Lost Planet 2: Behind Closed Doors at Gamescom

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Even though Capcom‘s US offices are quite literally a stone’s throw from our HQ at SCEA, I had to travel all the way to Cologne, Germany to get my hands on Lost Planet 2 for PS3. Sure, we all know the history of the original Lost Planet on PS3, but with the sequel it’s a new day. Playing through the Gamescom demo, Lost Planet 2 is like night and day from the first. And to walk me through it is Capcom’s Chris Kramer, who also answers many of my/your questions with the game running on PS3 in the background.

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  • First off, Capcom hasn’t confirmed any Exclusive DLC on either platform and 2nd the Video Store is coming to Canada at the end of the yr.

  • Nice, Lost Planet 2 running on PS3. That boss fight looks awesome.

  • Great interview Chris and Thank you chris from CAPCOM for the info. I’ve really had my eye on this game for awhile, it looks really awesome. One question if you could PLEASE answer because I haven’t seen this answered anywhere.

    Is the co-op 4 player ONLINE only? Or is it possible to play 2 to 4 player split screen online or off?

    OH! and everyone lets all play nice and be friends around here. Sure, capcom has been pretty crappy towards sony this gen, but they’re really coming around this past year. Thanks capcom!

  • When uhhh, can we get our hands on a demo. I mean, I’m already sold on the game, I just want to PLAY something.

  • Horrible two-faced community support from Capcom.

  • Capcom isn’t to blame. Sony is to blame. This is what happens when you make a console intentionally difficult to program for and price it to high. Anyone remember Ken Kutaragi’s nonsense of saying how you would have to get 2 jobs to get a ps3. I bet he wish he could have seen the downturn in the economy coming and how it would be hard to even keep one job. Sony reaps what it sowed.

  • Sony is to blame? The game looks great and comes out day and date with the 360 version. Oh my god man, it’s not 2007 anymore, so just give it a rest….blah blah blah. Just play the game if you want, if not…then don’t buy it..

  • @51

    1. Fine…if you believe that CAPCOM can come on here and STATE IT. There is no issue to either ‘side’ if that is the case.

    2. Fine again…no harm in SONY stating that right here and right now…there is NO strategic reason for them no not state it.

  • Looks good but is DLC exclusive to 360?

  • if your new to lost plant.. and you plan on getting the 2nd game.. your not going to understand the story unless you play the 1st one. so heads up get the first game play it. & look forward to this one. im stoked. i’d play the xbox 360 demo.. but im wanting one for the ps3! like hello guys get cracking !

  • Hey. Love the graphics. But if there’s no local co-op then not npicking up this game.

  • Capcom git money hatted by MS, a bit sad. Capcom should support PS3 as much as the xbox360..

  • WOW. This is a must buy!

  • @59 ThreeLeggedFreak
    Sorry, I posted DLC by mistake. I should have wrote exclusive contents. Whether that content available as DLC or already on the disk, I do not know.

    here is the link **http://www.ps3center.net/news/2233/lost-planet-sequel-in-development/

  • looks great but i want a demo

  • Oh! A Crapcom game!!

    Lemme guess, this game will have a demo exclusive to Xbox 360, DLC exclusive to Xbox 360, runs better on Xbox 360, and a big “We don’t give a [DELETED]” middle finger to PS3.

    I’m soo excited about another Crapcom game!!!

    The day the PS3 finally gets hacked, I will pirate every Capcom game. I already do on PC!

  • ummm yay…

  • I don’t know if people here are really ignorant enough to believe the “intentionally hard to program for” line or if their intention is to keep this misinformation going.

  • I think capcom is just showing love were it is due xbox does have a larger install base and we all know how they love money Im gonna call lp2 demo this Thursday I’ll put money on it.

  • Chris, hope your reading these…when is the game supposed to be released i mean this year next year what to expect ?


    You’re probably not going to believe it anyway, but here’s the link.


    You should also retain the 3rd statement to memory and see if it happens.

  • looks good but is it gonna be like the monster hunter franchise but with a fps twist because that would make it awsome!

  • Great interview. My interest was minimal before, now I’m seriously considering this game.

    @48 Your theory is flawed.

  • This looks really fun. I enjoyed the first one on the 360, but apparently the ps3 version sucked somehow? This also looks like they are laying the groundwork for the next BIG monster hunter, gameplay-wise. woooo!

  • Man , it looks excited , i need to buy the first one to see the hype, i know 2nd one will fix it a lot.

  • well i heard that the xbox updates the xbox live every tuesday. while on the other hand, psn is updated every thursday. this is the main reason why xbox 360 gets content before us. exclusive content however is a different story. capcom believes that xbox deserves exclusive content just because certain title started on the xbox; i wish other developers would jump on the same boat cause there are far too many games that got there start on playstation. not to sound fanboy-ish but this is a console war so that would really tip the scale in our favor and piss off the xbox peeps. which is cool with me!

  • Looks good and i liked it the first time around on the 360 an then i got it about a year later on the ps3 but it wasn’t as good,so hope you have got it right this time,looks like the same sort of game play but just looks about 100 times better lol,people keep saying will we get the demo soon,well i don’t think it will be that soon if it’s no coming out untill next year.

  • First was epic second will be epic. I guess its not so bad that my 360 broke down for the fourth time now selling it.

  • The comment to CRONIC_GAMER should have been directed to Shin-Ra.

  • There so many good games coming exclusively for the ps3 this year that we don’t need 360 leftovers anymore. Capcom games are always overrated: SFIV is cool but the animation on the story mode and the last enemy are just plain ugly, RE5 has the worst AI on co-op mode ever. This year I’m not going to buy any game that doesn’t have special content or extras for the ps3 version, so thanks Capcom but you can comeback to the box.

  • “Even though Capcom’s US offices are quite literally a stone’s throw from our HQ at SCEA,”

    That explains so much..*glances @ John D.”

  • can’t agree more, really disappointed by the last 4 Capcom games i played(RE5,SF4,Bionic Cmd&DMC4). RE5 2 player co-op was fun but as an entire package it is overrated. No doubt LP2 co-op is looking solid atm,just hope they focus more on other aspects and please don’t pull off another ‘Versus Mode’ DLC :/

  • i cant wait for this game. graphic environment looks freakin tight!!


    how many assault rifle can you actually choose from? (because i heard there is character customizable and you can pick your weapons)

    will mission end if one player in CO-OP lost connection or quieted?

    why use weapon like “FAMAS” why not something like XM8, or something cooler?

    note: the current rifle looks cool though.

  • Uh I can’t really talk about a PS3 demo cuz capcom secretly Hates PS3 & Uh we really just want extra money so only xbox gets the demo cuzs Sony charges us to put a demo up for the PS3 and that cost us uh money. GO TEAM XBOX!!PS3 SUCKS!!!

    Freakin bastard

  • didn’t know there was so many goodies bout this game! LP2 joins my 2010 “have to buy” games :D

  • Both playsation blog US and EU did great job in this gamescon, thanks a lot :-).
    Question : How do you divide the work without collisions :D?.

  • they forgot to ask him about anymore 5 gig install?

  • They deleted my freakin comment. Guess what everybody apparently if you mention anything remotely negative towards Playstation they’ll delete your comment. All I said was people shouldnt really be angry with capcom b/c Sony charges 16 cents for every 1 gig downloaded so it would cost capcom possibly 100,000.00 just to put a demo up on the store. If you don’t believe me google it.

  • …oh wow no ps3 demo I wonder why???/end sarcasm

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