Celebrate Crash Commando this Week with New Add-On Content and Free Patch!

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Hey, Crash Commando fans! This week we’re launching a bunch of new stuff for Crash Commando including a patch, new characters and a new map pack. Here to talk about it is John McLaughlin from Xdev Studio Europe. Keep an eye out for the patch and DLC, launching this Thursday with the PlayStation Store update.

Attention, Commandos :o)

First of all I’d like to thank the Crash Commando community who are still out there kicking my butt when I manage to find the time to grab a quick game.

I’m pleased to announce that on August 27 we will be releasing a new patch and some new content that I’m sure you will all love.

We are always looking for feedback and listening to what you guys are saying about Crash Commando. We’ve been taking your comments on board and will be releasing a patch with the following improvements:

  • Rebalanced primary weapons
  • Portraits of the characters on the standing screen
  • Access to the online store within the game
  • Specific invert axis option for the turret gun
  • Improved sound output levels
  • Taunt animation when standing still added for original characters
  • Improved BOT AI

As well as that we have a bunch of cool new downloadable add-ons for you.

First of all there are the New Recruits, 6 new characters for you to choose from. Each package comes with 2 characters that have a ton of attitude and plenty to say for themselves.

Colonel Chaos & Army Chick

Crash Commando ColonelChaos Crash Commando ArmyChick

Get to der choppaaaa with these two characters. The Colonel is a beefy guy so you best watch out for his lederhosen, and Army Chick may look cute but she packs a mean array of weaponry.

Nukem Ninja & Maid Mayhem

Crash Commando NukemNinja Crash Commando  MaidMayhem

Who’d have thought Ninjas would be so good with Rocket Launchers?? Well the Ninjas in Crash Commando are….As for our resident French maid…..all I will say if you have a moustache then you may be in line for a date ;o)

Gangster Rapper & Reggae Rasta

Crash Commando GangstaRapperCrash Commando ReggaeRasta

Which is best – Rap or Reggae? Well these two guys like to argue with big guns rather than clever lyrics. Why don’t you help them win their argument!!!

We will also be releasing the Heist Map Pack. This contains 2 new large maps for you to wreak destruction on and the all new Heist game mode will test your crash Commando skills to the limit!!

Grab the bag of cash and get to the safe to deposit it. But beware, the bag is heavy and you won’t be able to use any weapons. You have to rely on your team mates for covering fire to keep your opponents away and see you win the day. If you buy this pack you also get to play Heist mode on all the standard maps too. And don’t forget, this pack will add a new bunch of Trophies for you to collect!!

That’s all from me. Remember, keep firing and keep feeding back – we love to read your comments on the game. Oh and do me a favour….next time I’m online, go easy on me :o)

The full game is out now for $9.99, and there is a demo to try it out before you buy. The new map pack will be available this Thursday for $2.99 (trailer below), and each of the three character packs will be available for $1.99. Or, you can pick up the maps and all of the new characters for a steal at $4.99.

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  • Good editions.. I guess. But I ain’t paying for it. What a load of poo. This is why I hate playing online games on consoles. They rip you right off making you pay for “add-ons” and map packs. That PC companies like Valve have been offering for Free. Because why should you pay to make THERE game better. Patches and addons are supposed to be a companies way of saying thanks for being a customer, playing our game and we just fixed some problems. … Not, “give us more money and we might make more stuff for our game that is clearly getting a bit stale.”

  • I wish i could whine about it but for some reason i got the patch but no DLC is coming up. PSS is stuck on stupid and Aug 20 eventhough its almost the 28th.

  • Well, consider the fact that this game only cost $10…

  • That was directed at mustbehiggy, not you Rooster.

    I heard that the PSN’s having updates with updating all their stuff right now. Guess waiting it out is all that can be done right now.

  • @mustbehiggy: Oh come on, it’s not like the game was that expensive in the first place, and the DLC is very cheap and worth every dollar/euro/krona.

  • I liked the patch, personally. I like the changes and the additions. Cutting the sniper rifle’s legs out from under it was something I didn’t like, however.

    Still waiting to get the DLC btw, come on PSN NA!

  • Whoa, the sniper rifle modification is awful. It feels like I’m using a musket, having to pack my bullet and powder every time I reload. It’s too slow! When a bunch of snipers are shooting at each other it reminds me of an 18th century battle.

    Please do something to make the sniper rifle more reasonable… that reload time is brutal.

  • Very nice analogy there, Maanzerbossk. But it’s more like an 18th century battle with jetpacks, haha.

    I’d also like to mention that a lot of people are having problems with the audio quality, especially when there’s a lot of sounds going on at once. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like it’s a problem with the bass.

  • Luckily I managed to pick this one up for $5 back at PSN’s summer sale. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long for the game; it’s SUPER fun and addictive.

    I’ll definitely be getting this add-on stuff; this much fun out of a PSN game? Sold!

  • … they really should NOT have changed anything with the guns! I’ve been playing cc since its release and suddenly they change the way that the game works and the way we have to play it. An update was ok, but this was a wrong move for the game. It’s like playing a game similar to CC but worse than CC!

  • Well, the DLC finally showed up and I love the new levels, but I’m not so happy about the other updates. The new characters were a good idea, but I really feel like EPOS missed the mark here. Especially with the dialogue, its too long and gets very annoying when lots of people are taunting at once with different characters – it takes you out of the game. Plus, it sounds like the audio quality has decreased. Its just a mess! EPOS, did you guys test out these characters with many people playing at once?

    Those of you complaining about the cost have no idea what goes into the creation of video games. A couple dollars, for developers’ extra hard work is WELL worth it. And this is such a cheap game, with hours and hours of endless fun… you definitely get your moneys worth.

    It would be so much better if I could enjoy these new updates, playing with the weapon I’ve grown to love: the sniper. Please do something about that EPOS! Its obviously a change that has disappointed the majority of your players…

  • The new Heist mode is awesome! Sniper still prevails!!!

  • This rebalancing is supposed to give everyone an equal chance right? Well, I played online today in a team deathmatch and every round I was able to score over twice as much as other players, snipers included. Snipers were basically still ruling the matches, and a couple of them were people I didn’t even recognize. That proves that EPOS approached weapon balancing in the wrong way. Rather than making the sniper a pain in the arse to use, they should’ve made all the other weapons able to keep up with the sniper instead of bringing the sniper down. Until that happens, every time I play Crash Commando I will proceed to beat everyone in the face with this blue stick of death until they realize the folly that is 2.01.

  • I bought the new Crash Commando DLC, and I have a few comments for those who do not have it yet:

    The Good: The new levels are awesome, and the heist game mode is very fun (think CTF).

    The Bad: The add-on characters are not a good value. When playing in the game, your character is so small, it’s hard to even notice when you change your to rapper, reggae, hot maid, etc. They all end up looking the same at that scale.

    I would recommend buying the new levels and skipping the characters. But if you LOVE the game, buy the characters and support the company.

  • I held off on buying this game for quite awhile do to one thing that I felt was a fatal flaw for this kind of game: no offline multiplayer. However, I bought it when it went on sale because of the promise of new content/patches coming. I’m sorry to see this feature was not included in the newest patch.

    Please, develop a mode for Offline Multiplayer. This game could sit aside Smash Brothers as one of my favorite games to play with a large group if it only offered this feature. FPS have had this feature since ‘Golden Eye’, I think a 2d version of the FPS genre should too.

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