Update on PS3 Firmware 3.00

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SCEA is aware of reports that PS3 owners are experiencing isolated issues with their PS3 system since installing the most recent system software update (v3.00). Rest assured that we are looking into the matter and will provide an update here as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience, as it’s our mission to deliver the best consumer experience on all PlayStation platforms.

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  • Yes, my ps3 is DEAD.

    Why won’t you respond to any of my support tickets?

    I went to great lengths to ensure my launch-day ps3, fully backwards compatible, all-in-one card reader installed, full ports, GREAT system could last. I kept it clean, dry, safe, and in a specially ventilated area of the room to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. I had no problems, and used my ps3 every day since launch.

    I install 3.0, BAM. DEAD. I push power, and the green light goes to a blinking red light in about a second.


  • Oh yeah Sony, there’s another bug…

    MY IMPORTED white WIRELESS controller WONT sync with my American 60 GB

  • If you really want to give us “the best consumer experience on all PlayStation platforms” please listen to the legitimate complaints that everyone has been posting. These are not the whinings of a 9 year old with no life, they are real issues for us, your consumers. Don’t just spout the PR garbage of wanting to deliver a great experience and go about your own devices.

  • hhhm interesting

  • This content is unavailable in your region….
    Friends list is gross

  • Furthermore give us the option of disabling The What’s New Feature not just at startup in addition to disabling the store feeds under each category and removing the info ticker.

  • Are they also aware that 0% of the PS3 owners actually like it?

  • I’ve had several file corruptions after the 3.0 update as well as freeze-ups on the XMB.

    I’m glad to hear somebody’s working on it.

    As far as cosmetic issues I’d like to be able to turn the information ticker off.

  • Please give us options to revert back to the following:
    -Old start-up tune and animation, a lot of people don’t like the new one.

    -No more out of focus menu items or background if we don’t want them.

    -The old PLAYSTATION 3 logo with the spiderman font when starting up a game, it’s like a slap in the face for the people that like the logo and bought the fat PS3s.

    -The ability to not have gray boxes around our friends list.

    -The ability to remove the extra PS Store logos.

    -The ability to revert back to the old text-size.

    Thanks for reading :D

  • When I play Fat Princess it hacks every 10 seconds and that is after 3.0.

    BTW. 3.0 did also have following problems that really needs to fix asap:

    * Cross game voice chat
    * In Game music
    * Party Mode
    * A web browser that can be used. Right know it is a complete joke. Get Google Chrome or firefox NOW!

    But I guess SONY and PSN team think it is ok to be totally demolished by XBL….

  • Umm i dont know how this happend but for some reason im logged in someone elses account i think the sites messed up mine is Lord_Von_Punx. but what i said about 3.0 was me. not this dotcody? im so confussed

  • Aside from the aesthetics I do love the performance from firmware 3.00

  • I was going to complain as well, but I see that job is taken (by a lot of people). I’m still hopeful the next major update will bring actual functionality that are useful. Have to continue to believe.

  • I like your thinkin comment 43 distorted glass look would b nice 2. So many things can b done with this to make the xmb custom to the owners likes. and for the people who keep complaining about them the option to remove them.All in all we just need custom options because as you can see we all like different things.Think about it:)

  • You know I definitely understand that, it is very difficult trouble shoot every problem, but every major update you guys have released has led to similar problems. I do appreciate the heads up. fortunately, I have not ran into any problems.

    can we please figure out why my iphone is not picking up the PSB mobile site? it stopped working when you guys took the system down.

  • @25:

    After 1500+ comments in that topic, 90% of which were complaints about the same things, i think Sony gets the idea. There wasnt a single reply, but im sure they kept an eye on it.

    And I actually agree, I didnt think 3.00 was that bad at all, other than the ‘redesigned’ friends list and the fact that you cant change the font size. I liked everything else.


  • @33
    Yeah, just because you paid money for a console and then the makers of that console come out with an update that makes everything in the media bar look like crap doesnt mean you can tell them “hey this is ugly and looks like crap and you should fix it”

  • I don’t mind the grey boxes, though I do wish we could change their color. I prefer the box though. It looks more like a proper gamer card imo.

    I also think people are totally wrong about whining about the multiple store icons. I think it makes total sense to have another icon for videos that goes directly to the video section of the store. People complaining about that are stupid. Though I don’t understand why there is one in the games section. That one IS a bit of a waste, but it’s not something to cry about.

    I’m used to the larger font now, but a small/med/large option would be ideal, also, with the price of animated themes, you need to allow changing the color of the fonts. At least a white and black option

    You should also put in the original start up music. Not sure who had the idea that the new tune is better.

    My only complaint about the update is that the web browser is slower, being my only web browser, it’s very noticable for me.

  • I hope the PlayStation-Chime will be back in the next update.
    Please bring the original bootscreen back and set the icons to its prior size.

    Keep it up Sony, and never forget to implement all old features in a new firmware, so that everyone who dislikes the new Friendslist can disable it for example.

    Greetings bigjakob

  • Make sure your guys fix the other issues outside of Uncharted when your monkeying around with the firmware PAT.

  • i personly dont mind what they have done it 3.00…

    BUT i do wish they would give us the option to turn on/off the all the features, i think id be awesome if u could customize the xmb completly the way u want it to look, not just with themes or color but what icons u want displayed, shortcuts, and adversiments… some ppl like things others dont

    allow us to make it ur own experience and express our personalitys

  • Allow users of the phat ps3 to have the look and feel of how it was before 3.0. Have classic font size, icon size, Bring back the game start up. If your going to add something in the grey boxes in the friends list, then have something displayed in them. Don’t give us unfinished work, and if there is nothing coming to them, then allow us to remove it.

  • LOLOLOL dotcody happend to me too LOL

  • WTF im still dotCody!!

  • Kaze is right, don’t change too much ;)
    just keep old and good settings.

  • Thanks for the update!


  • Isolated instances?

    I thought everyone got the ugly grey boxes on the friends list, the icons being too big and all the other rubbish that should have been sorted out with an open preview/beta program like the competing console does with their new FW updates.

    Also I get more freezing issues than ever before.

    On a scale 1-10 with 10 being awesome fail – this FW update is an 11

  • sony, i really liked the ps3 interface until update 3.0. i wish i could go back to the old version because the cons of this update very much outnumber the pros…

    at the very least please allow people to turn off the ticker/box in the top right…this is really intrusive not to mention possibly dangerous for people using plasma tvs…

  • Thank you

  • Will it allow us to turn off that annoying ticker?

    Will it remove that hideous glassy grey box with no gutter between users from the friends list and replace it for something that actually looks good?

    Any solid semi-transparent color with a glassy feel to it would be enough to replace that and make the whole thing better.

    Will it give me the option to turn off the additional PS Store icons?

    Will it allow my games to boot/start as they use to before 3.0?

    If no to at least 4 of the above you can consider me a angry customer.

  • @WackyWeedCreed,
    we’re complaining about great issues, and before the update, everything was better. Or would you like everything in black and white (without color) just cause it’s free?

  • @79 WackyWeedCreed

    It’s not free, my ps3 cost £425 at launch, and I don’t expect FW updates to make it uglier or less reliable

  • @79

    FREE? As in free to choose? I choose 2.80. Oh wait, I can’t. Because Sony owns my PS3. At least when Microsoft puts out a dog operating system like Vista, I can upgrade to Windows XP.

  • Fix the huge, obnoxious font on the XMB and repair the friends list.

  • Ahh yes, I must mention: FIX THE VIDEO STORE FOR CANADA! Yes I know it is not available, so why is an even clickable option? If the system is smart enough to display that message, it should be smart enough to not show the icon in the first place.

  • My Official PS Headset lost it’s XMB integration features, and now when I try to resync it via USB it just connects as a normal wireless headset, and not the official headset. I no longer get any indicator popups.

    Beyond that, I love the animated theme support. I like the rewind feature with the right analog stick. I like the status bar. I love that the battery indicator moved. I like the “what’s new” icon. I don’t mind the extra store icons.

    Having said all that, I hate the gray boxes in the friend list.

    Overall though I am happy with the update. I just hope you guys fix the PS headset integration and remove the gray boxes in the friend list.

  • Few things.

    1. Font’s too big. Looks like Standard TV 480p.
    2. The gray boxes around my friends take up too much space.
    3. Still no new avatars.
    4. Dynamic themes cost way too much. No one’s gonna buy’em at that price.
    5. The ticker at the top isn’t optional.

    This update was released way too carelessly by Sony.

  • @86 you’re so right. If I could, I would grade my PS3 down to 2.90. But I can’t. That is freakin dumb.

  • I hate to say it but after downloading the afrika theme….I understand the grey boxes around friends.

    Without those boxes, the info would be hard as hell to read.

    Was grey a wise choice…….eeehhh…maybe not. But I can understand why its there!

    PS. Thanks for noticing the TECH issues with 3.0 and looking into it.

  • Well I am guessing there was a reason for the grey boxes around each person’s name. ;) Say new advanced avatar system? :)

  • Hey Jeff there’s a problem with the blog. I can no longer stay signed in. Whenever I come to the blog I have to sign in and when I do, it gives me an error 404 message “This page is no longer evailable”

    The only way for me to post is to go to the main page sign in then click on playstation network and then the blog.

    I am using Internet Explorer 8.

    Also Second problem. The mobile version is no longer working on my I touch.

  • Btw, what happened to the emoticons here in the blog????

  • Please reduce the size of the XMB icons & text and remove the PlayStation Store icon from the Games section. It really gets in the way of trophy/game save/game viewing.

  • Good to know guys! you know what, the Bigger XMB looks great on big tvs. looks awesome on my 42″ Bravia, but overkill on my 23″ HDTV. I still like it. Option to have the fonts original or large would shut the whiners up. Amazing how freakin picky people are. I want the old start up logo, i want the old sound. geez guys. keep 3.00 where it is, but add on/off options i guess. Maybe have RSS options for the ticker? Like have the latest PS Blog headline pop up or latest Joystiq headline. But do remove all of the PSS icons. Starting to become advertising overkill just like what XBL is. Don’t do that! Reason why XMB and PSN is better than XBL.

  • In my honest opinion there are so many problems with this firmware…aside from game freezes and controller issues, the text on the mnus is misalligned as pointed out by lowrent, the grey box and the bigger font make using an SDTV compltely unbareable, I found my ps3 actually starts up slower now jsut to name a few.

    The ONLY thing I want is to be able to revert back to 2.80 because this was the most rushed useless update I’ve ever seen and I have never complained about any previous firmware update before.

  • Also give me an option to disable the pointless news ticker. As is shown in videos of FW 3.0.

  • Now watch as 100 different people say the same six things with their own smart-ass remarks and condescending attitudes.

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