Savage Moon Update and Expansion Now Available on PSN

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Hello again readers! This is Ana (the producer) and Tomas (the designer) from FluffyLogic, in Bristol, UK. (On an aside, it is interesting to note that Bristol is once more the centre of global cultural attention with the opening of a new exhibition by graffiti artist Banksy. We note this as our development studio is just hundred or-so meters from his famous ‘Mild Mild West‘ mural.)

If you are new to Savage Moon for PS3/PSN, then start here; if not, then welcome! We wanted to say a big thanks to those of you who have taken the trouble to email us with feedback, ideas and suggestions. Where possible we have incorporated some of your ideas into the new update of the game, now available. Amongst other things, the update includes:

Savage Moon update screenshot

  • Re-balancing of the stats, including an upgraded Amp Tower with stats more similar to the first release of the game. Other tweaks to the stats make level 4 a bit more forgiving.
  • A new ‘Training Mode’ that allows all the levels to be played as before, but the overall gameplay is a bit easier (but you can’t save these scores to the high-score table).
  • We have added custom soundtrack support, so you can blast Insectocytes to the tunes of your choice.

We would also like to tell you a bit more about the new expansion for Savage Moon – Waldgeist. If you are wondering, the name is German and translates as ‘woodland spirit‘ and in pagan times Waldgeists (is that the plural?) were believed to be the custodians of the forest. As the new levels in the expansion are set in more biological forested Imoons, we felt the name suited the vibe of the new gameplay perfectly.

So you can get a peek at the expansion, here’s the trailer that’s currently running on the PlayStation.Blog.Europe:

So what is in the new game? We are happy to say, ‘loads’. We got a bit carried away during development and so the final version of Waldgeist has:

  • 6 new levels that bring a riot of new colors and environments into the game.
  • 2 new evolutions of the Insectocytes: the aptly named Death Blossom – a frightening new adaptation that when it reaches a concentration of towers, explodes launching a payload of deadly guided missiles in a single barrage of devastation to all within it’s range. There is also the ‘Invisibugs’ adaptation; a new photochromatic skin pigment in some Insectocytes that render them invisible to normal attack towers.
  • 2 new tower types: fortunately the human techies have also been busy. They have developed a counter to the ‘Invisibugs’ in the form of a sensor tower that allows all other towers within its range to target them. They have also developed the Arclight tower which is our personal favorite, a lightning-firing attack tower that zaps Insectocytes en masse!
  • 12 new versions of the existing levels: In the expansion you can re-play Agamemnon to Lotan all-over with different waves and bugs that the normal versions.
  • Vengeance Mode: All combined, there is now more vengeance than Dirty Harry in Waldgeist. There are vengeance modes for the 6 new levels AND for the 12 new Waldgeist variations of Agamemnon to Lotan AND for the training mode version of all of the above.
  • 7 New Trophies: Yes indeed! A whole host of new challenges for Commanders to show their superior grasp of tactics, examples of which are; the Insectocyte Juggler Award (keep an Insectocyte alive for 5 minutes) and the Luddite Trophy (complete any 5 levels using only Machine Gun Towers and without any damage to the base)
  • New Music: Thanks to Parasite, our sound producer and musician, we also have new music in the new levels AND bonus hidden remix tracks that unlock including exclusive tracks by Subliminal System, Monk3ylogic and of course, Parasite.

We’re really pleased with Waldgeist and feel it builds upon the strongest aspects of Savage Moon; we hope you think so too!

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  • @19 zombie9
    Yeah well he obviously has internet or a way to get on it to post on this blog. I can understand some people don’t have internet but do you realize the production cost involved in a disc? Did you also check the cost of 50GB BD media? Also who will make the compilation? Then some one else will say “this compilation doesn’t have such and such” no sale or I won’t pay $30 for this. Pain is coming to BD so they are open to idea but that game has like a discs worth of content and sells well. I mean 50 games on a disc seriously you expect that to be $30 or less? even at $2.99 a game that’s $149.50. Then you have retail space lose. Just because 1 or 2 people might buy it doesn’t make it a good idea.

  • @29 afdgsfdgnb

    Who will decide the compilation? You? I have seen many people on here complaining that don’t have PS3’s plus it would add to the humor of your post if you ended up not having a PS3. I love discs don’t get me wrong I LOVE disc based stuff but to deny your self digital games because it’s not on disc? Who is really the idiot here? You also didn’t answer my questions about DLC and music on disc. I hope they come out with a greatest hits PSN disc that would be cool and I would also expect to see you here complaining about the price or the collection of games threating “no sale” It’s you who needs to remove your head from your rectum and enjoy some downloadable games. I get your post but seriously make a case and offer up some ideas instead of the same old “no disc=no sale” I bet your post gets ignored for that.

  • Just so we are all clear. If I had a choice between a disc and downloadable I would take the disc.
    Sony, some compilation greatest hits or best selling or whatever BD disc of PSN games would ROCK! I would not buy it because I have downloaded everything already … ok maybe I might buy it so I have a disc copy =)
    @ afdgsfdgnb I get your point but please present it better for sake of Sony hearing it. Then again you did call your self part of the peanut gallery, hey your words not mine. Going to play some PSN games now bye.

  • @19 zombie9
    O yeah almost forget, the Genesis collection had Genesis games on it from how many years ago? Terrible example, the production costs have been recouped on those games already so the only money they had to make back now was the production of the disc.

  • @49 Thrill_Kill
    The jerk is posting “no disc=no sale” on a post about an add-on DLC.
    You want that on disc to?
    And I am just expressing they are missing out on some great stuff with that stance. So somehow my post is of less importance because you say it is? You need to grow up! Downloadable is worthless for who? You because you can’t sell it or trade it in? I find downloadable games to be very much worthwhile. for the purpose of entertainment. Do you honestly read the manual? Just so you know I don’t care if you bothered with the PS3 or not.

  • @52 “I LOVE disc based stuff but to deny your self digital games because it’s not on disc? Who is really the idiot here?”

    You are for buying digital content.

    And I everything I buy, I buy on disc.

    Music, movies, games.

    DD is *not* the future if we fight it.

    There is enough room on a Blu-Ray disc to put enough games on to satisfy everyone.

    If you love discs so much, don’t argue in a pro-DD position, you chimp.

  • @56 afdgsfdgnb
    I am pro technology. With my fiber net connection I can download things in seconds no waiting in lines or going to the store or waiting for shipments.
    Your always thinking like a consumer, just because we can fit 50GB, 100GB or 1TB on a BD doesn’t mean it’s cost effective to do so. How will the devs collect profit and how much do you think that disc would cost?
    I like options and don’t limit myself to one thing. Yes if given the option I will take a disc any day but DD is too convient to pass up the trade off is not that big of a deal for me. Kind of makes you look more like a simple minded chimp than me.

    All I am saying is your missing out on some great content. I am having a dialog so everyone understands the logic behind your stance. Your one line “no disc=no sale” appears to be that of a troll, especially on a story about a game Add-On. Did you see the people that came out in defense of disc based content once we started this?

    Just curious what do you do if a game doesn’t work and requires a patch to fix it?

    I respect your stance and resolve to not buy digital content, good luck with the fight, I am not that strong …

  • @57 “just because we can fit 50GB, 100GB or 1TB on a BD doesn’t mean it’s cost effective to do so”

    You idiot! That’s what the giant storage space on Blu-Ray IS FOR!

    DD is convenient until your hard drive dies and you want to replace something 10 years later, and you find out it can’t be done.

    If you can’t fight DLC and DD, then you are part of the problem.

  • @58 afdgsfdgnb
    No the giant storage space is for HD video and data storage not to cram as many games as can fit on it. I go back to my cost effective argument.

    That’s why you make backups and I have an extensive backup system to help ensure these things won’t happen I also replace my HDD in my PS3 on an almost regular basis.

    Obviously not a solution everyone can achieve and while DD isn’t perfect and has some things to work out, I am enjoying it now and will push for further technology enhancments that will enable easier backup and less DRM. What I won’t do is try to stop technology dead in it’s tracks.

    I am part of the problem in YOUR OPINION.
    You are not going to chance my stance just as I won’t change yours.

    My point was simply to explain your post because your one liner won’t get your cause any where.

    Can we agree to disagree?

  • I downloaded the new update yesterday and now I can’t play the game. It says the copyright protection information is invalid.? Anybody know what went wrong and how I fix it. I’m a little upset.

  • @60 Fish99WS6
    Re-download and install the original game.
    If that doesn’t work.
    Delete the game and re-download and install it. You don’t need to delete your saved data.

  • How do you re-download it? If i delete it do I have to pay to download it again?

  • Deleted and reinstalled it. Works fine now. Thanks.

  • I have the same problem with the update. Copyright error. If i unistall then reinstall then download and install the update will it work or do i have to have the dlc for it to work.

  • no you dont have to re buy it. it should be on your ps store download list. yes joejjc2008 reinstall should fix your issue too without the need for dlc.

  • reinstalled demo the unlock game worked fine i will definitely buy the dlc great game

  • I am very happy with this new add-on. I have two levels left to struggle through to get that evil Neophile trophy.
    I would really like two things to be added in the next add-on/update that you guys make. Those three things would be:
    1. First-person view for blocking tower. I have always been curious as to what a blocking tower sees.
    2. The ability to place blocking towers on top of blocking towers. I have actually needed this on several occasions when there is limited space available.
    3. The arclight tower’s line of sight. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the arclight tower should be able to shoot whatever that is in range and not hiding behind cover. However, there have been a bunch of times where the opposite happens.

    Ok, so you don’t have to add in #1, that was just for my curiosity but #2 and definitely #3 would be really appreciated. Other than these two things, Savage Moon is really fun. Thanks for making this game!

  • Hi, Has anyone else been having problems with the DLC? I dowloaded and installed the expansion(wich took all of 5-10 sec)off the PSN (wich ive done a lot of an am no novice to)But I load up savage moon and can find nothing new.So I tryed it a second time redownloading it and install and still no new Imoon. plz help

  • Kinjo-I had your same problem. I had to delete and re-download the original game, and then reinstall the add-on. Apparently there is a newer version of the original game that’s 258 MB rather than the version I had that was only 203 or 208 MB (can’t remember what it was now).

  • Thanks for super TDGame! I would like to ask zou:

    Could U create some troops with soldiers? As they defends spot where I place them. Low defence, but enormous power or speed. Just idea. I just love that marine standing on the tower and firin like insane. I would like to see some troops.

    And again. Thanks for the great game. Great work.

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