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    God of War Collection – Blu-ray Disc Compilation Announced – The fans spoke and we listened. For those that recall the God of War survey conducted earlier this year, an overwhelming amount of the community suggested the PlayStation 2 experiences of Kratos be brought forth to the PlayStation 3. Thanks to your feedback, we are excited to announce the God of War Collection for this Holiday Season.

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  • cool posts this week! keep up the good work sony (also happy for the update that fixes the 3.0 bugs :)

  • Man I’m so hyped up for the God of War Compilation pack.I wish they had said a release date for it.

  • Nice week i love 3.0 just fix those bugs and were all good.

  • Can you describe if the Uncharted 2 contests are time based, as in be the first to post; or skill based as in be in the Top 100 on the leaderboards?

  • Gti club + needs dedicated servers.
    Hit me up if you want a round of bombtag.
    my id is the same as my username.

  • what a great week!
    especially FW 3.0.
    in every way.
    (for me that is :P)

  • Good job Chris, it was a good week :)
    I have a few questions: first will there be free dynamic themes on the PS Store in the future? because in my country there is no PSN cards & credit cards are not expected by the store, & I really liked to get the LBP & PixelJunk themes they were very nice.

    Second, It’s kind of an aesthetic question about the new PS3 boxart styles, they look really nice & show that it’s a PS3 game more clearly than the old one, is the new games from now on have those style? Ratchet & Clank and GoW Collection have those & yesterday I noticed Uncharted 2 is getting that too.

  • Hey Jeff I was wondering if the playstation is going to get new music animations oh yeah this is my first time using the blog

  • What was Naughty Dog thinking? Did they really believe people would be happy with a Collector’s Edition they could only win?

  • Awesome week guys im looking foward to next week!

  • *Sigh* still no official GT5 news :( Luckily GTPlanet crawl everywhere for new info.
    Has the Blog got any plans for the build upto TGS in 3 weeks?

  • Although not one of Sony’s updates has effected my PS3 (knocks on wood) I really feel sorry for everybody being affected. Heres to Sony for addressing the issue right away and just maybe they will have a solution that will rectify this new firmware update sooner rather than later. Also I would have to agree with most of the PS3 community about the grey bars that are now behind the people on the friends list. If they are not going to be used in anyway, like additional stats or information, then please Sony make them look better or get rid of them entirely. Ugly grey bars does not help the XMB look any better.

  • Great week all around.

    I was wondering what happened to the mobile version of this site? I have an iPhone and check the blog a lot from there and the mobile site is no longer coming up. Did you guys remove it or are you revamping it?

  • without grey colour inside friend list bars
    would be much better

    please change
    make that we can enable disable infobar and store from game .its too much..
    some camera settings is welcome as well.

    next firmware add sony please
    music category
    like:folder in folder=artist/album
    and for search artist by pressing R3 button A 2 Z up down with right stick
    by using a ”Wireless Keypad” to search faster :)

  • When exactly are you going to bring the new firmware?

  • That God Of War remake thing is really really cool of you guys. Being priced at $40 is PERFECT, thanks and I can’t wait for it. :) It will be hard choosing to play other games over this! :) (2 platinums! :o)

    Just a side note, why doesn’t this site form to my iPod touch anymore? It’s the normal web page version, not the easy to use one.

    Hope you look into that, thanks. :)

  • sony is cool every days.

  • Hey Chris I was wondering if the playstation is going to get new music animations oh yeah this is my first time using the blog !

  • The banner on top should say PlayStation instead of PLAYSTATION.

  • Dang, i’ve been eagerly awaiting each week for Fallout 3 DLC. still nothing. why is sony/Bethsoft so quiet about it?

  • I almost forgot one more thing I did notice about the 3.0 update. What ever happened to the “Playstation 3” title that would come up right when you start a game? I really liked that and now all we get is a flash of blue light instead. Why take that away and leave us with a flash of blue light before a game loads up? Just wondering becuase it is a lot less professional the way that it is now all well I guess my rant is over about firmware 3.0. Now I must go make the money so off to work I go.

  • Any update on the psn e-mailing issue yet? More people are still not getting the e-mails. Thanks

    Here a forum link showing many users unable to get e-mails:

  • Hey Chris, what about the 3D article on Engadget? Native 3D for all PS3 Games in 2010? Why isn’t this link: all over the Blog? That’s the best news you could ever give us.

  • Can you explain why you didn’t have the comon courtasy to give one of those Uncharted 2 daggar packages to SCEC to give Canadians a chance at winning one?

    Why is it you ignore us and allow SCEC to fail so horribly at serving the region?

  • Uncharted 2 looks amazing and definitely deserves Game of show. I can’t wait to try and get the collector’s edition.

    On a side note, looking forward to R&C and Locoroco too.

  • Cheers! :)

    (My first comment btw)

  • r u going to give out any betas soon i would really like 1

  • are u going to give out any betas soon i would really like one

  • god of war news made this week awesome!

  • SOoooo…..what’s this i hear about SOCOM 1 And SOCOM 2 with all maps at 720p 60fps in a BluRay Disk Next?

  • Great job guys on Uncharted 2 winning at Gamescom!

    Can’t wait for the fortune Hunter contest, gonna be fun, hope i get one, hehe :)

  • Sorry for the double post, but is there a fw 3.0 fix coming? I loved most of the new update, but here and there things didn’t sit well with me…

    thanks :)

  • yeah this was a good week overall. i like the goodies that firmware 3.0 brings.however,the firmware has a few bugs like for example: is making my ps3 think that there’s no ethernet connection when in fact i’m connected and my dsl is working fine when i hook up to the the computer…that has happened to me twice already.also, i just upgraded my ps3 to a 320 gb hard drive and the same happened to the hardrive the ps3 was saying that it wasnt connected but it was!

    lastly, my 60gb(now 320gb)ps3 doesnt recognize videos that it used to do before this update.oh and i have xpirienced a few freezes while multitasking too

    but like i said i am digging this update just wish sony will fix the bugs promptly!

  • oops i forgot to say something very important. hey jeff or chris does sony work with a colorado base firm that takes surveys from people over the phone? i’m asking because i got this e-mail from this lady saying that she was from a colorado company and that she wanted to talk to me over the phone about the ps3. the lady was called birgit or something like that. was that e-mail legit?

  • I love the new ads. $299 for “the greatest movie downloading machine”.

    Um yea. Nice to put this ad in Canada idiots.

  • So are you guys gonna announce any N.A. Tales of Vesperia news at the end of PAX? You know you want to!

  • …..well I’ll stay up all night every night checking what I can do.

  • I hope I am able to win the Uncharted 2 special edition. It was my first game I got a platinum trophy in. I love the story, music, graphics, and the gameplay. Please allow me the chance to win a copy or at least the chance to win and purchase the special edition. I am truly the biggest Uncharted fan!

  • Oh man I’m feeling that Uncharted 2 collectors edition…I’m going to win because I’m King of the Pirates!!!

  • Why can’t you respond anymore in the Uncharted 2 blog? I’m pissed, why? Because apparently Americans are freaking saints and Europeans are trash, because that’s how we’re always being treated!

  • Recently there was a report by SquareTrade that cited the PS3 failure rate at 10%, higher than industry standard. Will Sony respond to the YLOD problem, maybe by doing the fair thing and offering a 3 year warranty and some sort of recompense to people who bought a faulty 60GB? It would be a nice show of goodwill. Thanks.

  • Looking forward to the GOW Collection, and fixes to Firmware 3.0.

    Not experiencing any technical issues, so hopefully these will be addressed for those that are.

    Also, please add options for disabling the ticker; the extra store icons and “Whats new” section. The spam on the xmb is not appreciated.


  • that is a good nice job

  • now we just need a PSP Update…hint hint

  • @Jeff, Chris, or Grace –
    Any update on the psn mailing issue that MANY people are having? Many people at the forums are missing out on sony newsletters and betas due to this.


    P.S. Unlocking my last post will show you a link to how many people at the forums are not getting PSN e-mails. ;)

  • By the way… congratulations on becoming the best selling console in America… finally. Say it pretty close, but I hope future sales will push the PS3 more to the number 1 position of best selling console. Now the rest of the world.

    Second of all I hope more collections will follow like God of War. I’m personally hoping for a Ico / SoTC collection or Dark Cloud collection. Latter most likely will never happen but a girl may dream :D Also other PS2 games I hope they’ll be ported to the PS3. If the PS3 won’t get the PS2 BC back, then why not porting the games and bring them in HD.

  • scea is scec racist

  • I love my PS3, couldnt live too long without it. But I am living without it due to the YLOD problem. My question; is Sony addressing this issue also. I’m mean, we all know its a problem for alot of people just like the 3.0 update. Your working on fix for update, is a fix for the YLOD in discussion too?

  • hey y wont it let me comment on the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition cause i need 2 win that, i have confidence that for once i will b lucky

  • oh and Naughty Dog congradulations, Uncharted Drakes Fortune was and still is the best game i have ever played. I would not need any other games excpet that one. It was funny, exciting, suspenseful, and pretty much the best game ever. I know that Uncharted 2 will be the best game ever, good luck in these final days of putting it all together. Thanks again Naughty Dog for making my day, hopefully i can win one of those special editions of Uncharted 2: Amoung theives posibly one of the biggest achievements in gaming history

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