SOCOM: Confrontation Patch 1.50 coming Tuesday

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We know you guys have been anxiously awaiting further information on SOCOM: Confrontation Patch 1.50, and today we’re happy to announce that the 1.50 Patch will be deployed on Tuesday morning (Pacific time).

SOCOM  U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation

Patch 1.50 includes many new and diverse features including but not limited to: Clan Ladders, Tournaments, Calendar, Follow-A-Friend, and Private Games.

SOCOM  U.S. Navy SEALs ConfrontationSOCOM  U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation

Along with these features there are many optimizations, enhancements and fixes. Included below are some of the highlights:

Crashes, Freezes and Hangs Fixed

  • Players being booted out of the game to the XMB while loading into gameplay.
  • Players freezing on the loading screen going into and returning from gameplay.
  • Loss of input issues that occurred when using the pause menu or scoreboard.
  • Low frequency freezes when creating a clan.
  • Players occasionally getting stuck on the Quick Match screen after selecting an invitation.
  • Rare cases where players would become stuck in Spectator mode.

General Gameplay Updates

  • Numerous improvements to lag and latency, as well as bandwidth optimizations.
  • To eliminate exploits where players were escaping to outside of the playable space, many of the previously found routes are now blocked off. As a further measure, the playable areas are now surrounded by trigger volumes that will kill players attempting to find new exploits.
  • Players are no longer able to plant claymores through pillars, walls and other objects.
  • Target spotting will now default to OFF in all ranked games.
  • Fixed characters occasionally getting stuck when planting flares in Control mode.
  • Made the range players could plant the satchel more consistent between levels, in both Breach and Demolition modes.
  • Commando reticles now turn green when targeting a VIP in Escort mode.
  • Increased the priority of picking up the satchel so it can be picked up more easily when weapons and other objects are piled around it.
  • Louder and improved footstep audio for characters that are out of view.
  • Limited the angle that climb prompts appear at, character will no longer turn 90 degrees before climbing.
  • VIPs no longer appear on the HUD Radar after being killed.
  • Added the ability to plant Control flares and Demolition/Breach satchels while prone.
  • Improved grenade throws, they now more closely follow the throw arc, added better wall detection to keep players from throwing grenades through walls and other objects.
  • Fixed issues where different weapons would appear in characters hands to different players.
  • Players can no longer take control of VIPs/Hostages through walls or other objects.
  • Improved performance for the late joiner, host and all other players when joining a match in progress.
  • The satchel will no longer appear in the incorrect location for players that late join Demolition and Breach matches.
  • Fixed cases where the number of rounds won by each team could become out of sync.
  • The death camera will stop following the character that killed your player after 5 seconds.
  • In spectator mode, the button commands will fade out after 5 seconds.
  • When selecting a weapon in-game the player’s custom loadout will not be overwritten, that can only be done in the Front End Armoury.
  • Fixed cases where Detonators for Key Moments could become desynced, allowing them to be used twice.
  • Multiple fixes for situations where characters could become invisible.
  • Drastically cut down the Fade-In time at the start of the round.
  • Fixed the jittering reticle when planting C4 and Claymores.
  • Improved ability to plant the C4 on Breach walls.
  • Resolved issues across all maps where players could become stuck when crouching or going prone in tight spaces.
  • Closed an exploit where players could shoot through walls close to windows when using a scope.

User Interface

  • Improvements across multiple Front End screens to improve the look and feel for Standard Definition users.
  • Fixed cases where scrolling rapidly or backing out quickly from Front End screens could lead to multiple items overlapping.
  • Sort the Channels list in a more user friendly way.
  • Updated several places in the Records and Statistics where the same gun would appear more than once.
  • Increased functionality for customizing controls including adding Hold functions to the Analog sticks.
  • Added an option to disable D-pad Lean.
  • Created a new Nordisk channel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Clan Mottos would sometimes be cut off.
  • Added more information to the Game Details screen in the briefing room.


  • Reduced the accuracy of the FAMAS.
  • Improved damage of the Desert Eagle.
  • Improved damage done by all Sniper Rifles.


  • Improved collision on railings to allow bullets to pass through them easier.
  • Removed a dynamic spawn from several modes that had a player respawn in a locked room in several modes.
  • Several fixes to curbs around the level so the player can traverse smoothly over them without reload interruptions.
  • Updated one of the breach walls on the Overlook so player cannot get past without destroying it.
  • Closed several exploit holes that allowed players to gain access to out of bounds areas including: numerous rooftops around the level and the area above the warehouse.


  • Players can no longer swim under the platform of the main floor of the dome.
  • Players no longer get stuck in the water of the main floor of the dome.
  • Improved AI pathfinding with extra focus on the transitions in and out of water, including lowering the water in the dome at the start of the round in Escort and Extraction modes.
  • Updated several locations inside the dome where the camera could pass through the ceiling and walls.
  • Tweaked the collision on several pipes and beams so players cannot pass through or get trapped.
  • Closed several exploit holes that allowed players to gain access to out of bounds areas including: the dome roof, areas past the outer fences and the submarine.


  • Improved AI pathfinding with special attention given to transitions in and out of the water.
  • Aligned a dynamic spawn point with the world to prevent players from spawning halfway into the ground in Escort mode.
  • Added more detailed collision to several cliffs to prevent players from clipping through the terrain.
  • Closed several exploit holes that allowed players to gain access to out of bounds areas including: the cliffs above each spawn, the roof of the temple and behind fences.


  • Aligned Demolition markers to be more visible.
  • Resized one case where a Control flare could be thrown over the edge of a balcony.
  • Added collision to a fence above Commando spawn that would allow players access to the 32 player area in the 16 player map.
  • Closed several exploit holes that allowed players to gain access to out of bounds areas including: across destroyed bridges, outside the walls and on rooftops.

Urban Wasteland

  • Aligned markers in Demolition and Breach mode to be exactly at the centre of the target zones.
  • Resized two cases where Control flares could be planted behind walls.
  • Several fixes to curbs around the level so the player can traverse smoothly over them without reload interruptions.
  • Closed several exploits that would allow the player access to out of bounds areas including: hotel rooftops, the sky bridge roof and several buildings around the level.


  • Fixed camera issue where players below the Watch Deck could see enemies above when standing on the pipe.
  • Closed several exploits that would allow the player access to out of bounds areas including: rooftops, the helicopter and the water.

Desert Glory

  • Smoothed the collision on several pieces of rubble on the ground to allow easier traversal of the level.
  • Closed several exploits that would allow the player access to out of bounds areas including: the cliffs above and the winding road below.

We have a lot more coming for you all in the weeks ahead. So please stay tuned!

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  • do you think this game is worth buying now? becasue im a little bored or fat princess and have to much money to spend

  • DAMN! This is BIIIIIG!!!!!!

  • omg yay

  • Guess not :(

    oh well… excited for the update!

  • #1
    YES buy it!

  • Just on time, I am ready to start playing SOCOM again…it’s been TOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOONG

    Thanks for the update


  • How big will the update be? 500MB? 1GB?

  • WOW it’s finally playable!

  • Just by reading the fixes you can tell this game was/is truly broken. Too bad its to late for the patch. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I only bought this game for the official Sony headset.

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • I want this game still and now some of the bugs are getting fixed so its all good

  • WOw it took close to a yr to get stuff thats on the box good job… (sarcasm)…a yr a freakin yr to get whats on the box.. i will never buy another slant six game again and if u didnt think this game was broke then y all the fixes…a yr a freakin yr we got 3 map packs for cod waw but it took u a yr too get this out of beta.. i paid 60 bucks for a beta and this proves it..

  • This game has been very good since…1.30 or so. MOST of the problems are gone at this point, and the game can finally be…what it had the potential to be last year. Still, it’s definitely worth at least trying, if not buying…

  • How big is the update?

  • This update was a long time coming

  • Nice to see all the fixes guys, you seem to get a lot of hate but don’t worry about it I’m sure your next game will be a lot better. Also I didn’t see a fix for this in the post but I find that whenever I get a trophy the game freezes for about 10-15 seconds. If you guys could fix this it would be very appreciated. Thanks can’t wait to download this.

  • This game is still getting patched up? Did the Beta do anything for this game?

  • Sweet cant wait to try it out!

  • Looking forward to this, thanks! :)

  • I played the beta and I found this game to be very satisfying

  • Was about to trade this game in for credit cause EB is giving $20 bucks for it when I paid 30 for the bundle lol…but I always liked the Confrontation gameplay but it was broken as mentioned above. I think I will give it one last shot Tuesday and see if it is now a keeper. Hope it is as I was truly disappointed at launch.

  • ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS ABOUT ******* TIME……I’ve been waiting for this day. Looks like I’ll be back on Socom!!!!

    And no guys socom isn’t a bad game its just that they take so long with everything. Its one of the best games to have and is alot of fun when your playing with people you know.

  • finally. i might play this a couple days before i leave for college

  • Bout time we get something. Now socom will be a lil more better=]

  • great update this and dlc later slant six you da man!

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!

  • Sounds good. I still want a proper SOCOM IV with co-op and SP campaign.

  • Isn’t it a little too late?

  • I purchased my PS3 in anticipation of Socom Confrontation and it ultimately became the reason I purchased a 360. This game was the biggest disappointment EVER!!! I will never purchase a game made by Slant Six again. My loyalty to Sony is broken now because they allowed the destruction of this franchise and let it go 1 whole year before having the features that where on the box at release.

  • Also, is the issue where the crosshair doesn’t match where the bullets are hitting resolved yet?

  • And yet, I still can’t care.

    Call me when the terrible community around Socom Confrontation Disappears and/or I can earn the Socom Confrontation trophies in unranked/respawn rooms.

  • “To eliminate exploits where players were escaping to outside of the playable space, many of the previously found routes are now blocked off. As a further measure, the playable areas are now surrounded by trigger volumes that will kill players attempting to find new exploits.”

    Sweet sweet justice.

  • HOLY SH–! Damn, you guys really weren’t just twiddling your thumbs while people were complaining! There’s something that concerns me though…

    A lot of games receive substantial updates after their releases. At some point, will there be considerations for simply implimenting the changes directly on the disc?

    It’s just that I’ve been helping out my aunt’s family with their new PS3 and with such huge updates popping up immediately upon starting the games, it becomes a terrible barrier for playing some games at all, especially considering the number of other things that need to be downloaded and installed already. (As late adopters, I seriously think they’re getting discouraged with how often they have to watch that bar fill from the left to the right without being able to do anything else in the meantime.)

    Hopefully, someone “up there” gets ahold of this comment…

  • Man, how long has it been…?

  • I haven’t played Socom since it came out. I’ve heard promises of updates since then. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Wow finally. To be honest this game is good, but you guys are terrible at how you did this game. IT wasn’t playable the first month I had to download so many patches to get it playable and now finally 1.5 is out and it is finally what was promised on the box. Slant Six you guys either didn’t care about this game or Sony rushed you maybe both.

    If you guys come out with any pay for DLC don’t expect many people to buy it. We should be rewarded for putting up with your crap

  • good good bought the game but was having issues with the lag/connection seems like this might fix the problem.

    Once patch is out I’ll be sure to try it out :D

  • about time now the summer when i had all my free time is over in 6 days after the patch launchs and i really dont even feel like playing this game any more

  • Great news! I can’t wait.

  • I wish someone at Sony or Slant Six would just come clean and tell us what happened with SOCOM: Confrontation. The game is obviously broken and the support has been incredibly underwhelming.

    While I appreciate the upcoming update, I think a lot of the public’s anger over the game would, at least in some respect, be reduced if the developers just said, “Look, we messed up and it’s for such-and-such reasons.”

    It might create a sliver of understanding in the minds of gamers and in turn, help to minimize the hostility that many people still hold towards Slant Six.

    Just my 2¢.

  • FINALLY! It only took 10 months to get all the features listed on the game case…

    Seriously keep working on this title Slant Six. We need more maps, and we have the strongest fan base on PSN. Don’t take too long with 1.6 either I expect it by mid September the latest!

  • Wow for a game that came out sooo long ago, you are just now patching it to be playable??? Most of this stuff should have been fixed before it hit stores, I don’t mean to complain I just think this is too little too late. Sorry

  • Sounds like they are rereleasing the game with that big an update. Looks like it fixes just about everything people complained about LOL

  • Sweet, a new weapon wheel! Finally! Can’t wait to try it out… :D

  • WTF? i thought 1.60 was coming out??

  • Awesome job guys! You made it worth the wait as long as everything goes well. I see you really did listen to some things I suggested and reported.

    Shout out to Dave Gibson!

  • daaaaaamn. this is a list of fixes every update should have. nice job. see you out on the field Sailor!!!!!

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