The Curtain Rises on the 10-Screen Movie Theater in PlayStation Home, MotorStorm Game Launching Crashes In, and Fat Princess Needs Cake!

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Greetings Home-boys and Home-girls! It’s time for another PlayStation Home update

We’re proud to announce another major core space update. The Movie Theater brings you ten times as much exciting content [including from the PS.Blog! –Jeff] with a brand-new 10-screen layout, a new lobby, and the ability to unlock rewards in select screening rooms. Be sure to check out the screening rooms often – you never know when one of them will be giving something away. Stay tuned for lots of exclusive new videos over the coming months, including the future possibility of full-length TV shows or movies, with new features debuting on a regular basis.

But that’s not all! The Burn Zombie Burn space brings its classic cartoony graveyard style to PlayStation Home with a crypt for lounging in while you watch Burn Zombie Burn videos, a zombie-infested maze mini-game where you’ll be challenged to find your way out before you get zombified, and as always, an exclusive reward. Don’t get lost in the graveyard!

Next, the first wave of MotorStorm content will be swerving into PlayStation Home with MotorStorm Pacific Rift Game Launching functionality topping the bill. If you’re new to Game Launching, click here for more info on how this great functionality works.

There will be more MotorStorm news coming your way very soon; in the meantime, check out the screenshots below for a tantalizing snippet of some of the great MotorStorm content coming to PlayStation Home over the coming weeks.

MotorStorm in PlayStation HomeMotorStorm in PlayStation Home

Next (and this is very exciting) as of tomorrow, we will be launching a new event in PlayStation Home – the Fat Princess “Quest for Cake.” Based upon the brilliant PSN title which launches today, all you have to do is click on the PlayStation Events Space chip on your World Map to join in this very special confectionary quest.

In the fully redecorated space you will find eight pieces of cake, locked away in cages. To unlock the cake and feed your Princess you need to search the space high and low for clues. If you do manage to unlock all eight pieces of cake, and feed the Princess, a special reward will be yours – the Fat Princess’ very own throne for your personal apartment. Here are a few screenshots of the space to whet your appetite…

Fat Princess in PlayStation HomeFat Princess in PlayStation Home

Fat Princess in PlayStation HomeFat Princess in PlayStation Home

Finally, be sure to cruise through the Mall to check out still more updates to our lovely new stores…sources say there will be some cool new items to pick up to show your friends, both free and for sale!

See you in Home!

~CydoniaX, PlayStation Home Community Manager

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  • Hey guys here is an update about home coming back up from the head moderator from Europe for Playstation Home (note he is a sony employee so yea)

  • Well it’s about time for the 10 screen, I hope this is as awesome as it sounds. Things seem to be cooking once again in Home with quality updates occurring frequently.

  • Home gets better and better. And whats exciting is it’s growth! I’m so happy to be a PS3 owner!

  • I just have a little concern about the ‘trophy space/room’. Probably this is one of the toughest space/room you guys are working on, but could we at least hear some heads up. I thought there was going to be a desmostration at E3 09, but it seems it’s taking longer than what we expected.

    This might sound challenging. Try making exclusive title’s Space as soon as possible (with game launching), so when they hit stores we could get it’s space too.
    And I know there might be couple of people who might have mentioned it. But in the other hand we have to realize that not that many us log-into Home when we are busy playing a new fresh game!

  • @67
    The USA(US) store has not updated yet
    It usually updates around 16:00 (4pm) Pacific not GMT.
    You might want to check out the US PSN store before assuming all stores update at the same time.

    Your frind is from Europe

  • Wow, Game Launching for a game thats been out for almost a year. Umm, way to go? Home should have been all about the Trophy Room and Game Launching for every game.

  • If we all could use our Home avatars on our XMB for our friends to see then more people would use Home.

    Otherwise, great update.

  • Yyou know… now that I think about this is good. Since Fat Princess is releasing today. People are gonna be on that more than home. Sweet! GET IT NOW BEFORE THEY SWARM!!!
    -rushes upstairs to get on home-

  • So long….WHY !!!!

  • Pretty good update, good job.

  • @ 101 thanks man… for those who havnt read his link, home will be up within the hour =)

  • :Yawn: Fat Princess

    :Yawn: Home (I might have to delete this to free up the space that it’s wasting).

  • Hmmmm…for some reason Home isnt loading for me

  • At Cloud
    Dude, Idk if even that promise will be kept. Frankly the NA board is going buts over it and really its getting tiring hitting X alot now lolz. Should we place bets on which will update first? PSN or Home?

  • @ Sky_Team

    lol sure man i think it will be home tho store will update around the normal time…

  • as borat would say…. “VERY NICE, HIGH FIVE!”

  • I’m real excited for most of the things just said…the main part is the screening layout for the movie theater.

    What they should be working on is the full length movies and TV shows…not just a possibility, I mean its only right…it is a movie theater ya know

    I’ll give it sometime though, sony is also doing a great job with other situations.

  • When is the update coming?

  • @119
    Ah wait nvm saw your ID lolz
    Its coming….SOON!

  • The store needs to update already…. INEED MY CAKE!!!

  • Awesome! Just awesome! You guys just keep making Home better and better. But how about game launching for games like Killzone 2 or Socom?

  • Speaking of Burn Zombie Burn!, where is the patch they said had come out a few weeks ago but never did in the US? I think it’s out in Europe but not in the US.

  • It is about time PlayStation Home gets full length movies and tv shows. This will get me into Home every day if they consistently play full length movies and tv shows throughout the day.

  • awwwww man i have to w8 till 4pm!!! no prob lol but neways im so excited about the cake newz =D WHO WANTS CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKEEEE!
    or not? either one…but i like all the home updates too =D im glad i piked ps3 over xbox 360 xDDD neways keep it up guys ill just have to wait…and wait 0.o

  • i cant get on home i tap X to connect and then it says initializing for about 5 mins and then says i lost connection to server but my internet connection is perfectly fine….

  • can someone plz help me? i wanna get on the fat princess space to keep me occupied till the game comes out

  • Never mind on the Burn Zombie Burn patch. I just found out it’s coming out today.

  • You guys never cease to amaze me with your Home Updates. Keep it up!

  • @justin
    Home is currently in maitenance, refer to my post about on what is happeneing,

  • well i dont get why they cant just update the store… they are two different groups why cant they update? =[ i know they are online right now…

  • thx sky

  • This is awesome. I’m glad to see Playstation Home continuing to evolve.

  • its 1:50 pm where i live… they need to update it so that everyone has it before 6:00 pm

  • Man once everyone gets out of work it’s going to be hectic trying to play a new mini game. Hope everything runs smoothly.

  • 20 seconds, Sony. That’s how long it should take for me to actually start controlling my Home Avatar from when i press the “Home” icon on the XMB. And that should also be the only button press i have to make.

    No verifying disclaimers, no initializing or whatever, no message of the day confirmation, and no “loading the last place you were” crap either. One button press, one 20 second load, and i should be out and about in Home. Don’t let the fanboy sheep fool you, THIS is the biggest deterrence to home: The [DELETED] hoops you have to jump through to use it.

  • Do I have to unlock pieces of cake to BUY the game? I would just like to get it off the store and play it. Not have to deal with this “home” business…

  • @daddy
    No you don’t…

  • Amazing update and progress guys! This full length tv show and film feature is what we’ve been waiting for you to tell us!

    Now give us those LCD TVs you guys had Phil Harrison show us a few years ago!!!

  • ugh… when can we get on home? its 3 pm over here and im getting really bored………

  • HOME is FREAKIN AWESOME. I can’t wait see this ,and FAT Princess i can’t wait to get it on day one, when will it be UPDATED on the playstation store so i can download the europ store got but i can’t wait

  • :Yawn: @112 comment

    @136 – agreed 100%. If Home was more streamlined and it didn’t take minutes to get started I would definitely hop on more often. In a world where satisfaction is fairly instant, Home takes f o r e v e r. It would be amazing if Home could be loaded upon startup in the background and then accessed when you wanted to use it. I am far from a programmer and probably not possile, but it is just so damn clunky right now

    Sony is however taking big strides with Home, and it has improved greatly. The potential in Home is monsterous and im sure it will get there eventually; sucking in even the most diehard haters.

    I-WANT-MY-CAKE!, I-WANT-MY-CAKE! creepshow anyone, ah the 80’s


  • Good Job Guys

  • I have a great idea for Playstation Home that would make me use it even more.

    How about being able to download “ALL”, or most, of the new spaces and/or updates as one download?

    I get really tired of jumping and/or opening each space to only find out it needs to be updated.

    It would be nice to open up Playstation Home and just hit update and wait once, even if it’s a long time.

  • amazing. great work SCEA and Home.

    keep up the great work.

  • @Sony

    I want new flash backgrounds for my PS3.

    Its nice to have different themes, but it would be even more amazing if we can get new flash backgrounds.

    In the video posted above, at the end of the video, there’s a red stripe that swirls around the PS3. I would LOVE IT if I could use that as my background!!!

    Please make it happen Sony! ^_^

    PS: We need new visualizers when listening to music.

  • Home is get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. This MIGHT crush xbox live. Because devs seem 2 like this ides of Home. And so do I.I have both consoles, xbox360, and Playstation 3; and I love the ps3 more because of the better multimedia features and the free online of course and how much better it is like u get the thing you have to pay for on xbox live for free on ps3.

  • fat princess is out babt woooooo hoooo it finaly came out!!!!!!!1

  • Nice update and all, but could you please tell us when the US version of home will get the Visari chair and plant? I want those so bad. It’s pretty much the only furniture/decorations that looks cool. I spent the last of the money in my PSN wallet on a table for home that DOES NOT WORK so now I’m feeling pretty burned >.>

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