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As you may know by now, all eyes in the gaming world this week will be on Cologne, Germany and the gamescom festival. PlayStation will, of course, have a big presence at the event, and our own Chris Morell is currently en route to Deutschland to bring you news and reports from Europe’s biggest videogame convention.

Look for the first updates here on the PlayStation.Blog Tuesday morning, as we’ll break down the SCEE press conference for North American gamers. See you then!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 10, 2009)

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  • Nice week. Loved teh Citizen Gamer review of Fat Princess.

    It’s been a good week for me, too. :D

    Just got contacted by the ticket people saying they made an error with my tickets for the Miley Cyrus concert, so I’ll be getting better seats, got my PAX tickets, RSVP’d for the MAG event. This week can’t get any better. :D

  • hopefully Sony announces the video store for Canada

  • Hope for some even better news this week :)

  • @2

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. Mostly this week, its a Euro event.

  • You know, including an article that starts “Confirmed” and then goes on to confirm something we don’t necessarily care to have confirmed is just cruel. Why you gotta play a brother like that? =P

    I’m glad to hear more’s coming from Capcom. Honestly, while things may have been choppy with a number of developers in the past, I don’t really have a problem with any of them anymore… Well, except for Squeenix, but after the past couple of years, that shouldn’t be surprising.

    By the way, what ever happened to the SandStation 2 and One? Were they Import-Only? XD

  • Oh, Jeff, will you not be attending GamesCom?

    Also, will you only be at the MAG event or will you also be at PAX, too?

    • I\’m not going, got a new kid to look after :-)
      I\’ll be at PAX *and* the MAG event, however. The event is going to kick some ass!

  • This weeks news will be the best of all time real talk

  • Hey, Jeff. Do you by any chance know if ALL the MvC2 retail copies come with a Manual?

    I got mine from Gamestop and only got the code and Marvel Subscription, but I never got the manual. Is there a way to contact Capcom and tell them about this or am I screwed?

  • Oh, whoops, nevermind. Just found out it DOESN’T come with a manual.

    Oh well.

  • I HATE These Stupid RECAPS…

    You guys are getting AS-LAZY as TeamXbox

    Not working on Sat & Sundays…

    Lazy asses!

  • Good to see you back on the Blog buddy :) I did twitter you :p lol

    Looking forward to GamesCom this week – unfortunately i am out with the family! Hopefully i can find a reason to be home in time for the start of the conference. Hoping for some cool stuff (primarily release date for European video store :D)

  • I have a question that does not seem to have been asked or mentioned about the PSP GO, if I have a bluetooth enabled computer would I be able to connect it to my PSP GO and be able to transfer files via bluetooth? What about with the PS3?

  • I’m glad to see some new colours for the Dualshock Controllers, although I own four already, I’d get another one if Sony released them in green.

  • Is the US Blog heading to GamesCom?
    IS there any hope of seeing new God of War III footage at the event? :)

    • Chris will be there, and report on whatever is new that hasn\’t been shown already here (like at E3, etc)

  • i hate being the guy to ask this, but is there any word one these obviously fake PS3 slim articles?

    keep up the good work! you guys rock!

  • @ Jeff

    Sorry to bug you so much but is there any word on if there will be an update that makes it so you can delete trophy games in ‘my trophies’ that you have 0 % in.

    Also delete games that you have some trophies in that way if your a completionist and you can’t get all the trophies.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Jeff tell Chris to watch out for the Nazi Zombies.

  • Will we see the PS3 Slim next week for real? Go on tell me i won’t tell anyone :D

  • How’s being a father going?

    I have heard, that if you felt like the blog and gaming took up a lot of time, that babies are even more demanding of your time!

    Nice to see you posting anyway.

    • Thanks for asking, it\’s a lot of work, but I\’ve been able to get some gaming in. But with a baby\’s demands, it\’s not like I can get 2-3 hours a day in anymore (for now).

  • yay Jeff is back, You should watch some footage of critter crunch, you could pick up a tip or two on parenting

  • Its great to have you back Jeff! I’d really like some ACiT stuff though…

  • my gamescom predictions:
    1. PS3 Slim + price-drop
    2. GT5 relase date!!!
    3. jaffe’s game. next-gen twisted metal FTW

    my wishlist:
    1. starhawk announcement
    2. firmware update (in-game skpe, please)

    what’s yours?

  • Hoping for some decent announcements.

    PS2 games on the PSN store would make me happy.

  • any leaks about the next ps3 update?

  • I hope they mention The Last Guardian somewhere between all those announcements :(

  • Hey, I like how you’ve added the trophy feature to the US website but how hard is it to just have one PlayStation site with a language select, right now the PlayStation sites just seem… unconnected.

    oh and that SandStation 3 was awesome!

  • Does Gamescom start on Monday or Tuesday.

  • PS3 Slim is a 50/50 chance.

  • @22 jBat17

    gamescom predictions:

    PS3 Slim – Price cut (im pretty damn sure PS3 will $299 @ ’10)
    In-game skype
    Current-Gen Twisted Metal, Onimusha Star Wars KOTOR, Monster Rancher, Dark Cloud Midnight Club, RAMPAGE, and SOCOM (Zipper Interactive SOCOMs)


  • grats Jeff!

    glad to see you back

  • Good to see you back Jeff!

  • @22

    I don’t predict Sony will announce much at all at Gamescom besides maybe a GT5 date…

    My wishlist however is the same as EVERYONES (but Sony doesn’t seem to hear it) A firmware announcement!!!:

    –In game Voice chat (that works seamless in and out of the chat program)
    –Faster in-game XMB
    –More Avatars (or PS Home integration with Avatars)
    –Ability to stream internet music easily (like 360 will do soon)
    –BETTER web browser. One that doesn’t run insanely slow and freeze up the PS3 all the time. Webkit based would be nice.
    –Game launching in PS Home for all new games and all current hits.
    –Move the damn controller battery below the clock when you press the PS Button. How basic is this?
    –Netflix or some movie streaming service (minor request will probably never happen)

  • Can’t wait

  • @32 please go to the xbox 360 website and give them a to do list like you did for the ps3. like a web browser , improve on netflix streaming because it look to crapy. in game chat i can lived without but i know people like you want to talk more then play video game , lol when someone invite me to a party chat i don’t except it. am not a fanboy but i am so gald ps3 and 360 are different , that why i have both . both systems have features i like and don’t like just throwing mine two cents in.

  • I can’t believe no one’s said this yet, but, Jeff, ignore that… “twit” FPlus (whose name and grade are one and the same here). You guys do a damn fine job throughout the week, a standard five-day work week the same as anyone else. The weekend SHOULD BE your time.

    Take it easy. =)

  • everyone add me as a friend on ps3 if they want to play cod waw zombies (and/or) fat princess and you got a mic

  • Oh, that’s right.

    Maybe one day she’ll get the chance to frag us. :D

    See ya at PAX.

  • Jeff being back! FTW!

  • Wheres the New York love guys? We wanna play new games too:)

  • Hey Jeff, good to see back and congrats on your little one. A little off topic but I wanted to share my PSN Portable ID on the social network Facebook, but I couldn’t find an app or way to slap it in there. Any suggestions from you or among the faithful Playstation Blog readers would be appreciated big time.

  • Good to see you back Jeff!

  • I wanted the extra MvC2 goodies, but couldn’t wait any longer to play it and just bought it on Thursday via PSN. Oh well…

    Really stoked for Dino Crisis and Resident Evil 2 & 3! Now if only I could get Fear Effect 1 & 2 on my PSP, I’d have the best of my PSOne collection on the go…

  • will gamescom content be on PlayStation Store?

  • When will the PS3 ever get RPGs?

  • phinnv8

    “Same as everyone”

    You dumb troll I DONT want those requests just the better web


  • @ 32 Agreed…

  • Jeff!!!!
    will gamescom be awesome and action packed?
    will the blog, er, blog all the action packed-ness?

    i hope so.

  • I second the feature to be able to delete games from your trophy list.

  • @47 Thanks, it’s good to know someone is backing me on this

    @Jeff remember i asked you for the delete trophy feature a month ago and you said you’d tell the development team

  • Glad to see you back Jeff! By the way, when will you contact Harmonix to do an interview or feature for The Beatles: Rock Band? We need at least one video in the Store!

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