Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PSP Launching Simultaneously on PSN Sept 22

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PSP screenshot 2

Hello, PlayStation Blog friends, AtlusA.R.A.M. here with some breaking news regarding the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for PSP. When the game releases on September 22nd, it will launch simultaneously at retail and via the PlayStation Network, meaning that folks who decide to pick up a PSPgo in October and/or people who prefer to own the game digitally can have their JRPG fix their way.

Exclusive to the UMD-version of the game is the inclusion of the game’s full 2-CD soundtrack, courtesy of acclaimed composer Shoji Meguro, at no additional cost to you. The two discs are bundled along with the game in a charming oversized outer box. This offer is limited to retail launch copies, so as long as you pre-order or snag a copy early you’re guaranteed to have some awesome music to listen to when you’re not playing the game. Consider it our way of saying thanks to our customers and retail partners for years of support.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PSP image

Just in case some of you have never heard of Atlus or Persona, here’s a lovely little description of the game ripped straight from our press release (yes, that’s right, I just copied and pasted):

Lauded for its mature and philosophical narrative, SMT: Persona stands apart from other RPGs of its era, blending sophisticated storytelling with addictive combat, demon negotiation, and demon fusion components. Boasting a fully redone localization (including content never before seen in North America), all-new music, beautiful new animated sequences overseen by famed artist Kazuma Kaneko, enhanced graphics and sound, adjustments to game balance, and a number of technical and design improvements, this is the definitive version of one of the most sought after RPGs of all time.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona is currently scheduled to release in stores and via PSN on September 22, 2009; both versions have an MSRP of $39.99. For more information about the game, including screens, videos, and samples from the bonus soundtrack included for free with the UMD-version, head on over to the official Persona website.

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  • it’s the retail version for me then..

  • will there be a demo?

  • Great news! I think it’s a great idea doing this kind of simultaneous events so everyone can choose their format. It is going to be the UMD version for me. I like having the physical format and I want the soundtrack. Does the UMD version cost the same than the DL version?

  • I think every game released in digital and physical form like this should have some bonuses in the retail box. It does please people like me, and retailers, to get something more for the money.

    Excellent move on Atlus’ part.

  • Looks cool..

  • Wait…so the PSN version costs the same as the retail version?! How does that make any sense?!?

  • When are we going to get news about the new Shin Megami Tensei PS exclusive?

    Finally got my hands on Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne brand new from Amazon for only 30 dollars last week and it is awesome.

    Can’t wait to see a next gen version.

  • Sony get your pricing act together please it makes no sense that the physical copy and the digital are the same price.

    They should never be equal amount

  • Downloadable for me! Never got to play this series. Hopefully they make a Persona 2 psp game too!

  • September 22nd Persona PSP

    September 29th Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

    October 1st GT PSP

    October 6th Deamon’s Souls

    October 13th Uncharted 2

    Absolutely insane. Sony is utterly dominating. Exclusives. Graphics. Online.

  • Thanks ATLUS,this looks pretty cool.
    I haven’t tried a Persona game yet this will be my first. Keep bringing the RPG’s I need them. Now I just have to decide if I want physical version or dd.

    How big is the digital download?

    • gumi42,

      Expect it to be in the neighborhood 800MB, although this might be reduced through compression.

      Hope that helps.

  • Damn Atlus, your releasing two awsome games (Demons Souls & Persona) in a matter of a month, ur gonna make me poor!!!

  • Have you guys considered bringing the original Persona 1 from PS1 to PSN?

  • @Aram Jabbari OR Nich Maragos

    1-is there any plans for Atlus to bring there ps1 games to PSN?

    2-is there any plans for Atlus to bring there PSP games to PSN?

    • ghamdikh1,

      We consider all such opportunities, but at present there is nothing to discuss at this time. Thanks for the question!

  • Atlus i like to said thank for bring the first Persona get on the PSP i am going to get as soon as i can plus i love the shin megami tensei alot start really get into by Persona 4 after then Persona i am happy oh by the I keep hear from gamespot that you are work on a PS3 only game is that true it better Persona or a new series cannot to see how it all begin thank

  • Excelleeent

  • Wasn’t price one of the reasons Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! came out on the PSN?

    Nao Zook said they’d get the same amount of profit whether they released their game on the PSN for $19.99 or as a UMD for $29.99.

    The nuts on these boards always said they’d pay for more a hardcopy. So why not let them?

  • Hmm i might get it as a UMD then

  • Something doesn’t add up. No retailer’s cut, no packaging, no transportation costs and no CD extras, yet the PSN version will be priced the same?!?

    I’ll be passing on this if the price of the download isn’t amended to more truly reflect the savings in production costs.

  • I know you guys need to keep the download price up to placate the retailers, but charging the same price for a download with basically no distribution cost as you’re charging for a physical item that has real costs associated with packaging and shipping, not to mention figuring in the retailer’s cut, is just bad form.

    The main reason I don’t buy PSP games is because they’re already over-priced at $30-40. But this is just ridiculous! If you want to revive the PSP as a software platform (instead of just hardware that sells great but has dismal software sales) you’ve got to come more correct than this.

    • ynp7,

      While I have no direct response to your comment (and others\’ comments expressing the same sentiment), I assure you that your comment has been seen and noted.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  • Yeah! Portable Shin Megami Tensei: Persona.

    One of my all time favorite franchises. keep up the good work Atlus!

  • Sweet :-)

    Will we get it in Europe that date as well?

  • $40 = Fail.

  • Downloadable PSP games should sell for no more than $20. Even UMD’s are questionable at $40. I’ll be waiting until the physical game drops to $30 or the digital game drops to $20. Vote with your dollars people.

  • Wow! PSN psp releases are getting popular.
    Will there be more of Atlus’ games on PSN in the future? or will you consider putting Persona 1 and 2 PSone Classics on there?

    And what about releasing the Persona 1 soundtrack to purchase on the PlayStation Store?

    Hope to see you back on the Blag again soon (Atlus is one of my favorite companies)!

  • Atlus can you also release the original Persona 1 and 2 on PSN as PS One Classics! I never got to play those games back in the day due to lack of money as a kid. I’d love to play them before I get the remake.

    Keep up the PlayStation support guys and cant wait to see a Shin Megami Tensei game for PS3!! The PS3 needs more JRPGS!

  • I was kind of interested in this game until you mentioned the price for the download. I’ll be getting the Go, but I won’t be paying 40 dollars for a downloadable game.

  • That’s screwed up Atlus… Seriously… What if someone doesn’t know about the retail version but goes out and buys the PSN version and loses out on all that content?

    I love Atlus, but when you tell me that you get artbooks, cds, and all this other great stuff at the same price as a barebones downloadable copy… That’s just stupid. Maybe if you bundled the MP3s with the download.

    All I’m saying is that by the time the PSP Go comes out it should be 10 dollars less than the retail version. Don’t be [DELETED], you guys are saving a LOT of money on the PSN versions and the Go can’t use a retail version and costs WAY more. Please guys get with your marketing team or whoever made this decision, slap them, and then explain why the digital copies need to be cheaper.

    No one wants to pay 250 dollars on a PSP just to not be able to get the better version of this game at the same price as the cheaper version. NO SENSE AT ALL IN THIS DECISION!

  • I am so ordering my copy of the game! That oversized box will be mine :D

  • Ah I noticed I’m not alone with Persona 1 and 2 as PS One Classics. I’ve requested them several times in the past PS Store Updates. Hopefully now we get heard.

  • Was it Atlas who made Hoshigami (PS1)? That would be a great title on the PSN, I have fond memories of that game. It has an interesting combat system with upgradable magic coins called Confeigms if my memory serves me correctly….Ahh memories…

  • Hey Atlus, I love you.

  • This will be the first Persona game I’ll buy.
    Didn’t want play 3 & 4 just because i didnt want to get lost in the story line

  • @Neil, this IS the Persona 1 from PS1, but with redone music and cut scenes.

  • Digital Downloads are becoming the future and i for one don’t mind them.

    What does bother me a little though is the fact that we pay the same price for Digital ownership that we do for Physical ownership.

    I know more money is saved from Digital copies than Physical with all the UMD/BD making and discs, cases, printing, shipping, and so on.

    Never understood why we as digital people wouldnt get a $5-$10 price difference. Oh well maybe in time things will change.

    Oh yeah ATLUS….. BRING US MORE RPG’s!! :)

    You seem to be the only company lately that i can count on for my RPG addiction. :)

    Already have my Demon Soul money :)

  • “Digital Downloads are becoming the future”

    LOL! No…

  • @34 Because the retailers would throw a fit if simultaneous PSN/UMD games were not priced the same.

  • Let me add my voice to the list of people who want Persona 1 & 2 as PSOne Classics. While this remake is cool and all, it would’ve been a lot better if I could play it on my PS3, as I really don’t have any interest in portable systems. If the two original games were available or, better yet, this remake able to be played on PS3, it’d be a day one download for me.

  • For all the people complaining about digital downloads… Do you think the servers that host these digital downloads are free to operate? Do you think converting a game into digital format doesn’t require manpower that costs money? There probably are reasons why both versions cost the same beyond the cynical approach that some company is out to steal a few dollars from you.

  • I fell in love with the SMT/Persona games, with Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Looking forward to take a step back and re-introduce myself to the renewed original.

  • I understand the sensitivity to retail partner. But if downloading PSP games is really going to catch on, the PSN price needs to be lower. I don’t believe new PSP titles should be any more than $29.99 on the PSN store

  • You know what would be nice? If you can buy the full soundtracks via digital download through the PSN or Atlus website and when you buy Persona you get a code to download the soundtrack for free.
    I never owned a PSP but I’ve wanted to get one for awhile and I wanted to get the PSP Go as my first one but this game is making me rethink getting the PSP 3000 for the extra goodies.

  • @ 38

    It’s common knowledge that digitally distributed games are cheaper to make, the question is “by how much?”

    Retailers are obviously very worried about their future viability in this brave new world, and will resort to any means necessary to ensure their survival, including the use of pressure tactics to keep games instore and equally priced with their digital brethren.

  • $40 for a digital PSP game? Is that what the official pricing is going to be? Sony, my boys…brace yourselves for failure! What’s the logic behind that pricing?!! Gran Turismo PSP is being pre-ordered at Amazon for $39.99, I just hope the digital version won’t be the same price or I REALLY WON’T SEE ANY ATTRACTIVENESS TO THE PSPGO ANYMORE!!!

  • Atlus!!!! I love you guys!!!! Any dev who throws support behind the Sony brand (and not the “other” box) the way you guys do earns a sure purchase from me.

    Oh yeah, and you make good games :-)

  • The price seems kind of steep for a fairly barebones port up of a PS1 title, but I’m not surprised since all PSP rpgs demand a $40 price tag for whatever reason. And 800mb is a pretty large chunk, so I may go retail with this one. :(

    Having never played a Persona game before, I have to ask is this one a good introduction to the series? I know its a remake of the original so does that mean its simple compared to its sequels or did they make it more fleshed out and complicated(?).

    • I\’d like to reiterate that 800MB is in the ballpark of what we\’re dealing with during the production process, but that we currently do not know how much smaller, if at all, the final version will be when it is hosted on PlayStation®Network; it may be compressed.


  • Sweet! Definitely getting this if funds permit. It’ll add nicely to my Persona collection ^,^

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome. I’m getting a PSPGo just for this game!

    Persona > Final Fantasy

  • Well worth the price for this classic game.
    I agree digital price should be lower, but I’d get the UMD version anyway.
    I know you have to placate the retailers.

    Thanks Atlus!

  • I think it’s either same price between retail and digital or no digital at all for same day game launches. The retail chains don’t want to be competing with cheaper downloadable formats, especially Gamestop. I’ve read that Gamestop will even pull games off their shelves if the downloadable versions were sold at a lower price. They’re the ones most threatened by digital distribution.

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