A New PS3 Platformer “topatoi” Coming to PSN This Fall

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Hello PlayStation Blog readers! My name is Natalia and I’m the PR Manager from Boolat Games, a game development studio from Donetsk, Ukraine. I’d like to introduce “topatoi” – a new captivating arcade platformer game for PLAYSTATION 3 / PSN.

The first part of arcade saga “topatoi: The Great Tree Story” was released 2nd of July in EU. Unfortunately we had no opportunity to get the game out in the US at the same time, but it will be available in the US PlayStation Store this fall and everyone will have a chance to take an unforgettable journey with inquisitive explorer Raph into fantastic world, and challenge yourself with a variety of platforming levels and game modes.

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The story begins when Raph and his friends find their self in a strange place, after their aircraft was crash-landed. But it is not the only problem – Raph’s girlfriend is kidnapped by the evil Blackwing, so now they have to find spare parts to fix the airship, also attempting to safe Raph’s girlfriend. Not so easy to solve all these problems at the same time…

But don’t worry! Raph has a fantastic vehicle that looks like a futuristic whirligig. Unusual abilities of this device will help the main hero to overcome all obstacles. Check out the latest gameplay video and you will see what “topatoi” looks like:

Those 150 seconds of video capture the core values of “topatoi” and brings you to The Great Tree world, where you can communicate with strange and sometimes funny inhabitants, fight enemies, standing in your way, collect stars and take journey in search of new adventures.

Successfully passed story mode opens challenging arcade mode where you can test and improve your skill and coordination. Beautiful and various levels of arcade mode, which require quick reaction and thinking are full of puzzles of increasing difficulty and it’s very enjoyable to solve them with your friends in split screen mode or by yourself.

Hope you like the video! Stay turned, I’ll keep you informed with all game details and release date. If you have any questions, fire away in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

See you soon!


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  • The game looks interesting,but the soundtrack seems great! Who composed the music?

    • Natalia Gorbanskaya

      Hi Mies200!

      Thanks for your question –
      it\’s great to hear that you like the soundtrack.
      It was created by our inhouse composer and I\’m sure your comment makes him very glad:)

      Thank you guys for all your feedbacks, they are very important for the dev team.

  • topatoi looks more like a puzzler than a platformer to me… Looks like puzzle games are going to be primarily released on PSN (sigh). But, this game looks very interesting! I’m looking forward to it.

  • Parts of that post were a bit Engrish-like, but I love the fact that there’s splitscreen support for this title! More titles NEED this feature.

  • Trine is a downloadable, artistic platforming adventure available exclusively on console for the Playstation 3 but has yet to actually be released. It has everything to do with this post. You are insane.

  • Looks really good^^

  • Dear Sony Blog Gods,

    Your video player is still borked in Firefox.

    That is all.

  • Seems like the trophies will be quite hard to achieve :P

  • So if there’s split screen, it could be capable of having online co op right? Can yah put that in?

  • Split screen sounds awesome, and if that is the case then I am sold!

  • Sorry, but unless it comes on a disc, it’s not worth buying.

  • looks kool any plans on doing something in home with it?
    the thing hes riding would be kool to get in the stuff store,even though we dont get stuff yet.lol

  • That’s weak sauce, several US studios have delayed their releases so they could release in Europe at the same time.

    Oh well, no worries as long as it’s worth playing.

  • thanks for the response

  • Haha, when I read platformer I got all excited because I thought you meant 2D platformer… I forgot that there was another kind…Oh well, looks neat, but not my cup of tea.

  • @55 “It has everything to do with this post. You are insane.”

    It has NOTHING to do with this post. YOU are insane. You’re assuming Boolat Games is supposed to care about what’s holding Frozenbyte back. And in any case, if you’re that concerned, you have Google, right? Didn’t take me long to find this:
    “Unfortunately, Trine isn’t coming to PSN this week [7/30], and this time it’s [Frozenbyte, the developer’s] fault as there was discovered yet another small bug which needed to be fixed. I can’t tell for sure when the release is coming, as no-one really seems to know.”

    @61 “Sorry, but unless it comes on a disc, it’s not worth buying.”

    Wow. You’re really limiting yourself to some true masterpieces that are on the PlayStation Store. Suit yourself, but there are some really unique experiences that you’re missing…

  • Certainly looks European! But seriously, the abstract levels look particularly intriguing. Look forward to seeing more!

  • 73 days left

  • I’ve got the European version and its really a nice game! Makes me wonder why America is getting the game so late, will they get more extra’s or something?

  • @61, then I guess you’ll quit gaming in say 5 years then as digital distribution is the future, get over it!

  • @dragonarya, you’re absolutely wrong. Topatoi is a serious platform game with puzzle elements to get through the stages but it ain’t primarely a puzzle game.

  • @44, yes there’s MP (split screen) in the Arcade mode and no there is no Co-op

    @5, I doubt it, game cost here 9,99 Euro so think about 9,99USD

    @58, some are challenging, but very fun to get. Alexander (one of the devs) helped me out a bit with getting 2 stars in the game though xD.

    @38 European version runs at 780p and no custom soundtrack, sound in the game itself is great enough.

    @59, read first comment, split screen MP in arcade mode, only local in European version that is. Don’t know if the US version will have adaptions.

    Sorry I took over your job Natalie xD

  • Why is he riding a top? Does being in a top mean we get “top combat”? I do like the visuals and the sounds.

  • “Unfortunately we had no opportunity to get the game out in the US at the same time”

    Could you expand on that more? I’m confused – did the US Store team not let you submit it or there was some other hold up on your end?

  • Good! Something to keep Ratchet company in the platforming genre! My favorite genre went from plentiful to scare this generation of home consoles. It’s sad.

    @28 Sheesh, you shouldn’t generalize like that, buddy.

  • The last bit reminds me a lot of Portal.
    Really looking forward to this.

  • It does look like an interesting game. I wonder if there’s any chance of playing this online. http://tech09now.blogspot.com/

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