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Just Girls - Passa O Vento

Hi all! It’s SingStar update time today, but first of all I would like to apologize again for the delay with the last update.

This week, new tracks on the SingStore include the legendary Paul McCartney and Wings with ‘Let ‘Em In’, plus The Stanley Brothers with The Clinch Mountain Boys’ “I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow” which you may recognize from the excellent O Brother Where Art Thou movie.

The total number of downloadable songs available in the U.S. SingStore now stands at over 900, and don’t forget there are also over 20 song packs available on the store.

Thanks for your continuing support. See you in a couple of weeks time.
Nina x

Natalia Lafourcade - En el 2000El Arrebato - Dame Carino

In English
Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People
Newton Faulkner – All I Got
The Coral – Bill McCai
The Stanley Brothers with The Clinch Mountain Boys – I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow
Travis – Something Anything
Wings – Let ‘Em In

In Spanish
El Arrebato – Dame Cariño
Natalia Lafourcade – En el 2000

In Portuguese
Just Girls – Passa O Vento

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11 Author Replies

  • Wow what a crappy update

  • Cool, my Wife is addicted to the Singstore, (Shes purchased 75+ songs in a 6 month span) one artist she desperately want’s and I am sure you guys are working on is: Elton John.

    My opinion is get as many A+++ artists as you can so you can print more money with this awesome service that we truly enjoy. Cheers.

  • Thanks for posting the US update, Nina.

    I hope you’ll be able to work something out with the US branch of UMG. Unfortunately the updates are looking a little bit bare over this side of the pond. :(

  • Not so good update… C’mon guys, try to hurry up the license for UMG songs… People will buy on day 1 if Lady Gaga, PCD, Amy Winehouse and Gwen Stefani show up in the US store… It’s so sad that I have a party on Saturday and can’t sing any of those songs… Lucky european singstar players :(

  • This isn’t the full list for this thursdays update is it?

    Also… any chance we’ll see the UMG songs or a deal with SCEA to get their songs in NA? is a deal in the works?
    Any info would be appreciated

  • Man that is a horrible update

  • Slim pickings, maybe they are saving up songs for a big release to coincide with Gamescon.

    Still need more Spanish tracks(non European tracks).

    I would really like to see Mana, Marco Antonio Solis, La Mafia, Selena…

  • I like how you guys post these updates on the blog now. I couldn’t believe when I discovered “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun on the store a few weeks ago. Instantly downloaded it. Keep the love coming!

  • pretty weak for most US players since some of that isnt really well known . at least your posting to keep us updated . Are there songs that maybe are easier to get rights to in the US then it is in the uk ? there has to be some stuff from more known US artists and im not talking about chart toppers but if your gonna give us obscure at least pick some obscure US stuff lol

  • Thanks for updating us.
    I know you are doing your best Nina, we appreciate it. :)

  • Who is picking these songs??? The updates to the Singstore are garbage. I would fire the people responsible for this and try to get top talent songs.
    Seriously, the UK singstore is 10x better, why can’t we get the same material across all regions? Give me some Depeche Mode.
    People want the new top 40 pop stuff give it to them. Rock Band and even GH are kicking the crap out of Sony’s own product with better song and track updates, they’re songs are also a 1.49.
    Take notice Sony, even MS Lips has you beat on content.
    IMPROVE the Singstore!

  • Wow, SingStar updates always sucks! Not to mention, we still haven’t gotten the wireless mics in NA. Great job guys, keep it up!

  • I’m sure a lot of us would like to know why Singstar is having such troubles with licensing? Rockband and guitar hero don’t seem to have any issues. Why can’t Singstar land some of the numerous great songs that are out there.

    I think most of us just want to know whats going on, transparency is always appreciated. Good work on the blog updates though, they are very helpful!

    • I\’m afraid it\’s such a complex process with different record companies and publishers owning rights for artists and songs in different parts of the world.

      Also, the store is different again to the discs and even more complex. I hope that at least partially answered your question?

  • I won’t download any songs until they improve the US Singtore guys… Let’s boycott them at the moment… Who’s with me? ;)

  • @jelly_bean I don’t want to boycott, but I’m unintentionally doing it anyway because they hasnt been a song Ive been interested in over 3 months.

  • “I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow”? Sweet! :-)

  • Just so you guys know..

    It’s awesome to see content being released day-and-day with Europe on SingStar!!

    Keep the great work and thanks a lot!

  • You boast 900 songs, but how many people have even heard of the artists on the store?

    I can browse through pages of songs and not even recognize an artist. I get that you’re trying, but come on…

  • Depeche Mode please

  • agreed w/ ‘nickerton’ , Elton John would be a fantastic addition to the singstore.

    Hate to say it, but frankly the update is terrible. I know you guys are doing what you can, but still : ]

  • Wow Nina, I can’t believe you haven’t head for the hills yet with all these negative replys you get every week. I still appreciate you at least trying but it sound like your ready to give up. “See you in a couple of weeks time.”

  • This is on UK singstore.

    .Miss Amy Winehouse with ‘Rehab’,
    .Aqua’s huge hit ‘Barbie Girl’
    .‘Don’t Cha’ by The Pussycat Dolls
    .‘Apologize’ courtesy of Timbaland featuring One Republic.

    “You know I always tell you that we work hard here at SingStar HQ to get you what you want? Lady Gaga with ‘Just Dance’.”

    Seriously, I am 22 years old and that’s the songs that we want. I can’t belive this, please seriously talk with your Boss. I’m so sorry but I feel offended and some kind of descrimination about what are making london studios with the american people.

    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately, we cannot release the above songs on the US store, not because we don\’t want to but because we simply don\’t have the right to.

      I hope this will change in future as we would love for you guys to have great content you want.

      I\’ll keep you updated as much as I can.


  • en el 2000 it’s ok, the rest… mmmh

    please “don’t dream it’s over”!!

  • To the people asking about the UMG deal, Nina responded to an American on the European blog saying it was extremely unlikely we’d see any by Christmas. Doesn’t sound promising at all to me.

  • Where the “F” are the wireless mics. Get off your butts and get a U.S. release for them. This game shouldn’t have even been released on the PS3 with corded mics. We understand that you couldn’t get the bluetooth mics working, but that doesn’t excuse why you STILL haven’t release the wireless mics stateside.

    When are we going to see some U.S./Worldwide hits on the store? I realise that you can’t make everyone happy, but how about a majority of us? Just start releasing anything that has hit the top 10 on billboard charts in the last 25 years.

  • Another bad update.

    Tip: Release any song from the Billboard Hot 100 and it will sell like hotcake. We don’t care about underground indie artist. Please give us popular song that we can sing at a party.

  • WoW U need to put better Spanish
    all the song u put i never seen any of those song’s

  • Songs that didn’t make it from the eurpoean updtae:

    * Amy Winehouse – “Rehab”
    * Aqua – “Barbie Girl”
    * The Automatic – “Monster”
    * Boyz II Men – “I’ll Make Love To You”
    * Gwen Stefani – “What You Waiting For?”
    * The Hives – “Walk Idiot Walk”
    * The Killers – “Mr. Brightside”
    * Lady Gaga feat Colby O’Donis – “Just Dance”
    * The Pussycat Dolls – “Don’t Cha”
    * Queens of the Stone Age – “Go With The Flow”
    * Ronan Keating featuring Yusuf – “Father And Son”
    * Scissor Sisters – “Take Your Mama”
    * Sugababes – “Too Lost In You”
    * Superbus – “Butterfly”
    * Texas – “Say What You Want”
    * Timbaland feat. One Republic – “Apologize”
    * Tom Jones – “It’s Not Unusual”
    * Wet Wet Wet – “Love Is All Around”
    * Ultimate Queen 4 song pack

    thanks a bunch sony

  • lets just all have a moment of silence for the US store ……………………

  • It’s nice to see updates on the blog, thank you.

    Like others have mentioned, it would be nice to get the Euro action on the US store. Plus, what is the deal with the wireless mics in North America?

  • First off let me say I do appreciate you posting the song releases in the BLOG. That right there is a huge improvement over the past.

    But that said.. I am really frustrated with Singstar. I have had the game over a year now and have been trying to be patient but it just has not been improving. I did pick up Singstar:Queen a couple days ago which I love, so all is not lost… but the delay in wired microphones, and the truly barren Singstore content I just can’t explain.

    I see what Rockband and the other music games out there have and it causes me to question why I picked up Singstar and why I continue to stick with it and support it. I just don’t recognize most songs in Singstore and have to buy lots of disk based content which I want to get away from (we have Singstar Vol 1, Singstar:Abba and Singstar:Queen).

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE improve Singstore.. else I fear your product will meet a demise in the U.S. There are lots of competitors out there… it’s time to start acting like it.

  • Earlier this year we were given the impression that they were going to pay more attention to the US store, but from this update it looks like that’s not so.

    Hopefully Sony remedies the issues and is able to bring some of the great UK content stateside and maybe even add their own content.

    Anyone who is negative or sounds negative is just passionate about the game and just really wants to be able to play their favorite songs. It’s very frustrating waiting a few weeks, seeing Europe get some good updates, and we have to settle with the ‘leftovers’. For some of us, we’ve had the game since launch and it’s been the same thing for the past year. Some people have been complaining for a full year now. It’s disheartening when you don’t see any changes after a year.

  • Get those UMG artists in the US!

  • man these updates are terrible. if you need to charge a little more money for songs to get some good ones, then go ahead and do it. many would pay $2 for some good songs to sing.

  • @21

    She might as well head for the hills and Sony might as well cancel Singstar support in NA if they’re gonna half [DELETED] it like they’re doing it.

    Are we ever gonna get the wireless mics? Nope. I understand they can’t give us Lady Gaga, Pussycat Dolls, Boys II Men, Gwen Stefanni, etc because the UMG deal only applies to PAL.

    But why don’t they give the US Beyoncee, Justin Timberlake, Kings of Leon, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, Usher, Michael Jackson, more Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne etc etc…guess what they all have in common? Their label is SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

    Lips might not have as many songs in their online store, but they have a lot more songs that americans want and like, including some that are from SME artists that are not found in the Singstore. Ironic eh?

  • Update is crap,like always.

  • I got to agree, this update was not good at all.
    Not your fault, Nina.
    But it would really be nice (**wishful thinking here**) to see the same update for both European and American markets, after all, we all share one SingStar community.

    And as for the Amy Winehouse track, it seems that it will be included in the Singstar Sampler Pack disk that is scheduled to be released either late this year or early the next one. So we will have to wait for that one.

  • Now I remember why i never purchased singstar for my wife. SHE DOESNT LIKE ANY OF THE MUSIC!! You guys either have suckish taste in music or just dont care about the sales of this game. Try appealing to MORE people.

  • The first time I went into the Singstore when this game first came out and saw ‘DJ Bobo’, I knew this was a European-centric developer that wasn’t tuned into what sells in the US. I haven’t bothered much since then checking, but looking at the latest update seems to confirm my initial thoughts. I’m glad this title is very successful in other parts of the world, though.

  • Wow. A bunch of songs no one has ever heard of or likes. Yeah. Disappointed I am.

    I want more Kylie Minogue. Gimme nao!

  • As consulation for the lack of songs on Singstore I picked up Singstar Vol 2 and Singstar 80s for $10 each :)

  • I won’t buy Singstar Queen without Wireless Mics so you might as well get those songs on the Singstore.

    One of my mics barely works, and I want to be able to have freedom of motion on Singstar without tripping over, extending, or anything else that can happen with a wired mic.

  • Wait? what? When did we get over 900 songs available in the US singstore? last I checked, when I view all songs, it tells me that it’s just over 700 songs and that was this past weekend. Now, I love this game and I’ve even purchased over 70 songs so far but lately, well, I know it’s hard to get a lot of songs on at once with the timing and programming and licensing issues and all that but, is there a place where we can submit songs that we would like to have added to the store?

    Sorry for the rant but this dry spell of having no songs I want to download is starting to get to me.

    • Don\’t worry about ranting – I know it\’s frustrating, not just for you but to us also.

      Why don\’t you post suggestions on here – I always pick them up and put them on our internal wishlist if not already on there and then we can see what we can get from there.

  • wow…..this is so sucks that we have to wait 2 weeks for an update and when we get that update,it’s nothing i, or anyone i know would purchase. i love Singstar and consider it the best music/rhythm game, but when Lips is starting to catch up with Singstar as far as dencent DLC, it might be time to think about pulling out some big guns.(Singstar Motown is an excellent step.) Like everyone, i have song suggestions and here they are………

    Kings Of Leon “Closer”
    Radiohead “There There”,”Let Down”
    Earlimart “Before It Gets Better”
    Sublime “Bad Fish”, “Waiting For My Ruca”
    Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit”
    Pete Yorn “Vampyre”
    Airborne Toxic Event “Wishing Well”
    DeVotchKa “How It Ends”
    311 “Beautiful Disaster”
    Santogold “Your Voiice”
    Feist “1234”
    Dan Bern “Tiger Woods”,”Black Tornado”
    Kanye West “Flashing Lights”
    Electric Six “Gay Bar”,Danger! High Voltage”
    Amazing Baby “Head Dress”
    Portishead “Sour Times”
    ….this list could go on forever….

  • LOL who are these bands?

  • Nina, could the Singstar team possibly do a Q&A session on the US Playstation Blog. We are all very passionate about our singstar which is why we are voicing such strong(and often harsh) opinions about the series. We want the game to better. We know you guys can make it better, but we don’t know why its taking so long. There is a very large communication barrier between the Singstar team and US customers. Can we try to bridge that?

    Some pressing questions:
    -Where are wireless mics?
    -What are the pitfalls that need to me overcome to get songs onto singstar?
    -What makes UMG music so hard to import into singstar?
    -Why don’t we see Sony’s music?
    -Do you guys really have this bad of taste in music? Or is there another way songs are picked to be published each week?

  • I love the game but can’t stand this… Europe gets UMG songs and we don’t??? As far as I know, many UMG artists are loved in the states and the rest of the world… If you want to sell it in the States, try to improve the Singstore… I will boycott Singstar starting today until NEW UMG songs appear in the US Singstore… It’s for SCEA and not the Singstar Team. Ok? Peace :X

  • can we get american songs and artist is that too much to ask?

    • Hiya,

      Of course it isn\’t but unfortunately it isn\’t possible most of the time. We are trying and will keep on doing so.


  • Tomorrow Sony will have a press conference at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. They said that there are big announcements and SingStar is a premiere game at the show. So maybe we will hear some news this week. Just wait and see.

  • im done with singstar until we get popular american songs and artist go lips!

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