Burn Zombie Burn! Patch and Home Space

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Greetings! My name is Ollie Barder and I’m a senior games designer at doublesix, the studio behind the recent PlayStation Network exclusive Burn Zombie Burn! Along with other members of our studio, I worked a lot on the game’s scripting and level design. So when you see zombies and weapons spawn in lovely patterns and forcing you into choke points, that’s me.

We’ve also been hard at work at expanding the Burn Zombie Burn! universe since the game was released in March. With our new Home space, set in a themed graveyard, you can literally walk amongst the undead in the same way as you do in game. There’s also a cool maze populated with some zombies too. Naturally, there’s a selection of apparel available for purchase as well.

In addition to our new Home space, there’s also a patch out now that has YouTube and background music support. This means you can record in-game footage and then upload it to YouTube to show off your skills. Background music support means you can select music to playback in game via the XMB and the music you have stored on your PlayStation 3. Enjoy!

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  • Awesome news! Love the game! :D

  • Hmm, does the patch fix the controls?

    • The shooting mechanics we used in BZB were borne out of necessity due to the inclusion of melee weapons and, most importantly, that of the torch. Specifically, the torch allows you to run through non-flaming zombies unharmed but if you were able to change the direction of the torch pointed in relation to the way Bruce is moving you’ll get hit from behind. Dual stick controls work very well with shooting mechanics but when you start adding a variety of melee approaches (from baseball bats, to chainsaws and lawnmowers) its flaws become very apparent.

  • Thank you for the patch (custom soundtracks are MUCH appreciated) and thank you for your hard work on one of my favorite PSN games to date. Can’t wait for the expansion! :)

  • This is great, thanks for supporting this great little game:)

    Custom soundtracks are ALWAYS welcome. Looking forward to news on the expansion ;)

  • @ xfer

    The controls are fine, care to elaborate?

  • The home space was great also, I did get the BZB T-shirt.

  • i love this game. i hate the trophies, tho LOL

    so, uhh, updates sound awesome but are you guys thinking about (*thinking*) online multiplayer? that would rock.

    oh, and if you’re gonna reply.. what’s this i hear about “zombies in space” from the eu title screen?

    • \”In Space\” is the new DLC for BZB that\’s on the way. It features two new levels set inside an alien space ship.

      As for online multiplayer, it\’s something that we\’ve talked about in the studio but the technical issues in essentially retrofitting an already finished game to work online are particularly significant for a studio of our size.

  • Sweet, can’t wait to try out the new features

  • AWESOME! Thanks for the In-game XMB music!

  • just wanted to say thanks for keeping Home interesting all the time – i enjoy visiting!

  • More games should be doing the in game music support. With a title like this that is priced great and they do it. Nice Job Guys!

  • How many people can be in the maze at once? I tried to get in it yesterday to no avail.

    Also, get that zombie costume (the walking one) on the store <.<

  • Thanks for the update, this is one of my favorite PSN games so far. I’m glad you guys are going to keep expanding this great game. Any word on some online multiplayer? Please please please!!!

  • Heck yeah, major thanks for in-game music support! Can anything be said about the “In space” mode that was added on the title screen but is still listed as “coming soon?”

  • Damn, that’s what the video was for… hah. Sorry :p Any price range on this then?

  • online multiplayer would be sweet! what do you think doublesix games?

  • Cool I might play this game again!

  • What about Online Co-op!? C’mon doublesix!

  • Awesome news! BZB is always a big hit when I have the mates over, and even more so now that we can have some Pillar blaring in the backround.

  • Where are Home Spaces? I’ve never been to one before.

  • Too bad you can’t get in the maze.

  • thats great ‘n al but what about in game private chat?

  • This is such a fun game really. My brother and I made one saturday from like 10 am to like 1 am of just killing zombies between Burn Zombie Burn! and Resident Evil 5. It was a great day to be alive and not zombies. So keep up with the good work and updating this game.

  • hey what about online coop and a no gravity level would be cool.. will the add on have trophies?

  • Nice additions the YouTube support is great and I wish more games would support it or some other form of video recording software. I haven’t had a chance to get the game but I just might have to. Good work.

  • In Game XMB u say?so this means I can blast zombies while listening to dead pool-bodies?..YES!!

  • jackeduponmtdew5

    cool game love the new features. but hey need the youtube feature on alot of other games as well

  • IN SPACE…..

    Also Ollie Barder I want your Avatar

    • Hahah! Thanks, it\’s a parody of Katoki Hajime from Keroro Gunsou (as he heads up a lot of the Gundam kit and toy manufacture at Bandai these days – as well as being a brilliant mecha designer in his own right obviously).

  • Ollie, your avatar wins. GUNDAM-MAN!


  • Well, custom soundtrack and YouTube support I think just sold me on the game – I’m gonna buy it when I get home from work!

  • Great job on the game guys. Always fun going around killing zombies. Glad the game has worked out for you. I hope it met expectations?

    • Thanks and it\’s always nice to hear people talk about how much they like the game, as all of us at doublesix worked hard on it.

  • Ollie Barder replied on July 31, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    As for online multiplayer, it’s something that we’ve talked about in the studio but the technical issues in essentially retrofitting an already finished game to work online are particularly significant for a studio of our size.

    Why can’t more devs be that straight-forward? LOL Thanks a million! I’ll def. be getting that DLC!

  • I think more multiplayer games should have YouTube sharing as well as custom XMB sound track. I also like the fact that it is getting its own Home space.

  • how do u get to in space? there needs to be 4 player co-op

  • Ollie, do you know exactly how many free unlockable items are available through the BZB Home space? I tried the zombie maze multiple times, but only was awarded with one T-shirt which I earned only for completing the maze the first time.

    • At present, you only get a free t-shirt for completing the maze. More free items will follow in future though.

  • I checked out the update. Nothing like playing BZB while listening to Muse. :D Also about the Home Space can you open up the disco ball area? People end up entering the place by clipping through the walls why not just let them in LOL.

    Like the other’s have said nice avatar! I was watching 0079 before I went to bed tonight and I have a Katoki Hajime Gundam Fix poster on my door! Wish a western developer gave the Gundam name justice maybe a Sony dev? *wink* *wink*

    • There is a new PlayStation 3 exclusive Gundam game on the horizon, which looks like it could be very good (as it\’s developed by the same team that worked on the Blue Destiny games on the Saturn, which were thoroughly excellent). It\’s set in U.C. 0081 and bridges the gap between the original series/movies and Stardust Memory. Katoki is helming a lot of the game\’s mecha design too.

      Anyway, apologies for that little outburst but if you\’re interested in knowing more I have a YouTube channel full of mecha gaming footage (most of it recorded by me on games I play):


  • @2 xfer:

    I for one am excited to hear this game is not a 2 stick shooter, and will be picking it up today because of that. Not every game needs to have the same controls.

    I am excited to hear there are many melee weapons too. There is nothing better than beating a zombie up with an old fashioned baseball bat!

  • So how long will the dlc be? and i wanted to know if somebody get me a new game copy now i lost my other account from hackers and now he has everything!!! Thnx for the news though I loved the game!!

  • Nice job on the expantion, one question thou, is it an add-on (Up-grade) or do we have to buy the full “new” game???
    PLs reply…
    P.S. How much would it??? ($$)

    • The DLC is a separate purchase from the core game, so you can still buy the core version of BZB if you want to also play the new DLC.

      As for cost, it won\’t be very much at all but we\’re not able to go into pricing specifics at this time. Sorry.

  • Dude I love the home space. Are you guys planing on puttinr more content in the zombies store. I would like to get the hair style for my avatar plus the jeans, a zombie costume with a full mask. and some more shirts would be sweet.
    Kudo’s on the space and the new featurs in the game

  • Dude I love the home space. Are you guys planing on putting more content in the zombies store. I would like to get the hair style for my avatar plus the jeans, a zombie costume with a full mask. and some more shirts would be sweet.
    Kudo’s on the space and the new features in the game

  • sorry for the double post you guys should have a edit option if you can delete the first one and this one after

  • Is this the first game to have in game music?

    Its the first time i have heard about it since the update allowing game developers to put this in their games. Awesome. I am going to go jump on Home and go to the BZB space and ask around about this game.

    If everyone says its awesome then I will check the price, and if I can, then I will buy it.

    And then I will put a crap load of music on my PlayStation and play BZB while listening to Velvet Underground.

  • i am happy i bought this game i will now have 2 buy dlc keep up the good work

  • Hey i have a question.
    can you make Burn Zombie Burn to be free for one week like in rag doll kung fu?

    please reply and thank you


  • The patch sounds awesome! How do you get the patch? Do u just get an update?

    • Yes, as long as you\’re online and logged into PSN the patch download will start automatically once you start up BZB.

  • Too childish… whats the point of having a PS3 and playing a game with N64 grpahics…?

    • An N64 wouldn\’t be able handle the amount of zombies we have on screen (as in 100+). As for childish, not every game needs to go down the path of photo-realism.

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