PlayStation Eye Chat: Critter Crunch for PSN

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When you last saw Critter Crunch, it was probably at E3 when Capybara‘s Nathan Vella walked us through the game’s basics on the show floor.

Well Nathan is back, along with fellow Capy compadre Kris Piotrowski, to talk much more in-depth about Critter Crunch. Specifically, the duo describes the puzzle game’s versus /co-op modes and their power-ups, how the foodchain mechanic works and the robust single-player adventure more. Plus, there’s nice chunk of in-game footage included in the video.

And yes, there’s plenty more barf, too. Strategic, rainbow-colored barf, if you will.

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  • Nice to see that you are doing more of these interviews Chris :). Who knows you might outdo Jeff Rubenstein! LOL. Thanks you Chris, you the man! Will look more into this game

  • Cool! Hope to see this, and Crystal Defenders soon!

  • Can’t wait for this.. It looks ultra FUN!. ^_^

  • @Nathan Vella

    Read this OFFER AND gave me your opinion: n-exclusivity-with-pub-fund/

    or this

    if you interested why not give it a try.

    • Ok ghamdikh1, here is my opinion:

      Sony should be commended for creating something like the Pub Fund. While we didn\’t use it for Critter Crunch, it\’s still very much on our (and many other independent developers\’) radar.

      In short, Pub Fund is great!

  • I bought the iPhone version and the only thing I really don’t like is the less than fully responsive controls so this with dpad control and all the new content announced will do very nicely. :)

    • Hey Shin-Ra, don\’t worry; The d-pad has transformed Biggs into super ultra responsive critter slaying machine. Touch controls can get a bit… iffy, especially when you start to break a sweat.

  • What an awesome way to make interviews!
    It really makes me want an Eye xO

    This game looks really fun, and the rainbow barf is really hilarious!
    The iPhone/iPod Touch-game is really great, and this looks to be so much better! I can not wait!

    One question: Multiplayer(Co-Op and 1-on-1)… Is that on- and offline?

    • Hey guitan, multiplayer is both on and offline.

      Doing this interview was weird and fun. Technology is wonderful.

  • bought this for iPhone and beat it and loved it and still play it, this might be one of the best games of 2009. And I am talking about the iPhone version. I am buying this day one no matter what.

    When I saw this video on the blog this morning I screamed!! I might be the biggest fan of this game ever, I swear to god I am more excited for this game then anyone!!!

  • Is that a blow up doll behind the chair in the background?! :x

  • yo lol theirs a blow up doll in the background lol

  • I love these interviews, but why is the menu bar at the bottom every time? But any way, I’ll definitely be getting that demo and, if I like it enough, get the game.

  • @5 really? I thought the iPhone controls worked perfectly. In my opinion I think its the best controlled iPhone game out there.

    Btw I wonder if the barf mechanic was inspired by two girls one cup?

  • This game looks really fun, when is coming out?

  • Come on! Just release the game already. Well, not really, keep working on it and make it great. Though is there offline multiplayer? They did say split screen though that does not mean offline multiplayer. Oh wells, really looking forward to it and most likely going to buy this game too. Thanks a lot!

    • hey hey, just to mention again: Multilayer can be enjoyed both online and offline via friend on your couch.

      About the release date: AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE:) For real. Right now we\’re doing things like:
      -increasing fun
      -adding additional colored pixels
      -cranking up the wow

  • Cutscenes, adventure map and demo – nice.

  • When I hover my cursor over the currently playing video, the video stops.

  • is ps3 better than exbox360?

  • hellow

  • I’d love to be playing this …. like right now.

  • Ooh make sure to add as many additional colored pixels as possible. i have a big tv. and if you could jazz it up a bit too, that’d be great. just make sure it pops!

  • Can you store multiple power-ups for later use or does the latest one overwrite the one you had? If you can store many, is there a different button for each powerup or do you cycle through?

  • Speaking of PS Eye, why aren’t there more PS Eye games coming to the PSN / PS3? Eye Pet is coming but then what? In the beginning there were several PS Eye games coming to the PSN to promote the PS Eye but since then my PS Eye is collecting dust which is really unfortunate. Next year of course we’ll be getting the Motion Wand, but it’ll be fun to have more game specifically meant for the PS Eye only, like on the PS2.

    @8 ROTFLOMA _O_ Classic!

    I really looking forward to this game, its always exciting to see new games in the PSN store :-)

  • ya delete my comment … thnks .. makes the rubber guy in the bg even more suspect :p but ya … this game was ace at e3 and I’m looking forward to it.

  • If you release this while I still have $10 on my wallet, I will buy it.

  • contact interactions studios i need a new chicken invaders for psn

  • online is a selling point, you guys are smart! also it’s always nice to see devs replying to the peeps on here

    can we play our own music?

  • Is that a graph comparing $$ and problems in the background?

  • is there anyway we can get a 3D critter that goes on your Home space avatars head like a hat lol! I own the iphone game and loved it. Very addictive even though I suck at the Time levels. Can’t wait for this to drop.

    • Haha, great idea! We\’d love to do some stuff for Home, we\’re just not sure what yet. But yeah, perhaps? Maybe? Hopefully?

  • I never get tired of repeating… these PSEye interviews are the best idea you guys had lately!!

    Please, keep them coming and as a plus pick a user from time to time to join the interview and throw one or two questions. More that that would be overkill!

  • Maybe Jeff could pick up some parenting tips from this game for his new born

  • I really like the eye video chat interviews. Way to continue to use the technology.

    Also great looking game. I really am looking forward to this one. It really seems a lot of care goes into this. Please make it feature complete with Home game launching and in custom soundtrack support.

  • Is that rock band in the background?
    Anyways good looking game.

  • Man i can’t want to get my hands on this game, hopefully it’ll be released VERY soon cause i can’t wait any longer!!

  • the real question is…where is my Biggs avatar ;)

  • Who would win in a fight between Bigs and Sackboy? lol LBP Critter Crunch levels! Make it happen.

  • Coop actually looks really fun! I was skeptical, but yeah it looks cool. Btw can you pass through the other character when playing coop? Or is each player like a wall for the other player?

    Also when are you going to be sending me the game so I can beta test for you?

    • Biggs & Smalls can pass through each other freely (because they are family), so you\’re not at all limited in movement.

  • Meant to ask before but after the games release anyway you’ll be going back in and updating the Iphone version with some of the things that are in this new PS3 version and also does the game work with remote play on the PSP?

  • I think that the key question raised by this is why is there a plastic blow-up guy behind them? Unheralded member of the dev team or something more sordid?

    • As Kris mentioned above, that is our mascot Hank Hudson… who also stars in Critter Crunch (you can see him in the clips of the cutscene).

      He has a very, very powerful mustache.

    • He has been with us since day one. He\’s the best!

  • Critter Crunch needs to evolve with an expansion that would make the game similar to Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. Who wouldn’t want to play through a platformer where you take control of Biggs?

    This game isn’t even out yet and I’m thinking about an expansion! Regardless, day one.

  • I’m happy to hear this. Say would it be possible to put it out for psp?

  • Nice job “directing” the PSeye video, Chris. I liked seeing the change of camera view. oh, uh, cool game too!

  • @29


    oh wait you mean that RRoDBOX?

    no thanks

    BTW critter crunch looks good, will check it out

  • does this game have in-game music? If not, make it happen.

    This has to be the weirdest game I ever seen in my 15 years of gaming. Will be getting it alone on that factor.

  • Is there a way to get my PS Eye to be that clear and non-blocky?

  • Barf up! Will we get trophies and DLC for this? Will there be a barf off challenge?

    • You\’ll definitely be getting Trophies, and we are really hoping to do some awesome DLC.

      There is a (rather difficult) Trophy focusing on barfing…

  • @23

    I think Sony is focusing on the motion wands for use with the PSEye. The games that were released for the Eye when it first came out were limited. They could have spend more money on making games only for the Eye, or they could take that money along with a little more time and focus on the wand/Eye combo.

    The Eye worked decent at launch, but the wands will perfect the possibilities. Think of the Eye and Eye games as market research with the final product utilizing the wands. Trust me, you will be happy to have your Eye and dusting that thing off in the future because it will be used.

    I’m sold, looking forward to the technicolor barf!

  • awesome I didn’t know this was on I pod I’m gonna download the lite version and try it out =D

  • That puke looks more delicious than any puke I have ever seen! Seriously! And that man in the background is soooo handsome, like a movie star!!

  • Kris, your name is pretty awesome, but we all know “Chris” is much cooler.


    – A Chris

    • hey kassatsu… we are talking here and on gaf at the same time. What a wonderful world of technology we live in.

  • i really like this new format for these videos

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