MotorStorm: Arctic Edge — Lunatics Unite on PSP September 29

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MotorStorm: Arctic Edge screenshot2

Hi racing fans! Eager to blast the rugged Alaskan terrain with an arsenal of offroad vehicles? Well, wait no more. You can now look forward to snagging MotorStorm Arctic Edge PSP in UMD form on 9/29/09 at a store near you. The game will also be available for purchase on 10/1/09 as a PSPgo launch title via the PSN and voucher code. The game will be $39.99 on both formats.

Also as we mentioned previously, those who get out there early and pre-order the game will be rewarded with the opportunity to own the exclusive Mirage Rapide rally car, available with two customizable skins and set for top speed racing and drifting. Even if you don’t pre-order, there’s still a chance for fans to get the Rally car — the vehicle will be available on the PSN Store for those who
buy the game within the first 30 days of launch.

Adding in two new snow-specific vehicles this time around, players will have a total of eight car classes and 12 reversible tracks to negotiate as they battle insane festival drivers trekking through the rugged Alaskan

Lastly, folks who have PlayStation 2 consoles and want a little MotorStorm action of their own will be rewarded with MotorStorm: Arctic Edge for the PS2, available in North America later this Fall. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge on PS2 will offer the same great racing style as the PSP version but will allow friends to jump into split-screen racing action when in multiplayer mode. Continue to check back for more details to come!

Thanks and see you at The Festival!

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge screenshot1

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  • um sorry SONY u fail. A downloadable title should never cost as much as a physical copy. You guys spend way less to manufacture, produce and distribute a downloadable so why is it the same price. I understand you dont want to alienate retailers but seriously why would anyone download a game that they can buy and retrade for something else. I mean what if it sux will we be offered a refund? Doubt it. The psp go pricing strategy is an epic fail through and through from the system itself to the games. You guys do know that the consumers(gamers) realize that your charging us more for stuff that is cheaper for you to produce and thus increases your profit. this would be great business except there is still a cheaper option that makes more sense and has far more value. Just buy a 3000 and the physical copy. Hell for 199.99 you can buy a 3000 with ff:dissida and a 2gb memory chip. no brainer.

  • Will the PS2 version be playable on the 80GB B/C PS3?

  • oh snap, yet another great game coming out this fall! between this, ninja gaiden sigma, mini ninjas, drakes 2, bioshock, i dont know what would be best to invest my money in.

    decisions decisions!

  • I am a day one customer, but 40 dollars for the download is too much. I am a motorstorm fan, but we need to see some of the savings you guys are getting in the download distribution. Sorry, but you lost a sale here.

  • This looks like a great title, the game looks very well mannered and sweeped clean of graphic bugs and little itches to present the a shiny product but what i freeze about is the price. over $200?! for that little piece of hardware and the game to be $40 hmmm you your trying to present the PS3 slim you know, the psp go is really going to interfere with the sell of PS3 slim but i guess thats just me.ok i would like more titles for my over $200 psp!! and im talking about the more variety of content titles on PS u know it seems that the psp is just there to hold the undesireables of PSN’s games this looks like a big title for psp but please in the near future lower the price ok and 4 the game as well thank you

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