MAG Meet-up at PAX Tomorrow Night!

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As you read this, we’re off to Seattle for this weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo. The highlight (for us, at least), will be Friday’s MAG-themed PAX Meet-up, where we’ll be seeing some of you tomorrow night. We’re particularly excited that this’ll be the first time beta participants will be able to engage in a full-on, Only-On-PlayStation, 256-player mega-battle.

MAG Cologne Renders

We’re so excited, in fact, that we’d like some of you readers to join us even if you can’t make it to the Emerald City and our Now-Sold-Out-Even–Though-We-Weren’t-Selling-Tickets Event.

No matter where you may be this holiday weekend, we want you to join the Shadow War with Zipper Interactive developers and your fellow PS.Blog readers, so we’ll be giving away some super-exclusive MAG closed beta codes throughout the day via Twitter!

Here’s what you need to know:

Contest Instructions:

  • Follow us on Twitter!
  • The PlayStation Twitter account will tweet out 4 MAG-related questions throughout the day (9/3/2009). That’s TODAY.
  • The first 6 people to @reply the @SonyPlayStation account with the correct answer for each question will win a MAG beta code.
  • There will be 6 winners for each question – 24 winners total.
  • PlayStation will direct message the codes to the winners by the end of the day.

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

  • US residents only.
  • The beta code winners will still be under a NDA (aka, you can’t write or blog about your experiences, or take screenshots, etc. We’ll know it was you!!)
  • PlayStation.Blog will giveaway 24 beta codes on Thursday, Sept. 3rd via Twitter.
  • One MAG question will be tweeted every hour starting at 10:00 am PT.
  • First 6 followers to @reply the @SonyPlayStation account with the correct answer get a beta code.

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  • Well good luck for those who get the beta I never get any betas for anything so I give up hope to get a beta

  • I answered right at the question, but i left off the last n cuz i was going so fast.

  • i never subscribed to core and only bought 1 game from the ps store and have been in a few betas, home closed beta, little big planet, and a few more. guess it’s just random

  • So….about that 3.00 firmware update….you should probably undo half of what someone at Sony thought would be a sweet joke…

    Also, yay for MAG, I will be on tonight.

  • lol, Mike Gutmann is now a trending topic

  • Dude, I’ve never done anything like this in my life, I really hope I win. I’m never this tight about winning something, but I set my heart on this one. I want to know if anyone was faster than I was.

    I saw it the INSTANT it was twittered, read the question and went to the site that was given, I waited 3 seconds for the video to load, saw a couple names, skipped until I saw Mike Gutmann and Ed Byrne (took less than 6 seconds) and then twittered to @SonyPlaystation as fast as I could (also I took 2 seconds correcting the spelling of the names, making sure it wasn’t Guttman or Byrnne) and then I sent it. It probably took thirty seconds total before the thing was actually sent, so I don’t know if I made it or not, but NO one would know those names without looking it up, and I was pretty darn fast. Oh well, we’ll see tonight! :P

  • correct me if im wrong
    Why are you making people sign up to twitter for access to a beta?

  • For those who did tweet, will your Tweet show up while you are currently using Tweet? Because I’ll looking through the followers list and I don’t see mine, and I’m following them via Internet and Text

  • How can we understand we are in beta?

  • Mag Good game i like it

  • Nevermind, I guess I’ll wait for the next tweet, now that I understand how that reply works and next time I won’t use Twitter via Text.

  • Could anyone tell me if you when how they will contact you, and is there anyway to even know were you stand in the post?
    Thanks for any insite i am new to twitter.

  • answered the question… but i probably wasn’t the in the first 6 because i didn’t see the question right away

  • This is why I like Jeff. He at least has the common courtesy to let us Canadians know when we are not welcome.

    Since you at least went that far, can you give us some closure and explain why we are exempt from this competition?

  • tweeted… but i was probably too late :(

  • The best way to find out when you posted to see if you are one of the first 6 people is after you’ve replied back to Sony with the question log out and see where at the twitter homepage you see one of your answers as “One of the top things currently twittered about” and click on that link and scroll down the list and see if you’ve posted like from 1 minute till whenever you accessed the site. That or go back to the Sony Twitter homepage and look at the followers.

  • I posted my answer 22 minutes after the Tweet. I didn’t get it fast because I was looking for answers instead of clicking the link provided.

  • lol I posted 2 late :(

  • They should just give it to us anyway if we did reply back with the answer, after all they are going to need several or more of this 256 player games in order to see what they need to fix before the game comes out.

  • I didn’t get it

  • For those on this blog who won and just started using Twitter, go to your homepage and check your Direct Messages box, because that’s where the code is supposed to be.

  • hm no DM for me…so ‘michael gutmann’
    not good enough?

  • Um Twitter…no.

    I’ve never twatted before and I don’t plan on starting now.

  • Pretty dang sweet. Too bad my PlayStation 3 died!!!

  • HEY! My roommate and I got the tickets for the meet-up tomorrow, but unfortunately we can’t make it.. I really want those tickets to get some good use, I don’t want there to only be 254 players there because of us.. I don’t see a place to cancel our tickets, but I’m sure someone in the area will fill up our spots

  • I think I got it if no one has answered yet

  • I answered one of the answers wrong the first time but then by the time I got it right it was too late! Bummer, well gotta wait for the next one.

  • Ohh hope I’m not too late for this!

  • how do u reply on twitter

  • @80 move over to the little arrow on the tweet and click it

  • wow i replied within the first 50 sec and didnt get it :(

  • LOL at WarponyDestroyer’s comment. I don’t think I’m trying out to win the Beta this way either…Are they still giving out E-mails containing beta codes?

  • Yeah, MAG is a definite must buy at launch. Eventhough there’s work to be done (OBVIOUSLY) in the beta you can see the scope and feel is there. Can’t wait to see you all on the battlefield tonight as I’m already in the beta. If you hadn’t picked up on that.

    Ready to kick some SVER @$$ as the Raven Nation Black Ops Specialists. Don’t even think about calling us Blackwater.

  • LIES!!! 2nd question asked what class he was not what army he played for!!! rip off!

  • I agree with tuxbobbie and Pabba Jabba. I think that was a fault and they should send out 6 more to the people who answered the 2nd one with repairmen class and who won

  • They gave the wrong answer to one of the questions. I feel so friggin cheated

  • I think I got this one

  • Aren’t there 4 game types

  • how do you reply in the #psbmag? It just says my status updated. freakin twitter..

  • @flipm725 you don’t need to worry about the #psbmag. That’s just a tag so that others can find things related to PlayStation Blog: MAG. You just need to @SonyPlaystation and then type your answer.

  • @83. I agree, that question was worded terribly. it should have said factions.

  • ohh ok thanks tux!

  • It’s also funny how they as “What are the 3 game types in MAG?”… when there are 4 game types. So which 3 are we suppose to enter?

    So that’s 2 of the 3 questions that were totally botched.

  • @Dead1yAssass1n I agree I put two combinations, then another with all four so idk

  • Going to try

  • Yep, I put in all 4 and prayed. I made it in the top 6 so if I don’t get a code due to a technicality I’m going to be REALLY PISSED. Even more than I already am about not getting GTPSP with the PSP Go in the US…lol. Though the GTPSP thing is worse overall since it puts me out $30-40 buying GT…

  • Man i never get into Betas… I hv only been in the uncharted 2 but their were a BUNCH of those… I have signed up a lot too. and it is pretty obvious people are constantly refreshing the page to make sure they see the question first.

  • Me either Miles…and on this question for game types, I did the 3 factions instead…lol

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