MotorStorm: Arctic Edge — Lunatics Unite on PSP September 29

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MotorStorm: Arctic Edge screenshot2

Hi racing fans! Eager to blast the rugged Alaskan terrain with an arsenal of offroad vehicles? Well, wait no more. You can now look forward to snagging MotorStorm Arctic Edge PSP in UMD form on 9/29/09 at a store near you. The game will also be available for purchase on 10/1/09 as a PSPgo launch title via the PSN and voucher code. The game will be $39.99 on both formats.

Also as we mentioned previously, those who get out there early and pre-order the game will be rewarded with the opportunity to own the exclusive Mirage Rapide rally car, available with two customizable skins and set for top speed racing and drifting. Even if you don’t pre-order, there’s still a chance for fans to get the Rally car — the vehicle will be available on the PSN Store for those who
buy the game within the first 30 days of launch.

Adding in two new snow-specific vehicles this time around, players will have a total of eight car classes and 12 reversible tracks to negotiate as they battle insane festival drivers trekking through the rugged Alaskan

Lastly, folks who have PlayStation 2 consoles and want a little MotorStorm action of their own will be rewarded with MotorStorm: Arctic Edge for the PS2, available in North America later this Fall. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge on PS2 will offer the same great racing style as the PSP version but will allow friends to jump into split-screen racing action when in multiplayer mode. Continue to check back for more details to come!

Thanks and see you at The Festival!

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge screenshot1

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  • No PSN Store update this week?

    This game looks alright.

  • Can’t wait for this!

  • I’ve been waiting for a decent arcade style PSP racing game since Ridge Racer. It looks like I might have one now.

  • Hmm, new PS3 commercials look great and funny, but what are you guys going to do with PSP Go? $249 is not exactly an appealing price, you know.

    Do you get a free game purchasing PSP Go just like in PAL territories?

  • Jeff, please do something about the videos on the blog.

    You guys must have changed some coding or something, but every time I attempt to watch them, the video flickers white each time I scroll my mouse over it, and I must hit the play button several times before it even plays. Taking my mouse off the video itself also resets.


  • This looks great, I can’t wait

  • Snowmobiles!

    If you don’t want to pay $249 for PSP go, then don’t get it. Get the cheaper PSP.

  • @4
    I agree with you, we should also get dirt in PSP, why is only Europe getting this awesome game in PSP….we only get the titles the rest of the world doesn’t like….like the FF saga

    This game looks good, even better is portable

  • I’ll wait for price drop to pick up this title like $29.99.

  • $40 on both?? I doubt that very much.

  • Now it’s time for Evolution to make a Pursuit Force PS3 game !

  • demo………need demo…..

  • This might’ve been a better suited title for the PS3 as opposed to the PSP but it is nice to see the PSP get at least one.

  • I agree with 10.

    The downloadable game cost the same as a physically manufactured disc? That doesn’t make sense. I smaller price should be in order for downloadable versions of games. Not much. Maybe $5 or so less. Just enough to offset the loss of a physical resellable disc. It would also help people feel more comfortable with purchasing the PSP GO and purchasing downloadable games in general.

  • Looks very clean

  • Game keeps looking better and better. :)

    But why did you guys have to go and release it at the same time as Gran Turismo PSP?? I’ll be getting both and hopefully others will follow suit :)

  • Man, the PSP still amazes me with everything it can do and the graphics it can pump out. Arctic Edge is looking good.

    I would definitely like to pick up another PSP and get the go, but $250 is just a little too steep….unless it had another analog stick of course. :P

  • Can’t wait, by the way, whats the song in that video, I like it!

  • There should also be a price difference between the UMD and the DL versions. Isn’t that one of the benefits of downloadable games?…let the people who want a UMD version pay the extra cost.

  • @KidCommando: So you’d be fine paying $250 if it had an extra analog stick glued to it that does nothing? Cool! :D

  • That looks pretty impressive. The PSP continues to [DELETED] my eyebrow, with what it can pull off. The handheld doesn’t need the gimmick of touchscreens; it just needs creative developers, looking for new ways to push the hardware.

  • hmm.. so let me get this straight.. they make 2 great, bautiful good selling games on the PS3, then go and make one for the PSP and nothing for Ps3..!?!? okay, im not buying a psp though only when their $100

  • On the topic of the game: What? No zomboni!? C’mon! XD

    Well, Downloadable Games have another issue that you guys aren’t catching: they don’t ever drop in price due to competition. In a closed-market environment, where used copies are an impossibility, there’s no reason to ever reduce prices, meaning that launch PSN games are still selling at the same prices they started at… THAT is what bothers me.

  • Wow, ugg.

    I really want this game but $40, ugg, there are only so many $40 I can buy this year (and GT will easly win this fight). $30 was an instant buy for me (which is what I though it would be after checking ebgames last week).

    I’m so excited about getting a PSP Go (even though I have a 2000) but man you really need to do something about the prices for DD games. Japan is easily able to do it.

  • But regarding the comments I’m seeing about the PS3 “getting nothing,” the PSP CANNOT continue be treated as a testing ground or dump of some sort. It NEEDS to gather together some seriously good content of its own that won’t simply be “remade for the PS3” if its any good, and fast at that, given the attempt to justify the $250 price tag they’ve just given to the PSP Go.

    Not only should the PS3 not be given this, but there need to be some studios dedicating their full time to making PSP titles that will remain PSP exclusive. This system NEEDS credibility. And as much as I dislike Square Enix at the moment, they’ve been contributing the greatest amount to this task with Crisis Core and Dissidia.

    Honestly, the downside of this post was that a PS2 version WAS made, though the PS2 has lost a good deal of relevance among the gaming community so I’m letting it slide.

  • stupid trailer. come on… at least show a trailer where I can see gameplay without stupid graphics flashing all over the screen.

  • $39.99! yikes, this is definitely not what i expected, still buying it though.

  • Post number 23,

    Actually that is not true. Sony has done special sales on PSN games quite a few time. As well, quite a few PSP games on PS Store are actually cheaper now then when they were first posted.

    Also if games get sold at retail like Patapon 2 (ie just a coupon is sold at retail), those easily go on sale. So many times I’ve found Patapon 2 for only $10.

  • $40 on both formats? Sounds like PSPgo owners are getting ripped off. I guess if prices stay like that I might as well just stick with my 3000.

  • and people wonder why psp games don’t sell more its because your charging 40 dollars for your game. I never and will never pay 40 dollars for a portable game specially a downloadable one. Lower the price to 30 dollars or don’t sell any copy’s it your choice.

  • 40 bucks my ass! That’s just retarded.

    I was excited about getting the Go!, but if games are going to be more than 25 bucks for it there’s no way in hell im getting it. I’ll just stick with my PSP-2000 and it’s custom firmware.
    God damn… 40 bucks… for a PSP game!?

  • Only 6 unique tracks? Why is it 40 bucks on UMD and PSN? Shouldn’t it be cheaper on PSN?

  • So much for the games being cheaper on digital downloads.

  • It will be the best on PSP and PS2, I’m sure
    Because it’s an amazing experience on Ps3
    all those graphics and realism

  • $39.99 for both gt and motorstorm and they come out within a few days of each other. You do know this not good business for you guys.

  • wow guys… u said it will cost less from the store .. cmon , there will be no reson to spend $250 if the games will cost the same!!

  • $40 for the digital version? Are you insane? No one’s gonna pay that…. It’s too bad cause it looked like a decent game…

  • Sweet! I didn’t know this one actually had some customizing. I can’t wait. Motorstorm and Gran Turismo will be my first purchases for my PSP Go! ($80, ouch!)

  • Would it be possible to create a trailer of the game in which the game play is not displayed on odd angles inside a teeny tiny visual field? You do have a much larger video field available to you :)

  • Im buyin as soon as i get extra mula

  • whats the song from that trailer? i’m diggin it!

  • while im interested in this game im hoping there will be a large catalog of games on psn oct1 for the psp also i wish there was some list of what will be available as far as games for the pspgo… i think its only right because say i want a game like dissidia but that has been yet announced on the psn then i would rather get the psp 3000 if i will be missing out on the games i wanna be playing when i get a psp go!

  • LUNATICS UNITE!!!! finally im gonna have my Motorstorm on the go!!!!!! btw Arctic Edge , GT , LBP and Jack are day 1 buys for me

  • Again, I have to ask: Why not let the pre-order bonus be FREE on PSN for those interested for the month? If I have to pay $2 for a pre-order bonus that is only going to be up for a month, you can be damn sure I’m going to skip Arctic Edge.

  • I would have loved some sort of variation of snow for the ps3. Maybe the next PS3 MS will be something more in this direction?

  • Awesome, Motorstorm on the go. I love it.

  • considering buying this but ill wait until the reviews come out but i have been waiting for a racing game for my psp.

  • Keep on with your eyes closed Sony!!

    40 bucks on a digital copy of the game? No way punks… You gotta be kiddin’ me.

    40 bucks for the physical item (UMD), with it’s case for my collection and booklet it’s OK with me and it’s day 1 buy (y’know, MotorStorm Portable =D)

    Just wanted to point out that a downloadable game cannot reach over 30 bucks guys!!

  • Been looking forward to this for a while now!

  • Alloha peeps,

    You can’t tell Sony what price to set their products at, you either buy it or don’t, or you could wait for a PSN sale, thats just the way it works.

    Also, people complaing about physical products being worth more than digital are kinda correct, but id still rather have a couple of games in a PSP Go, than carry around some chunky UMDs for the 3000.

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