EyePet in Stores on November 17

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Hi everyone! We have been talking about EyePet for quite some time now, and I’m happy to let everyone know that we now have a US release date for all you pet lovers who are anxious to get their hands-on EyePet. Just in time for the holidays, EyePet will be available in stores across North America beginning on November 17 for $39.99. For those of you who don’t have a PlayStation Eye, we will be offering a special bundle for $59.99, which will include EyePet and the PS Eye.

If you aren’t familiar with EyePet, it’s basically all the fun of owning a pet without the mess! Featuring next generation augmented reality, EyePet delivers an interactive lifelike, virtual pet right into your own living room using the PS Eye. He will respond and relate to movements in your own world. Pet him, and he will purr. Tickle him and he will laugh. Roll a ball to him and he will chase it. You get the point.

EyePet Screen 1

EyePet is also customizable, letting you modify fur length, color and pattern, as well as the ability to outfit your pet with more than 250 unique collectible items. Using the included “Magic Card,” owners can also bring drawings and objects to life by simply sketching things like an airplane or car, and make them your pet’s own three-dimensional toy.

EyePet Screen 2

Describing it is one thing. Seeing it is another. Please check out the video featuring Developer Nic Doucet giving a demonstration as to how EyePet works.

We’ll have more to come on EyePet between now and November. So make sure to check back with us here on the PSBlog.

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  • Great game for kids! :)

  • I’m definitely not the target demographic for this, but I’ll be getting it anyway!

  • Looks cool but there is only one issue! With xbox’s new interactive camera sytem on the horizon with so much more software that comes with it on the horizon is PS3 making a large enough leap forward with this seemingly very childish pet? Using the camera in everyday console-use to me would be more beneficial! Hypothetically like using it in shooters or even just turning on the console with a certain hand motion Hmmm? The possibilities!

  • 40 dollars is a bit much for a technology demo

  • Are there any plans to release this as a PSN download? I think this is very well suited for that type of release because this seems like the type of game that people would play for a few minutes daily. Furthermore, I assume that the majority of PS3 owners are young men, and I think this appeals to people who could be considered secondary PS3 users (e.g., children, girlfriends, and wives). I think people would be more interested in buying this if they could easily play it and not have to switch discs to do so.

    I assume part of the reason you have not mentioned any PSN release is because of your ties to game retailers. But I think this game would sell much more if customers were given the option of downloading it (especially with firmware 3.0’s “what’s new” section, which could advertise this game and link directly to its PSN store page).

  • looks like more fun family time! :D

  • Buying this for my kids for Christmas. They love the trailer, I’ve watched it about a billion times.

  • Very nice guys. Seriously, when MS showed the Natal, I couldn’t understand the reason why people were so amazed. Yes, it is great concept and yes, it does what it does well, but 4 years ago I was entertaining a bunch of kids in school with the PS2 and EyeToy, doing things that the Natal can only do somewhat better.

    Now with the playstation eye that technology has been available for 2 years already, but here is the catch. Not enough people know about it because Sony doesn’t push it enough. Market this little guy for the Holidays showing all the things you just showed us and people will be wowed well before Natal comes out.

  • Hey!
    Thats my birthday!

  • that video makes me want to get my kitten and play around with it

  • lol my little nephew is gonna love it

  • ha! you guys beat microsoft to project natal already! nice!

  • Creepy… :S

  • Pretty cool

  • My kids can’t wait for this game. Looks great. They ask me almost everyday if it’s going to come out tomorrow.

    To all you tough guys who secretly want this game. Just get it and say you needed the pseye for the new motion controller. We won’t tell anyone. Just think, after killing hundreds of people on COD you can take a break and take care of your little pet. :D

  • nice bundle, i might pick up two. one for my ps3 and anther for my brother and his kids. i’ve been wanting the pseye. i’m thinking it’s not download only because it needs that card.

  • Wow, thats one of the coolest and most innovative things i’ve ever seen in a game.

  • Yay! I already have a playstation eye. Finally a good game I will buy for it.

  • I’ll get it. My kids will love it. Great job

  • even though i love this idea and have been awaiting it since last year when it was first shown its a tad disappointing for the price tag which has deterred me from actually getting this now and they could make it a psn game and do something like Marvel vs Capcom 2 and just make a case w/ a code and put the card in it but i just cant see paying $40ish for this and i agree with some others the ps eye is starting to feel like the eye toy to me and its just collecting dust

  • Could they not create a better quality video than this?

  • Looks great. It seems the PS3 caters to all age groups. My nephews will surely get this for Christmas.

  • You know what I’m getting it for both reasons. I have nephews that I would like to show and I want to mess around with this myself. Never too old to have fun. $40.00 is a great price for something interactive like this.

  • r they gonna have dlc for other animals like dogs and cats or just that monkey lookin thing?

  • 39.99 for me :)

  • My lil’ brother is really excited about this game! And… to be honest, I kind of am too! haha

    Seriously, it looks like a lot of fun!!!!

  • I actually have a question, will we be able to have any different animals other than that monkey looking thing?

    I am actually interested in this game because I would like to see how my pet bunny and dog react to this little animal, since they occaisionally like to watch me play games as well.

  • OMG! I can’t wait till it comes out!


  • just use my PS Eye as my mic, can’t imagine buying this game, but maybe if I was 14 years younger, (23). Wish there was an over the shoulder FPS for the PS Eye, that would be awesom.

  • Testament music in the background really fits the presentation of this cute little pet ;)

  • I believe this is a PSN download title, at lest that what it says on the box art.


    But you still need the magic card so I think it well be like MvC2 where you buy a box with the download code inside.

  • i sence animal abuse on a whole new lvl lol

  • Woah after seeing the video, the game has a lot of potential. I’m interested in seeing more.

  • looks pretty cool, i’ll probably buy it. Where was this video shot from though?

  • is EyePet ps2 eye toy B/C???

  • So going to get this game but just wondering will it have trophies?

  • I’ll buy it too,but the game only,because I already have a PS Eye.

  • My little brother is already saving his money for this


  • Wow! Definitely getting this!

  • I still think this game should have been a playstation store type game… this game looks great, but like hell im spending 50-70 euros on it :/

  • I thought it was pretty kool at first, but then the cleaning/bath really made me smile. Very nice. Hope my kids will like it too (and won’t fight over it) How about the option to do two pets!

  • Will be magic card will be shipped with the game?Also what is the price of the game without PS Eye,because I already have one?

  • Great game. Positively buying for my daughter. It’s great to see the eye-toy being utilized. I think this technology is underated even by Sony. I think they should do more games like this utilizing the eye-toy.

  • i got ps eye def going 2 check this out

  • @93
    read a little better next time for price info…

  • i have the eyetoy cam but there isn’t enough support for it on the ps3 other then sending a pic in burnout paradise and some weird psn games :) but this looks cool i might pick it up

  • So can my pet die? Or is it like Nintendogs where they cant die ever…

  • I’m 35 and have no kids and I want this game, the tech is just too impressive not to give it a try, SOLD!!! :D

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