PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

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The PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, August 25th. Maintenance is expected to start at 8am Pacific and could last for several hours. During this time, users won’t be able to access the store or account management, and may encounter some difficulty while signing in to PSN.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when the PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • One day I hope PSN maintenance will be to add Party Chat.

    One day…

  • BC *&^)
    this thread isn’t about BC.

  • Everyone stop asking for 3.0; it’ll come when it does. Do you really NEED it (not want it) this second? Just wait.

    Also, BC is not coming back. There was an interview with SONY recently where they said they had no plans on bringing back BC. Enjoy.

  • great minds think alike

  • oh man I can never remember my time zone XD….. oh well

  • Back up in time for some MAG beta. Yes, MAG is awesome… very awesome.

  • @35 i totally agree with you

  • At all of you whining about us requesting BC, get over it. To hell with your Cross game chat, Socom patch, and your sparkly XMB. We are here to stay. Enjoy.

  • Let the Past go guys.. Save your money buy a PS2… Or better yet sell your games and update yourself and get into PS3 games.. Just have to let it go it will be ok I promise.

    3.00, PS3 Slim, Price Drop to $299

    you have to admit Sony knows how to Surprize the he’ll out of us ;)

  • My original 60 gig has BC built in ;). Which makes nice with a bigger hdd.

  • the 3.00 update is likely to happen this week, I read it’s suppose to arrive before the 1st of september. On backwards compatibility, it’s NEVER going to happen. If you wanted backwards compatibility you should of bought a 60 gb PS3.

  • Hear a thought,
    if Sony is moving away from the big branding of the playstation 3 wording in the spider man font. Then maybe they will change the chiming font and graphics when we start our games.
    I hope so.
    I love the power up sound and feel though.

  • Can you hear the chant get louder? “we…ant…C, we want BC, we want BC, WE WANT BC, WE WANT BC!!!!”. Yeah, still alive and getting stronger. It worked for in-game XMB, it’ll work for us too. Come on troops, FORWARD MARCH!!!

  • i hope they will add party chat:]

  • @FlatulenGhost,

    1. Get a larger hard drive.
    2. Buy a PS2 to play PS2 games.

    BOOM! you get what you want.

  • Everyone, just buy a PS2. It’s obvious you once had one if you own PS2 games. Besides, it truly is pointless. No in-game XMB for ps2 games, you get signed out of the PSN. Not to mention, PS2 games don’t even look good on a tv larger than 32”. The PS2 UPSCALE helps, but I put it on FULL SCREEN, the audio cuts out. Of course (and I have an original 60GB model). I’ve only played PS2 on it once, and for GOD OF WAR 2 so I can know what to expect for GOW3.

  • syk1288,

    Go away tard.

    A full hardware BC PS3 with the PS3 Slim’s lower power and even quiter operation is the holy grail of consoles.

    Keep the BC-less Slim at 300. 400 dollar PS3 Ultimate w/ full hardware BC.

    Hell, people would go nuts even if Sony charged 500 bucks for such a machine.

  • All of you guys are really stoopid
    Maintenance =/= Firmware

    God i hope the Blog removed Comments
    Maintenance =/= Party Chat idiot

    For all of you idiots Heres a ****ing definition
    Online Maintenance – An increase to server capacity – Fixed bugs and slight error codes

    Firmware – An upgraded/refreshed/newer user-interference/Interior
    Have a good look at this and SHUT THE **** UP!!!
    Go ahead and flame dbag

  • sony just wants to see us wallow in our own curiosity. dam you!

  • @12 Sony will fix it out of warranty, but it will cost you $150. :(

  • My guess is that PS2 emulation will be back in the PS4, if it is based on multiple CBEs or an improved version of the processor.

  • its just maintenance, they prolly put the socom patch on and something crashed so now they have to scramble to get it fixed. Socom patch means an extra 100 000 players will be online in the morning and we will all be trying to get the patch at the same time. No 3.00 yet. Also Backwards Compatability it off the table, so says Sir Howard. So drop it. Really I have ps2 games and a 60 gig and I never play ps2 games anymore.

    Also I just bought a 360 because I was so bored with Socom’s failings.

    See that Seth Luisi, You drove me to Xbox 360. You sir…

  • @46 DEB02U

    If you go to you can get all the latest Socom news. As for new maps. Once 1.5 patch is released they are going to start testing 1.6 which will include new maps, new special forces, new weapons and a few other things. And the best part is, it’s all FREE.

  • Reduce the required score to get the hoodie from Resistance 2 lounge pls! One million is very impossible to many including myself!

  • Backwards compatibility will never come. Here’s why:

    1) It’s already been officially said so.
    2) The PS2 is still selling. That’s profit for Sony.
    3) Since the PS2 is selling, you are not going to get a magical BC patch for free.
    4) This has much more to do with hardware than a simple patch.

    Do what everyone else is doing and buy a PS2 if you want to play PS2 games.

  • ha ha ha ha ha

  • why do they wait until the last minute to tell us ?

  • Thanks SPJammer,
    I been trying to stay away from It was like they went into P.C.(protective custody) from Sony.
    One post a month. I gave up.
    I want to hear about the future of Metal Gear Online and trophies.

  • why does sony do this! why show off a firmare 2 to 3 weeks early knowin that we will be expecting it withing the week or following! now jeff says early september… Next time sony dont bother with the vids unless the firmare is a few days coming… also if rumor is true that the slim has 3.00 already and actually it is being released today in the u.s. why not give it to us this week!

  • This whole PS2 BC is dead/gone/never coming back stuff is getting old.

    BC -will- happen sometime in 2010 when Sony has wrung every last penny from PS2 console sales. Once PS2 manufacturing has finally ceased and they’ve sold out through the retail channel, miraculously Sony will unveil a PS2 emulator for the PS3. Then they will begin dumping PS2 titles onto the Playstation Store (a’la PSOne titles) and start raking in the cash.

    It’s simple marketing and even simpler math: as of now Sony makes much more profit from each $99 PS2 sold than they do on each $399 (or even $299) PS3.

    Of course Sony can’t tip their hand now and risk slowing down sales of the (relatively speaking) cash cow that is the PS2.

  • ahh damn. i should download the joker maps rite now then

  • @51
    “Maintence” and “Update” mean two completely different things.

  • Does this have anything to do with SOCOM update 1.50? It’s supposed to be going live tomorrow morning around the same time.

  • Thanks for clearin it up Jeff. Great as always

  • At least this time around we’ve been given a forewarning about maintenance.

  • Is this the reason way I cant download my batman’s Dem Bones & Crime Alley maps?

  • Interesting.

  • Whats all this BC talk?????? lol
    60GB Launch Owner
    Day One 11/17/2006
    Payed $659.00/Canadain
    Backwards Compatible PS1/PS2/PS3
    4 USB’s / Card Readers
    Lucky I bought my PS3 day one eh? ^_~

  • @Jeff,

    I thought you go to sleep early.

  • @Jeff again,

    I got one question off-topic.

    Is the miniS service for the psp going to be like the app store for the iPhone?

    For example, on the iPhone anyone in the world could make an app. Doesn’t have a be a game developer or have a publisher.

  • Why can’t we have a behind the scene of this type of ting?

  • @75

    Backwards compatibility will never come. Here’s why:
    1) It’s already been officially said so.
    2) The PS2 is still selling. That’s profit for Sony.
    3) Since the PS2 is selling, you are not going to get a magical BC patch for free.
    4) This has much more to do with hardware than a simple patch.

    Okay, I was with you on the first one(assuming this is true)…but two and three are the same thing, and number four; if you look at the models of PS3 released, you’ll see that one does software compatibility for the emotion engine chip, and another one does software compatibility for the video portion. Put those together and they’ve already created it.

    I personally believe it will come in the future after the life of the PS2 has officially ended, this way they can sell the games on PSN (the more money argument), however until then its in their best interest to not mention that or even hint it, as it would hurt potential sales of a system that is still within its 10 year life cycle.

    I could be wrong, but I do not believe I’m too far off.

  • early…..3.0???!!!

  • Does anyone else get excited when they see the “there is an update for your PlayStation” title card come up? I love updating firmware. I am nerd. That’s right there is no “a” there, I AM NERD!

  • September release of 3.0 just like the SLIM! I cant wait to get my SLIM.. what should I do with my Old 60 gig model? humm.

  • omg come on sony it socom time

  • Ya 2.99 tomorrow haha

  • no 3.0 guys like jeff mention.

    is just a preparation for 3.0

    3.0 is coming on sept as jeff stated again.

  • Not everyone has Twitter and most WILL NOT twitter so, let’s keep it simple and just have all information here.I only come here for news updates etc… (twitter, myspace,facebook etc..) to much rubbish out there.)
    So let’s have all info here in 1 spot “playstation blog/forum” Thanks and i’m not trying to be rude “haven’t drank my coffee yet” :)

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