LittleBigPlanet GOTY Out Today, Meet the Special Guest Designers

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For those who haven’t jumped on the “Play, Create and Share” bandwagon yet, now is the time as the LittleBigPlanet Game of Year edition Game of Year edition is available NOW!


The new package includes everything from the original as well as seven free downloadable content packs, a PlayStation Network voucher code to download the upcoming ModNation Racers online beta AND 18 never-before-seen levels created by some extremely talented members of the community – all bonus content valued at more than $30!

So, how did these 18 consumers get to be part of a video game? Well, it wasn’t random. Our team at Media Molecule handpicked them all after viewing the exceptional levels each fan had previously posted online. Once identified, we contracted each person, with payment, of course, to create a new level that would be incorporated into the Game of the Year. So, all 18 people are now amateur video game developers for the PlayStation family.

One of these creators, David Dino, a 27 year-old Hospital Safety Coordinator from Azusa, CA, recently spoke with about his role in the game. Check out the interview as Dino discusses what it feels like to now be an amateur video game developer and an integral part of a major video game franchise.

Lastly, to drum up early excitement for the LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year, the new bonus levels were playable on the show floor at PAX last week. Take a look at some gameplay footage and a recap of what went down with LittleBigPlanet in Seattle during the show…

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  • Where are the new BOX ART that show PS3 on above?

  • @ #1

    I’m wondering the same thing! lol

  • So those levels aren’t online on the LBP online platform so only playable on that GOTY edition? I thought they took levels that were made before and chosen for their outstandingness.
    BTW: Rated first. :D

  • @ 1 and 2

    Those new boxes will be released with Uncharted 2 being the first.

  • i knw d new boxart will ruin my ps3 collection. but i love d new look. hopefully these xtra new lvls can be downloaded by us who supported lbp day 1. I hope u guys add me and play my lvl Beast Survival. worked on it for days w/ lil eat n sleep.

  • so is this game $60?

  • I hope this comes to the rest of the World to? :)

  • i haven’t bought this game yet (didn’t have a PS3 then). will buy THIS version when i get some money…

  • darn it i had to pay extra money for downloads and i cant play those 18 levels. Kinda hurts but oh well.

  • Now I’m wondering why the ModNation Racers Beta code doesn’t work?

  • For those of that that bought this game day 1 we should have a way to play the 18 additional levels without having to pay an additional $60!

  • I want a Beta Code for Modnation Racers, but i already own a LBP Game. Is there another way to get a code?

  • So I don’t get to play those 18 levels because I immediately bought LittleBigPlanet when it first came out? Unless I want to spend another $60 to rebuy a game I already purchased?

  • my copy I preoredered from gamecrazy hasn’t arrived yet sony, I am very dissapointed

  • so. . . . these 18 levels and free downloads are only for the people who buy the goty game. . . what about the people thow bought the game when it first came out? and have already spend another $60 or more on DLC

  • This game still gets really boring Id have to say … I mean great potential tho

  • tough times – won’t pay full price for a re-release even with new content. great game overall, but consideration should be put in marketing and sales.

  • So is it 59.99 like the original or less? hello? anyone?

  • How’s the day one launch feature *online co-create* coming along?

  • So much fun with people to play with. The bomb ones and the train one are just epic lulz.

  • Just got home with my LBP GOTY hehe–and I was in the LBP beta AND a day-1 buyer—guess I am obsessed with this game? hehe.

  • I was wondering if I double dipped and bought the GOTY edition, would my save from the previous version work or would I need to unlock everything all over again?

  • Could you guys please consider offering a DLC pack with all 18 levels for people who bought the game when it came out?

    Dont leave us out in the cold just because we wont get the GOTY.

    As a side note – It would be nice if Qore annual subscribers could get in the Modnation Racers beta.

  • How about letting the original LBP owners get a chance to play the new levels? We supported you from the beginning and now have been left out in the cold as a thank you.

  • @21 yes

    and why cant i download the beta for modnation yet?

  • @24 its for an UPCOMING beta, meaning in teh future

  • Can you guys please stop milking this cow. Shameless.

  • Also, people who supported your game and bought it when it first came out should not be “punished” like this. Why can’t those people play those 18 new levels? Because you want them all to go buy the game again, right?

    You guys suck.

  • @21 yes your old stuff (save game) still works on GOTY U just have to make sure your runing the newest update.
    And I wish that Sony would start treating people that have been suporting them since day 1 a little better. I all ready have all the downloadable content and don’t want to buy it again and again. And Qore members should be in beta.

  • if i knew that you’ll re-release this game with 18 exlusive level i had waited til now so i can get them i refuse to pay $60 to get a game that i already have, just for 18 levels…it’s unfair and you know this, it’s crap, really crap

  • @25 on the voucher it says redeemable 9/8/09-1/31/09

  • Does the modnation beta start today as well?

  • @30, my bad, i just saw them in the post say “upcoming”

  • i [DELETED] hate this!! i’m really pissed off [DELETED] off!!

  • I thought they will add all of these bonuses on a single disc not with the game :( why PLZ MEDIA MOLECULE MAKE A SINGLE DISC WITH THESE BONUSES PLZ PLZ PLZ

  • A year later, are those Play Create Share scores still broken?

    I loved LBP but just thought the community/online aspect of it was done so poorly that I never wanted to play anyone else’s levels. I had fun with the single player, the MGS addon, and building stuff. I say ‘building stuff’ because just tinkering was much more fun than building a level to me.

    All in all, I liked the idea and art more than the implementation.

  • this is a good purchase for new ps3 slim owners. if still have the original LBP, you should have traded it in last month.

    heart my (incomplete and unplayable) levels, please..

  • That’s kinda unfair is there a way to get into the ModNation Racers Beta without buying a game I already own, it’s different when you get beta’s for preordering because your not buying something twice! So basically my question is, is there another way into the beta?


  • I stopped playing this game mainly because of no online create mode yet =(

    My friends and i like playing in a empty level building opposing weapons, its like a completely different game. but we cant do it without it zooming out and obstructing the others view.

    The idea of online create mode is awesome, where is it?

  • @36 If there was another way to get into the beta they would tell us.

    @29 you dont have to buy if dont want to. Its not like they are saying BUY IT OR DIE.

  • Still waiting for expansions (any expansion..there’s $$$ waiting for MM) to be release.
    – not too crazy about Water (but better than nothing)
    – where is my Sackiroth; its been a whole year already and still no news. I bought the game expecting this…it’s actually quite disappointing
    – no news on the Disney or Marvel packs either (although these are more recent “announcements”). Hopefully they are more then costumes.

  • still waiting news and your position about FW 3.0

  • If we can’t put the GOTY disk in and play from our non GOTY saves then will there be some sort of migration?

  • @42

    You can use the old save, its been confirmed before.

  • I read on that Killzone 2, Pacific Rift and Resistance 2 are dropping to greatest hits price range, is this true? Or are they only dropping to that price in Europe? I will gladly walk out my door and go buy Pacific Rift and Killzone 2 right now if they are, as well as all the extra DLC, so hop to it and make this dream true!

  • This should be $40 then it would be a deal.
    If LBP normal is $30 and the added DLC is $30, then you really aren’t getting that much of a deal are you?

    Regardless this game is great and is worth $60 even a year later.

  • I’ll be picking up my copy of this, later this afternoon. I’m pleased that my wife and I had decided to indefinitely hold off on LBP, since we had other games of which to play/complete. We’ll definitely enjoy this, and the forthcoming PSP version.

  • Can we have another LBP Theme?

  • Why doesn’t the code for ModNation Racers work?

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