Lost Planet 2: Behind Closed Doors at Gamescom

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Even though Capcom‘s US offices are quite literally a stone’s throw from our HQ at SCEA, I had to travel all the way to Cologne, Germany to get my hands on Lost Planet 2 for PS3. Sure, we all know the history of the original Lost Planet on PS3, but with the sequel it’s a new day. Playing through the Gamescom demo, Lost Planet 2 is like night and day from the first. And to walk me through it is Capcom’s Chris Kramer, who also answers many of my/your questions with the game running on PS3 in the background.

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  • Nice..looking forward to this game!!!

  • When is the demo coming :)

  • Cool. Will buy Day 1. NeoGAF <3

  • When is the demo coming? The Xbox 360 demo was fun :)

  • looks like a fun monster killing party, I’d like to get in on that. and it does look great, I want a demo!

  • Funny how Crapcom has a demo of this game on Xbox live and nothing on the PSN.
    I cannot people still defend them after they keep doing stuff like this to PS3 owners.

  • 2 Chris!

    I played 360 Demo. Loved it! Hope to try out the ps3 version!!

  • Really interested in the 4-player co-op.
    I hope Capcom will deliver the same quality on the PS3 as the 360 version this time around.
    Need a DEMO soon.

    Thanks for the video


  • Really, really excited for this title. co-op and different areas this time around, wow!

  • CO-OP?!!


  • Hope we get a demo soon. Didn’t play the first one, but this one looks good.

  • I’m loving the game so far! :D

  • Well I’m interested thats the good news. Bad news I have a sneaking feeling that Capcom is still going to shaft us with an epically huge install.

  • @13 KazeEternal
    try exclusive DLC for the Xbox 360 version.
    The produce stated that both Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 will be having some kind of exclusive content for the xbox 360 because those franchise started on the xbox 360.

    The only thing PS3 owners got that was exclusive from capcom for Devil May Cry 4 and RE5 was 5GB install.

  • Thanks a lot and I cannot wait to see more from it.

  • @14

    sounds like your just a 360 fanboy. try not to bring down ps3 users. seeing how u posted a comment u must have both.

  • Why do you not make the game longer than 10 hours? Sure the co op and that is nice but what really matters is how long (and of course how good) the single player campaign will be.
    Are you giving the ps3 owners a shorter game because of the dvd limits?

  • Played the 360 demo, but wish I had a PS3 demo because I don’t like the 360 controller.

  • @16 THE_LIGHT_05
    Yeah I have an xbox 360, but i have not turn it on in about 6 months. And I am far from an xbox 360 fanboy. The only reason I got an xbox 360 was to play Lost Odessy and Mass Effect. Then I learn that Mass Effect was coming to the PC and I was pissed. :(

    By the way, if you look at this account on the PSN, you will notice that i have zero trophies. I do not play games on this account, only use this for the blog post.

  • Legalize it !!!

  • Are we going to see a demo similar to what was on the 360 last week any time soon?

  • Can’t talk about a PS3 Demo because you took money from Microsoft? SHOCKER!!!!!

    Anyway, this game had better be a major improvement over the first port because lost planet 1 looked like complete trash on the PS3.

    Don’t worry if it does, i’ll buy it used so you gets none of my $$$.

    Capcom has screwed the PS3 fanbase over time and time again.

  • Ok looks nice where is the Demo? PS3 users should not be 2nd classes citizens. It comes off like you are doing us a favor by releasing it.

  • Oh, and if the 360 gets exclusive DLC for Lost planet 2 and Dead Rising 2, i won’t bother with either game.

    Good luck to you Crapcom, money grubbing scum.

  • @19
    Go back home paco…you probably live outside the US.
    360 fanboy..I rather have a 5Gb install that I can later delete that to have to get a new console cuz it got the red rings of dead…

    now flame on kiddo…..

  • Need a demo. He was kind of stand-offish on the demo issue. Odd.

  • @25 evildude683
    hay idiot, did you read my comment? I am far from a xbox 360 fanboy. In fact, I regret getting an xbox 360 because I don’t play on it at all. I usually turn it on once in a while, and got the RROD 4 times in a year and a half.
    Learn to read retard before accusing people of something they are not.

  • @19

    okay. i’m cool with that.


    let’s not jump to conclusion dude. :)

  • If we don’t get a demo and soon I’ll get this used, because it won’t take long to have one show up. I hate when companies say oh we are multiplat but the blank system get this extra.


  • I’ll tell you what, go post that on the forums and cry about it…you ain’t impressing nobody with your wanna be thug bull…

    Nice lexicon BTW

  • Why was the game not shown out in the open?

  • @31


  • @33 No

  • Nice interview, I am still not sure if I am going to get it, Q1 is quite busy, but it does look good

  • I smell another Capcom exclusive demo thing going…

  • I played this at E3 and loved it. One of my favorite games of E3.

  • I figured out what makes the videos reset when you mouse over.

    It’s the AdBlock Plus Extensioni for Firefox. Notice how the block thing is not there before you mouseover then it is there when you mouseover and it resets. Odd that it only happens on the PSBlog videos and not youtube or hulu.

  • Should be some good fun just like the first one, demo soon?


  • I’m going to go play the Demo on the 360 right now because the PSN is lagging like a snail going uphill through molasses. I will buy this for atleast one of the 2 systems… well after I rent…

  • Actually looks pretty good. Much better than i had expected.

    However, with him saying that it’s focus is on co-op “like Resident Evil 5”, i only hope that the AI is vastly improved since RE5. If you wanted to play that on your own (especially in pro mode) Sheva was pretty usless. This better not be the same.

    On the whole though looking pretty good. Nice one Capcom

  • So I’m guessing ps3 won’t be getting the Lost planet 2 demo this Thursday, that 360 got today?

  • Played the demo, and I loved it! Will play it on the PS3 though :)

  • Looks great, very interested, Split Screen/Online included in this game?

  • I have a problem. it has nothing to do with this.
    it’s about trophies. i downloaded the super stardust HD demo and all of a sudden i look in my trophies to find super stardust HD even though i don’t own it.

    I wanna get rid of it. is it possible?

  • I won’t spend a cent on this game. It’s clear that Capcom doesn’t care about the PS3 with all of the bad decisions they have made. I’m not going to give them any money just so they can turn around and use it to makes games, exclusives, or timed exclusives that AREN’T for the PS3. They canceled Monster Hunter and gave it to the Wii and gave the 360 yet another exclusive demo. They’ve screwed over the PS3 fanbase a lot more than once. I hope this game flops.

  • first one sucked….second one will suck.

  • Thankfully I can get the X version with the exclusive DLC…now that SONY pushed me to buy an Xbox by keeping the Videostore out of Canada.

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