Fate/Unlimited Codes Fights its Way to PSN Next Week

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What’s up PlayStation Nation? Unfortunately, I’ve been banned from doing comment contests, but I’ll make sure I think of something cool to do on my blog in the near future. (The PSB servers can’t handle us, lol)

Anyway, I’m here to talk about Capcom’s next fighting game, Fate/Unlimited Codes, specifically designed for the PSPgo. This game will be available next week, September 3, and is exclusive to the PlayStation Network. Fate is developed by Eighting, the talented group responsible for the Bloody Roar series and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom.

Based on the popular Japanese visual novel/anime, Fate/unlimited codes takes place in a local town in Japan where 7 pairs of ‘Masters’ and ‘Servants’ compete for the ‘Holy Grail’ that will grant them any wish. This compelling combat experience features a deep roster of characters and unique fighting moves, while employing a fast-paced, weapons-based fighting system that is sure to meet any Capcom fans highest expectations. It also features beautiful 3D graphics and a pseudo-3D fighting system. (Side-stepping evades FTW!)

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, the producer of this game and known for his work on the Street Fighter Alpha series, loves the PS community and wants to share a few things about Fate. Take it away Tsuchiya-san!

Fate/unlimited codes is an ultimate fighting game made available on PSP, which was originally a popular arcade VS fighting game in Japan. In addition to arrangements made to fit to the PSP platform, almost all the fighting systems known for Capcom games and Fate’s original systems have been implemented to enhance the gameplay.

Speedy combination attacks are the core of this game. You’ll discover a very intuitive move canceling system that adds variety and depth to the gameplay. For instance, while you are attacking your opponent with a sequence of combos, your opponent dodges, then counters with a special move. You can swiftly cancel your own move to throw a counterattack! This is sure to excite even the most seasoned fighting gamer.

Of course, high level techniques are not all what Fate is about. Each command input is made so simple that anyone can freely play any character. The in-depth training mode will allow anyone from the beginner to the veterans to improve their moves.

Additionally, the game content is as voluminous as a packaged version. It offers 17 playable characters, 8 game modes, 250+ stage missions, and more to meet your expectations.

Next week, I’ll share with you about enriched game modes and unique characters. Stay tuned!

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (CAPCOM)

Tsuchiya-san is one cool cat. I played against him at Comic-Con and he demolished me with his Shiro, pulling off push blocks, air combos, and special cancel links to ultra combos. I was not worthy.

I’ll leave you with these short, but flashy combo videos. ‘Till next time my friends!



John “HIERO9D3” Diamonon

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  • Question for John regarding MvC2…

    I bought the PSN release, and immediate jumped into a quick Arcade round, Normal difficulty…

    …I had my ass handed to me. This is weird, as I’m pretty adept at Normal mode, so I tried the Ps2 version just to be sure. No problem. I aced the match, a few flawless victories…no biggie.

    So I figured the difficulty had been changed. So I switched to Easy…same thing. By the 5th round, I continued 18 times before passing, and shut the game off because it was infuriatingly difficult…on EASY. I tried the Ps2 version…no problem, obviously.

    The difficulty in MvC2 has either been tweaked to be WAY TOO HARD or there is a major glitch preventing the difficulty from changing at all. You should look into this. I have sworn off buying all Capcom games from PSN henceforth.

    • Here\’s what\’s happening. The game is pretty much an exact port of the Dreamcast version. In arcade mode, the CPU gets more difficult as you accumulate more points. This is why, after Round 5, it\’s getting really hard. Add to the fact that the CPU \”thinks\” you are already a good player since all the chracters are unlocked.

  • John, I like how you actually reply to people’s comments on here. Keep up the good work.

    Oh and the game looks pretty cool too.

    • Thanks Geist. I don\’t think it should be hard for anyone to take the time to respond. I like doing it.

  • Please go back and reply to comment #33!!!

  • Is there an english voice option? And if so, did Capcom use the same cast from the Fate anime dub?

  • I love John D…Always straight to the point and hilarious along the way :P

    Looks pretty good mate :)

  • Thanks John!

  • Gracius Senior Diamonon!

  • Welcome back John D man!!

  • Hey John,Dino Crisis psn and when?
    enough said,well except that I’m a huge fan of RE and never played Dino Crisis.

    Also can’t wait to get this when I get a PSPGo.

  • What the flock? All i get is a flocking smiley face for a flocking reply? Flockign disgraceful!

    Yeah i dunno why i started that again…

  • @3
    FYI It’s PS3 Nation not Playstation Nation

  • John!!! I’M PREGNANT!!!!

    ….do I win anything?

    Anyway, great job Capcom. I can’t wait for Dead Rising 2.

  • hey john Fate stay/night is a great series cant wait to get unlimited codes just dont have a psp yet sad i know. But what I want to know is there any chance we can get the other awsome fighter Melty Blood based on tsukihime?

  • The only thing I’m wondering is will it have game sharing? (and even if it does, will it be basic and rather repetitive?)

  • Arg, one more week :/ been waiting impatiently for this game, lol… I guess one more week will not kill me. loved the anime, love fighting games, this is the perfect game for me, except I suck at fighting games, ha ha, but still have fun playing them. oops, rambling, thanks for update and game, really looking forward to this.

  • @63 ooooo nice, Melty Blood would be awesome. Been thinking of importing that in. Good call ^^d

  • oh man next week
    i was planning on getting valkyria chronicles
    now i don’t know what to buy

  • Though I haven’t watched any installment of the Fate series before, this game looks pretty interesting. Are there any plans for a PSN demo version of Fate/Unlimited Codes?

  • hey john sorry to hear about the contest being ended on here it was fun also atm i do not have net when resident evil 2 and 3 comes out is there like anyway i can transfur it to my ps3 without it bein connected to the net? been waiting to play both missed it the times it came out before also havent checked much into this game (psp is fried sadly) anyway i might pick it up when i a new one or my old one fixed but i mean 89 bucks to send it in is a bit much but anyway u know u should try and do contests on the ps home that would really piss off sony lmao

  • No, you’re flocking old :)

  • Hello John D,

    I’m a massive Capcom fan from Australia.

    Is Fate/Unlimited Codes coming to the Australian PSN Store next week?

    Further to that, will Capcom UMD Legacy Titles and PSone classics be making their way to the Australian PSN Store soon?

    Dying for some Capcom goodness, please throw some my way!!!

  • When can I view this video on my iPhone seriously is it not 2009

  • It’s always good to see blog posts by John D. A shame about the banned contests though, lol.

  • Sweet man, I was about to go to a japanese store to buy this game thanks. Does this mean all the games for psp that come out in japan and are not published here might come in through the playstation network?

  • Yo john get off 360 and get on ps3 you been offline for 50 days lol

  • Hay Crapcom, I am really enjoying the Lost Planet 2 demo on the PSN…..Oh wait, PS3 owners get royally screwed by Crapcom once again.

  • Yo john get off 360 and get on ps3 you been offline for 50 days lol

    I was going to ask which he games on most, suppose that answers my question.

    Also what’s with the lack of a Lost Planet demo?.

    • But you haven\’t seen how long I\’ve been on XBOX LIVE. My XBL Gamertag is HIERO 9D3. Compare the two dates. I\’ve been very busy.

  • Never expected to see anything Type-Moon related here on the PS Blog! You guys should consider publishing Melty Blood here in the states! It’s another fighting game made by the same people, and already has a pretty decent following IMO.

  • John Diamonon do you like Demons Crest?

    I would love to see a remake.

  • Ahh its John! I thought Sony must have nabbed ya and locked you away for busting up the blog :)
    Glad to hear about Dino Crisis as well…always wanted to try it but never had the chance.

  • John, I’d like to express my appreciation to Capcom for bringing this game over to the US. To show my support, I will be buying this, despite already owning the Japanese UMD release (with the e-Capcom art book, even!). Well, to show support as well as because I can’t understand much of the vocabulary Archer uses when he talks. English text would make comprehending the story bits a little easier. Once again, thanks for the localization.

    P.S. I also have Fate/tiger colosseum (limited edition; the PSP pouch from this is what I carry my PSP around in) and Fate/tiger colosseum UPPER (Megamori box); yep, I kind of like Fate. However, I get the feeling these 2 games will be staying in Japan.
    P.P.S. Do you remember a certain other fighting game series’ “She kicks high” ads from a few years back? Rin puts them to shame. :)

  • oh my fault, i didn’t know your name on Xbox forgive me you are a busy man. Just get on ps3 when you have a chance.

  • *laughs* Jeff had enough, eh? THAT’S HOW WE ROLL!!!

    Game looks cool; I’ll pick it up when I upgrade my PSP. When are you gonna come back Home, John? You’re missed!

  • Oh, so you a Wii gamer. That’s cool I don’t judge :P

    No answer to my second question? Is it some sort of Microsoft dealio?

  • Hey John I love the Fate Stay Night series. Can you please put this available for the ps3 in psn. Because other than me lots of people would want that. So can u please make it for the ps3 so we can play it on the ps3. Thanks. And it sucks for no more contests.

  • Is online multiplayer ad hoc only or is there infrastructure? If it’s ad hoc only, do you have any idea if it the game is supported by the ad-hoc party on ps3? Any idea of when ad-hoc party on ps3 will be released to North America? Any idea as to why Japaneses developers don’t seem to understand how difficult it is to find another psp user with the same game you have, therefore making ad-hoc only multiplayer foolish and infrastructure the way to go in North America?

  • Last blog post you asked me about being from the 209 then the blog got closed. You familiar with that area? Im in Stockton.

  • Ya think this one will hit 100 now that free games are out of the mix? :)

  • I would, but I’d have to DL it twice. I already have to do that with Capcom Arcade Classics and Resident Evil, not to mention my rare non-Capcom games (Patapon 2 FTW). I’m too lazy for all that!

    Besides, I’m still waiting for you to hit the PSB an’ tell us that Super Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Unite: Championship Turbo Edition XP will be released on PSN as well.

    See what I did there? :P

  • Thank you, AGAIN, Capcom and Sony, for leaving out the people who want stuff on disc.

    Why are you discriminating against us?

    It’s enough to make me go buy a DS or a 360.

  • @Wuggy: You know both the DS and 360 have download only games too right?

  • Looks very good.
    Definitely buying it.

  • Who came up with the ridiculous name? That’s actually worse than “Monster Hunter Freedom Unite”.

  • I’d maybe get this if I didn’t already have the PS2 version, and would definitely get it if it was Retail with a Saber Lily Figma. But it’s not, so, yeah. Great job on bringing it over anyways though, guys. I take it Japanese Voices?

  • @90

    damn john, don’t tell him that. Your gonna give him a heart attack

  • John Diamonon replied on August 27, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    I haven’t played Demons Crest. I should though, right?

    Well its in my top 5 of favorite Capcom games xD…so yeah!! give it a try.

  • John D , i just bought Monster Hunter Freedom ACCIDENTLY instead of Freedom Unite.

    thats how stupid you get when you are tired xD, oh well , i’ll just go back and buy Freedom Unite too… what should i do with my Freedom? =[

  • Ouch John…ouch
    Words hurt ya know :)

    If your poster 100 will you give yourself a prize John?

  • 99.

  • There, nothing given away and it reached 100.

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