A New PS3 Platformer “topatoi” Coming to PSN This Fall

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Hello PlayStation Blog readers! My name is Natalia and I’m the PR Manager from Boolat Games, a game development studio from Donetsk, Ukraine. I’d like to introduce “topatoi” – a new captivating arcade platformer game for PLAYSTATION 3 / PSN.

The first part of arcade saga “topatoi: The Great Tree Story” was released 2nd of July in EU. Unfortunately we had no opportunity to get the game out in the US at the same time, but it will be available in the US PlayStation Store this fall and everyone will have a chance to take an unforgettable journey with inquisitive explorer Raph into fantastic world, and challenge yourself with a variety of platforming levels and game modes.

'topatoi' Banner

The story begins when Raph and his friends find their self in a strange place, after their aircraft was crash-landed. But it is not the only problem – Raph’s girlfriend is kidnapped by the evil Blackwing, so now they have to find spare parts to fix the airship, also attempting to safe Raph’s girlfriend. Not so easy to solve all these problems at the same time…

But don’t worry! Raph has a fantastic vehicle that looks like a futuristic whirligig. Unusual abilities of this device will help the main hero to overcome all obstacles. Check out the latest gameplay video and you will see what “topatoi” looks like:

Those 150 seconds of video capture the core values of “topatoi” and brings you to The Great Tree world, where you can communicate with strange and sometimes funny inhabitants, fight enemies, standing in your way, collect stars and take journey in search of new adventures.

Successfully passed story mode opens challenging arcade mode where you can test and improve your skill and coordination. Beautiful and various levels of arcade mode, which require quick reaction and thinking are full of puzzles of increasing difficulty and it’s very enjoyable to solve them with your friends in split screen mode or by yourself.

Hope you like the video! Stay turned, I’ll keep you informed with all game details and release date. If you have any questions, fire away in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

See you soon!


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  • Looks promising, keep up the good content

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Looks good! :)

  • SWEET!

  • Long as its not over $10, count me in :D

  • Looks fun. More platformers on PSN.

  • @Natalia

    I see your career’s moved into a different direction since Goldeneye

  • Looks great! I’ll keep my eye out on this one.

  • I am definitely interested in this, please have a demo available when you launch.

  • Hey maybe if you guys can get Trine out the door I’ll start giving a damn about the prospect of more downloadable platformers. Until then though you’re sol.

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  • Looks awesome guys I love games with physics based puzzles.

    Will you guys have Playstation Home Rewards for Trophy unlocks? (assuming it has Trophy support)

  • that was unexpectedly cool

  • Leave it to PlayStation to continue bringing interesting titles like this. Titles like these are a win-win for everyone. For Sony/PlayStation because it adds variety to their game catalog.

    For us as gamers because we have so much to choose from.

    And for developers like Boolat Games because it give them exposure and an outlet to show off their talents.

    Keep them coming, Sony!

  • It looks very interesting. The trailer shows a lot of care in the design of this game. I’m intrigued and curious about the release time of this game. The PSN keeps being the place to find very original quality content.

  • I’m looking forward to this game. I like the art direction. What was the inspiration?

    • Natalia Gorbanskaya

      mmm… interesting question…

      You know, every day we see really amazing things, discover something new, play different games…
      It seems to me the inspiration was everything we saw, heard and experienced in the past:)


  • I own 36 games on XBLA. I own 7 on PSN. I play the 7 on PSN much more than any games on XBLA. Sony, keep up the great content coming to PSN. At least you guys have some quality assurance and let only the best of the best in.* Can’t wait for this to come over to us.

    *I know there are some duds on PSN but hey, compared to the duds on XBLA, it’s nothing.

  • I’m definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for new info on this one.

  • Welcome to the blog Natalie. Thanks for the video. The game looks fun.

    Will there be a demo?

  • Looks interseting; it seems a lot like Mario Sunshine or Mirror’s Edge, in that the special challenge areas look the most interesting to me. Hopefully there will be a large number of them.

  • where are the trophies?! i love new stuff from playstation – consider me a true fan!

    • Natalia Gorbanskaya

      Hi Poweredbyzen,

      There are many different trophies –
      2 gold,
      2 silver and
      4 bronze.
      I wish you win them all when the game will out in the US :)
      Good luck!

  • That looks like one of those games that makes my palms sweat :)


  • That was only 112 seconds of video..

  • And by ‘this Fall” you mean ‘next Spring”?

  • Very wierd game but looks kinda neat as well. :)
    Music is very soothing as well, is that music from the game?
    And, those white, texture-less levels remind me of Mirror’s Edge a bit.

  • @10 maver1ck89
    Trine is not even REMOTELY related to this post.

  • Finally. Ive been wanting this title since it launched in Europe. Too bad the dollar is worthless otherwise we would probably already have all this stuff.

    This game is not for most americans, since most of you are shallow and closed minded.

  • Looks interesting.
    Not sure about that flying machine.
    Music and sound effects sound great!
    I would pay $9.99 for it so far.
    Keep it up!
    I love seeing and playing games from around the globe!

  • i certainly appreciate developers who are taking the time and effort to do things like this.. while they may not sell a billion copies of the game, it is some funds for future efforts.. and as the console base grows, more people are exposed to the interesting variety of games and can afford titles like these rather than waiting months and years for the big budget games that often dont pan out..
    this title looks interesting, and while ive never been a huge fan of the 3d platformer, it may still be worth a shot…

  • @28 TailsTheCat
    All money is worthless.
    How does not liking a particular game qualify as shallow or closed minded?

    Also you refer to yourself as American then exclude yourself from that classification all in the same post.

  • Wow. That looks really nice. There are so many good games on PSN. It’s worth owning a PS3 just for these PSN games! (Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of worthy disc based games too.)

  • this looks pretty interesting, I like it! I wish it were on the PSP too, though.

  • Wow, that looks interesting. I’m gonna have to look into this.

  • This game better not release after October because that when all the AAA games start releasing.

  • thats a surprise, it looks pretty good. Ill check it out when its released.

  • Ay! how about Dark Mist? , is it cancelled? its only released on EU.

    you guys should release stuff together! but Exclusives are always nice (i mean region exclusives) , makes one region feels special =]

  • Will this game play at a 1080p resolution? Will this game have custom soundtrax?

    • Natalia Gorbanskaya

      No, this game is played at 720p.
      And no again, cause the sound in the game is really amazing.


  • looks intresting ill def check this out

  • @Tails the Cat

    Didn’t know I was close minded or shallow ? Stop generalising.

    Anyway game looks fun, might pick it up.

  • Ok, US is getting our EU games…. so how about we get some of those lovely US games!!

  • looks fun
    ill keep my eyes open for more info on this one

  • Looks just a little too slow for my kind of platformer. Still, it is quite unique, I must say that.

    I also have to say, I feel that the game didn’t translate well to a non-full-screen video. Maybe it’s just me but the blog’s black background in contrast with the bright white colors were not flattering.

    It made the colors look too washed out. The only way to appreciate that video is to watch it in full-screen.

  • Wow looks interesting, this is why I love the PSN store. Any word on multiplayer or co-op?

    • Natalia Gorbanskaya

      Hi Maguss,

      You have a chance to enjoy the split screen in arcade mode.
      But there is no co-op.

  • man i hate it when my mom takes my router away cause i play too much!

  • i will be buying this the moment it comes stateside.

    I love platformers.

  • looks amazing

  • Reminds me of the crash bandicoot series.

  • For some odd reason it kind of reminds me of like a Ratchet and Clank game. I dont know why. lol But looks good.

  • spaciba! natalie the game looks cool and if the price is right i might get it.
    anyway,i wish i was in the ukraine right now where the weather is nice and the women are beautiful …hehe

  • HI Natalia, just wanted to ask, is the music we hear in the vid part of the game play or is this an edit just for this vid?
    (i like the beats, i hope they will be in the final release) thanks :)

    • Natalia Gorbanskaya

      Hi Station3fever,

      I\’m glad you enjoyed the music :)
      Yes, it\’s the part of the game play and I\’m sure when the game will be released you will find much more amazing sounds.


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