Battle Tanks Coming to PSN this Month

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Nearly everyone has played or seen Combat2600 on the Atari or Battle City on the NES. Here at Gameloft, we wanted to revisit an older but very popular gameplay style for consumers.

Battle Tanks features World War II tanks that face off against each other in hopes to blow the other to smithereens. You can play against the AI or co-op with a friend in Campaign Mode to overcome 50 maze and paint ball-like levels. There’s also a fun multiplayer option also allows two to four people to challenge each other in Death Match modes or Capture the Flag mode.

Nothing beats blasting through walls with rockets, scorching enemies with flame throwers and carefully calculating the trajectory of bullets to win battles. The controls are simple: the left stick moves your tank and the L2 and R2 buttons are used for firing. The aiming guide is highlighted when you hold down the L1 button and comes in extremely handy when you’re trying to stealthily eliminate enemies on the field. To reduce the waiting time when a player dies, we added a new feature: Gun Turrets! When you’ve lost all your lives, you still can play and help your partner win the game.

As soon as an early version of Battle Tanks was installed on our PS3 test kit, it quickly became the most popular attraction in the Gameloft Studio. Everyone who passed by was drawn to the game’s colorful graphics and intuitive gameplay. During a recent office gathering, Battle Tanks was the main party attraction. Crowds gathered and stood in line to watch folks challenge each other and have the chance to play.

Battle Tanks captures all the youthful fun you can imagine. It will be available on PSN this month for $9.99.

The images below depict the graphical evolution of Battle Tanks for the PS3/PSN.

We initially started off by drafting a few futuristic concept styles (human vs. alien invasion):

Battle Tanks 1 Battle Tanks 2

We then considered using a 2D background, but quickly found that it did not provide the effect we wanted, so we added a real terrain:

Battle Tanks 3

We also considered the idea of creating a child-like environment that featured tanks made from cardboard, rivers and lakes made from pipes and obstacles from toys left behind:

Battle Tanks 4

None of the styles above matched what we wanted to create for audiences. So the Production Team decided to take a different approach and create a semi-realistic graphical style with cartoonish tanks:

Battle Tanks 5

We then fined tuned it even more and decided to remove the cartoony aspects to provide more realism with the graphics:

Battle Tanks 6

We liked the look and feel of the terrain but decided that realistic tanks inspired from the WWII era would be a nice touch. Below are a few concepts we drafted:

Battle Tanks 7 Battle Tanks 8

Ultimately, all the graphic aspects tied in well together and gave us a foundation for what we wanted to bring to the PS3. Below is the final result!

Battle Tanks 9

Battle Tanks 10

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  • This looks hot!


  • Wow, this game really looks great, and… I love Tank Trouble (flash-game, you know), so this is just… Awesome! =D

  • Looks fun but I won’t buy until the Font size of my XMB is smaller and the Grey boxes are removed from my friends list. Oh and subtract 4 PS Store icons. Thanks!

  • This looks pretty promising! I’ll keep my eye out on this one.

  • Guys grow up, this thread as nothing to do with 3.0.

    As for the game, it reminds me of Savage Moon for some reason.

  • Philippe Laurens // Gameloft

    Will this game support Online Multiplayer via the PlayStation Network? and if so, does it support Voice Chat?

  • I feel like I’m the only one that loves 3.0 update.

  • i wanna get this game and sorry people dont like change

  • I don’t think Mr. Laurens really cares what we think about 3.0, since he doesn’t actually work on the PS3 firmware. Maybe we could ask him questions about the above game he is working on?

    I have one: will there be a demo?

  • ^^ i can answer that… yes there will be a demo.. but it will be out a few weeks after the game because sony is NOT confident at all with selling PSN games .. where as mircosoft is.. and provide a demo FOR EVERYSINGLE GAME before it releases… instead of being stupid like sony..

  • No disc, no sale.

  • This game looks seriously fun. There was a game on the Intellivision which involved opposing tanks that I played constantly when I was a kid. As soon as I saw the screenshots for this game, it reminded me of it.

    I can’t wait to check it out.

  • stfu about 3.0, use the forums for it plz.

    This game looks sweet!! Love to see a video trailer of it though

  • For 10 bucks you might as well call this one sold. I’ve got some money in the digital wallet awaiting spending on this one. Really neat design style and quirky colors make this one to play after all the dreary shooters.

    Next we just need Trine which is supposedly out early September on PSN..

    Hurry up on the cert process with that one Sony.

  • Now I wonder how many of the posts under this blog are actually going to be on-topic…

    Anyway, I know you guys ultimately went with the last two, but, by any chance, will the previous ideas be included as sort of “bonus files” or something? Maybe have a sort of “Theme Change” option…? Either way, I must agree that the colors and overall aesthetics are very appealing. So many games go for gritty, utterly realistic, dirty and depressing, so the ones that go for the lush greens, blues and yellows really do stand out in such a nice way. (There’s room for both, but the more complex, detailed and nuanced graphics get, the more I have the urge to go to the more simplistic, colorful, “full” graphics, y’know?)

  • Hello GameLoft guy, you should hire me for your offices on Argentina ;)

  • will there be a demo?

  • Remember guys SCEA doesnt have full ‘power’ to change the UI, go and tell SCEJ

  • Looks like fun, thanks Gameloft!

  • this isn’t battletank wheres the nuke deployed and all that [DELETED] man i miss that game on the n64

  • Boycotting games because you don’t like the look of the new firmware? Seriously? Idiots.

    And as for no disc, no sale, welcome to digital distribution. Sony aren’t the only ones doing this. A game like this really doesn’t need a disc, unless you like paying $40-$60 for games like this brand new at retail.

  • And as for the game itself, I already bought it off the EU store. Great game, love the 50+ maps you guys supplied, instead of adding them as DLC like some other companies…

  • Gameloft, i have a question is this the same game that was Demoed for Playstation Eye?

    this one

    i always wanted a game like that.

  • I had Combat on my Atari! :)

  • Turned off*

  • Will there be a demo for this?

  • @ Philippe
    Read this OFFER AND gave me your opinion:

    or this

    or this

    if you interested(Gameloft)why not give it a try.

  • @ 38

    Is that a joke? It came out last night, and they have turned a blind eye to you?

    On topic… This game looks awesome. Reminds me of that tank game on WiiPlay, only better. You should really bring those playground type environments back with DLC though.

  • Nice graphics. 60 fps?

  • Looks pretty hectic!!!

  • i was a huge fan of the first battle tanx for Nintendo 64 but the way this game looks it just seems like to big of a change for me, i may be mistaken but isn’t battle tanx supposed to be a first or third person game? maybe i am looking at it wrong but this seems very disappointing to me. its like if you took golden eye from Nintendo 64 and made it into a flat board game. instead add some levels, clear up the visuals, make more weapons and make some new characters.
    it is the same way i feel about battle tanx, it should be left the same but improved.

  • I will buy this it LOOKS GREAT, unlike our XMB’s….

  • Ooh, Gameloft. Sounds interesting.

    More excited to hear some PSP game support, though.

  • @People complaining about v3.0 – Switch to the damn CLASSIC theme, in THEME Settings and stop complaining about a FREE update. XMB is much better now imo.

    On topic – Looks like a very good game, sharp graphics hopefully under $10?

  • Game looks great!

  • looks good but my PS3 is broken right now… might check it out later.

  • Game does look great. Does remind of an Atari 2600 game.

  • @21

    I don’t buy DD games for other systems either.

    Discs or nothing.

    DD only is unacceptable.

  • i dont like dds alot either i prefer products that i can feel in my hands.

    and well no PSN card in most of europe = no psn purchases.

    anyway this looks good hope you guys have fun with it

  • Ayy kwik how do u report people instead of calling

  • Won’t buy until XMB font is changed? Digital downloads are unacceptable? lmao I don’t even know what to say about this generation anymore.

  • I would like this buy this please.

    P.S. I’m really tired of seeing all the complaints about the asthetics of 3.0 in every blog post, they have forums for that exact purpose.

  • looks fun! I have to check out more on this.

  • This looks pretty fun. I’ll have to check this out for sure.

  • cool…Any gameplay videos???

  • Gameloft? And to think I thought it looked good…


  • When you click on the images in the post for a larger image you’ll see a yahoo flickr login screen.

    Already saw the game in this weeks EU store update but there was no screen, trailer or demo. Sony needs to time this better. There are lots of game with no preview function in the store, such a shame. If the preview is added later, lots of people have already forgotten about the game.

    Game looks good.

  • Alas, if only I wasn’t so broke I’d be bursting with PSN games!

  • I want play it on my PSP… Why only for PS3? :(

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