The Curtain Rises on the 10-Screen Movie Theater in PlayStation Home, MotorStorm Game Launching Crashes In, and Fat Princess Needs Cake!

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Greetings Home-boys and Home-girls! It’s time for another PlayStation Home update

We’re proud to announce another major core space update. The Movie Theater brings you ten times as much exciting content [including from the PS.Blog! –Jeff] with a brand-new 10-screen layout, a new lobby, and the ability to unlock rewards in select screening rooms. Be sure to check out the screening rooms often – you never know when one of them will be giving something away. Stay tuned for lots of exclusive new videos over the coming months, including the future possibility of full-length TV shows or movies, with new features debuting on a regular basis.

But that’s not all! The Burn Zombie Burn space brings its classic cartoony graveyard style to PlayStation Home with a crypt for lounging in while you watch Burn Zombie Burn videos, a zombie-infested maze mini-game where you’ll be challenged to find your way out before you get zombified, and as always, an exclusive reward. Don’t get lost in the graveyard!

Next, the first wave of MotorStorm content will be swerving into PlayStation Home with MotorStorm Pacific Rift Game Launching functionality topping the bill. If you’re new to Game Launching, click here for more info on how this great functionality works.

There will be more MotorStorm news coming your way very soon; in the meantime, check out the screenshots below for a tantalizing snippet of some of the great MotorStorm content coming to PlayStation Home over the coming weeks.

MotorStorm in PlayStation HomeMotorStorm in PlayStation Home

Next (and this is very exciting) as of tomorrow, we will be launching a new event in PlayStation Home – the Fat Princess “Quest for Cake.” Based upon the brilliant PSN title which launches today, all you have to do is click on the PlayStation Events Space chip on your World Map to join in this very special confectionary quest.

In the fully redecorated space you will find eight pieces of cake, locked away in cages. To unlock the cake and feed your Princess you need to search the space high and low for clues. If you do manage to unlock all eight pieces of cake, and feed the Princess, a special reward will be yours – the Fat Princess’ very own throne for your personal apartment. Here are a few screenshots of the space to whet your appetite…

Fat Princess in PlayStation HomeFat Princess in PlayStation Home

Fat Princess in PlayStation HomeFat Princess in PlayStation Home

Finally, be sure to cruise through the Mall to check out still more updates to our lovely new stores…sources say there will be some cool new items to pick up to show your friends, both free and for sale!

See you in Home!

~CydoniaX, PlayStation Home Community Manager

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  • Keep up the great work, you make getting on Home fun!

  • Again, great work. I thought the event space was gone forever. Thanks for bringin it back. I guess only for events huh? Thats cooh. How bout usin the gamers lounge for small events or dev visits? Updatin the lounge would be cooh too. Last time capcom came, they didn’t go to our server. That made everyone there who waited very mad. So, thats why I was hopin for another dev visit to the lounge. Lost planet 2 is lookin good, how bout the team visits us for that game?

  • Seems like a decent update for playstation home, at least for me and many others will find it worth while playing.

  • Please drop Home, please.

    Put your efforts towards more community features we can access quick, without the need of going into that slow-fest of an world. Where’s my cross-game chat, where’s my extensive profile?

    Why are you laggging so much in online features? Can’t you PLEASE look at Xbox 360’s constant updates and the reason it’s still the most owned console next to Wii?

  • On another note. I’ve been using this same avatar for freakin three years. WHERE THE HELLS OUR CUSTOM AVATARS!?

  • @ StuntF50

    This is NOT the Right Place to Speak to People about HOME or the PS3’s Features that aren’t here yet.. The Best Place to Speak your Toughts it the PlayStation 3 Fourms



  • The Fat Princess Throne is awesome! Thanks!

  • @154&155,

    Shut up stuntf50 and stop being a freaking baby. the features are going to come.

    AND GROW UP!!!

  • What happened to the Motorstorm: PR Home space?


  • With recent news that guitar hero 5 can play with avatars… does that mean we will be able to play with our PlayStation home characters?


    I think should add “HOME TROPHIES” but instead of bronze, gold, etc; you should use jewels, like: Jade, diamond, Ruby among others.

    This trophies should act as a multiplier of your current XP in your gamer profile. For example every 20 “home trophies” (the ones with less value) multiple your trophies XP earned in games x0.2. If you have 20 of the ones of moderate value then they would multiple your XP x0.4; and so on.

    Also, not related to the home space you earn the trophies, every 40 trophies (the less valuable trophies) should be able to obtain a Ruby trophy (or the “most valuable jewel in the world” trophy lol). I say this because if someone (a trophy addict) obtains the maximum trophy on any home space he will not come back for more, and if you update that home space all the effort would go to waste.

    Your gamercard in some way should show the HOME TROPHIES as it shows the retail/DL games trophies.

    When you have some specific quantity of trophies on a HOME SPACE that belongs to a determinate game, it should unlock some content on the DISC/DL version of the product; just like PSP-PS3 cross play in games like Resistance and Assasin´s Creed.

  • I meant 1.2 and 1.4 before lol

  • We want Summer Previews SCEA.. Dam already why game Previews no Thank you!.. Keep up the good work you have done so far!..

  • .Good Job Guys. I’m totally psyched!

  • As always, I’m looking forward to free stuff in Home. So how that promised about trophy implementation in Home…?

  • Is there a way for you guys to stream games that are actually being played online in the theatres or something?

  • GREAT NEWS!!! I have 2 questions i live in canada can i watch the movie and tv shows that are going to air? and will u have to pay to watch the movies?!!! If not this is the best day ever!!!!

  • #21,
    You should know that Cyd prefers pie, not cake.

  • Hmm When was the motorstorm suppose to come out i see no sign of it …..*/_\* be patient ethan b patient

  • Also this just a suggestion i would like to see a bit more variety of game launching availablity in some future spaces

  • Who cares HOME for the US sucks still Zzzzzz
    SCEA or you Moderators are still lagging behind Asia has DJ clubs Eurupe has G.I. JOE and cool Movie Previews!.. So yeah I won’t keep quite about this sorry no can do!..Another thing that is stupid why you guys have the theatre look like a Small town Theatre when its now a 10 theatre Complex?..Jezz..EUROPE ONE IS STILL KICKING [DELETED] …CHANGE THE AMERICAN ONE!!

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