EyePet in Stores on November 17

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Hi everyone! We have been talking about EyePet for quite some time now, and I’m happy to let everyone know that we now have a US release date for all you pet lovers who are anxious to get their hands-on EyePet. Just in time for the holidays, EyePet will be available in stores across North America beginning on November 17 for $39.99. For those of you who don’t have a PlayStation Eye, we will be offering a special bundle for $59.99, which will include EyePet and the PS Eye.

If you aren’t familiar with EyePet, it’s basically all the fun of owning a pet without the mess! Featuring next generation augmented reality, EyePet delivers an interactive lifelike, virtual pet right into your own living room using the PS Eye. He will respond and relate to movements in your own world. Pet him, and he will purr. Tickle him and he will laugh. Roll a ball to him and he will chase it. You get the point.

EyePet Screen 1

EyePet is also customizable, letting you modify fur length, color and pattern, as well as the ability to outfit your pet with more than 250 unique collectible items. Using the included “Magic Card,” owners can also bring drawings and objects to life by simply sketching things like an airplane or car, and make them your pet’s own three-dimensional toy.

EyePet Screen 2

Describing it is one thing. Seeing it is another. Please check out the video featuring Developer Nic Doucet giving a demonstration as to how EyePet works.

We’ll have more to come on EyePet between now and November. So make sure to check back with us here on the PSBlog.

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  • Nice!! I think it’s going to be great!! Thanks for the video!

  • DO WANT! I know I said I’d shut up but I just can’t help, I was really hoping this wouldn’t just be an EU thing, so glad it’s coming stateside.

    I need a life, halp! =(

  • I’m looking forward to this too, mainly due to the price point in the UK haha. You can get the game and the Eye for £30. That’s a bargain right there!

    Game wise, it looks cool too lol

  • mmhh I’m to old for this and don’t have kids to entertain… but it was great on gamescom, nice technique :)

  • The sleeper hit of this year. Sony should promote this game because kids are going to love it.

  • Must have! Bluray or download? I forget… My daughter’s been looking forward to this. Thanks for the great news. Here’s one that Q1 2010 didn’t take from us!

  • I’m really looking forward to this title.

    I wish this could have been available over PSN as a downloadable title for those of us who already have an eye but I guess there are other factors preventing that.

  • You should should redo eyetoy play,kinetic,antigrav etc. in HD and stick them on the store if you’re serious about pushing the pseye this fall.

  • I think your timing is great on this game..

    I know my nephew will be getting it.

  • WOW awesome

  • I think this is the coolest thing…way better than talking to virtual boy (MS)

  • Nice, I’m getting this game day one :D

  • I hope this game tanks in sales, which it most likely will, for forcing the infinitely better game of Eight Days, with its wonderfully adaptive cover system, to be canceled.

  • lame. this will flop hard.

  • I have a good feeling my EyePet will be flying around on some hand drawn genitalia

  • Wow you guys are rocking the blog today, thanks for the great posts! I’m getting stoked for sony to have a great holiday.

    I’ll be getting this….for my nephew of course…ahem

  • Man the momentum these guys have!

    October- Uncharted, Ratchet

    November- Eye Pet

    December- GT5?

    Then on to next year.

    This is great!

  • Epic win! Video really explained alot of info i was curious about too.

    I’ll be buying it day one.

  • I have a question that probably been on allot of people minds.

    How far does the drawing go? Like, is there like only a few things we can draw that will come to life? i only seen a car and a plane, and that it. What if i wanted to draw a tred mill for eyepet to run on? You might already include that but would i be able to do it?

    • The way the drawing feature works is that you can draw anything you want, but you have to assign it a category so that it knows how to function. For example, you could draw a snail and assign it in the car category and the snail would move around like a car, Or you could draw a bird and assign it as a plane and then use your sixaxis to maneuver the plane. In the game there will be lots of categories to choose from making the possibilities to draw really cool moving objects endless.

  • Killer app!

    But seriously, I might pick it up. He looks cute and it could entertain the youngon’s that visit.

  • Ok, I’m kinda old for this, and I don’t have a child to use as excuse, but I want it :D

  • Yikes I was expecting $20 or $35 with the EYETOY.

    I’ll wait for a repackaged selection of PS Eyetoy games for the PS3 ($5 each on PSN please).

    If you want to compete in the wiggle arena next spring you need as many PSEYE’s in the market as possible or your wiggle tech will die on the vine like EYE has (3 years and this is the 2nd game to take real advantage of the EYE is not support imo)

  • Sooooo cute! Too bad I don’t have any kids…

  • It looks fun! Can you pick different animals? Or just the monkey? I can’t wait for this, I can get a PS Eye, and a cool thing to play with.

    • Everyone starts with the same base character, but there are a ton of different ways you can customize your character. There about 250 different items you can dress your character up in, you can change the color of his fur, the length, you can draw designs on his fur. In the end, no two characters will ever look the same.

  • Although I’m not into this kind of game myself, I think the technology behind it is interesting, and I’ll probably get it so my sister could enjoy it.

    Good release window!

  • Interesting to release a game on november 17th

    thats when PS3 first launched was november 17th

  • I was hoping this would be offered as a download since I don’t want to fuss with discs, but oh well.

  • Ha sweet, $60 for the the game and camera, I thought it would be more expensive, day 1 for sure!!

  • I can’t wait to get this game .. for my daughter.. ya, ya.. my daughter..

  • I want this so bad I’m gonna name mine Gizmo….wait! I mean my little sister is gonna name it Gizmo. I am too old for this type of game thing.

  • Hm. You know, I was actually under the impression this was a PSN-Download game for maybe $10-$20… I’m just not entirely sure I understand what I would do with this game after the initial thrill of playing with an imaginary pet wore off. Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly, but there doesn’t really seem to be a whole lot to this. Dress up the pet, play with it, draw something and then… do it all over again? I’m going to need to do a little more research but I think it would be beneficial to flesh this thing out a little more for the readers…

  • I hope this game gets a lot of promotion and support. It could be a great Holiday seller. I have my eye on it (because I like this kind of stuff).

  • I would rather see you finish Getaway and 8 days than this turd that will only sell to a segment of the market that actually bought PS Eye.

  • Been waiting for this since it was announced last year.

    So many great games coming out, it’s getting hard to keep up.

    Anyone that says PS3 doesn’t have any games is living with their head in the sand.

    Thanks for the heads up Erin.

  • For Whom The Bell Tolls?

  • i may very well buy this… since it includes the PS Eye.


  • Isn’t this doing almost as much as Natal claims to do?

  • If you are over the age of 13 and buy this game for yourself, you deserve to get your PS3 stolen.

  • I think the real question is, how easy will the platinum be?

  • Sony cut the price for the PS3 perfectly. With this game and the new motion controller, I see they are trying to capture that casual audience.

  • good for kids, i think they will love it.

  • Launching on the birthday of ps3? thts sounds like a nice day 2 launch.

  • Will this work with the new motion controller in the future? I can see some awesome integration taking place.

  • Are we able to feed our pet in the game?

    • Yes! And your EyePet will let you know when he needs to get fed. You\’ll also have to wash him and play with him.

  • Will be getting this for my GF :)

  • @46

    Yes you can. :]

  • I ment @45. -_-

  • Honestly, This is one game that I believe would have benefited from being one of the Blu-ray & PSN releases(Warhawk, Burnout). I would love to see this released on the Playstation Network, And I would definitely buy it in that form for my nephew & niece.

  • I will buy it!!

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