Gamescom Virtual Booth Tour: Heavy Rain

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Meet Detective Shelby, a brand new Heavy Rain character revealed and demoed at Gamescom Cologne. On day one, we scored some time with writer/director and Founder/CEO of developer Quantic Dream David Cage, who was kind enough to take you on a tour of the playable Gamescom demo.

As Detective Shelby enters a convenience store to meet with the father of one of the Origami Killer’s victims…well, you should just watch for yourself. And we didn’t forget about your questions! Head on back next week as Mr. Cage answers some of your questions about Heavy Rain.

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  • For the first time, Uncharted 2 was not the highlight of the Sony. I was amazing at the new trailer for this game and all of a sudden it became a must buy.

  • Sexy game!

  • 3rd? Yay Heavy Rain!

  • I want @_@

  • Really can’t wait for this game.

    The GamesCom trailer was amazing. The was the dad was bonding with his son, and then his whole life was ripped away from him. Then he descends into guilt, and then goes after the origami killer. Fantastic, i was actually welling up when his son died!

    Can’t wait :) Looking forward to seeing Mr Cage answer our questions!

  • Very interesting game.

  • Lol they just left him there.

  • IGN had the other version which i was highly impressed

  • This game does look hot. can’t wait for this baby

  • This game is going to rock! I can’t wait for it! I loved indigo prophecy (Fahrenheit) so I know this game is going to be so amazing. Please release date?

  • The game looks nice but im not sure about the story

  • he almost yank the hell out of the cord lol

  • so was that sixaxis right there?
    will this game use sixaxis?
    btw that was cool, this is the third one i have seen, one was he let the robber run, the other one i believe he takes the gun away, and now this one. so that was cool how you tried to sneak up on him and the box almost fell. I wonder what would have happened if it fell.

  • Wow, I hope the motion controller works with this game. Slowly grabbing a bottle, catching that box, and hitting that guy over the head just beg to be done using that device.

  • vid not working to me

  • @ TwiztedR3DHead: Quantic Dreams and Mr. Cage are fantastic storytellers. You need only look back at their past efforts.

    This game is looking both visually and in the sense of story and mystery, really deliver something special.

    Cannot wait.

  • This game is going to be EPIC!!!

  • Wow. If this game can be played with the motion control wand things that they showed at E3, it will be an epic WIN! I could just imagine having to “grab” that bottle or trying to catch that box before it hits the floor, then knocking the guy out with the bottle. All that using nothing but the motion control wands.

  • This game looks amazing!! Can’t wait for it!!

  • WOW! I was literally on the edge of my seat! Can’t wait for this game!!!

  • LOL so many F bombs on that video and we can’t cuss here on the blog. :)

  • fantastic game. its a experience i am thirsting to get involved with again. cant wait!

  • I cannot want this game any more than I do now. The wait, it kills me.

  • this is the reason why i bought a ps3 heavy rain looks so good and graphics look amazing

  • You guys need to do a Rockstar booth tour next. You know why.

  • I have to agree with some of the earlier comments. This scene was the most impressive of all the footage seen so far. First of all the facial expressions look polished and the voice acting fits well and the detective was probably the strongest actor shown so far.

    It’s especially impressive when you look at different playthroughs of the same scene.

  • Everything in this game looks fantastic, except one thing, the game play!

    It’s a goddamn QTE orgy!

  • Wow i am very excited for this game now, it is easily the best scene shown so far, i have seen this played out 3 different ways so far and each is significantly different from the other, and just the quality of everything is outstanding.

  • iam not a fan of this genre and i heard a lot about ferhinhait for the PC and PS2 i think
    but this game just got me over must buy really epic
    and if i were the player i would have smashed his without even hidding LOL really must buy 2010 cant come closer

  • OWNED!

  • Haha, he looked like my mom, playing Super Mario from the original Nintendo, when he was about to hit the robber with the bottle.

    F—ing EPIC!

  • This game impresses me more and more every time i see it.

    cant wait..

    i wish there were a psn download of indigo prophecy. i dont have a BC ps3 anymore :(

  • get indigo prophecy, i belive same people and enoy it then when heavy rain comes out you have a fraction of a idea on what to expect.

    though i hear its hard to get indigo now.

  • that was really awesome. i am goign to love this game without a doubt. when the robber came im, i was almost saying it aloud not to walk down the aisle with the chips i was gettin so excited lol. this game is right up my alley

  • hey Chris do you know if QD would come out with a Collectors Edition ??? i’d definitely buy it , oh im gonna buy the game day 1 for sure lol

  • Respect & thank you going out to Mr. David Cage.

  • Really liking this game.

  • this game will be so great!!

  • I would LOVE a Heavy Rain demo early for Qore, but it has to be really early, otherwise I just won’t play it, since I know i’d get it any ways, and I wouldn’t want to spoil anything..

  • Hope they announce a release date soon.

  • i have a feeling i’m going to mess up alot at first like i did in indigo prophecy, but i should get the hang of it.

  • i like how the devs are very proud of their game… it shows!

  • I just crapped in my pants

  • i dont understand how ppl are still holding out on buying a ps3. amongst other great exclusives, heavy rain is up there as one of the best games coming out in the near future

  • For the MAG beta in September…
    Do I need to subscribe to Qore to be in this one, or am I already in it with the current beta out now?

  • At first I wasn’t really sure about this, but man this was epic, when the box almost dropped I jumped off my seat.

  • man, this game’s graphics looks freakin ridiculous! only possible on the PS3 :)

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