PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

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The PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, August 25th. Maintenance is expected to start at 8am Pacific and could last for several hours. During this time, users won’t be able to access the store or account management, and may encounter some difficulty while signing in to PSN.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when the PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • Update to 3.00 Early please!

  • I was thinking the same thing… LOL

  • Can someone please tell us whether we are getting 3.00 Sept 1st or not because many in the ps forums are thinking the firmware is coming tomorrow. Please set it straight. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • #2 same here lol

  • This is going to interfere with the long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long awaited socom patch.

  • @#6
    I was thinking the same.

  • Update to 3.00 with BC!!!

  • Well Eric Lempel Never said when it was coming out so maybe this is actually going to be Firmware 3.00 because we usually are not warned on the blog ahead of time for PSN outages.

  • Hmmm, maybe 3.0 early?

  • any early update to 3.0 guys?

  • Oh man this YLOD really sucks. My PS3 breaks right before this awesome update.

    Also, my warranty is probably up. Does anyone know if Sony will still fix it?

  • @12 maybe, for a set price, but i’m just guessing.

    in a great, perfect world, this maintenance would mean 3.00, for whatever reason. my bet’s on, oh, what’s that word? oh yeah, maintenance.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the Maintenance :)

  • i hope they have been hideing cross game chat in this update from us

  • stop the bc nonsense guys, it just wont come back.

  • wha? 9am MST? Figures. I go 2 weeks without my PS3 because of YLOD, then right when I pick up my Slim, PSN goes down. :(
    oh well. improvements to PSN is always great!

  • Forget about BC, it isn’t happening… I want some cross game chat and party settings!!

  • Everyone, regular scheduled maintenance does not necessarily mean new features or improvements. It could very well mean database optimizations, house cleaning, and other maintenance tasks that have nothing to do with new features.

  • Here’s hoping it will be less than three hours and I won’t even notice.

  • So we have to wait even longer for the Socom patch……ITS A CONSPIRACY!!!!

  • Hey if this is to prepare for 3.00 or whatever do what you need to do, we can handle it.

  • B-b-but the SOCOM Update comes out Tomorrow!


    Oh Well, I GUESS I can Wait..

    Can you still earn trophies if Signed-Out? Batman comes out tomorrow and I want to be able to earn trophies.

  • @24

    Yes you can

  • I know this may not be the best place to bring this up but would it be possible to update the PS3 firmware to support scrobbling the music I play to My PS3 has become my principal music player lately (thank you brand new surround sound system!) and having support would be a nice, albeit minor feature. Thanks!

  • Regular? right… is this for the 3.00 firmware? ;)

  • Yea we will go ahead and take 3.0 tomorrow nite please…thanks….lol

    ALSO with some new features that you might not have mentioned…like I dunno…Auto syncing trophies??

  • Long time no see, Patrick. ;-)

    Let us download PS3’s firmware update (v3.0) tomorrow. Please…

    Why in the world do we need to wait until PS3 slim is released?

    Is just an update, and it would be even easier for SCE because when future PS3 Slim consumers connect it online, they can download software 3.0 right away.

    Thank you though.

  • Guys calm down.

    The reason they made this post is because 3.00 is not coming…yet. It’s just that every time there is PSN maintenance everyone gets very hyped up for no reason.

  • @ Goaliegeek

    uhh i may be mistaken but i dont think the Slim is released yet so id like to know how u have one…

  • What about the over hyped Socom patch?

  • @29 Auto Syncing trophies!? Auto syncing trophies?! How lazy are we getting? lol I honestly can’t think of anything to add to this already awesome network. But I love me some new features! Oh! New avatars coming :D can’t wait to check em out

  • @32 (I_am_rushin)

    Thank you very much! I was about to write the same thing.

  • My god is Sony on fire.

    The gaming media is absolutely in a static of panic, despair, and terror over:

    $300 PS3 Slim

    Firmware 3.0

    God like GT5 graphics and gameplay

    Uncharted 2’s insane graphics and gameplay

    The 8 million and growing massive success of Home

  • @ FlatulentGhost


  • 18 I’m sure people like you gonna cry when bc comes this week and your 60 gigs aren’t going to be hot anymore.

  • @ dulcediana

    im pretty sure the BC is a hardware plus not a software… otherwise i think maybe IF sony were to bring it back and it was software, ud be buying the software off the PS store… thats my opinion =P

  • glad I downloaded the joker early for arkham asylum

  • I got one question off-topic.

    Is the miniS service for the psp going to be like the app store for the iPhone?

    For example, on the iPhone anyone in the world could make an app. Doesn’t have a be a game developer or have a publisher.

  • My ps3 YLOD on me 3 weeks ago sent it in saturday to you guys. Cna’t wait to pick up slim mybe i will get it from GS tomorro when they say they come out early

  • 3.00 would be good, or maybe its just nothing.

  • And for those who love BC.

    Let it go please. It’s not coming back. Forget about it and move on with your lives. Remember how the SNES couldn’t play NES games? The N64 couldn’t play SNES or NES games? The Gamecube couldn’t play N64, SNES, nor NES games?

    Sony’s moved on, you should too. Just buy a PS2, if you don’t already have one.

  • @socom patch ppl, is there any news on new maps?
    @update news, great to hear. updates, and maintenance are always good.
    from me- Metal Gear Online is my shooter of choice right now. But I’m looking forward to playing more socom soon. With game lauching from Home coming soon new “social features” coming and price drop, it’s SONY FTW!!

  • Slim comes out September 1st and this is a Maintance to update things to get ready for new PS3’s meaning more servers, more Options.. Cool down the other servers that we work our hard free time on.. Also it’s to prepare our yes 3.00 for.. But we will see what happens after the dust will show up after the Maintance will show after the Maintance

  • 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00

    New STUFF!! =……(

  • PS3 Backwards Compatibility:

    60gig hardware EE/GS
    after 60gig software EE/hardware GS

    There’s no reason that Sony couldn’t come out with a highend full hardware BC PS3 now that they have gotten the manufacturing costs down so low.

    PS3 Ultimate
    Low power as Slim
    As quiets as Slim
    Giant harddrive
    USB ports on front
    Couple USB ports on back
    Full 100% BC with hardware EE/GS PS2 chips

    I’d buy that even if Sony wanted to charge an insane amount for it.

  • It’s a good thing that i already downloaded the joker dlc. Now i just have to pickup Batman: AA tomorrow.

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