PSP Firmware (v6.00) Update

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Hi everyone, PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v6.00) will be available soon. This is a minor update, but here’s quick head’s up on what to expect.

  • For those of you looking to customize your XMB (XrossMediaBar), a few new colors will be added under the Theme Settings. These new theme colors can be used on PSP models 2000 or after (PSP-2000, 3000 and N1000).
  • A security patch has been added.
  • [Network Update] has been renamed as [System Update].

As always, we look forward to reading your feedback.

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  • Cool, I am always looking for customizing my own psp.

  • Major change in version number but only a minor update. Major or minor disappointment? Well, you decide. But at least I noticed that my Numblast demo had expired. (A demo with an expiration date, never had seen one before on PSP…)

  • Hey Eric, thanks for the heads up! I don’t usually like to offer suggestions because I feel that words can often go overlooked but I’m wondering why we still don’t have a sorting option for the PSP?

    The one thing I love about the PS3 is that I can create “albums” for everything in my XMB such as DEMOS, BETA, PSone GAMES, PSP GAMES, etc. My fear for the PSP is that as I continue to purchase digital content I’ll be left with an ever-growing list that makes it difficult to track down what I’m looking for.

    Any chance you might consider offering a similar ALBUM option to sort our content on the PSP memory, both removable and internal (for the Go!)?

  • we want in game chat! oopps wrong update lol!

  • thanks for letting us know always happy to see new posts

  • wow i bet it’s gonna break the f%ckin PSP like 3.0 did to the PS3

  • Kinda off topic but I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard on my mac and the widget isn’t working. Is anyone having this issue? Has anyone solved it?

  • also forgot to mention it still says 5.51 on the psp page on just thought id give u a heads up =]

  • Really? 6.00 is “minor”? Usually .00 updates are pretty major, I’m kind of surprised.

  • The last update came out in June… The last update which gave us something came out in April… and all we get 3 or 4 months later are new colors, a renamed networkupdate which is not really better, the ability to group games and the folder-logo known from pspgo… I think in 3 or 4 months of development you could have made something… more useful…

    I think thos update could eventually be 5.60 but it deserves no title like 6.00.

  • Are you kidding me!!! Seriously!!! That is all?

  • i’m beginning to see a trend here. First with PS3 3.0 with a few minor changes (sparkly XMB, oh my gosh…) that nobody wanted, and now PSP 6.0 with a few features that nobody cares about. these X.00 updates are supposed to be BIG. ugh…lame….

  • im with SarshelYam on the sorting of the games… i can see that especially problematic with the 16gigs of pspGo awesomeness!

  • Please tell me this isn’t another mandatory update. I despise having to go out of my way to update my PSP just to get what pathetically little the PSP Store has to offer, not to mention that firmware updates for both current PlayStation platforms have shown themselves to come with “caveats” at times.

    Honestly, I’m fine with how the PSP is right now, but if there’s anything that needs to be improved, it’s the music system, which doesn’t even work properly with Media Go. (Go ahead, TRY syncing proper playlists to the system, and watch as 16 different folders are made.) Beyond things fo this sort, I think it’s time to let the PSP continue as it is.

  • @Eric
    Word has it that the PSP Go has a means of suspending the PSP’s games and returning to the XMB for other functions like Music…. can we anticipate a firmware update for the 1000-3000 models to allow us to do the same thing?

    As far as Firmware 6.00 is concerned, I agree with ProwlingFox this update is not worth my time. At least this won’t get in the way of me playing Dissidia.

  • This is nothing to get excited about

  • @Eric Lempel

    Why don’t you fix firmware 3.0 since it was a huge FAILURE and the majority of the PS3 community is extremely upset and disappointed with it????

    Why don’t you atleast answer the thousands of questions and complaints that the community had about Firmware 3.0????

  • Are you saying the early PSP buyers who have a 1000 won’t be getting new features? I think you should have brought out a PSP2 if I’m going to be forced to buy a new PSP. I don’t see why the new PSP can’t have two analog sticks. I think a lot of people would buy a PSP2. When is Sony going to do that? I just don’t want to have to buy a new PSP because the early model is too old for new features and still not get a second analog stick.

  • @ je53532232343 (7)

    Aw, ‘hush’ up, you drama queen. The PS3 was not “broken” by fw3.00 (well, in most cases). The excessive whining over something as silly as a font size or gray bars (which I personally don’t mind) is more embarassing than when my aging parents act ‘hip.’ Makes me glad online IDs provide anonymity in case I ever need distance myself from people like you.

  • @Mr. Eric Lempel

    Why don’t you fix firmware 3.0 since it was a huge FAILURE and the majority of the PS3 community is extremely upset and disappointed with it????

    Why don’t you atleast answer the thousands of questions and complaints that the community had about Firmware 3.0????

  • What a waste!? a stupid update that is COMPLETELY useless except for a few new colours? WTH!!!

    anything with x.00 should be major updates, not tiny little [DELETED] update like this!!!

    Not to mention psp-1000 owner doesn’t even get the new colours. WTF man, WHAT THE FXXX!!!!???

    Wasting all of that bandwith for [DELETED] things like this <_< I do hate the new ps3 3.00 firmware, but this 6.00 update is even worse <_<

  • …and why is my start up screen on PS3 now PURPLE with SPARKLES?

    Jesus Christ man… please re-release 2.80 on PS3


    Read (20), cry me a river, build yourself a bridge, and get over it. This is a PSP update, not another opportunity for you to expand on the 1500 comment Waaah-Pride Parade you no doubt took part in on the original update post.

  • What kind of development is this? A major number for a minor update. Not considering that for those who own a PSP-1000 there is practically no improvements.

  • Phew, I misread it and thought it said “PS3 Firmware v6.00



    Why don’t you just say what you have to say ONCE, and then leave it alone? Repeating yourself isn’t more likely to be heard, but if it makes you feel any better it does increase the likelihood of being banned from posting on the PSB.

    As for the rest, sounds like a decent update, but I won’t be downloading it. Mainly because I still have a PSP 1000 and will be upgrading to the PSP Go this fall, and don’t see the point of adding too much to it before I do the upgrade.

  • Very happy about 6.0 since it allows us reviewers play a certain upcoming PSP game :p

  • oh well thanks for screwing your early adopters. I’m glad the 1000 is basically crap now I’m glad you appreciate our support. i wish you would just support the people who get your systems at launch.

  • Remove video size restrictions please, and that stupid information bar.

  • Almost forgot, More Music Visualizers……..

    It seems like they gave up on the PSP. Either they don’t care, or it has hit it’s limit, because there has not been one new USEFUL feature on it since I can remember. Pitty, awesome hardware, crappy support.

  • “As always, we look forward to reading your feedback.”

    You look forward to it but never reply. You give major number upgrades to something that should’ve been called Firmware 5.60. Fix your PS3 firmware mistake before working on other firmwares, I’m not gonna download something this useless for the chance of my psp breaking like ps3’s around. I haven’t played my ps3 since your firmware update, and I won’t support it until you fix it. I won’t download this firmware either until you prove its worth it.

  • Can we get trophies, background downloading, friend list, in game xmb, etc? Basically make it feel more robust, closer to the PS3 PSN?

  • yea im staying on 5.50U3R-A.

  • Digital Copy Voucher Support… Please! I want to be able to watch the Blu-Ray movies I own on my future PSP GO just as I can on my iPhone

  • Hi Eric:
    While installing the update I got an error message and my PSP froze, after about 45 minutes I took the battery out and the system re-started normally…just giving you guys the heads up…

    Error code(LPTFFFFFFF7)

  • You know what, I really don’t care, as long as the update doesn’t screw up my system. Would I like the to add more to the update ? Yes I would, Was I happy about the lack of Cross game/Party chat in the last Ps3 update ? No I was not. But HEY guess what ? I can still play the best darn games there is out there ! And on the best darn system ! For Free I might add ! I just hope the the heads of Playstation are truly listening to what the players are saying they want on the system to use. And to all of you yelling what people are saying in here, What do you think it was made for ? really ? & Thank you for your time

  • @37

    No, you can’t play the best PS3 game anymore… Uncharted:Drakes Fortune was BROKEN by firmware 3.0

  • No way will I update my PSP unless I KNOW beforehand that I won’t be forced to display advertising against my will on my PSP. Sony forced me to upgrade on the PS3, now I’m FORCED to run their ads in the scrolling ticker and the other ads in the XMB. But you WON’T do it to me AGAIN on my PSP!! This is BAD Sony. Can we join some sort of lawsuit to get Sony to remove advertising on products we’ve already purchases?

  • Give us WPA2 please!

  • Sry, but where are the new features for the PSP?
    I don’t need new colors for my XMB. I need the following things:

    – The internet browser need more cache memory. the cache is too small for many webseites.
    – higher flash version (i don’t can see videos by youtube)
    – FULL PSN integration (Friendlist, Chat, Messages)
    – Trophies

  • This is the worest update ever for a psp.

  • after 3.0 i havent even wanted to tunred on my ps3, now you’re gonna make me hate my psp too? thanks but no thanks sony.

  • Another update that I will have no troubles with :) keep up the awesome work guys

  • “oh well thanks for screwing your early adopters. I’m glad the 1000 is basically crap now I’m glad you appreciate our support. i wish you would just support the people who get your systems at launch.”

    Jeez, there’s just no pleasing some people. You add things in later models that aren’t there in early models, you’re screwing over early adopters.

    On the flipside, if you take away features for later models in order to make it less expensive (is, the PS3), now you’re pissing off late adopters.

    Can’t you people make up your minds? What do you expect, for the thing to just stay exactly the same from launch all the way until they stop producing the product?

    Why do people have this unrealistic expectation? And more importantly, why is Sony the ONLY COMPANY help to this standard? Where’s all the hate for the iPhone 3GS by early adopters? Why aren’t original DS owners pissed because they don’t have a camera like DSi owners? Where’s the rage of the original 360 owners who don’t have HDMI ports?

    You people seriously need to grow the hell up.

  • Eric,

    As a consumer oriented company you might want to consider writing your posts in a consumer friendly manner (ie…what is in it for ME).

    Based on your post I see nothing of note for a 1000 owner so I’ll pass thanks (unless you can convince me a security patch is something I need and not something SONY needs).

  • Wow, sounds like this should have been 5.71 or something.

    You could have added things like trophies, in-game custom soundtracks with remote support, PSN messaging, grouping/sorting options, screenshots, the ability to change CPU speed for older games, TV out over interlaced/composite cables on the 2000

    Come on guys, you need to give us reasons to give up custom firmware.

    As for trophies, just check the files referenced in SEplugins\game.txt, check there CRC checksum, and make a whitelist of accepted plugins (ie: music.prx) A homebrew method like this will deter hackers from abusing it

  • Jeez, I understand the complaints about 3.0, but seriously guys, sometimes the firmware updates just fix background stuff, you are not supposed to get new features with every update! Also Sony doesnt care if this is a new version number or just incremental. Its just the way the number their stuff. Stop complaining.

  • network changes to system?! oh man that sucks!
    sorry making fun of the 3.00 haters

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