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Just Girls - Passa O Vento

Hi all! It’s SingStar update time today, but first of all I would like to apologize again for the delay with the last update.

This week, new tracks on the SingStore include the legendary Paul McCartney and Wings with ‘Let ‘Em In’, plus The Stanley Brothers with The Clinch Mountain Boys’ “I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow” which you may recognize from the excellent O Brother Where Art Thou movie.

The total number of downloadable songs available in the U.S. SingStore now stands at over 900, and don’t forget there are also over 20 song packs available on the store.

Thanks for your continuing support. See you in a couple of weeks time.
Nina x

Natalia Lafourcade - En el 2000El Arrebato - Dame Carino

In English
Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People
Newton Faulkner – All I Got
The Coral – Bill McCai
The Stanley Brothers with The Clinch Mountain Boys – I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow
Travis – Something Anything
Wings – Let ‘Em In

In Spanish
El Arrebato – Dame Cariño
Natalia Lafourcade – En el 2000

In Portuguese
Just Girls – Passa O Vento

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  • oh by the believe it or not there is aa AMERICAN singstar community voiceing their opinnions on the AMERICAN forums which YOU GUYS never care to LOOK at.

  • So I looked back at the previous Singstore posts by nina and she is actually quite interactive with the community, which is awesome. Thank you Nina! In regards to my previous posts, a few of those are repeat questions in which you kinda answered in previous posts, but I think we would all love a more in depth response about why there is such trouble with getting the rights to songs. Maybe you have a lawyer friend who’d like help us out and explain it to us! :)

    Nina, you do good work. We are just frustrated thats all

  • SCEA should really create their own version of SingStar so we AMERICANS can play AMERICAN music i dont get why this concept is so hard with you? Microsoft’s LIPS is pounding you into the dirt and its a complete rip off of what used to be a great franchise.

  • here is a response to a comment made during the last nailing into the coffin of the U.S. version of singstar, i mean update.

    Nina Scherer replied on August 5, 2009 at 6:35 am

    “If it’s not possible to get it released in the US, we can’t give it to you. We do try but sadly, out of or hands, simple as that.”

    Well Nina if you cant give it to us Americans ill just go buy Lips its as easy as that.

  • i know i sound mean but i am extremly frustrated and dissapointed in what this franchise has become

  • I’m so pleased to know that Nina reads all of our comments and try to reply some of them… I’m not boycotting the Singstar Team but SCEA for the lack of support for us… They should’ve done this UMG agreement along with SCEE… This is totally wrong… If I may say, Karaoke Rrevolution sends ‘hi’ next fall for you ;)

  • I’m a man of constant sorrow!? YES! Gotta love O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  • Nina, are you kidding me? Nobody in the US wants this stuff. If you want to make some MONEY, sign a UMG deal here in America and release some songs that people WANT to buy.

    I want to give you my money. Why won’t you take it? Does Sony not like money? What company doesn’t like to receive money?

    Release good songs and I will pay you. Please. I would also like wireless mics.

  • Nina X are you a Newf?

  • Any chance for Superbus or Lady Gaga like Europe got?

  • So… how bout that MAG beta… I’m likin it so far!

  • Crap again YAY!!
    This is so sad.

  • I thoroughly enjoy singstar and have made friends from across the pond because of it. I have introduced the game to friends and they liked it at the time but now they are wondering why they purchased it. I pushed the fact that it would have a huge amount of songs to download in time but I have been proven wrong. It is now over a year later and the song selection is bare of what is popular here in the U.S., and yet when I see what is in the European store it damn near makes me wanna move there.

    It is truly unfair that we get a selection of relatively “unknown” artist while our european cousins get all of “our” artist so easily. Do not get me wrong there is a couple of them that I have bought and enjoy the music from but it is really ridiculous what we are getting in the U.S. Do we have a time frame on when we can get a selection of “known” artist in the singstore to pick from?

  • So SingStar still withers on the vine? After our house hasn’t played this game in over six months, last week we browsed the store and left underwhelmed yet again.


    And today I read this blog entry announcing an embarrassingly weak content update. Is it time to put a fork in this one?

  • wow!!! whatever others says, i’m QUITE HAPPY!! just for one song. Something Anything from Travis! thank you thank you!!! i’m gonna buy it! Thanks a lot i didn’t expect this!!

  • Nina

    Are there any new information on the next Singstar update? Are the SingStar Beatles rumors true?


  • Congratulation on gamescon sony. Prepare to be in the lead, where you belong, once again.

  • Thanks nina for comment my post.

    The communication is important with the consumers and I really appreciate it. I will wait for that day when you announce the UMG songs.


  • i dont like these games too much..

  • Thanks for the response Nina (3/3 on my posts :) I would’ve edited if I could :P )

    We all appreciate your patience with us ‘raving’ fans that repeat questions over and over again. Keep up the good work, you give us all a sliver of hope!

  • By the way thanks a lot Nina, haha i’m a Travis Fan (see my PSN ID lol) and i’m very happy with their song this week!.
    By the way, is there a chance we can have sometime their hit song “Why does it always rain on me?”?
    Thanks again Nina :)

  • Yeah Nina try to contact SCEA about this situation… I promise that I won’t boycott them anymore if you have a clear position about it… I know that record labels agreements are different in Europe and in the US… But please tell us when the UMG songs are coming for us… Thank you and I’m happy that you reply my comments :D

  • In PS Home we saw the Shakira Loba video two separate times now. Is there ANY chance we would get any shakira tracks in the US? I think it would be easy to get some of her vids to sing along with :) Please give us some good news regarding that Shakira coming over to the states…

  • Any news about LatinAmerican fans? I still hope someday I can download songs from spanish language artists like: Shakira, Juanes, Belanova, Ricky Martin, Mecano, Timbiriche

  • I think you have a great market here in America and you are letting someone else get it (Lips), how could it be possible that UK is getting better and more tracks than the US?

    How about american artist? Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Linkin Park, …

    Any chance we can see something in the future or do I consider buying an XBox 360 and a Lips game?

  • im curious to know why sony doesnt allow its own stuff on the store ????????????

  • First I want to thank Nina for posting the SingStore updates here, Its nice to see whats coming up each update.
    And I believe you are trying to answe everybodys questions the best you can so heres my thoughts,

    I have 3 PS3 SingStar Discs, I have decided I will no longer buy any Disc Based SingStar Discs in the future, Im tired of wishing that I could have certain songs that are on other discs, while playing Pass the Mic while playing with my friends.

    In the middle of the game you cannot disc swap, so I won’t be buying anymore Singstar games. If you don’t have them in the Sing Store I won’t be picking them up!

    All singstar tracks that are on Discs should be available in the sing store, even if I had to pay full retail and get the Full Disc, to get them on my hard drive then so be it.

    Atleast they would be available to me without swapping discs out.

  • I have spent way too much money on these discs and really don’t play Vol1 or Vol2 as much as I play my import SingStar Pop ( BTW I think its terrible that I would even have to import ANY game not to mention Wireless Mics, But I did anyway)

    I am very interested in knowing when the US will get the Wireless Mics, My imported USB transmitter broke, I hope I can just wait and get more here instead of importing them again.

    BTW I LOVE the Mics they are sooooo much nicer then the wored ones!

    Thanks again Nina, I look forward to your comments!

  • One other idea I have would be to let us pre-load all of our discs before playing so we can have our entire singstar collection available while playing “Pass The Mic” even if we had to load the discs everytime the game was loaded, it would make getting all the discs worth that much more.
    I’ll shut up now lol

  • I would like to first say thank you Nina for updating us on all things Singstar ^.^
    I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I have currently downloaded 60+ songs onto my PS3 from the Singstore. I just read the announcement of the PS3 Slim and would very much like to get one. I know the current policy only allows content from the store to be downloaded to one machine. My question is are there any plans to allow current Singstar owners to re-download their current songs onto the new PS3 Slim if they choose to upgrade to it? Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Thats a GREAT question Jojo

  • these updates for singstar is funny…

  • @ jojo

    there going to tell you unless your ps3 breaks you have no chance of redownloading those songs to the ps3 slim .i wonder i wrote and thats what they told me . I also downloaded about 40 songs , most of thems the 80s stuff because sony can’t seem to understand that were in america and they keep feeding artist we dont know .where is sony music ? can SCEA just go there and shake there hands .

  • I know that I am in the minority here, but I am all for the different songs that Singstar releases. Personally, I enjoy having the ability to discover new artists from Singstar, or to buy songs from artists who may not have been huge stars in America, but still have some amazing songs.

    I am all for more songs from Feeder or Westlife. Bring on some Boyzone or Supergrass. It’s easy to say that Singstar needs more American artists, but I am impressed by the nice mesh of American artists and international artists. Keep the good work coming.

    P.s. I live in Illinois, have always lived in the states, and love branching out my musical tastes

  • @crazyc8513.

    I agree. Nicely put.

  • This is honestly disappointing.

    I really don’t understand how hard it is to get songs released over here. I mean, I know there is a lot of paperwork and whatnot involved. But it’s Sony’s game. They have Sony Music Entertainment! Not to compare, but Rock Band and Guitar Hero have 10x better songs than a singing game, one thats been out way longer than either of those.

    I never play SingStar any more. My Vol. 1 & 2 copies just collect dust. I play RB or GH if I want to sing with friends now, don’t push me to Lips next…

  • @crazyc8513
    Quite agree with you :)

  • @crazyc8513

    I agree as well, but there is a point where you want some of your favourites in there too. I’m all for new music, but every now and then, I’d like something I know as well.

  • thanks for the update can we get some Christian artists on the board please like Toby Mac!!

  • i think its awesome that a representative replys to our questions and gives us updates. however, like sigmakan, i’m on an unintentional boycott. there’re aren’t that many good songs for the US.
    gameplay wise, i think singstar takes the cake compare to lips and rock band. what they lack in gameplay, they have songs. i think im going to invest w/ rock band.
    im not completely done w/ singstar, but i’ll be back when the US singstore becomes more mainstream, can upload old ps2 singstar songs into the harddrive, and wireless mics.

  • I agree with adpham2… I won’t download any song from the US Singstore until we get news about UMG songs and at least 5 outstanding songs (anyone from Sony BMG). I have RB2 and the updates of this month owned the US Singstore updates!

  • I think they have a random playlist of whats songs are coming out. They can’t be possibly be picking these songs themselves .

    Where is Sony Music when you need them ?

  • Nina I have a Sony BMG Wishlist with me and I wanna show u… But there’s lots of songs… I will post a link here if you don’t mind… Ok? Thanks ;)

  • Hi all,

    I hope you guys all read this and can pass this on to the rest of the community for me.

    I’m really sorry to say that there will not be a SingStore update due to unforeseen issues.

    I’ll keep you in the loop and update you as soon as I can!

    Cheers and apologies,


  • lol surprise ! thanks for letting us know !no go ruff up the sony bmg people and get some of their stuff for us =)

  • Thanks for the update Nina. Im glad somebody is here to atleast listen and comment to our questions.

    As far as the delay goes it doesn’t really matter, because I don’t know any of the tracks anyway!

    Good luck in getting it sorted!

  • Awe, dude, bummer… Luckily we’re used to this. We used to have Singstar parties every other week, but I haven’t had one since early spring, thanks to the bad updates. Everyone gets tired of singing the same old songs. We’ve pretty much given up on Singstar and this is just another reason why.

  • Nina, as promised I’ll post the link with the Sony BMG Wishlist I talked about at 93… Ok? I’ve only added songs that never appeared in the Singstore at the moment… I hope you read with all the love in your heart and pass it on to the Team… Waiting for some of these songs in the Singstore soon… Here’s the link:

  • too bad Nina, i believe i was the only one who was expecting this Update, because of the Travis Song. :(

  • Hey Nina,

    Any chance of facilitating content transfer to new PS3s for those interested in the slim model?

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