC Acting Deputy Director Mary Engle says, “sellers who use DRM technology to enforce the terms of bargains with consumers need to be particularly careful to disclose in advance” what those bargains are.

  • @68….

    1.And it would hurt SONY to explain the flash difference for the 1000 being left out how?

    2. Life w/ Playstation (which frankly should be removed from the XMB as it has sat there dying from uselessness, just bring back F@H as a stand alone IMO.) is OPTIONAL to log into … the advert ticker is not. That is the issue. Just becuase you don’t feel your being advertised too doesn’t negate that fact that it is advertising.

  • Well I’ve been waiting a while for the next update………but /I was hopin for something abit..more

    keep up the good work Sony.

    -hint- trophy support.

  • Why aren’t there new colors for the PSP 1000? Cause I have a 1000. That kinda makes me mad.

  • After what they did to the PS3 with 3.0, I think I’d wait a good month before downloading this.

  • chill wth dat…dats all da features on this update?…no wonder its for psp…sooo not cull

  • Minor update, i was hoping PSP Update 6.00 was a major update. i wont be updating my PSP then.

    also, theres alot of people pissed off at PS3 Firmware 3.0 saying
    get rid of huge grey boxes
    remove huge font
    remove playstation store icons
    remove ticker
    oh, also people on the playstation forums are saying that you should be fired!

    as far PS3 firmware 3.0 goes, i have no problem with it.

  • it happened, no more suport for the psp-1000, whats next?, future games just compatible with 2000 +?, i will not buy the same system 3 or more times…put those colors in your A$$

  • customize psp with albums, not different colors that took more than 5 years to impliment. How bout a new visualizer for the ps3?

  • When’s TRINE coming out???

  • good for psp but we need ps3 fix

  • a little disappointing since i have a PSP-1000. :(

  • Did this really warrant a whole new version change? This is obviously Firmware 5.7 or 5.8. Nothing to be happy about.

    You PSP people really are desperate to fight piracy even if it means fooling your audience into updating to useless firmwares. Just live with it. Microsoft and the entire PC market live with it…can’t be hurting you that much. Most noobs couldn’t hack their PSP even if given step by step instructions.

  • Sadly Eric, you are not going to get my feedback about the new PSP firmware because I’m not going to update in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

    I’ll wait to be able to see YouTube videos of it and make sure nothing has been drastically changed.

    I updated my PS3 too fast and I deeply regret it now. I learned to be really carefull with future updates.

  • for such a big change in version number this update does not add much. come on sony get back on your game, add some real features.
    Remember back in the day
    2.00-Internet browser
    3.00 ps1 support

  • Thats really nice, but where is the PS3 firmware update???? After 2 RRoDs I purchased a PS3 for the first time last week only to find that Uncharted consistently freezes at the same cut scene. Thusfar I must say that the PS3 experience has been anything but unsatisfying.

  • I think for such a minor update with a major number I was thinking we would have probably seen a better flash or java app for the PSP. Maybe even the luxury of streaming audio or video with the use of a Memory Stick. But instead I’m just getting a “Name Change” and a minor “Security Fix”? I guess the fix isn’t as minor as you claim if you’re jumping from 5.51 to 6.00 instead of 5.60

  • @56 CrashSpyro
    “What’s the point in jumping to 6.00 from 5.55 if you’re not really changing anything significantly”

    “A security patch has been added”

    It may have not been major to us, but from a publishers standpoint, this is going to be great news moving to 6.00. Hopefully we will get more games from companies that normally wouldn’t release on the psp due to piracy.

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