Burn Zombie Burn! Patch and Home Space

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Greetings! My name is Ollie Barder and I’m a senior games designer at doublesix, the studio behind the recent PlayStation Network exclusive Burn Zombie Burn! Along with other members of our studio, I worked a lot on the game’s scripting and level design. So when you see zombies and weapons spawn in lovely patterns and forcing you into choke points, that’s me.

We’ve also been hard at work at expanding the Burn Zombie Burn! universe since the game was released in March. With our new Home space, set in a themed graveyard, you can literally walk amongst the undead in the same way as you do in game. There’s also a cool maze populated with some zombies too. Naturally, there’s a selection of apparel available for purchase as well.

In addition to our new Home space, there’s also a patch out now that has YouTube and background music support. This means you can record in-game footage and then upload it to YouTube to show off your skills. Background music support means you can select music to playback in game via the XMB and the music you have stored on your PlayStation 3. Enjoy!

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  • To have fun, silly.

  • I LOVE the BURN ZOMBIE BURN! Space, thank you Doublesix. By the way, please don’t patch any of the glitches in the space because that’s what makes it fun for us to go there everyday. ;)

  • yea i love home its pretty cool and the burn zombie burn space is great music sounds cool just everything about it i like thanks for keeping home fun!!

  • Ollie,
    Great to hear from you! We’ll talk to you soon over on PSLS.

  • just wondering, when will the expansion pack be available for purchase, it only says ”
    coming soon” on the game

  • How do you get the custom avatar like yours?
    And can i add you as a friend in PSN?
    Please reply and thank you

  • I swear this game already had XMB music…

  • Hi Ollie, I just want to say thank you for a very, very entertaining game and more DLC would be a nice addition to what is already the best zombie game I have played. The only downside is i cant play with my buddies and kick some zombie butt.Putting online multiplayer into BZB wouldn’t be that hard would it? I would think you guys could do something similar to what resident evil 5 has done(They made their versus and co-op online stuff DLC and i would imagine they set up a new server for it).Seeing as how you guys pumped out such and awesome game I would say that running the online multiplayer and having people buy it separately would be worth cash-wise so please think about it and reply on your thoughts.Thank you!

  • Okay, does this game play in 720p or 1080p?

    How many trophies are there?

    You guy’s ever going to make it half off?

    Is it easy to get trophies?


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