Additional PS3 Greatest Hits Titles Available Now

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Last week, we announced the availability of two new “Greatest Hits” titles . U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune are the latest best-selling titles to enter into the elite world of “Greatest Hits.” Stand alone versions are available now $29.99 MSRP. Check out the cool new pack fronts below.

Uncharted Drake's Fortune Greatest Hits SOCOM Confrontation Greatest Hits

Summer’s not over yet! Now that you know what to look out for, go ahead and pick them up for yourself. At $29.99, you deserve it!

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  • Well maybe more people will start playing socom. This week it drops to $29.99 and we are also supposed to be getting patch 1.5 this week….or next year…

  • I agree Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is an instant classic and is still one of the best PS3 titles to date.

    On the other hand….Socom….yeah, well…

    Socom Confrontation is a joke of a game and you know it, patch after patch after patch, fixes one thing and will break the other. Doesn’t it take up like 4GB of HDD space from patches now? This game is a piece and doesn’t deserve a greatest hits tab at the top, if anything this shouldn’t even come out it’s so bad. Slant Six I’m never buying another game by you again, and Zipper you’re an idiot for handing over the franchise. But I know how this works, Sony has to give this greatest hits to make the developers feel good.

    Whatever, Uncharted is great.

  • To those who think the SOCOM complainers are over exaggerating…google “SOCOM is Dead” or check out the videos SOCOM is Dead 1-36(?) on youtube.

    It’s a fun game, but there are a lot of really annoying bugs and the developers don’t talk to the community. We’re still waiting on a patch that was announce nearly 6 months ago.

  • I wonder if the PSN version of SOCOM will drop soon. It’s still at $39.99

  • Wait, this is the US counterpart of the PAL/Europe/whatever place’s PLATINUM games I guess? Uncharted is Platinum for a long time already, so why the US delay

  • instead of socom i think it would be good to put GTA 4 as a greatest hits

  • and @102 i think zipper let slant six do socom confrontation because they were focusing on mag

  • Unfortunately Zipper can’t make a decent Socom game even if they’re lives depended on it. Socom 3, along with Combined Assault, were broken games down to it’s core. And because of games like Socom people are more than willing to opt for a pay-to-play subscription that you see out there because of the problems of the past. Slant Six, on the other hand, did a wonderful job with Confrontation. It was what Socom 3 was supposed to be.

  • socom is fun….. this game just release with soo many bugs and is incomplete.

    this is until now is still incomplete but playable.

    i wish they would of just delayed this game.

    socom is one of popular games in PS3 right now believe or not is a fact.

  • SOCOM Confrontation was the biggest pile of crap that Sony has put out this generation. Sony should kick Slant 6’s ass all the way to Microsoft for making such a piece of crap degrading product.

    SOCOM was THE BEST online shooter in the history of video games up until SOCOM 3 came out. The problem with Sony is their ignorance in what their consumers like. They changed too much crap that did not have to be changed.

    Release SOCOM II HD on the PSN and WE SOCOMERS will finally be happy. I am incredibly pissed off at Sony for Pissing all over the SOCOM franchise. They destroyed their greatest gem. SOCOM players were hardcore players, not casual idiots you see on Halo. They messed with our game, and they aren’t doing **** to bring it back! Dispicable!

  • wow, $10 drop for socom. whoop-de-freakin-doo.

  • And laugh out loud to all the freakin idiots out there scratching their heads about “all the hate towards SOCOM.” You fools obviously never became attached to the series when it was good (SOCOM I and II).

    I laugh like a fiend when I read those comments of “it’s still a good game.” “Why are they complaining, they patched most of the bugs.”


    Gahhh go back to your mainstream game hole.

  • This has to be the first time in gaming history that a game became a “Greatest Hit” while still in Beta…

  • I bought Uncharted for $50 USED less than a month ago. God damn you.

  • Certainly getting Uncharted 1 now at that price.

  • Woot Uncharted!! Boo S.U.C.K.U.M.!!

    only got it for the headset…

  • I want my $10 discount on SOCOM being that it is still waiting to be patched with things that are missing from the game, even though they are in the user manual.

    Greatest hit, that’s funny.

  • Just two.Really.4 heavenly sword.Hmm what about that.

  • I’m guessing socom confrontation was fast to sell over a million because of the headset. If the greatest hits version of socom doesn’t have any additional things like a headset of whatever, I think it’s probably not going to sell that much.

  • wait does it come with the headset also the should also add uncharted on psn and lower the price on socom on the store

  • Socom, srsly? Lamest Hit maybe. At least we weren’t given Mercenaries as a greatest hit..

  • It is great to see Uncharted is finally going to be $30.

    SOCOM is still a better deal with the headset :)

  • you better put Socom as 30 dollars or less on the PSN store. Otherwise that’s messed up.

  • Socom is a great game but I don’t like the online only part of it and there need to be place for new players. I got so mad At my teammates tell me what to do and barking orders and I don’t even know the controls. I play 3 rounds total and it was the worst online play I have ever been apart of. I will be trading it for Uncharted TODAY!

  • socom is in greatest hits because maybe since its cheap a little more ppl would buy it.

  • I just bought Uncharted a few days ago for $50! You guys suck! I waited forever, and didn’t expect this.

  • Its about time Uncharted was a greatest hits. It use to sell for 29.99 used at GameSpot months ago, but since the hype up on Uncharted 2, they have shoot the price back up to 49.99 for a used copy, they are crazy

  • Awsome for Uncharted!!!

    As for SOCOM really? K yeah it sold but, do you know why it sold? Thats simple is due to the fact that the name SOCOM says it all. The game is garbage. Slant Six did nothing but give us promises that they cant keep. The game is still incomplete and missing what was promised on the box, manual, and verbally. What we really got from SOCOM is a freaking 3 game bundle. Rainbow Six Vegas 2, GRAW, and Call of Duty. Slant Six removed everything from SOCOM that made SOCOM and I mean little features like, jump climb, peeking and actually being able to shoot right and throw the greneades right. They even removed the tie breaker round. I can go on with the problems but you can find them on you tube under, “socom is dead” title. Let just add 1 more, you cant even shoot over railings, low walls, etc. etc. These people that complain about the people complaining about the game have every right to. So back off and leave us alone and be happy playing your half done game, which you got ripped off.

  • SONY please do something about SOCOM. Step in and tell these half ass developers Slant Six to do their job! SONY you failed us as well with you firdt off letting them treat your gem like garbage and 2.) letting them treat the consumers like garbage. SONY either you ste up your game or just release SOCOM 2 on the psn for $20 as I do beleive thats how much a greatest hits is worth on the PS2. Also just wondering but why is it that not too many people like SOCOM 3 and CA. Ive played SOCOM since 1 and I think theyre still great games. I see everything that SOCOM had on these SOCOMs with just new added features.

  • Wasn’t Uncharted 1 released the same year as “The Orange Box”? Game of the Year indeed…

    It’s still pretty fun though.

  • When Socom was with Zippe it was a bad ass game but now they ruined it for me. Thank godness for Killzone2. Also Uncharted is one of the best games I ever played and I already bought # 2 can’t wait.

  • oh if it was shiny like the older ps3, i’d consider buying another one.

  • i bought socom for the headset. thought i was going to get a different socom . but i still got the same slow shooter die and wait 30 minutes game . my friends love it though. socom not for everybody

  • look, uncharted 1=greatest game, very, very, best of best, picture 2?

  • Socom is up there because people wanted a blue-tooth headset. They bought the bundle, thus making the game sell more.

  • OMG finally i mean they should have made uncharted a greatest hit at least a month after releasing it bundled with the 120 gb console

  • bwahahah I just bought Uncharted!! :) I was lucky enough to snag the regular copy when it went down to $30 last Sunday. The game is awesome! Can’t wait for Uncharted 2 hehe

  • I might get it!!! Drake’s Fortune is!!!:)

  • finally, i was wondering when this was going to happen

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