LittleBigPlanet GOTY Out Today, Meet the Special Guest Designers

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For those who haven’t jumped on the “Play, Create and Share” bandwagon yet, now is the time as the LittleBigPlanet Game of Year edition Game of Year edition is available NOW!


The new package includes everything from the original as well as seven free downloadable content packs, a PlayStation Network voucher code to download the upcoming ModNation Racers online beta AND 18 never-before-seen levels created by some extremely talented members of the community – all bonus content valued at more than $30!

So, how did these 18 consumers get to be part of a video game? Well, it wasn’t random. Our team at Media Molecule handpicked them all after viewing the exceptional levels each fan had previously posted online. Once identified, we contracted each person, with payment, of course, to create a new level that would be incorporated into the Game of the Year. So, all 18 people are now amateur video game developers for the PlayStation family.

One of these creators, David Dino, a 27 year-old Hospital Safety Coordinator from Azusa, CA, recently spoke with about his role in the game. Check out the interview as Dino discusses what it feels like to now be an amateur video game developer and an integral part of a major video game franchise.

Lastly, to drum up early excitement for the LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year, the new bonus levels were playable on the show floor at PAX last week. Take a look at some gameplay footage and a recap of what went down with LittleBigPlanet in Seattle during the show…

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  • Still wanna know why theres no game launching from home for this game integrated…

  • Classic boxart, great. Don’t like the big gray bar above, on the new template. specially cause my games are going to look different

  • 18 new levels?? I hate when early adopters get screwed. Release them for free to everyone.

  • I’d like to know what religion you censored game content for this time!

  • I tried out LBP when first released, never got into it, now I am looking forward to trying the game. Buying GOTY edition and lookd forward to the beta that comes with it.

  • Can we please, have the play/create/share counters activated? Because it is a huge part in the user interface, and it’s doing nothing at all.

  • Perhaps it’s the documentation side of me, but come on Sony, you really need to get your branding in gear.

    You have ‘PlayStation’ written three different ways on the same cover. To make things worst, you use all caps on ‘PLAYSTATION NETWORK’, but on the next case it’s ‘PlayStation Network’.

    Just lock things down with your new PS3 branding and please keep it consistent. You have set the standard on the best gaming hardware out there. Isn’t it time the standards for your branding and consistency met that high bar as well?

  • So why are you punishing those who bought the game when it was released by not letting us play the extra levels you’ve included here?

  • I’m with @29, Moosehole.

    Thanks. I thought Mm could prove itself to be a better company. Guess not.

  • I certainly hope there will be some news soon, informing those of us who bought the game last year will be able to download those 18 levels. The GOTY edition having the DLC doesn’t bother me. It’s the price you pay for being an early adapter. I wouldn’t even mind if we have to pay to download those levels.

    However, not getting to play those levels, at all, would be a slap in the face.

  • Unless everybody gets the 18 bonus levels I will *never* buy another MM game new, if at all. 0/5 :(

  • WOW! People need to stop whining about the 18 levels. This is a special edition of a year old game. They are charging the full price but adding something special for the new people. Who cares if you bought it day one? It would be dumb and cheap if they just give the extra levels away when people are already paying for them.

  • @63

    You’re obviously missing the point.

    All this ‘whining’ (as you call it) is simply a petition to make the new levels available for early adopters of the game as well. Many people dont want to spend $60 on the same game again, especially if they already have the DLC content MM is offering.

    Personally, im not asking them to give it away for FREE, i’d be willing to pay for it.

    It feels that we shouldnt have to bite the dust on this one just because we got the game on day 1. Who cares you ask? They should.

  • y’all should totally check out my level “Vampire Killer X”

  • this is very tempting to pick up, i have yet to buy this game, after playing the beta i was not overly impressed so i never wanted to fork up full price for the game, however this GOTY edition seems like a good buy with the added content you get. I will be playing the demo tomorrow.

  • @63, as has been said, you are indeed missing the point. People aren’t upset that they aren’t free, and I’m totally okay with them giving some free stuff to those who were either not interested or on the wall about the game.

    However, the people who supported the game before and during the early times of its release are being left out of essentially half a game’s worth of Mm-approved content. I would be more than happy to spend real life money on this content, but they won’t even let me do that.

    It’s kind of disappointing to me, since I was a huge supporter of the game (and still am), but I really didn’t think Mm would be the kind of company to do this. I plan to buy all future Media Molecule games used from this point on.

  • Also, can we get some official word on why they’re not letting early adopters play these levels? I’ve heard nothing of the sort thusfar.

  • uh… all i really care about is lbp psp and its release date. please reply son:)

  • Traded in my old LBP and picked up LBP GOTY. How that I’ve spent the extra cash it would be nice to see these levels stay exclusive to the new release…otherwise I wasn’t my money. What a minute, I now have MODNATION Racers…I can’t wait for the beta….

  • I already have LBP. Not complaining since I got to play it when it first came out. I’m just wondering if the 18 new levels will be available for purchase for those of use who already have the original game? MM is good with add-ons, so I’m hoping this will be one of them.

  • Ok I get what 64 and 67 are saying but I still dont think they need to release the levels. People are just being greedy. MM could go and get creators to make 18 more seperate levels for everyone to play and people would still complain about the GOTY buyers getting something exclusive.

  • this is good deal we already have LBP theme @ 50

  • LittleBigPlanet is great, anyone who waited should grab this.

    However… Fix the garbage 3.0 firmware Sony.

  • DLC for the 18 levels would be nice.

  • yeah.. i dont want to be a hater.. but the least you could do is give the people who bought your game early on those 18 levels..

    …after all IF we didn’t buy it, you wouldn’t of had the chance to make a GOTY edition. Thank us with something nice like 18 free levels!! :P

  • oh man.

    LBP + Uncharted 2 + new controller = AWESOME

  • @72, if you actually supported the game a year ago, you’d understand all the “complaining”.

  • How about putting out more games for adults, not just an M rated cartoon. Something like murder mysteries maybe. Not everyone that has a ps3 is 12.

  • i’ve spent a more than a matching amount on the DLC for this game, and i’ve justified it as supporting the cause… there really is no other game i can think of that is more worthy of the praise the critics sing for this game. it truly is fantastic. thank you Media Molecule, and ty Sony for seeing their potential and for the on-going effort bringing new and exciting options to your PS3. Kudos!

  • BlazinFury, I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Heavy Rain.

  • man so it updated tonite but i just paid 60 for this 2 weeks ago and to hear i might be missing out on all this is kinda distressing


    You can play these exclusive levels regardless of if you have the GOTY or not

    Look here:

  • how long will this ver be availible??

  • So how soon before the new levels are listed on the PSN store for $12.99?

  • How do you get the pumpkin head costume, its not online at the store to purchase??

  • where do you find the pumpkin head costume or space suit? Any help is appreciated cant find these anywhere

  • I bought the game of the year edition last weekend. I must say the game is pretty fun. The only complaint is that the online play has so much lag it was almost unplayable. Not sure if it was just my system because I am running wireless? Although I dont have this issue playing other games online. Are other people having the same issue any way to fix it? Great game overall though.

    The ModNation beta code also didn’t work. The date on the voucher was from eariler this month until early 2010. Don’t know whats going on there. Anything SONY??

  • sackboy lovers, don’t u think it would be great to apply touchable holography technology to lbp?


  • Can anyone tell me exactly what DLC is included with the GOTY edition? Thanks.

  • an we please just have a second new game og lbp i love the game but have played it out nrrd a new game not the same game

  • Early buyers of the game get screwed! How fair is that? And i can’t believe i actually end up buying a lot of the OVERPRICED DLC to do with LBP… costumes costing AU$1.99 etc. just ridiculous! Everything like that should be less than AU$0.20. Thats actually seems like a FAIR price

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