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    God of War Collection – Blu-ray Disc Compilation Announced – The fans spoke and we listened. For those that recall the God of War survey conducted earlier this year, an overwhelming amount of the community suggested the PlayStation 2 experiences of Kratos be brought forth to the PlayStation 3. Thanks to your feedback, we are excited to announce the God of War Collection for this Holiday Season.

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  • @ILOVEPLASTATION3 I have that same issue too!!! What if I am missing out on beta invites & other stuff???? I use hotmail, and have the things checked off!

  • @DTHCND I don’t receive emails either! I know i am signed up for them. SONY needs to fix this issue!

  • ever so patiently waiting for the blog post to tell us more on how we beta players can win that limited edition of uncharted 2 after sept 15… if someone wants to reply to this i was wondering if it gets shipped to us early copy or just on oct 13?

  • how will Sony and Naughty Dog contact anyone who wins the FHE? i just wanna know since i am gonna win!

  • im so getting this GOW collection, cant wait for it.

  • When i read the uncharted 2 blog, they said there wont be a buyable collectors edition, but how comes i found an uncharted collectors edition in game, which you get a gold AK-47 and a gold barreta, so do you tell a load of **** or what?

  • btw not as in i have the game of course as in i saw it on the preorder chart on

  • Uncharted 2 cannot come fast enough!
    October 13!!!

  • i am excited about the ucharted 2 FHE. CANNOT WAIT!!!!

  • I’m definitely getting the God of War Collection since I missed out on GoW 2.

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