More Gravity Crash Details for PS3 and PSP

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Hi everyone! Mike Graham here, the US Producer for Gravity Crash and Gravity Crash PSP.

Earlier this year, we unveiled one of the newest additions to the PSN line-up, Gravity Crash for PS3, and were thrilled with all the positive responses it received. So, you can only imagine how excited we were to make the announcement during GamesCom in Cologne that we will be releasing this retro-chic title on the PSP as well!

Please take a look at a brand new Blog post from Stewart from JAW — developers of Gravity Crash — for a closer look at how both titles came about and what you can expect to see in both versions of Gravity Crash.

Hi folks.

This is Stewart at JAW, developers of PSN and PSP super-retro title Gravity Crash. The guys at SCEE asked me kindly to write a post about the game, so here it is.

Back in 07, myself and Dave Parsons (project lead) were sat in a coffee shop and a long conversation ensued on all the things we loved about gaming in the 80s.

Pixel perfect collision detection, that sense of tactile movement, simple controls, the richness of things to do but with less buttons needed to do it, memorable and distinctive musical scores. During the conversation Dave showed me something he’d been working on. A vector-based old-skool shooter that takes me back to days of Jetpac, Asteroids, Defender and my favourate features from many other classics, all refined and rolled into one.

I instantly fell in love with it and we began building it into what you now see as Gravity Crash. Think of Gravity Crash as our love letter to 80s classic shooter gaming and you’ll have a rough idea of what we’re building.

In aim of displaying a modern day vision of our retro love, we decided that since we’re on PS3, we should probably tap into its ‘flash stuff’ powers.

As a result of this, we have the game running at 1080p and 60 frames a second. You’ll also notice very subtle visual FX using FX Shaders to give us the object glow, and other such effects throughout the game.

Gravity Crash 1

An original Gravity Crash screenshot

Gravity Crash 2

The same level today

We’ve also got a full-featured level builder and editor as part of the package and you’ll be happy to know all the game’s levels were built using this tool, so there’s (almost) nothing we’ve built that you can’t build yourself.

There are A LOT more surprises coming that we’re yet to announce, but for now, that’s your lot. We’re very happy with how the game is shaping up and the press have been quite warm and flattering in their reception of it thus far.

We’re approaching the end of development and we can’t wait to get the game in your hands. Till the next update, enjoy the screens and no doubt as we get closer to release we’ll be back with more riveting conversation ;-)

ANNOUNCED FEATURES LIST (more details to come)


  • 40 Single player levels (Inc secret ones)
  • 5 Major Boss Battles
  • 4 Special weapons
  • 3 weapon upgrades
  • 3 Multiplayer modes (details to come)
  • 12 Multiplayer maps
  • Build and share levels over PSN, using our level editor.

Soundtrack by CoLD SToRAGE, famed for his work on Wipeout/Lemmings etc.


  • 40 Single player levels (Inc secret ones)
  • 5 Major Boss Battles
  • 4 Special weapons
  • 3 weapon upgrades
  • Extra single player modes – TBA
  • And other surprises – TBA

Make sure you continue to check back here for more updates on both Gravity Crash for the PS3 and Gravity Crash PSP. Talk to you soon!

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  • When is Gravity Crash coming out?

  • wow this game looks fun, day one purchase.:D

  • this looks like a great game. good job!
    how much is this gonna cost? and are there gonna be any trophies?

  • I would like to buy this please.

  • Phinnv8, grow up and stop trolling here about firmware 3.00. If you have no desire to talk about the topic, leave. It just shows complete disrespect to the Gravity Crash developers and the people who are interested in the game.

  • Game looks good, I’ll probably be buying it. Release date???

  • Does anybody else think of Solar Jetman for NES when you see this game? Pretty close clone.

  • I plan on buying it but it would be great if games like this had a PS3/PSP bundle

  • To those asking, yes Gravity Crash has Trophies.

  • Looks great guys. As a person who grew up playing vector games in the early 80’s(Cinematronics and others) like Armour Attack, Gravitar, Tail Gunner, Star Wars, Star Trek, Tempest, Major Havok and Space Fury I can’t even begin to describe how stoked I am and this from a person who owned a Vectrex. Speaking of which 3D would be cool.
    day one purchase for me. After completion of this game do you all have plans for more retro styled game (vector and non-vector)? If so I have a big wish list :)

  • I meant to add that I loved the music that is playing. It reminded me a lot of the music that came from the demo scene for teh Commodore Amiga. many of the Amiga games as well. I just noticed the artist did the music for Lemmings and others. Top notch stuff. Psygnosis did great games and it’s good to see the talent still around. Any chance of getting the music as a DL?

    Sorry if I ramble on a bit. Stupid cold medicine.

  • @Chipper The music is by CoLD SToRAGE who was heavily involved in the Amiga scene back in the day, so yes…

    For all wanting to know about the sound track, take a trip over to our website

  • I’m a little disappointed at this update. When I first saw the game, it looked very much like what a friend of mine did; except this doesn’t appear to involve multiple gravity sources. But it was something I as really looking forward to.

    Why did the graphics have to change? It was MUCH more retro looking before.

    Please include options for retro and these new fangled graphics.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work qyds!

  • So, I have a stupid question. Are they two separate games for the PS3 and PSP, or is it one game that can be played on two systems?

  • To those asking, yes Gravity Crash has Trophies.

  • Cool, thanks.

  • Elegant? The XMB? Surely you people jest. The XMB is highly functional, but was never a thing of beauty. I like the way it works, simple and effective.

    Can we stop thread trolling for the firmware please. Email Sony about, some posting about it here.


  • I recently rediscovered Gravitar on the DS, through a very mediocre-port with controls that barely worked. I used to love that game as a kid, and I couldn’t help but think- I wish somebody would modernize the concept and recreate it.

    This will be a day 1 game for me, if its good I’ll also buy it on the PSP because this is the type of game I just one to pick up and play for no reason once and awhile.

  • Another game with the word “Crash” in it?

  • @Gilrod Thanks. Boy that brings back memories. Man, is that dating us or what?

  • @42

    You will I will eventually accept being screwed?


    I will continue to play old games that I can access any time I want and not worry about them disappearing.

  • Game looks awesome, definitely a day one purchase for me if the price is appropriate.
    Some questions:

    1. Will we get satisfying explosions like in Blast Factor?

    2. Who is doing the music? Will the music (and other sound assets) be 24-bit and/or lossless?

    3. Awesome about the 1080p! Is that the native resolution? Is it using FSAA?

    4. Also great about the local co-op mode! Though I greatly prefer local co-op *without* split-screen.

    5. Will we be able to rate other users’ levels and sort by rating and number of votes when browsing for new levels?

    6. I really liked how Shatter and Astro Tripper told me the high scores per level/mode of only my friends, by default. I hope this game does something similar.

    Looking forward to it, keep up the good work! :)

  • Watching the trailer again, I’m curious why the light from the particles doesn’t blend with the light of the objects that they approach. In the old vector games, when objects got too close they would get brighter.

    That same effect would be really nice here, if you can accomplish it. I’m pretty sure other similar games on other platforms have ;)

  • okay, let me know what you think of the tagline i made up for this game (which is looking awesome BTW)

    “Space used to be just black and white, but the developers of this game decided it wasn’t atractive”

    Took me all of 5 seconds to think up! What do you thing?

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