Savage Moon Update and Expansion Now Available on PSN

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Hello again readers! This is Ana (the producer) and Tomas (the designer) from FluffyLogic, in Bristol, UK. (On an aside, it is interesting to note that Bristol is once more the centre of global cultural attention with the opening of a new exhibition by graffiti artist Banksy. We note this as our development studio is just hundred or-so meters from his famous ‘Mild Mild West‘ mural.)

If you are new to Savage Moon for PS3/PSN, then start here; if not, then welcome! We wanted to say a big thanks to those of you who have taken the trouble to email us with feedback, ideas and suggestions. Where possible we have incorporated some of your ideas into the new update of the game, now available. Amongst other things, the update includes:

Savage Moon update screenshot

  • Re-balancing of the stats, including an upgraded Amp Tower with stats more similar to the first release of the game. Other tweaks to the stats make level 4 a bit more forgiving.
  • A new ‘Training Mode’ that allows all the levels to be played as before, but the overall gameplay is a bit easier (but you can’t save these scores to the high-score table).
  • We have added custom soundtrack support, so you can blast Insectocytes to the tunes of your choice.

We would also like to tell you a bit more about the new expansion for Savage Moon – Waldgeist. If you are wondering, the name is German and translates as ‘woodland spirit‘ and in pagan times Waldgeists (is that the plural?) were believed to be the custodians of the forest. As the new levels in the expansion are set in more biological forested Imoons, we felt the name suited the vibe of the new gameplay perfectly.

So you can get a peek at the expansion, here’s the trailer that’s currently running on the PlayStation.Blog.Europe:

So what is in the new game? We are happy to say, ‘loads’. We got a bit carried away during development and so the final version of Waldgeist has:

  • 6 new levels that bring a riot of new colors and environments into the game.
  • 2 new evolutions of the Insectocytes: the aptly named Death Blossom – a frightening new adaptation that when it reaches a concentration of towers, explodes launching a payload of deadly guided missiles in a single barrage of devastation to all within it’s range. There is also the ‘Invisibugs’ adaptation; a new photochromatic skin pigment in some Insectocytes that render them invisible to normal attack towers.
  • 2 new tower types: fortunately the human techies have also been busy. They have developed a counter to the ‘Invisibugs’ in the form of a sensor tower that allows all other towers within its range to target them. They have also developed the Arclight tower which is our personal favorite, a lightning-firing attack tower that zaps Insectocytes en masse!
  • 12 new versions of the existing levels: In the expansion you can re-play Agamemnon to Lotan all-over with different waves and bugs that the normal versions.
  • Vengeance Mode: All combined, there is now more vengeance than Dirty Harry in Waldgeist. There are vengeance modes for the 6 new levels AND for the 12 new Waldgeist variations of Agamemnon to Lotan AND for the training mode version of all of the above.
  • 7 New Trophies: Yes indeed! A whole host of new challenges for Commanders to show their superior grasp of tactics, examples of which are; the Insectocyte Juggler Award (keep an Insectocyte alive for 5 minutes) and the Luddite Trophy (complete any 5 levels using only Machine Gun Towers and without any damage to the base)
  • New Music: Thanks to Parasite, our sound producer and musician, we also have new music in the new levels AND bonus hidden remix tracks that unlock including exclusive tracks by Subliminal System, Monk3ylogic and of course, Parasite.

We’re really pleased with Waldgeist and feel it builds upon the strongest aspects of Savage Moon; we hope you think so too!

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  • I bought this already. Thank you for adding alot with the DLC. Well worth the $5 for the what seems like more than doubling the gameplay of the base package. Awesome game. Got me excited for more tower defense games like PJ Monsters and the new South Park game coming out.

  • Thanks for the update. I just picked this up during the summer sale a couple weeks ago and an expansion plus an update are very welcome at this point.

  • Cool thanks for the expansion and taking the time out to read our comments

  • Nice to see the game’s continued support. I need to find time to pick it back up and try making new progress – it got pretty hard, pretty quick.

  • I find it amazing that PSN games get better support than a big budget game. What game you ask that I am talking about, well SOCOM of course. Let’s see patch 1.5 info came out in April, and said to have a release date of mid may. It is now August and it is still not freaking out. GRRRRRRRRRR

  • It’s great to see you flouting your Bristolian credentials! Any chance that the Wurzels can star in your next game?

  • I loved the game and then the new patch came out that made it incredibly TOO unforgiving but I am curious…does it play more like the original or just a tiny bit?

    I’d hate to buy this DLC and then be upset that it was still quite deadly or feel impossible to beat.

  • can trophies still be obtained in the training mode?

  • Awesome update. I got it on release day but still haven’t gotten past the second moon. Personally I think mortar towers need an upgrade, since as they are now you might as well just build machine gun turrets the whole way (see guides on youtube).

  • Gave this game a try when it dropped in price a few weeks back. Didn’t think Tower Defense would be a genre I’d like. Turns out I was wrong. I dig this game.

    On the other hand, I still can’t get past the 4th level on the first moon. A have a perfect game going until the last wave. Those giant hardshell crab dudes are wicked. Almost need 10 level 5 laser towers in a row to take care of them. Oh well, I’ll get it eventually. :)

  • Thank you for the update, I have been unable to beat level 4 since I bought the game when it came out day one and because of that have been unable to enjoy the game. The update is free right? Please tell me it is.

  • When it comes on a physical disc, I’ll buy it.

    No disc = no sale.

  • Thanks for the update, this game is awesome.

  • Oh so you added some crack to the heroin….good

  • Love this game!
    Got the update and add-on yesterday!
    Thanks for the support!
    Custom Music IS A WIN!

  • @12 afdgsfdgnb
    Yup, another lose for you.
    Do you even own a PS3?
    Would you honestly pay $60 for Savage Moon on BD?
    Do you even own any games?
    Do you get DLC or do you want that on disc too?
    Do you buy all your music on disc?
    Maybe you would be willing to front the cost of production for a small scale game to come to disc?
    I think it’s funny that you think your “no disc=no sale” makes a difference.
    Let me tell you it doesn’t, because they would most likely make less or lose money on a small scale game put into disc production.
    14 or so people have posted already own and love the game to your 1 “no disc=no sale” LOL
    2nd game your missed out on this week!
    Nice work troll!

  • What really irked me about Savage Moon was that every time you started a stage, you had to watch the camera run over the overlay each and every time. If I can’t skip this ‘intro to the level’ past the first time I played it, I don’t think I’ll ever pick the game back up.

  • Thanks for the info about the update. I’d gotten the game a bit ago but not yet played it. I’ll take a look at the Waldgeist DLC, too.

    P.S., the plural of Waldgeist is Waldgeister.

  • @16 some people do not have internet and don’t even know what savage moon is. And last time I check BD could hold 50 gigs of data so thats like what 50 PSN games on one disk. OH and thats right Some BD sell for $30 when they are released Sonics Genisis collection ($30) for exaple had 49 games on it.

  • More frustrating than fun… sadly.

  • as far as TD games go for the ps3, i prefer comet crash. savage moon is fun but the difficulty curve is really steep. another game to look at is crystal defenders demo. i’m not a fan of final fantasy, but the demo is worth a try.

  • @17 i think you can change this in the configuration options of the game

  • Thank you for the updates, FL! I love this game. I agree with #17 so I’ll have to check the options, but custom audio is great.

    One question I would like to ask is how to get get the money trophy $$$ from the original set of trophies? I can never seem to accumulate enough cash to get it.

    Please continue working on this game and add more to it!

  • Finally! The lack of two-player cooperative really kind of… “watered down” this game for me, but the lack of custom soundtracks just added insult to injury. When I get my PS3 back I look forward to giving everything another try.

  • @Tomas

    Read this OFFER AND gave me your opinion:

    or this

    if you interested why not give it a try.

  • I wish I had known this update was coming back at the sale. I held off because of the lack of custom soundtrack support. Had I known this was coming, I would have bought it in no time. Maybe the game should go on sale the week of or the week before the update? Seems like you guys just cheated yourselves out of a sale.

  • Thanks Ana.

    I purchased the DLC last night and appreciate the devs adding it.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Savage Moon is one of my favorite PSN games, but it’s one of the hardest games I’ve played, well worth the prices of admission with the challenge I put forth, a lot better than a movie ticket.

    and @12, you’re missing out on a great game. If the disc gets damaged and can’t play it again you’re effed, the game is 200mb’s, putting that on a blu-ray would be pointless. Just DL it.

  • @16

    You are an idiot.

    If I didn’t own a PS3, why would I be on here complaining about games not being on discs?

    Would I pay $60 for Savage Moon? Nope. But why Sony doesn’t do a compilation of PSN games and put it on a Blu-Ray disc to pacify the people who like games on disc is beyond me.

    It would be extra revenue and keep the disc loving peanut gallery quiet.

    Next time, *remove* your head from your rectum before you ask such a ridiculous question.

  • how much is it? I dont care about the price really lol i’m getting this!

  • Finally beat level 4, game is awesome.

  • Why not release a *free* difficulty patch?

    Same happened with Pixel Junk: Eden. It was too difficult for some, but they released a patch to dissapear this issue. This game gets VERY hard quickly, maybe you guys could reduce its difficulty in an upcoming patch?

    Sincerely, I enjoy this game. But I have to stop playing it every time gets TOO difficult. After lot of gameplay, I end up loosing the mission. :(

  • Quick question: ever since I downloaded the patch, the main menu screen says I have the trial version. What gives?

  • Sweet stuff!

  • this is not that difficult.. you just need to learn how to play the game (aka build repair and amp towers).. now, PJ monsters is one difficult game.

    this DLC is worth every penny. love the custom-soundtrack, too

    when i say difficult, i mean completing a level without damage to your base.

  • @ 23
    Have you changed your command skills to ++ Credits, – Armor, – Damage? If not, that will make a big difference.

    @ 29
    Because that is too expensive to do and the revenue generated would not be worth it. I agree with your preference for physical media, but you’re dreaming if you think every game will eventually be put on a disk. DL games/content is only going to grow.

    It’s a good game and not as hard as Eden got at garden 7 before the patch in my eyes. Machine gun turrets, Amp towers, and Repair towers are the most important drops. Trial and error is key. The DLC is lookin good, might have to check it out.

  • I love this update, keep the dlc coming. Good work all who had a part.

  • Why is it that whenever a developer ads custom-soundtrack support I lose my Dolby Digital signal and get the inferior Dolby Pro Logic II? I think I’d prefer the Dolby Digital track over the custom-soundtrack BS, since I rarely ever listen to music on my PS3.

    Avoiding this update.

  • So when are we going to hear an announcement to fix the broken patch that’s causing the licensing error :|

  • I just updated the game with the new patch and now it says that the copyright protection information is invalid, so now I can’t play it. Wonderful…I PAID for the game during the sale! What the hell is going on?!

  • Thanks alot for this post. Because of it, I’ll be buying the expansion as soo as I finish posting this.

    I was really on the fence about this expansion. I love the game. I never like TD games until I saw the preview of Savage Moon. You made me a fan (though I havn’t liked any other TD game yet).

    I was on the fence because like other here, I was never able to beat level 4, and assume the new moon’s diff. picks up right where level4 left off. And because of not being able to listen to my own tracks to break the monotany (sp?) of the sounds in the game. This post not only sold the expansion to me, but also sucked me back into the game with a vengence by adding music and a more forgiving diff.

    Thank you guys SO much.

  • @40, and other people I’ve seen on the PSforums say the same thing….

    Did you buy the expansion or DL the update on a different account from which you bought the original game? That would explain it. And would be a nice lesson to you and others about making a bunch of PSN accounts.

    Maybe I’ll wait a bit on DLing the expansion for confirmation whether this is a REAL problem that needs to be worked out, or if this is a case of user error/stupidity.

  • I updated the original game and downloaded the new pack on the same account. Now when I try to play it, it plays fine but it tells me on the screen that it is trial version. And I don’t see my newly bought expansion anywhere. What is causing this problem???

  • @42, I only use one PSN account to download from the Playstation store. I am 100% sure that it is the same account that I downloaded the game on. I did not download the new expansion content, however. When I turned on the game the update message automatically asked me to install the 2.01 patch, so I did, and a few minutes later that error message showed up. I can’t think of anything that I did wrong.

  • @26 Robotinator:

    The DLC/Waldgeist info was leaked in late April, confirmed in May (with photos and details) and much discussed on the PS forums.

    When it went on sale, MANY of us told everyone who asked that it was great, to get it, and that DLC was on the way.

    And the game’s music fits perfectly; the music option they added is completely superfluous.

    You could have had a great game for 5 bucks a couple of weeks ago and plenty of places to find out about it and the DLC.

    You’re out of excuses, my friend.

  • The 2.01 patch and the DLC installed and ran perfectly for me, first time. But Fluffy Logic has stated on the forums that they have a fix for the install problems in the works and it’ll be coming soon.

    Meanwhile, there are confirmed workarounds to install/fix it now – check the forums for the details.

  • LOL I thought you were Anna Kournikova(the tenis player) when I clicked on the post. :P

  • @36

    As Post #19 pointed out, there have been plenty of compilation discs already – the Sega Genesis one being the most recent example.

    It would *not* be difficult for Sony to do compilations of PSN games.

    And it would finally quiet a very vocal majority.

  • Fantastic update and fantasic game! Thanks for the support! I will get the addon asap.

    and @16 grow up and stop being a jerk. #12 was just expressing what a lot of us feel.

    We got screwed out of a BluRay disc of SIREN here in America, and everyone else got the game (uncensored) on a BluRay disc.

    We lost out on Quest for Booty here in the US as well, where the rest of the world got the BluRay disc. We lost out on a BluRay disc version of The Last Guy, where Japan and Asia got that.

    Some of us are just tired of getting screwed here in America, and want our games like the rest of the world has their games, on an actual format that carries its weight in gold. A digital download is basically worthless, and I am forced to import the disc versions whenever possible. I also wish this game had a disc version along with Wipeout HD/FURY.

    For this reason I normally wait for the digital download to drop to $5 or less in price because it just isn’t worth more than that without a manual, case, and disc.

    And just so you know, if the PS3 was not region free, I would not even have bothered with it here in America.

  • I LOVE your game!

    Nice update althought I must say that one of things I most love from the game is the “Metroidish” feeling of loneliness, only you and the enemies during battles when jumping from moon to moon so custom soundtracks is something I’ll never use…

    don’t get why people want that in games really, many games have awesome orchestra works behind and kids want to use “their” music in the backgound…disturbing

    I’ll be looking into the DLC as soon as I beat the game.

    Regards from Sweden

    ps. Regarding the DLC in Disc, SONY could make a PSN classics BR Disc, 4 games in one BD that would work great!

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