Update on PS3 Firmware 3.00

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SCEA is aware of reports that PS3 owners are experiencing isolated issues with their PS3 system since installing the most recent system software update (v3.00). Rest assured that we are looking into the matter and will provide an update here as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience, as it’s our mission to deliver the best consumer experience on all PlayStation platforms.

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  • Thank god! I cant access my trophies. Well most of them and now have major issues with logging into the PSN now. So this post makes me feel a little bit better now.

  • Good job on giving us a note of what’s going on.

  • Thank you for the update!

  • GOOD!!

  • That’s unfortunate for the people having problems; it’s working fine for me. Thanx for the update; I hope you can correct it for those having issues.

  • The only issue I’ve been having, is how ugly those gray bars on my friends list are.

  • I’ve not had any technical problems with 3.00, so far. …now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a wood surface.

  • To fix the problems, how about you guys replace 3.00 with… say 2.80?

  • Will someone at sony please fix Mahjong Tales? It reboots the PS3 during the 1.01 update, most likely due to the update file not being there. Its been like this for almost a month now.

  • My system has been locking up more than often. I also do not like the friends list.

  • Good to know, maybe my online gaming issues will be fixed.

  • Let the whining commence!

  • Please do the fixes, but also restore the friend list to sans-grey blocks.


  • The friends list blocks are kinda ugly. Least let us choose a color, or disable it.

  • Please give an option to change the font size, i’m not used watching those huge fonts on my screen.
    If we’d get like a Small, Medium and Large size of font it would be much better i expect.

  • @12 That’s funny s**t, and sadly so true.

  • Thanks for not sitting on your hands with regards to the crashes and things. It’s appreciated.

  • Any timeline on fixing the disappearing menu items introduced in FW3.0? This makes using the PS3 pretty unfriendly as a DLNA media client.

  • PLEASE let us revert everything back to the way it was before 3.00!!!

    -Font size on the XMB
    -Friends List gray box
    -Playstation Store Icons under Game and Store

    Please fix this!! XMB looks ugly with this crap.

  • Anyone comented about the frezzings in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune?

    So I order this game and the most of people reportand some frezzes in chapter 6 of the game after installed the firmware 3.0

  • Give us an opportunity to choose between Operating Environments Graphics User Interface Original (firmware 3.00) look and feel or Classic (firmware 2.80) look and feel while still providing the performance from the new firmware.

  • Also, can you give us an update on Cross game voice chat, voice messages, or anything else like that in particular?

  • Thanks for the update, please add the ability to change back to the smaller font size. Also I really hope you are going to add some personalization to boxes around friends.

  • Thanks for the update.

    When the Firmware Update Blog post was locked I got a bit concerned that Sony didnt want to hear from its Customer Base.

    I didnt find 3.0 as terrible as some did, but it does seem like it has put a bit of a blemish on the polished interface that was the XMB up to this point.

    I am a launch day owner, and I have to admit that the XMB has come a loooong was since the PS3’s release, and for what we pay for(nothing to use PSN) we are getting a pretty good deal.

    as a side note- if you miss the Spiderman splash when launching a game, just open the Web Browser on the PS3, its still there on the home page!

  • We need 2.8 back!

  • Thanks for the info

  • More info needs to be added to those gray boxes, like soon. Right now, they’re just useless.

    I don’t know why people are whining about the What’s New section; leave it as-is.

    We should have the option to remove the other two PS Store icons. I get why they’re there: for newcomers. The rest of us aren’t newcomers, and those things are annoying and simply in the way.

  • Please, please, please remove the horrendously bad shiny beveled boxes behind the friends list.

    Also, please allow me to disable the news ticker. Haven’t we learned something from early 1990s websites?

    Please remove the multiple instances of PS Store in the XMB. Bad UI design 101: multiple buttons that do the same thing.

    Please return the XMB to its former size, which looked far better in 1080 HD.

  • Thank you Sony for such a quick turn around time. Please fix the icon issue, give users the option to adjust the icon size and text size.

    Also it would be nice to give the option to have users want icons for the PSN store under game and video to just be under network (kind of redundant to have this 3 icons of the same thing).

    The ticker can be really annoying it would be nice to disable it. Also the friends list something needs to be done with it.

    And one final thing…. I miss the old startup of the system “Sony Computer Entertainment” ( I have a 60GB PS3 full BC ) and I miss seeing “Sony Computer Entertainment” when I turn it on, I would be really really nice if there was an option to select which startup people want to see.

    Again thanks!

  • As long as this update give up the option to:

    – Change back the font and icon size back to the way it was before

    – disable that gray box around our friends user name or let up change the color

    – allow up to disable the ticker because it just a waste of my bandwidth

    – Allow us the listen to music when browsing the net or view photo. I do not want to have to change the audio output to 48hz or whatever

    Fix all those issues and I will not no problem with the update.

  • Thanks.Also i dnt think the boxes are ugly. i think they make things look organized. theyre just pretty plain. jus thinkin maybe theyre face plates? maybe a option to change the color make them transparent or add designs on them? say for someone u play call of duty with u can make ur own face plate for that person with a cod theme. and again if people feel its in the way of their dinamic theme they can make it transparent or w.e. jus need a couple options on what we can do with them. thnx again

  • I have a great solution for everyone that doesn’t like the font, friends list, and the PS store icons. DEAL WITH IT AND STOP WHINING! So what do guys think, great idea huh?

  • If nothing else, please at least allow us the option to hide the excessive PS Store icons under the GAME and VIDEO categories. They are extremely annoying for those of us who know how to get the PS Store. We don’t need our hands held.

  • I agree with everyone else, messing with stuff that didn’t need messing with just aggravates the users. The font is too big, the ugly gray boxes on friends lists, disappearing options when pausing for a second, and for the love of god – we only need one link to the playstation store. I’m not going to spend more money just because they’re are three links now. All it does is clutter the XMB. Although i don’t mind the what’s new being there, i do not like that when i turn on my ps3 now it does not start on the game disc under the game column anymore. An option for a default start location would be great. The only plus to 3.00 seems to be dynamic themes, which of course are extra $.

  • Thank you for responding and not ingoring us and hope we go away.

    I like most of the new features but just remove a few.

    -Reduce Font size on the XMB
    -Remove Friends List gray box
    -Remove Extra Playstation Store Icons we only need 1.

  • Here are your instruction :
    1. Rollback to 2.80
    2. Add all invisible changes (audio multi-output, etc.)
    3. Add dynamic themes
    4. Add sparkles if you want
    5. Add PS3 logo for the Slim only
    6. And upload

    Frankly, doing cosmetic changes at this point (3 years old console) is way too late. Focus on features please.

  • I dont know if its FW 3.00, but ever since i updated it, i cant access anything that uses the internet on my ps3 in the evening. it says it cannot obtain IP, but it works fine anytime in the afternoon or morning.

    weird, but i still look forward to more FW updates :D

  • The catastrophic 3.00 updates locks my damn controller all the time. This is NOt isolated incident unlike what you claim in the post.

    One more thing,you guys screwed up big time with this firmware. Not only it looks significantly uglier than before, the new FL sometimes randomly misplaces my friends; for example names starting with z will come at the top and names starting with a and b will go somewhere in the middle. I have 96 people on my Fl and this issue is damn annoying since i can’t find anybody.

    I hate this update. I hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it. I also hate those who created it. I hope all your PS3s get YROD.

  • @Lowrent
    NXE? that was 3 years old when it came out (i think). was it too late then?

    but whatever, that console isn’t as good as ps3 :P

  • Just in case you havent heard this issue brought up.

    I have noticed that a lot of times when i quit a game, the XMB will take a while to show up. OH, and it shows the original theme with the sparkles until the XMB shows up, then my dynamic theme appears.

  • Dnt Lose The Boxes!! Make them editable. Pictures, Colors Etc. The option to add your own picture to it.

  • A nice touch for the grey friend boxes would be to give an option to have it be translucent, allowing you to see your theme underneath, perhaps with a cool distorted glass effect or something. I mean, the PS3 is beastly powerful — why not use some of that power to nice up the XMB a little?

    And I agree with the other posters around here… one link to PS Store is sufficient. We know where it is… and the XMB isn’t so convoluted that we need shortcuts (thankfully!)

  • @33

    Did you hear about Amazon deleting 1984 off people’s Kindles? To me, this is the same kind of thing. I had a system that worked the way I wanted it to, and then Sony decided to change the functionality. As it is a closed system, locked by DRM and with an encypted hard drive, they are the owners of my PS3. I just rent it. I paid rent once when I bought it, and another rental payment when it YLOD’d, but they assert their ownership when they take away features I am using (such as a Video list that stays on the screen long enough for me to read it). If people tolerate this kind of behavior, it will only get worse. So no, people shouldn’t deal with it.

  • No problems here, but I haven’t found any reason why it was worth the update.

    What ain’t broke….

  • Sony there are a few things you can do with this one update that will make PS3 users happier.

    1. Give people the option to use the boxes around the friends list or not and allow people to change the colors of boxes. (I personally like the boxes but I would like to be able to change the colors).

    2. Allow people to choose the size of the font for the XMB.

    3. Add some custom avatars and more dynamic themes. There are currently no custom avatars and only 4 dynamic themes (5 counting the Afrika theme). People want more now.

    These are the primary issues that people have complained about. I personally like the update but you should give people options instead of forcing them to have these changes.

  • Good to know you guys are doing something about it, thanks.

  • @#35:
    Actually, the option to default to the game disc when you log in is under System Settings where you can set Display [ What’s New ] to off.

  • Hey what happened to the option you said we could have if we didnt like the new look of the xmb?
    i.e. friend’s list.. making 1080p look like 480p.. oh yah and how about the

    playstation 3 logo when i boot up my games i loved that had no idea that was in the hardware thought it was
    in the software… hey heres a thought instead of us having just a black screen for blu ray movies which is extremely annoying when all the lights are off .. why dont you guys make a blu ray disc logo for movies
    when they boot.

    and at the same time bring back the platstation 3 boot plz k bye thx.

  • @ everyone who says “stop complaining about [issue x]”
    If we don’t complain then Sony won’t know our level of dissatisfaction. Our complaints can be easily resolved. In fact, they could have been prevented if they even bothered to look at FW3 for a few minutes without their marketing team breathing down their necks.

    In all honesty, I don’t care about the font, the sparkles, or the 50 PS Stores (although I agree with the lameness therein). I just want those gaudy gray boxes removed from my friends and that stupid ticker gone. I disabled the original orange ticker immediately, now this one is stuck there. Lametastic.

    At least allow us to toggle your “improvements” please Sony.

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