Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PSP Launching Simultaneously on PSN Sept 22

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Hello, PlayStation Blog friends, AtlusA.R.A.M. here with some breaking news regarding the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for PSP. When the game releases on September 22nd, it will launch simultaneously at retail and via the PlayStation Network, meaning that folks who decide to pick up a PSPgo in October and/or people who prefer to own the game digitally can have their JRPG fix their way.

Exclusive to the UMD-version of the game is the inclusion of the game’s full 2-CD soundtrack, courtesy of acclaimed composer Shoji Meguro, at no additional cost to you. The two discs are bundled along with the game in a charming oversized outer box. This offer is limited to retail launch copies, so as long as you pre-order or snag a copy early you’re guaranteed to have some awesome music to listen to when you’re not playing the game. Consider it our way of saying thanks to our customers and retail partners for years of support.

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Just in case some of you have never heard of Atlus or Persona, here’s a lovely little description of the game ripped straight from our press release (yes, that’s right, I just copied and pasted):

Lauded for its mature and philosophical narrative, SMT: Persona stands apart from other RPGs of its era, blending sophisticated storytelling with addictive combat, demon negotiation, and demon fusion components. Boasting a fully redone localization (including content never before seen in North America), all-new music, beautiful new animated sequences overseen by famed artist Kazuma Kaneko, enhanced graphics and sound, adjustments to game balance, and a number of technical and design improvements, this is the definitive version of one of the most sought after RPGs of all time.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona is currently scheduled to release in stores and via PSN on September 22, 2009; both versions have an MSRP of $39.99. For more information about the game, including screens, videos, and samples from the bonus soundtrack included for free with the UMD-version, head on over to the official Persona website.

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  • Come on, everybody, there are PLENTY of PSP games worth $40 or more. I agree, though, the PSN version would likely be better off around $25 or $30. At least in my experience, I’m far less likely to purchase something at that price on PSN than I am in a brick and mortar video game store, even at $10 or $15.

  • Maybe put it on PSN for the same price and follow it with a reduced price a few weeks later to spur interest from people who didn’t jump in when it was full price.

  • wow i wanted to get both versions but omg $40 bucks for download. now way will I be purchasing that. Downloadable psp games shouldn’t be no more than 20 bucks max

  • this is a must-have for me! can’t wait! :D

  • I realize this blog is aimed at North American gamers and that Atlus doesn’t directly publish in the EU but please can you make Persona psp available to EU buyers for digital download as well?

    Being a huge fan I may just buy it twice (once on UMD for the collector in me & a 2nd time on PSN for convenience) so consider the EU Persona fans if you can.

    • While this is one of the advantages possible with digital distribution, it will regretfully not be the case with SMT: Persona.

      Hopefully as the platform matures and regional divides are bridged through the benefits of digital distribution, you won\’t have to fret about this question anymore.

      Thanks for asking.

  • Quick question which I forgot to ask earlier.

    Why can’t people who opt for the digital download not receive some sort of voucher for the soundtrack? Normally I would understand that the price for the game in store and online is the same, but this is a bit odd.

    I am truly torn here. I would LOVE the soundtrack but I would also LOVE to not have to carry around a UMD.

    What kept you guys from offering some way for digital downloaders to access the CD in some way?

    • There are often additional challenges and restrictions with regards to making the soundtracks (and other bonus items) available digitally. These obstacles are often insurmountable. We continue to explore possibilities, and hope that in the future we will be able to address this.

      Thank you for the question!

  • why the same price as retail version if you’re not getting the soundtrack?

    It should be 19.99-24.99 for PSN release.

  • It’s great to hear that this game will get a dual UMD/download release, but I was hoping for a downloadable demo as well. It’s always great to try out a game before shelling out the money to buy it. Anyhow, I always wanted to try out a Persona game, so I think I’ll begin with this remake.

  • As long as the disc version is still available, I will be happy and Atlus will have my money.

    Considering the superior physical version is coming with the full soundtrack, I can’t imagine anyone being foolish enough to buy the DD version.

  • “Content never before seen in North America”? Does this mean that this version of Persona includes the Snow Queen Quest?

    If so, then I might actually pick this one up. I boycotted PS1 Persona back when it first came out because it was missing the Snow Queen Quest.

    • The Snow Queen quest is back in. The game is completely retranslated. Some changes that were made in the original PSX release have been scrapped in favor of a localization that is much more loyal to the original script.

      Check out the below video walkthrough for a full rundown of changes/enhancements/additions you can expect to see:

  • Holy freak, sooner than I thought.

    Uncharted 2 pre-order or save my cash for this.

    FFFFF. I still need to finish Persona 3: FES and 4. :(

  • Sounds good; might give it a try.

  • @dallow
    “I know you have to placate the retailers.”
    Who cares about the retailers? When are they going to start placating US their consumers?

    Totally agree with you on that. There is no good reason they can’t offer purchasers of the PSN release a voucher for a soundtrack download. Anybody who gets the CD is going to immediately rip it to a digital format anyway, so why must people who purchase it in digital form get gipped?

  • Here’s a thought RPG Developers. I often don’t buy RPGs because I don’t have the patience to level constantly just to get through the story. There are probably 10 to 12 games I would have bought if there had been a “super easy” option where I could simply enjoy the story. I know this is just a dream and I’ll never get my way except through hacks and other such methods, but it’s a thought I’d like you to consider.

    Sounds like an interesting game, but I probably won’t be getting it.

    • Balding,

      While not to suggest that SMT: Persona is devoid of some of the staples of JRPGs in terms of fight frequency, leveling, etc., I would suggest that you check out the video walkthrough below:

      You\’ll notice that the game includes features designed to dramatically speed up combat (starting at about 1:28). Unlike a lot of RPGs that take their darn sweet time with spells and animations (forcing you to sit through a lot of unnecessary content), SMT: Persona can at times be very fast-paced to play.

      I\’d recommend checking the game out before purchasing if that is your gaming preference, but I do think you\’ll find that fights go by a lot faster in SMT: Persona than is typical in the genre.

  • Very Nice. I need to go get a PSP, so I can buy it. Also, Atlus if you are reading this, please release Persona 2:Eternal Punishment on the PSN. I missed the extremely small reprint you guys had, and I really would like to play the game some day (legally). It saddens me that I own every Persona/SMT releated game you released except your PS1 releases. PS3 users are definitely craving some PS1 JRPG’s, and Persona 2:Eternal Punishment would be a great addition to the the ever growing PS1 library on the PSN.

    Thanks Atlus!

  • Why would anyone choose the digital download option when it costs the same to get the physical copy and you also get a soundtrack?

    I understand that you don’t want to piss off the retailers, so why even bother with offering the game digitally? The only advantages to it are “convenience” (how much effort does it take to buy a game?) and not having to carry a UMD around (it fits in your pocket).

    I bought a PSP recently because I was excited about this DD platform that was announced with the PSP Go! but if there’s no price incentives, I’ll just treat it as a portable PS1. DD won’t catch on with PSP users if you offer better deals/packages at the retail level, especially with the people who are adamantly against DD.


    Sorry, but seeing as this is such a dumb mistake, I figured I should dumb down my explanation.

    Full titles on PSN will NEVER succeed at $40, especially in a global recession period. Hell, most AAA PSP games that are above $30 fail.

  • In my opinion, that’s a bad choice on the price. As digital copies of games start releasing at the same time as the retail version, I think that game companies should sell the digital copy for less.

    1. The digital copy is cheaper to produce because there are no manufacturing costs.

    2. They should take into account that you can’t trade in a digital copy, so anyone that buys it is eventually one less used game available for someone else to purchase.

    3. With a digital copy you don’t get the game manual and other included items (such as soundtracks, art books, etc.) that you sometimes get with the retail version.

    So in order to try and convince people to purchase digital copies they should make it cheaper.

    • DDark,

      The digital version of SMT: Persona—and to my knowledge, all PSP games released on PSN—does include a manual, specially formatted for the PSP screen for easy, on-the-go consultation.

      Thank you for sharing your concerns, they are duly noted.

  • Resons like these are why I will not be buying a PSP GO ($250). All new PSP games are going to be like this. I just stick with my PSP 3000. :)

  • I’ll probably end up buying the PSN version for this game not because I want too, but because of necessity. I will just happen to be out of the country at the time of the launch and won’t be back for some extended time. So if I don’t wanna wait till next year, PSN version it is.

  • who thinks xbox360 is better than PS3???!!!

  • @72 – Nobody

    @69 – They shouldn’t be releasing a digital version at all. DD and DLC *suck*.

  • Mmm, I can’t wait to go to a store only to find out all the launch copies are sold out. (You DO realize the soundtrack is limited to launch copies, right?)

    Best bet for those wanting digital versions: wait till the UMD drops in price, then hope Sony comes through with that “UMD goodwill” program. Although it would help if Sony released more details…

  • @71, You know you can buy games online right?

    @74, This game is not going to sell out at launch, are you kidding me? This game targets a niche audience and unless the launch print run is extremely small, you should have no problem purchasing this game on its release day or probably the first few weeks after release.

  • >>75
    Of course I realize that I could import the game from my own country, but I’d be saving the difference of the markup and the shipping and handling by getting the PSN version. Plus however long it takes for an international package to ship. So its not only cheaper, but an “instant” shipment as well.

  • I sure hope so, but announcing the game over a month in advance and packaging it with bonuses almost certainly does not help MY odds. It’s as though they’re saying “You want the soundtrack? Then pass on seeing movies with friends, skip lunch and/or dinner, and buy the game ASAP for $40 (plus tax), or prepare to pay double that on eBay a week later.”

    That’s not even considering the smaller shelf space PSP games get in stores compared to games for that other, inferior handheld. And these are the same retailers that devs are trying to appease by jacking up the prices of the digital versions? The mind reels.

  • Kyaa, it’s Atlus Aram~

    Were any of the original voice actors brought back to reprise their roles? Also, it seems the voice clips of the monsters are the same as before but the heroes have been newly dubbed. Were the monsters redone too?

    Hi everyone at Atlus!

  • Really looking forward to this as I never could manage to chase down a PS1 copy of the game.

    I really can’t decide which version to buy though. I pretty much have to buy the digital copy if I ever want to upgrade to the new PSP and not have to rebuy the game. But then I’d miss out on the extras that come with buying the UMD version. It would be nice if there was some way to package a digital version with the UMD copies, like they’re starting to do with a lot of DVDs now. Or at least do like they did with Patapon 2 and have a box you can buy that comes with a code…

  • can u tell me the hows and wheres to get it pre ordered? i played persona3 on the ps2, it wasn’t mine, both the game and the console, so i wasn’t able to continue more than the third boss i think. I loved how ingenius the game is and would, hoping, that they would of made the same for the psp’s version.

  • i am lokking forword to playing this game, looks awesome.
    but I wish sony/Square Enix would release a complete remake of Final Fantasy 7 for PSP with upgraded graphics, voice acting, and maybe new content.

  • Any other goes going this way before the psp go?

  • geez, atlus is releasing too many good games in such a short time span, my game schedule will be full for quite a while. I don’t suppose there’s any chance have been any talks about porting Innocent Sin or Eternal Punishment to PSP? (or better yet both on one UMD as a Persona 2 complete collection?)

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