Battle Tanks Coming to PSN this Month

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Nearly everyone has played or seen Combat2600 on the Atari or Battle City on the NES. Here at Gameloft, we wanted to revisit an older but very popular gameplay style for consumers.

Battle Tanks features World War II tanks that face off against each other in hopes to blow the other to smithereens. You can play against the AI or co-op with a friend in Campaign Mode to overcome 50 maze and paint ball-like levels. There’s also a fun multiplayer option also allows two to four people to challenge each other in Death Match modes or Capture the Flag mode.

Nothing beats blasting through walls with rockets, scorching enemies with flame throwers and carefully calculating the trajectory of bullets to win battles. The controls are simple: the left stick moves your tank and the L2 and R2 buttons are used for firing. The aiming guide is highlighted when you hold down the L1 button and comes in extremely handy when you’re trying to stealthily eliminate enemies on the field. To reduce the waiting time when a player dies, we added a new feature: Gun Turrets! When you’ve lost all your lives, you still can play and help your partner win the game.

As soon as an early version of Battle Tanks was installed on our PS3 test kit, it quickly became the most popular attraction in the Gameloft Studio. Everyone who passed by was drawn to the game’s colorful graphics and intuitive gameplay. During a recent office gathering, Battle Tanks was the main party attraction. Crowds gathered and stood in line to watch folks challenge each other and have the chance to play.

Battle Tanks captures all the youthful fun you can imagine. It will be available on PSN this month for $9.99.

The images below depict the graphical evolution of Battle Tanks for the PS3/PSN.

We initially started off by drafting a few futuristic concept styles (human vs. alien invasion):

Battle Tanks 1 Battle Tanks 2

We then considered using a 2D background, but quickly found that it did not provide the effect we wanted, so we added a real terrain:

Battle Tanks 3

We also considered the idea of creating a child-like environment that featured tanks made from cardboard, rivers and lakes made from pipes and obstacles from toys left behind:

Battle Tanks 4

None of the styles above matched what we wanted to create for audiences. So the Production Team decided to take a different approach and create a semi-realistic graphical style with cartoonish tanks:

Battle Tanks 5

We then fined tuned it even more and decided to remove the cartoony aspects to provide more realism with the graphics:

Battle Tanks 6

We liked the look and feel of the terrain but decided that realistic tanks inspired from the WWII era would be a nice touch. Below are a few concepts we drafted:

Battle Tanks 7 Battle Tanks 8

Ultimately, all the graphic aspects tied in well together and gave us a foundation for what we wanted to bring to the PS3. Below is the final result!

Battle Tanks 9

Battle Tanks 10

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  • So many awesome games for the psn comin’ out…


  • To all of you who complain about DD games, saying it’s unacceptable. Get real! Are you really thinking to get a box product, with all the disc/box printing, shipping, handling, etc for 10$?!? DD games is the future! I played the game (it was developped in my office) and it’s a really nice game, rest assured.

  • On Topic: Hope ther is a demo. (PSN should realy have an rule that every game should put up an demo!)

    Off Topic:

    Instead of use valuable resources on face book, fix THIS INSTEAD!!

    * Cross game voice chat (very important)
    * Install Chrome web browser. Sony cant make a good one!! (very important, just a mess that you cant access KZ2 homepage through the KZ2 game)
    * Party system in XMB (fix this!)
    * The PS Cloud that was a denied by Sony had some great things that will make PSN more interesting! Fix it!

    * VERY important. Get exclusive DLC so MS can know how it feels. (Payback is what I want. Use the blu-ray money Sony gets from movies and BD players now!)

    * Fix so you can watch you tube without having an 5 FPS experience…!!

  • Thanks folks, thanks very much, for making the PlayStation community the biggest disgrace in the entire gaming industry and for “me” making me feel totally disgraced by her fellow community members which from now on can’t be called PlayStation community. Why not? because a community of PlayStation stand by their company, respect them, support them and criticize on a positive way instead of the threatening and demanding behavior you show around here. Giving positive criticism is one thing but you all act like you’re pointing a gun at Sony’s. Do this or else! And quite frankly its freaking me the hell out.

    You’re suppose to be adults? THEN ACT LIKE ONE!

  • I hope from now people respond about “the game” as it should be in this blog.

  • I remember seeing a demo for a tank game with tanks in a wooden box, with ricocheting bullets. Is this that game?

  • I like the way the “trainyard” arena looks, but the final screenshots look to have less interesting terrain. Will the final game have some tall terrain, or only the flatter maze-like terrain of the final two screens.

    Also – XMB icons are worse in 3.0

  • @Wuggyboobeaufuf | September 1st, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    You promised to leave didn’t you?

  • Definitely looking forward to this, but had a few questions.

    When you mentioned four player multiplayer, was that online or local…or both?

    Any chance of seeing some of those non-linear realistic levels in DLC later on?

    Will there be ways to visually customize your tanks?

    What about screenshot, YouTube or custom soundtrack support?

    Can we get some videos of the game in action?

    Can’t wait for the release. As a suggestion, a Battle Tanks XMB animated theme would be…explosive ;)

  • wow! i cant wait this game looks awesome. oh and all of you peoples that wont buy the game because of the the new firmware are idiots.

  • I love the new XMB look.


  • Man…I’m really tired of seeing TOP DOWN GAMES on PSN.

  • Looks like the PSN is going to stay in the KID ZONE….What a shame.

  • Will we be able to make levels like in Battle City?

  • @10 MS made it a requirement of the developers to give a demo so if the game isn’t on both systems you won’t always get a demo. That and you pay for Live! There were a few on both systems that MS had a demo and Sony didn’t. Sony leaves it up to the developer if they want to put out a demo or not.

    Also there are tons of games that came out before the PS3 ever existed that never had demos and still don’t and people still bought them!!!

    What is the problem I blame kids who never knew a world without the internet lol.

  • Will keep an eye on this game, some gameplay vids would be nice.

  • Oh; I thought for a moment there it was that Battle Tanks game that was released for the N64 back in 1998/1999. xD That was a good game, all things considered.

  • As an old Combat player from 1979 on the Atari VCS, I’ll be picking this one up!

  • After Gameloft screwed all of us with Brain Challenge’s trophy glitches, which are still unfixed to this day, I have no trust in their ability to deliver and support the kind of quality product that I expect from PSN.

    If you want us to stop harping on this, they need to own up and support their product properly. I have no idea why they are allowed to publish new titles on PSN while this is still the case.

  • uhm im a old school gmaer and i was looking forward to this game for months now. I heard it was rumor, but to see it is not, it me so happy one of my favorite games is coming back. 1day buy 4 me. and i hva 3 questions 1. will the rockets bounce like the original tanks game. 2. will there be power ups and bounus rounds inthe game. 3. If giving the time will there be add ons or differnt tank and crew skiins so us gamers can make our own lil army.. oh can we name our ary as well?? ty 4 your time and your title i hope you guys come back with more good soild gaming

  • This game is awesome. I think I’ll get it

  • when i saw this post i thought yes they brought back my favourite old time game. but sadly i was wrong i mean it looks great and everything but the only “battle Tanks” game i’d ever play over and over again was the BattleTanks game for the N64.. great times

  • This game looks epic and should get a PSP port

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