Celebrate Crash Commando this Week with New Add-On Content and Free Patch!

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Hey, Crash Commando fans! This week we’re launching a bunch of new stuff for Crash Commando including a patch, new characters and a new map pack. Here to talk about it is John McLaughlin from Xdev Studio Europe. Keep an eye out for the patch and DLC, launching this Thursday with the PlayStation Store update.

Attention, Commandos :o)

First of all I’d like to thank the Crash Commando community who are still out there kicking my butt when I manage to find the time to grab a quick game.

I’m pleased to announce that on August 27 we will be releasing a new patch and some new content that I’m sure you will all love.

We are always looking for feedback and listening to what you guys are saying about Crash Commando. We’ve been taking your comments on board and will be releasing a patch with the following improvements:

  • Rebalanced primary weapons
  • Portraits of the characters on the standing screen
  • Access to the online store within the game
  • Specific invert axis option for the turret gun
  • Improved sound output levels
  • Taunt animation when standing still added for original characters
  • Improved BOT AI

As well as that we have a bunch of cool new downloadable add-ons for you.

First of all there are the New Recruits, 6 new characters for you to choose from. Each package comes with 2 characters that have a ton of attitude and plenty to say for themselves.

Colonel Chaos & Army Chick

Crash Commando ColonelChaos Crash Commando ArmyChick

Get to der choppaaaa with these two characters. The Colonel is a beefy guy so you best watch out for his lederhosen, and Army Chick may look cute but she packs a mean array of weaponry.

Nukem Ninja & Maid Mayhem

Crash Commando NukemNinja Crash Commando  MaidMayhem

Who’d have thought Ninjas would be so good with Rocket Launchers?? Well the Ninjas in Crash Commando are….As for our resident French maid…..all I will say if you have a moustache then you may be in line for a date ;o)

Gangster Rapper & Reggae Rasta

Crash Commando GangstaRapperCrash Commando ReggaeRasta

Which is best – Rap or Reggae? Well these two guys like to argue with big guns rather than clever lyrics. Why don’t you help them win their argument!!!

We will also be releasing the Heist Map Pack. This contains 2 new large maps for you to wreak destruction on and the all new Heist game mode will test your crash Commando skills to the limit!!

Grab the bag of cash and get to the safe to deposit it. But beware, the bag is heavy and you won’t be able to use any weapons. You have to rely on your team mates for covering fire to keep your opponents away and see you win the day. If you buy this pack you also get to play Heist mode on all the standard maps too. And don’t forget, this pack will add a new bunch of Trophies for you to collect!!

That’s all from me. Remember, keep firing and keep feeding back – we love to read your comments on the game. Oh and do me a favour….next time I’m online, go easy on me :o)

The full game is out now for $9.99, and there is a demo to try it out before you buy. The new map pack will be available this Thursday for $2.99 (trailer below), and each of the three character packs will be available for $1.99. Or, you can pick up the maps and all of the new characters for a steal at $4.99.

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  • man good DLC

  • It’s greate to see another Crash Commando update, I’ll definitely be buying every CC-related DLC and hope you guys at Epos keep it coming.

    I really hoped you’d add a clan feature and tournament support for this update, but let’s hope you’ll be working on that for the next update. I’ve been hosting a tournament, you all can read more about it here:


    It would be great if Epos added a built in support that would make it a lot easier to arrange tournaments for this game.

    Förresten EPOS, jag bor i Sverige och har en massa bra idéer för TV-spel, om ni vill anställa mig så är jag gärna på. Ni kan nå mig på [DELETED] så kan vi diskutera det mera.

  • I purchased this game, and was excited to hear about the new maps and content. Unfortunately, I will not be purchasing the characters, nor do I think I will enjoy playing online with the other players using the new characters.

    Besides the fact that they are ridiculous caricatures (I’ve got to agree with KwietStorm, on this one), I find their inclusion to clash with the theme of the game, simply for the sake of generating controversy. This isn’t Pain.

    Looks like I’m done with Crash Commando. :(

  • This game needs to be more popular. This is post #53 and even the previous post about “PSN Maintenance” has over 100 posts.

    This is the best value for your dollar on the entire system, people!

    I can’t play any other games for very long because I keep coming back to this one. SOOOO much better than Chubby Drag Queens, but where’s the love?

  • @anticulture:

    I agree with you that the new characters were a bit lame, most notably, the reggae and gangsta looked totally out of touch with this game. Also, the women, though sexy, really clashed with the original concept of this game, since the original PSN trailer stated, in an awesome male chauvinistic one-liner: “no plot, no girls, just pure mayhem!” I can’t imagine playing hardcore war/action game with some reggae dude. And 50 Cent is simply not cool. I’ll buy all characters just to support this awesome game but but I’ll probably only be playing with the ninja.

  • The improvements to the game in the patch look nice. Can’t wait to see the taunts for the characters. Curious how the rebalancing of weapons is going to be like.

    I will completely agree with the one above me, that the trailer for the game completely states “No Story, No Girls, Just pure mayhem!” and I think adding the chicks to the game (and the ridiculously stupid looking rappers/gangbangers) was just a completely absurd idea and I certainly wont be buying them. It’s just going to screw the entire original feel of the game.

    The 2 new maps are nice though.

  • #48

    It didn’t have to be a gangsta rapper at all. That is my point. But of course, that is the role that the black character is going to be. It is expected. Colonel Chaos couldn’t have been black, right? That wouldn’t make sense. Also my point. You wouldn’t, and don’t care to understand because you are looking at it from the outside in. This kind of thing is nothing new, and it needs to have stopped yesterday.

  • I will buy this game when it gets split screen.

  • It would almost be impossible to play with split screen.

  • I was excited when downloading the new update, thought it was going to be great and everything, but to my disappointment, EPOS entirely destroyed the sniper rifle! One bullet and then horrible reload time. This sucks! It’s not weapon balancing, it’s sniper castration! The grenade launcher has also been cut down to 4 bullets now, and the best weapon in the game is possibly the rocket launcher now; I’m in no way a bad player with the other weapons, but when the most powerful weapons are the rocket and grenade launchers, you may get the point how slow this game has become. Using the machine gun now is like using the minigun without the zombie speed.

  • One of the things that was so cool and extremely badass about this game, was the fast-paced nature when using the sniper rifle. It was intense action and addictive because of the virtually unlimited multikills you could perform with the sniper; this system rewarded skilled players and it was possible to multikill your way throuh the entire game. Sure, the sniper was overpowered, but so what? No one is forcing you to use the CAB. When playing in a game with top players like ShinobiTheNinja, MD290768, Deadpool69, charlizazz, x-apathy, Baronleboss, cjbriggy, DJ_LaSH, and many others, we all used the sniper rifle and it was extreme hardcore game play all the way.

  • Now you can’t even double kill with the sniper rifle (I’m serious, it reloads after ever shot, and you know how long it takes for the sniper to reload). You have to rely on C4/grenades or fire spin if you’re going to double kill with the sniper. You miss one shot with the sniper rifle and you’re dead meat because of the horrible reload time.

  • I’m having serious doubts about buying the new DLC stuff as a protest against this update; what’s the point with new maps and game modes when the game no longer has has its fast-paced paced tempo?

    The entire point with the sniper rifle as I saw it, was that it was literally an elite weapon for top players, made with speed and extreme precision in mind. Crash Commando has officially hit rock bottom and gone downill after this update. It’s like EPOS cut down the power of the sniper rifle simply to stifle raw competition in the game. This might seem like a good move for anewcomers but it’s no fun for us experienced players who want something extra.

  • Can’t wait! Buying everything! Wooooo!

  • Wait, sniper rifle nerfed? Nvm, going to kill myself. Who wants my PSN account?

  • EPOS should’ve just made an option to disable certain weapons instead of destroying the sniper rifle. EPOS might as well remove the sniper rifle from the game now, no one’s going to use it in this sad state.

    Oh and ShinobiTheNinja used to complain about the jetpack spin manoeuvre, something EPOS altered after the 2.0 update to the worse.

  • So you’re saying it’s impossible for the sniper rifle to shoot fast enough to get a double-kill? There is something wrong with that. They could at least make the reload time around the same time it takes to get stringed kills. Even the CAB could string kills, but now the sniper can’t get it no matter what? Weak.

    Now all of this would’ve been fine if the sniper rifle wasn’t touched. The other weapons NEEDED an upgrade. But there’s an rule in balancing weapons and characters: Don’t move something up and something else down; you create too many variables that in the end could ruin balance even more, and I know what I’m talking about. EPOS should have let the sniper rifle stay the same and see how the changes for the other weapons make it. Really, EVERY OTHER WEAPON can string kills. Why not make the sniper be able to do that? You’re supposed to balance the weapons, not make a popular weapon worthless so other weapons can shine. Please make the sniper more usable. I’m on my knees here.

  • Yea i go with EliasAlucard, he is 100% right, we have waited so long for this that totally messed up the Sniper rifle, and grenade launcher, whats up with that EPOS? Just made the game worst with that DLC update,now the sniper rifle is like the worst weapon ever, you know how many people use that gun, you guys just slowed down the game! I mean it,now all those good players that USE to use sniper rifle arent even going to play i bet becouse of the sucki weapon balance!! If you guys could fix this please do becouse lots of people are going to stop playing the game and thats not good at all!

  • Wow.

    I can’t believe EPOS would alter the sniper rifle that much. I was expecting the other guns to get upgrades to compete with the sniper, but now they’re making the gun basically unusable.

    I’ve spent countless hours trying to master the multi kills with the sniper and now it’s completely wasted after this update.

    I’m pretty peeved at this update and am considering not buying DLC as well. What’s the use of playing the game anymore, really?

    They do know that the most loyal players to the game who built it up and kept the community around are sniper players..

    What were they thinking?

  • X-apathy is correct in saying that the most devoted players are avid sniper users. We use other weapons as well, but not as much as our beloved “Snipey”. EPOS, you basically alienated the sniper users. That’s a HUGE amount of the regular Crash Commando community right there. I like using the CAB and machine gun, but I don’t want to be forced to use them because my 1st choice of weapon completely got nerfed and sucks ass now.

  • I was very excited to hear that we were getting a patch and some DLC maps, but what’s up with the altering of the sniper rifle?

    I don’t think I’ll even download the patch, that would totally ruin the game for me, an avid sniper. I occasionally use the CAB and grenade launcher, but come on, this patch absolutely kills the game. I would have understood if they took 1 or 2 bullets out, but to leave only one? I’m saddened.

  • By the way Shinobi, you used to complain about the altered jetpack movement, please tell EPOS to put that back into the game. You know what I’m talking about.

  • I haven’t played the new patch yet, but it sounds like they crippled the sniper rifle which is one of the most popular weapons in the game.

    I can understand making the other weapons MORE deadly to open up more choices and strategy for players, but this sniper rifle downgrade is going to take a lot of fun out of the game for me.

    EPOS, please, return the sniper rifle to its former glory!

  • People have the patch already? How come I don’t?

  • The patch is currently available for players in Europe, it’ll arrive to you in a few hours from now.

  • That’s pretty disappointing to hear about the patch. I haven’t tried it yet, but this is one of my favorite games on PSN, but it sounds like it’s gimped now.

  • It sure is gimped. Instead of making the sniper useless, EPOS should upgrade the sniper rifle to 6 bullets per reload (instead of 4, as it used to be), and make a custom option to disable certain weapons. Those who want to disable the sniper rifle (or any other primary weapon) can disable it without ruining the fun for us sniper fans.

    In Resistance: Fall of Man, you can play deathmatch with sniper rifle as the only weapon, you can customise the weapons a lot. EPOS should really get this right instead of rendering the sniper rifle useless.

  • Guess I won’t be buying the DLC after all. I really loved EPOS for this game before this patch. Now it’s over.

    I’ll be buying Invincible Tiger tomorrow instead of this DLC.


  • The Sniper rifle was broken from the beginning and it needed this nerf. It has been LONG overdue. The sniper rifle community has scared away growth from this game. If the weapons are supposed to be balanced, why does everyone use the sniper rifle?

  • How can the sniper be broken when it was the most awesome weapon you could ever wield in a 2D shooter? It wasn’t broken. Sure, it wasn’t n00b-friendly, but it was a fierce weapon to use in deathmatch. Before EPOS castrated the sniper rifle, this game was like driving a Lamborghini in full speed, now Crash Commando is like riding a Volkswagen from the 1930s.

    Look, here’s a simple solution: just release a quick patch that makes it possible to disable certain weapons, not only the sniper; mines and plasma/minigun should also be possible to disable. And leave the sniper as it was (it would be cool if you could make it a 6 shots per magazine instead, for more hardcore action speed).

    There are those of use who want to play Crash Commando at its most intense level, and a fully powered sniper rifle is the way to go.

  • By the way EPOS, I have a few suggestions:

    1) Clan feature: it would be cool if you could add a feature that would make it possible to create/register CC-clans. These clans would be possible to compete against each other in team deathmatch (two clans facing each other) and a free clan deathmatch, in which several clans can compete against each other.

    2) Tournament feature: 100 kills, no bots, and skill divisions (similar to the G3, G2, G1 divisions in Street Fighter IV), basically the more rounds you win in the G3 division, you’ll upgrade to G2 and so on, and the higher the division, the more skilled players you’ll compete against.

  • 3) Ranking update: if you update the game with clan and tournament extensions, the ranking board needs new categories. First category is for tournament, it lists how your total score and number of times you’ve played, as well as kill/death ratio, similar to how I’ve counted the results here:


    The other ranking category would be for clans, which clan has the most deathmatch wins, total score/experience points etc.

  • Oh yeah, it should be possible to disable vehicles, RC rocket and turret gun as well, basically every kind of weapon should be possible to disable to the point that you can only play the deathmatch with one sort of weapon.

  • Another thing: please update the player statistics with how many hours/minutes/seconds you’ve spent playing the game, and how many rounds you’ve won, etc.

    Also, there should be accuracy for each weapon, not just a total accuracy that counts every single weapon, although the total accuracy should be there as well as it is now.

    I’m really curious to know how many deathmatch rounds I’ve won, I’ve lost count.

  • One last detail about the clan, if you’ll add it…

    Me and ShinobiTheNinja created the Espada clan:


    We had to make new PSN accounts for it. If you update CC with a clan feature, it should be possible to register a clan and moderate it as the clan founder. So, if I register Espada, and let’s say I invite charlizazz to join the clan, he will have [Espada]charlizazz as his name when he plays the game. This is standard for other FPS-games with clan support.

  • With this patch and dlc I was so excited, but the excitment died pretty fast and frustration kicked inn. They made the sniper useless. ALL other weapons are better. Talk about shooting yourself in the leg EPOS. Balance means minor tweaking, not completly ruining the playing experience for many many players. Uber lame, EPOS. A sad sad day for all sniperlovers.. The devoted CC community have always been supporting this awesome game making two forums, tournaments, making strategy guides, but know this will become history. The most experienced and devoted players used sniper, because this was the most difficult weapon to get really good at. Change back or loose your most devoted fans. It’s your choice, EPOS…

  • I’ve never felt compelled to comment anything here, but after downloading the new patch, I’m ready to give up on this game. As everyone has aldready mentioned, the sniper rifle is useless. To cripple it to the point at which you can’t even get a double-kill is upetting and feels like EPOS is stabbing it’s most loyal players in the back. The sniper rewarded experienced players and brought the game to frantic speeds when you had groups of skilled players in the same room. I really wanted to love the game sans sniper rifle, but the pacing seems off and it’s not nearly as thrilling as it once was. RIP sniper rifle, and RIP crash commando unless this is fixed somehow.

  • The weapons were fine. You have to work your way up as a player, from machine to sniper. That’s why the best players are snipers, they’ve made it up the chain. Most successful shooter games have a sniper (or railgun or whatever), but its only powerful when used by an experienced player. There’s tons of players who still prefer to use the other weapons, and they are good players.

    I know EPOS was trying to balance the game, but aren’t you supposed to reward your best players? This is like the opposite of a trophy, where EPOS is saying, “You’re awesome, so your reward is us taking away your favorite weapon.”

    Come on…..

    Weapons control for the game hosts might be a cool alternative. Let your players decide the balance. They would have the freedom to join any type of match, or just host their own game.

    This is the best game on the PS3 and PSN, no doubt. But I think this patch is a major let down to many of its top players. I’m still excited to play the new maps and game modes and I think I would have been much more exciting had the weapons been left alone. IMO. Thanks.

  • Yeah add in create a character, abilities, and split screen multi player. Then I will play this again.

  • EPOS have you ever consider the long reload time of a snipergun? I would to know how do you succeed in killing another player who have a body armor if the sniper gun only got one shot reload? How about an enemy with a super armor and a health bonus? I hope you realized how badly you have nerfed the sniper riffle.

  • Crash Commando is a fast paced game. If the sniper rifle kills too fast, wouldn’t it make more sense to make the other weapons kill faster instead of slowing things down? Sniper is overall the weakest weapon in the game now. The thought of having only 1 chance to hit someone before a hellish reload time kicks in screws up my concentration and aim. This ISN’T Warhawk! Now I usually have to wait and get a lot closer to the enemy before firing. Save that stuff for the shotgun, you know? From my perspective, giving the sniper rifle 2 shots instead of 1 and leaving the max clip size as it is would pretty much make it on par with everything else. With my calibur of skill I can still dominate most of the time, albeit not as much as before this patch. But for a regular player, using the sniper rifle is absolute hell.

  • Actually I take that back: It’s absolute hell for everyone!

  • EPOS just bring the sniper rifle back! Only tweak to the game you should have made was making the MG/CAB stronger….making the rifle a 1 clip really ruin the thrill of the game :-(….other than that everything else is fine!!!

  • I was expecting some exciting updates to crash commandos, however it turned out the updates can’t be more horrible.

    With only one shot available now and long reloading time, the sniper rifle is basically useless in this game. That really annoys me. EPOS,please bring back the old powerful sniper rifle!!

  • Is it me or is the aiming accuracy improved for almost all weapons with this patch? Seems to me the sniper aim line was shakier before, same with the shotgun, it seems more stable and responsive now.

  • Sniper feels about the same to me. As for the other weapons, the machine gun feels more accurate (mainly because the bullets don’t stray away as much as before).

  • I’ve been playing for a month against some of the top ranked players. I didn’t just want to get better, I HAD to. Well now it’s all been ruined by this update. The best players are talking about leaving the game or just not playing it as much. These are the guys that helped make the game popular!! How can they leave? Why would they? Because the BEST and most difficult weapon to use just had a vasectomy. It’s packing no punch. The Sniper rifle was robbed of all mojo, meanwhile all the other weapons improve.

    As a new player, I know I’ll adapt. But I feel bad knowing that my favorite Crash Commando comrades might walk away from this game after putting in so much hard work with the sniper. The maps look cool, the new mode could be a lot of fun (if they ever release the add on here in the USA) and a lot of people seem to be enjoying the new taunts and weapon upgrades…

    But- AHOY THERE EPOS – Your most loyal commandos, those who took the time to master the sniper rifle, are feeling a bit short changed here… or punished… no, it’s both. Please restore some Sniper Mojo. Pretty please with the French Maid on top. I love this game for the challenge. I want to get my ass kicked so I have something to work towards.

  • Dear EPOS:

    You may be thinking that you won’t need to change the sniper rifle back because most of the complaints are coming from the players who’ve been playing since the start of the game’s launch, and that we represent a huge minority of the commando population. You’re probably focusing on bringing back the players who used to play the game (i.e. the players who commented in your last blog post back in May) and trying to get new people to buy the game + DLC. And if this is the case, you’re overlooking one HUGE thing:

    We veteran players know this game’s mechanics like the back of our hand, and we all know what we’re saying when we say that the sniper rifle is a frustrating, newbie-unfriendly, and the overall worst weapon in the game as of now.

  • With that said, wasn’t CrashCommando.org created to bring the player community and development team closer to each other? So *where have you guys been?!* You’re squandering the potential helpc that’s waiting for you over at the website. That forum has over 300 people eagerly waiting to pitch in their two cents, and you guys haven’t been back to talk with us in God knows how long. It makes zero sense that a relatively small team of developers like you could even afford to neglect an integral part of their game’s community and the knowledge that they possess, knowledge that only a devoted player can obtain.

    Save yourselves time, effort and money, and get back in touch with the community: The community that actually cares for the game.


  • Where is it? The day is almost over and no dlc…? Looks like some players have access, others do not… Whats up?

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