Gamescom Virtual Booth Tour: Heavy Rain

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Meet Detective Shelby, a brand new Heavy Rain character revealed and demoed at Gamescom Cologne. On day one, we scored some time with writer/director and Founder/CEO of developer Quantic Dream David Cage, who was kind enough to take you on a tour of the playable Gamescom demo.

As Detective Shelby enters a convenience store to meet with the father of one of the Origami Killer’s victims…well, you should just watch for yourself. And we didn’t forget about your questions! Head on back next week as Mr. Cage answers some of your questions about Heavy Rain.

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  • this game will blow peoples minds it’s just amazing

  • game looks amazing, can’t wait to pick up a copy, wonder how the trophies will be ^_^

  • I have one question…is there a way to get that heavy rain background behind the TV on my desktop? I love it :)

  • After Indigo Prophecy and the amount of times I’ve played it, I’ll buy anything from this guy. This is game is in my top ten but the only thing I hate is that it’s not out yet lol.

  • What’s his forename? “His name is … Shelby”, I can’t hear it…

    Well, cool game, cool guy. I read a hands-on on a site, IGN or Gamespot or something about this part and I knew it when I saw the store and heard the name Hassan :D

    This is gonna be SUCH a great game! Can’t wait.

  • Amazing game. I’m definitely going to pre-order it.

  • All of the demos and videos I have seen look fantastic. From a distance it all looks like images of real people caught on video or film. The story is intriguing, the action realistic and the sound effects sharp and seductive. It all draws you into the world of Heavt Rain. Like a very good murder mystery. And the dialogue, what can I say? Well written and spoken. Heavy Rain is definitely a game I will get. It may even draw in a few nongamers who happen to like very good and deep murder mysteries – books and movies.

    This game will certainly sell well and also increase the sales of the PS3. If anyone has been waiting for a good reason to buy a PlayStation 3, this is it!

  • I was there yesterday, the game frooze TWO TIMES on TWO different PS3 (Dev-PS3 , the Fat ones)…

    and the controls are totally stupid, I played 15 mins until the freeze and didnt come clear with how to interact fluently, is it so different to work with the analog stick? WTF with moving forward with R2???

    the grafic wasnt that stunning everybody talks about….

    and the storyline is always the same, if you do something wrong : you die , if you do something right the story goes on with a normal plot, just the cutscenes in between are different bunt in the ends its the same…

    I am really disappointed in that game…. the only good thing is it plays in philadelphia :D

  • What can I say… wow!

  • I love my PS3 but I hate the fact that Sony is supporting frauds like David Cage. He already fooled many gamers with Omikron and Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Now he’s doing it for the third time under Sony’s umbrella. :<

    No, David, you're not a good writer and you're a good director. It all looks and feels phoney.

    Yes, David. This is a QTE orgy and you're not revolutionizing anything. You're not even on Dragon's Lair level. Dragon's Lair at least have good animation.

  • This is easily the best trailer i’ve seen so far

  • “Seems we are in troubles!”


  • Wow im really impressed by this game. I would defenitely buy it.

  • Nice, really looking forward to this game.

  • Yeeaaaaahh Boyyyyy! This game is so awesome! And I haven’t even play it yet, that’s saying something! Can’t wait to get my hand on it!!!

  • i can’t wait for this game, looks awesome!!!

  • This is the third different scene i seen, one was fighting other persuading and this was another. I am pre-ordering this.

  • I must have this my eye has been on this game forever before there was any detials about the game i new it was going to be great.

  • I seriously can’t wait for Heavy Rain!

  • *SIGH* If only european players would understand what Quantic Dream is trying to do with this game as well as you guys do…

    I’m french, and I see lots of stupid comments on french forums, by players who still believe this a “simple” interactive movie, playable with a chain of QTEs.

    I am SO MUCH supportive of this project, this game is going to be so different, and if it gets all the story points right, it could be a very important piece of art for the videogames industry.

    Thanks for the interview, I really appreciate David Cage.

  • This game is going to be badass.

    I hope that it would sell well I wanna see more games come out like this as long as it hits the 1 million mark I’ll be happy and if it sells more than that I’ll be happier.

  • I am Heavy Rain’s #1 Fan This game will rock!!!

  • Still looks beautiful! I wonder what happens if you let the store get robbed?

  • this game countinues to blow my mind.

  • Man, I love Indigo Prophecy first 70% of the game, and David Cage knows why the other 30% is not that great. But Heavy Rain seems to be just like the first 70% of Indigo Prophecy, but all the game and I love that.

    I wonder if you can pick the same scene again after you pass the game to try and get as many possible results of that only scene.

  • ok, ive heard a lot of hype about this game… but what exactly is it?

  • The game looks amazing but it leaves me me left with several questions. How are you going to operate this game? I saw the video but is still confusing.

  • Thanks a lot!

  • This game ill be a true gem of this generation..

    Loved Indigo, and been waiting for this game since the casting call!

  • Looks unbelievable. Seems totally like a choose your own adventure with an interesting story, setting, and characters. Something that this generation is seriously lacking! Definitely getting this!

  • OMG, I cannot wait for this game. WHY did it have to get pushed backed??? WHY!?

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