Additional PS3 Greatest Hits Titles Available Now

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Last week, we announced the availability of two new “Greatest Hits” titles . U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune are the latest best-selling titles to enter into the elite world of “Greatest Hits.” Stand alone versions are available now $29.99 MSRP. Check out the cool new pack fronts below.

Uncharted Drake's Fortune Greatest Hits SOCOM Confrontation Greatest Hits

Summer’s not over yet! Now that you know what to look out for, go ahead and pick them up for yourself. At $29.99, you deserve it!

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  • It’s about t

  • It’s about time they made drake a greatest hit

  • Two games I bought a long time ago.

    Socom started out bad, but as of lately is the game I play the most. It also comes with the best headset out there.

    Uncharted I’ve beaten 4 times with a platinum to boot!

  • It’s nice to see Uncharted get the love, it deserves it more than just about any game this year. Now if only Valkyria Chronicles could get the same appreciation……

  • When is there gonna be a proper SOCOM IV with SP campaign, online/offline co op and a great multiplayer?

  • WOuld love to see Folklore reprinted as Greatest Hits but I doubt it’s sold 1mil.

  • About time Uncharted came out. Found it ridiculous it has been $60 for so long, especially with 2 coming out soon. Now I can finally pick up my copy tonight at Best Buy.

  • Why are the following not GH or reduced price yet?

    Hot Shots Golf 5: Out of Bounds
    Heavenly Sword

  • too bad socom is still a broken mess…

  • About time Uncharted hit the Greatest Hits discount. It was a game worth it at $60, but being out so long, it needed a $30 price point.

    Now nobody has an excuse NOT to play this wonderful game!


  • confrontation pfft it failed and u only knocked 10$ off but now i can buy uncharted :)

  • Glady to know that Uncharted is now a GH, time to buy it.

    And the greatest hits cover of PS3 USA is the best one ever. No yellow bars or giant words.

  • @62 “And the greatest hits cover of PS3 USA is the best one ever. No yellow bars or giant words.”

    Not to mention if you act early, you can get the original box with just the GH sticker on the foil outside. What I did with R&C!

  • socom wasnt that bad and i think resistance 2 should be a greatest hit

  • Socom=Sosuck How did this get on the greatest list? what an epic failure of a game.

  • only reason socom got greatest hits since it sold ok and is more populare than killzone 2 and resistance 2.

    if /6 did good job on it, it would of been more people playing and no bashing at all

  • Put Greatest Hits games up for download and we’ll talk. Don’t let Microsoft come in with their Games on Demand and pretend like Sony hasn’t already been doing this for awhile now.

    At this point, I should be able to buy Resistance and Uncharted and all the other Greatest Hits (and more, really) on the PSN store.

    (2)SLANT 6

    GET IT.

  • Confrontation only sold that many because of false promises, way to go slant 6 there should be an asterisk next to your game;

    Socom Confrontaion *We promise we don’t deliver!

  • woo…Uncharted now FINALLY added to the Greatest Hits series! this was 6 months + way overdue.

    thanks Sony, now give Heavenly Sword the same treatment. I’m tired of seeing such a great game now 2 years old still selling for $60 while some games that have been out for half as long are selling for $40..

  • Uncharted for 30? thank you.

  • Awesome news. And I’ll be in the market for a new game or two, later this week. Very nice, Sony.

  • Socom is a greatest hit because people bought the game. Don’t be jackasses.

  • Anyone who hasn’t played or purchased Uncharted yet should be ashamed…


    I find that hilarious…


  • How is SOCOM a greatest hit??

  • These 2 Games Are Not To Be Forgotten As These Games Have Actually Made An Impact To The Games We Play Now. These Games Made Us Realize That This Is Living. ;)


  • hey kim is uncharted available as greatest hits now or next week? and people shut up about socom it’s fun and addictive just alitle lag it still deserves to be greatest hits

  • Yeah!!! uncharted at last!

    100% i will be buying that masterpiece.

  • I got Socom for the headset and the chance of a good game. But it wasn’t that good so I traded it in and ended up with a $35.00 headset. Wasn’t to bad of a deal.


    The headset EVEN sucks…


  • Uncharted should have been a greatest hit last year. If it would had been I would have owned it before my PS3 FAILED. By the time I finally get over being pissed and send it back for the ridiculous price of $150, Uncharted 2 will be out.

  • Awesome news about Uncharted.

    Socom on the other hand was completely RUINED by that terrible game company, Slant Six. They released a game probably a YEAR earlier than it should have been (and I was one of the suckers that bought it). It STILL doesn’t even have the features they advertised on it’s release 10 months later and they promised patches that NEVER came. If Zipper had made this game with a modern graphics engine (the graphics are even pretty bad) and polished it to the point of Socom 2 it could have been incredible. Buyer beware on Socom and anything by the company Slant Six. It’s bad.

  • @81 are you kidding? The awesome bluetooth headset was the only good thing about paying $60 for Socom. The game is terrible. The headset is awesome quality, is comfortable enough, and syncs automatically to PS3 with that little HUD in the upper right. Also you CAN adjust the mic volume wtf are you talking about just go into the Settings on PS3. You can adjust volume and even how your voice sounds.

  • Lol @ Confrontation. They would be better off repackaging Socom 2 as a “greatest hits” game. Then at least there would be truth to it!

  • FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for you Uncharted!!!

  • @81 you don’t like Warhawk? Your kidding right? Do you like games at all? It’s one of the most unique and fun games for any console and I still play it sometimes to this day. Certainly it’s not perfect, but it’s a fun well done game.

  • great news too bad i already got those XD

  • At $30 Socom is still a rip off. The game came out almost a year ago and it’s still not done. It doesn’t even have the features they advertised on the box. They promised patches months ago then never released them. Sure maybe it’ll be out soon but it still ONLY has with 7 maps, and barely any guns.

    If Zipper made that game on a modern graphics engine it could have been a masterpiece. Saldy they are making MAG, which looks cool but I doubt will ever be as good as Socom could have been as there is a sea of FPS games coming out and Bad Company 2 looks better to me.

    Socom was unique and very well done for PS2, Zipper should have stuck with it.

  • Wow you people are dumb.

    First of all, Uncharted wasn’t a greatest hits because it was included in a bundle, therefore the price could not be lowered.

    Second of all, if you don’t like SOCOM, DON’T BUY IT. Who cares if it’s a greatest hits if you aren’t going to buy it? No reason to chastise an entire company for lowering the price on a game that sold a lot of copies.

  • @ 87
    I wasn’t knocking warhawk..I just did’nt like the controls the game had..They seemed sluggish to me. Kinda like Killzone was at one time….The game is no means bad.

    @ 84
    Try to set the mic volume on the XMB you’ll
    see it doesn’t change.

  • Heavenly Sword please!

    I got Socom…just for the headset – so its still unopened.

    The patching alone on day one detoured me from opening it. Sounds like its still buggy, so I’m glad I haven’t wasted the time.

  • Uncharted is an A+ game. it’s nice to see a price drop for those who don’t have it yet. Had my copy released date :) Can’t wait for uncharted 2. dammmm i love this game :)

  • Nice ill pick up both soon

  • @ #3 BalramRules. I think my post was a few seconds ahead hahahah.

    As for Heavenly Sword, that game will never get a price drop/Greatest Hits… the game never cracked over the 1.5 million worldwide and in the eyes of Ninja Theory it did not do as well as they wanted, last known comment from Ninja Theory about a HS sequel was that they were NOT working on a sequel but instead working on a brand new IP which will be multiplatform, they commented saying that they didnt make enough money with Heavenly Sword by having it exclusive since it did not sell as much as they wanted. The game has been long since discontinued, what you see in the stores now is just overstock and/or used copies. I purchased it day-one but in the end it was more of a rental, too short, no extras/secrets and no reply value after you beat it.

  • WOOT!


    And… I guess I can understand why Socom is a greatest hit now, I mean, it IS based on sales, and I see more people playing Socom on PSN than Uncharted even! (Though, Uncharted is pure AWESOMENESS!)

  • Socom isn’t that bad. you guys seem to forgot what the Socom series has been like. The game has been patched alot and is now worthy of the Sony name. Only a worthless lil kid with no life and is mad cause he can’t run and gun on Socom would complain. I had issues with the lag and loading times but it was fixed. Socom you can get numerous hours of it. I mainly bought it at first for the blutooth headset then I was surprised how much it changed. You guys should get Socom. Stop listening to lil kids spreading rumors on the net and give the game a shot. Good Post Sony. Screw the Socom Haters. I’m sure the game has sold alot since its release and thats what makes a greatest hit not rumors that don’t determine the gross sales. lol KIDS!

  • Awesome! I was just thinking about SOCOM too!

  • It would be great if some of these greatest hits titles got trophy patches. Specifically, Resistance and Ratchet&Clank.

    I really don’t see the marketing potential being maximized if you’re raising brand awareness only to sell new copies, but not to get current owners playing again as well.

  • What #46 said. Do you get the mic? For a half made game? Cuz if not no1 going to buy a half made $30 game…

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