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As you may know by now, all eyes in the gaming world this week will be on Cologne, Germany and the gamescom festival. PlayStation will, of course, have a big presence at the event, and our own Chris Morell is currently en route to Deutschland to bring you news and reports from Europe’s biggest videogame convention.

Look for the first updates here on the PlayStation.Blog Tuesday morning, as we’ll break down the SCEE press conference for North American gamers. See you then!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 10, 2009)

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  • Yo Jeff- I have a problem with my PS3… how can i contact you ?

  • Congrats Jeff on the new baby!

    Heard the news on Beyond and waited for another post by you to congratulate! I’m sure you will have your hands full.

  • OH MY GOD!!!! LUNAR!!!! I’m so looking forward to that. Because of this, is there a possibility of getting the ps1 versions of lunar 1&2 on psn?

  • I know i’m looking a bit farther into the future, but any ideas on what we might see at TGS this year?

  • is there any MAG beta codes left? or supercar?

  • I agree, Sony MUST offer a better web browser. I know PS3 is a “game console” but a good web browser could be THE killer app that makes the PS3 that much more a “must have” device for all those big screen HDTV’s people are buying. I plan on buying a PS3 at some point, but if it had a decent browser (AND good Flash player!) I would own one now. And I am willing to pay $$$ for a good browser! Sony, charge me $19.99 or $24.99 for a good browser! Just deliver one. The Opera browser on my Wii is poor and outdated, now barely usable, and cannot even deliver 1080 resolution. I get the feeling Apple is working on a new “Apple TV” that will not only offer games, but the Safari web browser. It still amazes me Nintendo and Sony don’t see the potential of delivering the internet (the biggest thing since the TV and phone) to the HDTV! I know some of the problem here is Adobe support for Flash on devices other than computers, but Sony is a big company. They should tell Adobe “deliver a Flash player we can run on PS3 per your Open Screen Project, or we will support an open source project like SVG and/or UIRA…with money and engineering resources.”

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