PlayStation Eye Chat: Critter Crunch for PSN

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When you last saw Critter Crunch, it was probably at E3 when Capybara‘s Nathan Vella walked us through the game’s basics on the show floor.

Well Nathan is back, along with fellow Capy compadre Kris Piotrowski, to talk much more in-depth about Critter Crunch. Specifically, the duo describes the puzzle game’s versus /co-op modes and their power-ups, how the foodchain mechanic works and the robust single-player adventure more. Plus, there’s nice chunk of in-game footage included in the video.

And yes, there’s plenty more barf, too. Strategic, rainbow-colored barf, if you will.

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  • Can’t wait for the game – I bought it on my iPod Touch when it was on sale, and it’s REALLY good, probably my favorite game and one of the few where I don’t mind the thumb controls. I’m really looking forward to the PSN version, HD, surround sound and the ability to actually see the Biggs because he’s not under your thumb!

  • @Nathan

    I know it is quite amazing!

  • Could you submit a picture of Biggs to Sony so people could have him as their PSN avatar?

    That would be cool free (I assume)advertising for the game. I’d replace my Loco Roco.

  • Awesome another video update. Cool stuff. Can’t wait for Critter Crunch.


    I’m just gonna go ahead and ignore the blow up doll in the background.

  • are we going to get some lossless music and sound effects in this title? 24-bit?

    one irritating thing with some casual games with local co-op is that you can’t get all the trophies by playing through the co-op campaign mode. please make sure all the trophies can be gotten within a reasonable amount of time in the local co-op mode.

    does the game play in 1080p native? does the artwork take full advantage of the native resolution and color depth, or it is filtered/upscaled?

    are there multiple animations per action/movement, or just one animation that gets repeated?

    Looks like a great, unique game as we’ve come to expect from PSN. Hopefully it takes full advantage of the PS3’s high-def video and audio capabilities.

    Keep up the good work! :)

    • The game runs in 1080p (no upscaling) at a buttery-smooth 60fps.

      We\’re doing our best to use all the wonderful toys the PS3 gives us :)

  • cant w8 for the demo

  • i love you guys. Howcome the iPhone game was only $1.99!? As the best iPhone game out there right now, I figured it should have been at least $4.99.

    Also can you please release some Critter Crunch themes so I can decorate my ps3 with it!?

    Btw whats your guy’s addresses so I can stalk you?!?!

    • We love you as well. There will definitely be some theme action for everyone to enjoy.

      I believe Kris is looking for a stalker, I\’ll ask and get back to you with his address if he is interested.

    • Perhaps instead of exchanging addresses so that you can stalk us, we could instead exchange psn gamertags and enjoy some CC multiplayer?

  • LMAO @ Marcelino18. Dude what were you getting it.

    I also liked the humorous replies. :P Great game got it on my Itouch, I might have to buy it again on the PS3.

  • I plan on getting this game it looks amazing! Thanks for supporting the PS3 guys.

  • The video feed was a lot smoother than usual.

    Higher speed connection?

  • Critter crunch is the only app on my iphone i keep playing, even after 4 months of having it. As if i wont buy this….

    i think my girlfriend might even enjoy this… she seems to like it when i’m sick on her.

    I’ve said too much

  • Makin’ Toronto proud!

  • Great way to setup Dev interviews. I’m glad to see that small developers also get the limelight here. I highly commend Sony for supporting indy devs and allowing them to release such creative/unique titles on the PSN (flow,flower, pixeljunk series etc included).

  • Chris I couldn’t Help but notice you lol’in in in the corner of the picture in picture during the chat. lol.

    And Nathan and Kris, Thank you for Bringing this amazing game to the PSN and i’m gonna guess a surprise launch tomorrow?

  • my psn is starblinky01 you can add me, or since your likely more busy then I am, I can add your PSN Id’s.. whatever they are?

    And I make games too, so I can always offer some feedback on anything you make :P

    Perhaps I will show you a trailer for my next (flash) game once it starts to near completion.

  • GREAT Interview, there should be a place that we can download these interviews at the PSN store for those who miss, or don’t follow the PS blog. Maybe we can get a weekly interviews show:D Keep up the great work guys!

  • I’d just like to mention, on your recommendation i tried to pass through my family freely, but it didn’t work…..

    ….then….well then, things got kinda awkward.

  • I love the visuals in the game, looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun :)

  • SOLD!!! :D

  • Nice! I havent played a good 2D style game like this since Money Puzzle Exchanger on my good ol Neo! This will be so nice for a change of pace. Also I love the 2D style artwork and animation. You guys got my purchase on day 1. Fantastic work, and thank you for such a great looking game! :)

    Can we please have more details about it?

    We know the native resolution (answered above, 1080p/60fps, thanks!), and that it will have trophies (also answered on pg1, thanks!).

    But I would like to know what surround sound (DTS, Dolby Digital, 7.1 PCM etc..) it will have, and if it is going to have custom soundtracks support?

    Please let me know if possible. :)

    • We\’re definitely supporting DTS, Dolby Digital and (lossless)PCM 5.1

      PS. Money Puzzle Exchange rules.

  • Def looks Cool Might just have to check this out when its released On a Side Note

    Recent Gameplay Has def left me with a Sour taste in my mouth and me willing to use my White Dualshock 3 which i order from Fantastic wish tye would have released it here in the US but W/e back to the storm trooper which was almost used as a boomarang since Games lately have to so irriating from the Wait n Wait of Socom’s 1.5 patch to COD4’s fly hack Ughh SONY you really need to Release a Report function on the PSN create a partition for reports to save gamplay footage or w/e or like the players met put a report option with a message requirment describing said incident Def would have Cut Back On the BS we see Thanks

  • I hope this comes out today!!! I feel like I’ve been waiting for ever!!!

  • Will this be $19.99 like Trine or $14.99 like Fat Princess?

  • Hey Kris Piotrowski;
    How can I have your avatar???


  • I know I’m a bit late on commenting, and I’m not even sure if anyone will see this now but…

    This game looks really cool. I hope there’s a demo so I can try it out before I make the plunge. I’ve already spent my limit for a while but this seems like it will definitely be on my list.

    Off Topic: Chris… just thought I’d let you know, in case you haven’t heard already, that Radiohead has a new song on their site. You need to check it out. I haven’t asked before, but assume that’s why you have that avatar.

  • I think I’ll download the demo just to support demos, but I really don’t need any persuading here. Can’t wait to buy it!

  • I’m definitely getting this… If for nothing else, then alone for the barfing!

  • whats up with the blow up doll in the back LMAO.

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