More Gravity Crash Details for PS3 and PSP

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Hi everyone! Mike Graham here, the US Producer for Gravity Crash and Gravity Crash PSP.

Earlier this year, we unveiled one of the newest additions to the PSN line-up, Gravity Crash for PS3, and were thrilled with all the positive responses it received. So, you can only imagine how excited we were to make the announcement during GamesCom in Cologne that we will be releasing this retro-chic title on the PSP as well!

Please take a look at a brand new Blog post from Stewart from JAW — developers of Gravity Crash — for a closer look at how both titles came about and what you can expect to see in both versions of Gravity Crash.

Hi folks.

This is Stewart at JAW, developers of PSN and PSP super-retro title Gravity Crash. The guys at SCEE asked me kindly to write a post about the game, so here it is.

Back in 07, myself and Dave Parsons (project lead) were sat in a coffee shop and a long conversation ensued on all the things we loved about gaming in the 80s.

Pixel perfect collision detection, that sense of tactile movement, simple controls, the richness of things to do but with less buttons needed to do it, memorable and distinctive musical scores. During the conversation Dave showed me something he’d been working on. A vector-based old-skool shooter that takes me back to days of Jetpac, Asteroids, Defender and my favourate features from many other classics, all refined and rolled into one.

I instantly fell in love with it and we began building it into what you now see as Gravity Crash. Think of Gravity Crash as our love letter to 80s classic shooter gaming and you’ll have a rough idea of what we’re building.

In aim of displaying a modern day vision of our retro love, we decided that since we’re on PS3, we should probably tap into its ‘flash stuff’ powers.

As a result of this, we have the game running at 1080p and 60 frames a second. You’ll also notice very subtle visual FX using FX Shaders to give us the object glow, and other such effects throughout the game.

Gravity Crash 1

An original Gravity Crash screenshot

Gravity Crash 2

The same level today

We’ve also got a full-featured level builder and editor as part of the package and you’ll be happy to know all the game’s levels were built using this tool, so there’s (almost) nothing we’ve built that you can’t build yourself.

There are A LOT more surprises coming that we’re yet to announce, but for now, that’s your lot. We’re very happy with how the game is shaping up and the press have been quite warm and flattering in their reception of it thus far.

We’re approaching the end of development and we can’t wait to get the game in your hands. Till the next update, enjoy the screens and no doubt as we get closer to release we’ll be back with more riveting conversation ;-)

ANNOUNCED FEATURES LIST (more details to come)


  • 40 Single player levels (Inc secret ones)
  • 5 Major Boss Battles
  • 4 Special weapons
  • 3 weapon upgrades
  • 3 Multiplayer modes (details to come)
  • 12 Multiplayer maps
  • Build and share levels over PSN, using our level editor.

Soundtrack by CoLD SToRAGE, famed for his work on Wipeout/Lemmings etc.


  • 40 Single player levels (Inc secret ones)
  • 5 Major Boss Battles
  • 4 Special weapons
  • 3 weapon upgrades
  • Extra single player modes – TBA
  • And other surprises – TBA

Make sure you continue to check back here for more updates on both Gravity Crash for the PS3 and Gravity Crash PSP. Talk to you soon!

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  • Looks good, level editor is a sweet bonus.

  • Fire Eric Lempel and the psn firmware staff!!

    PSN Operations is managed poorly and fail to use their time in a constructive manner. We have yet to have a substantial update to the PS3 for roughly six months

  • This game looks pretty good hope i aint wrong

  • Looks great, reminds me of the old Vectrex games of yore. I will buy this.

  • This looks very intriguing.

    Is there a offline (same console) multiplayer or is it online only?

  • If your so concerned about the FW take it to the forums, spamming the blog like this should get you two banned from this site.

  • love the retro look! when can we expect the game to be released and how much will it cost?

  • Gravity Crash looks great btw, any news on the price?

  • @ 3

    Firmware 3.00 is not bad dude. I noticed a lot of people complaining about the box around each friend on your friends list. I believe its a set up for a future update. Each friends box will display their info. Example, Trophies, level, current game being played. Which means we don’t have to go to Trophy comparison mode to get basic ideas. Who knows, maybe they might end up being transparent. PSN Store icon doesn’t really bother me. They should’ve included a few free avatars and dynamic wallpapers for start though.

  • Cool game, I hope there is a demo for it though.

  • The graphics are soothing…..

  • I wish people would stop whining about the firmware. We’ve known pretty much what it would bring for weeks now. If you were expecting something else, that’s your fault, not Sony’s.

    As for Gravity Crash… it’s looking great! I’ll probably end up buying both versions. Good stuff, JAW!

  • Looks fantastic, looking forward to it.

  • How come the PSP version doesnt get a level editor? I think everybody would love it just as much on the PSP as well

  • Wow, looks like the kind of games that we develop where I work. Looks good!

  • Got a release date/window on this? And a tentative price? Definitely on my list of “will probably but is waiting on price and date.”

    And firmware 3 is awful. Biggest let down of the year. Friends list is horrible, ticker is horrible, and we need how many store icons cause you know I never knew where it was before hand…

  • hopefully the game does have a demo, cause i’m not totally sold on the overall value of the game, but it looks really solid so far, keep up the good work, also excited to hear about the multiplayer features, that may push it over the edge for me

  • Looks interesting. The gravity gameplay seems like it could make things challenging. But why does this game look so much like Pixeljunk Shooter? It really does look like an alternate take on the same game. I’m a big fan of Pixeljunk but I might just get this one for my PSP.

  • looks sweeeeet. Love how you have a before and after photo. Thats so cool.

    Ive been excited for this game since we first saw it at E3? was it? egh, I dont remember any more. I saw it in a sizzle video somewhere

  • awesome looking game

    firmware complainers… not the place for that.

  • Pixeljunk Shooter anyone?

  • Ha that looks really sweet, can’t wait!!!

  • seriously you guys, stop complaining about 3.0 .. just for some font size and grey bars.. seriously?

    — Gravity crash looks awesome by the way. Day one purchase!

  • Love it!

    Take this style of game to today’s standards. (Take Paper Mario.) Allow it to be cubed, 3 development sections per face. Add a custom create mode for end user. Very simplistic LBP creator. Add a continuing game mode filled with user generated approved content of 50 votes gets in the game automatically. A fun kill screen for users that get to where there is no content not played in the game. Ranks, leader boards, and a limitation on points available to give to creator for levels created. (points=free guys) The higher rated user you are, the more points you can give out per excepted level created.

    This idea is under the Terms of use policy of PSblog all their rules apply to the use this (ideas). [DELETED] You M$!

  • To those of you complaining about 3.00; STFU!! Go whine somewhere more appropriate!

    Gravity Crash looks awesome! Keep up the good work JAW! The addition of a level editor was pure genius by the way! I’ll probably get it for that reason alone. Just please try and keep it >$15.

  • What is this? A ripoff of Geometry Wars? Just like Sony and it’s exclusives. Maybe you can ripoff a better UI for the PS3 while you’re at it. Idiots.

  • Please tell me custom soundtracks are included!

  • To the people complaining about complaining, perhaps if the blog post was open we could post it there, but since it’s not probably due to very unhappy customers then it gets directed else where like this post.

  • @12 There is a forum for you ranting. This game looks good, please don’t clutter the comments with your off topic hate.
    And as for the rest of you, get your complaining priorities in order.. there is much to be disappointed about but don’t call out every single thing they added in 3.0 as something that needs to be retracted.. you take credit away from valid concerns. Example.. no Playstation 3 logo and chime as a game loads is not a problem.. it speeds up the time required to get in game.. don’t complain just because your nostalgic.


    As someone referred to already.. LOVE the Vectrex style to the graphics.. if it plays as good as it looks you have a purchase from me! :D

  • Game looks great and the level editor is awesome!

  • Doesnt look too bad, but I cant see myself paying more than 5$ at most for it – then again the cost of minimal DLC is driving prices up, so maybe 10$.

  • Reminds me of Solar Jetman (which i LOVED), can’t wait for this!

  • @Scodo_Thope: Yes Gravity Crash has local/split-screen multiplayer, actually it’s the ONLY multiplayer mode it has.

    @Acenet2: Thanks for the kind words.

    To all those passing us positive comments on Gravity Crash, thanks, we appreciate it.

    If any of you are on twitter, feel free to follow us @jawwire.

    Stewart Gilray,
    CEO – Just Add Water (Developments) Ltd.

  • Mike Graham // Associate Producer, SCEA Santa Monica Studio

    I have two questions for you.

    1. Will Gravity Crash support Online Multiplayer via the PlayStation Network?

    2. If so, will it support Voice Chat?

    Thank you for your time.

    • I will jump in here ahead of Mike…

      At launch the game is only supporting Local multiplayer, who knows what will happen post release.

  • I apologize to the developers for the BS rating these creeps are giving your game because of their inability to whine in a more convenient place- they should know by now that the complaints have been seen, but apparently they aren’t that bright.

    The PS3 version definitely has a nice look to it, showing that massive amounts of polygons aren’t necessary for something to look good (I’m especially referring to the explosions). I’m somewhat concerned for the PSP controls, since the ship did seem to be moving somewhat rigidly in the video. Still, I wanted to offer a piece of advice that might help: if you bundle the two together (PSP/PS3), a lot more people would probably get both. It worked for me with Brain Challenge. =)

    I look forward to hearing from you guys again. Hopefully then there won’t be people focusing off-topic.

  • @ModernYorkster

    I’ll jump in here and answer for Mike.

    At launch the game is only supporting Local multiplayer, who knows what will happen post release.

  • @Gilrod

    Man, why are you posting with a normal account? Let Jeff or Chris know so they can get you into some very fashionable red posts. :)

  • @Jeigh Am waiting to hear back :)

  • Game looks great. Music sounds awesome.

  • Wow – now we’re getting Atari 2600 level graphics for the PS3? Awesome.

    No disc = NO SALE!

  • Game looks like a lot of fun! I’m very interested in the PSP version!

    Also, Mike let me apologize on the behalf of the sane PS community. There is no need to bring FW 3.0 into your post about a great looking game!

  • @ Wuggyboo-wah-wah

    So you’d actually prefer to go to the store and spend $20 on a game that only takes up a couple hundred MB? Because that’s the price they’d have to issue to justify the use an entire disc, packaging, shipping and stocking. It really is your loss, but as the world continues to go this way, you’ll wise up eventually.

  • Thanks Mike,

    So hints or a announcement of the price?

    Looks super fun. Ah, the vetrex Days.

  • By the way I too am joining the boycott on buying ANYTHING from PSN until the 3.00 firmware is fixed. GET RID OF THE GREY BOXES AND PSN STORE ICONS EVERYTWHERE! It’s an ugly pile of crap that added nothing new whatsoever and ruined an otherwise elegant design. FIRE whoever redesigned it!

  • I hope the levels will have kick-ass music like that.

  • Sorry but if i wanted to play a game like that i would dust of my Atari.

  • is the score font LARGE ENOUGH TO READ? just wondering.

  • No release date? :(

  • @Gilrod/Mike,

    I’ve really been looking forward to this ever since I first saw the E3 trailer on PSN. I remember thinking when the trailer first started, “Hmm, very Lunar Lander,” and then as it blossomed into its full glory, “Wow, it’s like a souped-up, high-def Gravitar!” Nice!

    I could swear that E3 trailer ended with the “Also available on PSP” placard as the above trailers, though. Yet, almost everyone is treating the PSP version as a new announcement from gamescom. Did I somehow hallucinate the PSP placard on the E3 trailer?

    By the way, I’d get a real kick out of it if a voice sample before a boss fight demanded, “Destroy the core!” Or perhaps “Run, coward!” from the boss itself. Ah, homages.

  • @phinnv8

    not like you buy things anyways right? You and the rest of the xbot trolls need to gth off the blog.. seriously! Every week us legitimate customers have to put up with crap from you whiners and you behave like immature kids… This game looks great, there is no reason to disresepct the developers because you don’t like the fw update.. which is stupid to begin with, the fw update is fine.

    My apologies to the dev, but these guys need to be put in there place. Hopefully the psblog gets some moderators soon. I will even volunteer for free!

    This game is a day 1 purchase for me!! As a 30 year old who grew up playing Atari/intellivsion then to nes… I love retro games as much as newer games. And when they get a modern spin , it is the greatest thing!

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