Unbound Saga – Going Digital (plus free codes!)

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Ah, the future. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. John M Richardson Jr once said “When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.” We at Vogster would like to think of ourselves as part of that second camp, The Makers, not to be confused with THE MAKER, the mysterious omniscient entity responsible for the misadventures that plague Rick Ajax and Lori Machete in Unbound Saga for the PSP, available now for download exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

See what I did there? Bridge quotes about the future to a reference to Unbound Saga, which then leads to the topic of digital distribution? Yes, Unbound Saga is available for download only. You can’t walk into Gamezoinks, or wherever else you typically buy your disc-based gaming fix, and walk out with a plastic box full of brawling Unbound goodness. You can, however, buy this game from the comfort of your own home, while still in your bathrobe and bunny slippers. Click-click-clack, simple as that. Super easy, and all you need is an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account. And a PlayStation device to play the game on, of course.

Unbound Saga

But why would Vogster, or any other publisher for that matter, buck the trend and do something as radical as bypassing brick-and-mortar? What do we have against the good people at Gamezoinks? Nothing at all, I assure you (In fact, we just made that name up.). But the benefits of digital distribution cannot be overlooked. For the consumer, digital download offers unparalleled convenience. If you want it, you can have it NOW, regardless of weather, bus schedules, gas prices, etc. RIGHT NOW. In fact, I just bought the first three seasons of Dexter from the PlayStation Store while writing this. My fingers barely left the keyboard. How convenient is THAT?? It also guarantees availability. It would have stunk to drive all the way to the mall for that set of DVDs only to find they were sold out. Well, the internet is never sold out, and it is open 24-7. How ‘bout them apples?

Digital distribution is good for the developer, too. It is easier to get the product onto the market, cheaper to manufacture and distribute, and it bypasses the growing used- and rental- markets that eat into sales. The traditional model makes it that much harder for smaller companies to compete, even those with amazing new ideas and talent. Wouldn’t you rather have more good games to choose from? Going digital gives developers a viable stage to present their products for the gameplaying market to enjoy.

We certainly haven’t turned our back on the tactile satisfaction of holding something groovy and colorful in your hands. That’s why we’re hard at working producing spiffy Unbound Saga comics and sweet, sweet action statuettes to adorn your desktops and Unbound Saga shrines (Check out our Facebook Fan page some nifty pix.). And as DLC becomes available, you’ll be able to hop into the new content instantly, thanks to the uber-convenience of it all!

So yes, the digital download method is relatively new, and sometimes new can be scary. But you survived the change from 8-bit to HD, from 2D to 3D, from cartridge to CD to DVD to Blu-ray. I think we will not only survive the change from disc to digital, but we’ll all benefit from the process. And if you don’t believe me, here’s a rock-solid offer to try it for yourself: FIVE FREE CODES FOR YOUR OWN COPY OF UNBOUND SAGA! (codes are for North America only — sorry Lost Continent of Atlantis!)

Wait, what? FREE?? You bet, but because downloading digital content to your PSP is so darn easy (signed in from the PlayStation Store, select “Redeem Codes”) , we decided to throw in a little extra challenge just to emphasize how easy the actual process is WITHOUT the silly contest challenge. Here are the codes — all you have to do is guess the missing characters. (And yes, there is a pattern related to this posting…)

Have at it, junior G-men!


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    just a FYI. you can keep going but its a waste of your time.

  • @SarshelYam
    Agreed, especially since they don’t normally give free PSP codes…

  • It was “MAKER”

    I feel very sad in my stomach

  • ha ha ha ha ha

  • I appreciate the good intentions but the codes are always a bad idea. A few people get the code, a bunch of people get pissed off because they are too late. Result? A lot of people upset, a few people happy, not cool.

  • @Snoozey:
    I’d agree, it’s not going to be the one-and-only, in the future. I think for many people there will always be a place for the physical products. But with the cost of digital storage these days, digital distribution is becoming more and more viable.

    I still agree that it shouldn’t be the only option, but if they offered digital downloads at 5-10% price cut from retail, I’d definitely be all over it. If they ran sales like Steam did, I’d go just about digital exclusive in a heartbeat, especially if I could re-download my games, etc…

  • Well I’m going to stick with all my games
    I still feel sad that I got nothing, even though I give so much (http://www.pspdemocenter.com/page.php?al=3968&pg=3) FYI I have more now from the ps store. At least I’m ready for the PSP Go.

  • @emiru69
    Yeah, I mean, why can’t they make it free for a limited time or something?

  • @TuxBobble:
    I agree with you, sometimes I find the digital downloads more expensive than the real options.

  • How dare you slander the good name of Gamezoinks, lol!

  • @Tjoeb123
    That’s a great idea, for a limited time or something. I check the blog several times at day and I still got nothing and I’m sure there is a lot of people is the same situation.

  • Digital downloads are perfect for handhelds, not so great for consoles. Seriously, who wants to be downloading 25-50GB games? Bite sized PSP games are perfect for downloading though. I’d rather have a bunch of games ready to play in my PSP than have to carry around a bunch of UMD discs.

    Now they just need to get their good will trade in program started so I can trade in all my UMDs for digital redeem codes. Make it happen, Sony.

  • Digital downloads may be the future, but with broadband penetration being so low in the US, Digital Distribution being “the standard” is long ways off. Heck, even a large portion of Americans that do have broadband have to be concerned about download caps put in place by corporate-owned ISP’s. That’s like telling a consumer: hey, I know you like to shop, but you’re only allowed in the store “x” number of times before your limit is up.

  • Download only is fine by me for the lower priced titles, as in under $20. But future or not, good game or not, any dev that sends out a $40-60 game as ‘download only’ will certainly miss out on having me as a customer.

  • @emiru69
    “I check the blog several times at day and I still got nothing.” What does that mean?

  • @TuxBobble:

    Not me, even if it was cheaper I still rather have a hard copy. What if in the future PSN went down and they lost all our data on what we bought and downloaded? Or if we fried our HDD’s? You always need to look at the worst case scenario and so as long as you have a working PS3 and a hard copy of your favorite games, then you’re good to go. :D Though I’m not saying I’m against Digital Download 100%, I just always want an option of buying a hard copy of my game, that’s all :o).

  • Sorry to double up here…

    @56 That’s a great idea and point about making the downloads somewhat less costly than the retail disc.

    Digital distribution saves the publisher money on storage medium, case, manual and cover printing, shipping, and more. Why not pass some of that savings on to the consumer?

  • Those $10-$20 I don’t care for much. The satisfaction I get from having my hard copy > than spending more money on games.

  • darn always alittle to late

  • Aww missed it again would’ve been great to get it because i have a big test tomorrow but oh well at least i can get fat of fat princess woot best psn game ever cant wait to buy that awesome game

  • @ Snoozey

    I’m with you. I paid a premium to get my copy of Patapon 2 on UMD. I don’t mind paying $10 or less for DD software but the having the physical media makes me feel more secure in the security of my purchase. I’d gladly pay more for it, if they’d only give us a choice.

  • “Seriously, who wants to be downloading 25-50GB games?”

    And who’s doing that? As far as I know, there aren’t any downloadable 20-50GB games out there.

  • I miss John D :(

    Anyway I logged on too late. I probably would have got a code.

  • Great use of the quote at the top. I like that- it’s very witty yet has a touch of nostalgia for the more common phrases.

  • Is there going to be a playstation home blog post?

  • Yet again I dont get a code…Ive tried multiple times but im never fast enough

  • I think the time when this info was posted on all content needs to be shown helps alot to know how long it takes for a person to post the first comment. still wish I could have gotten one of those codes. I find it easier to use the psn store on the ps3.

    would like to see the psn blog’s main page force all browsers to reload the entire page instead of using their own browser cache and not load any new content recently added. it can be done in php.

  • @ Snoozey:

    “What if in the future PSN went down and they lost all our data on what we bought and downloaded? Or if we fried our HDD’s?”

    That’s an awfully nutty thing to say, but pretty standard among hardcopy die-hards. Haven’t you people ever heard of backups? You can make them quickly, cheaply, and easily… and it’ll only get quicker, cheaper, and easier in the future.

    And you’ve probably noticed by now that PS3 games, Blu-ray or not, get frequent software updates. If you were the sole survivor of some terrible nuclear holocaust that wiped out the PSN servers, but you still managed to find an unopened PS3 and games, you wouldn’t be able to download the patches for those games… or play them at all, if you needed to download PS3 firmware updates that were no longer available. Why worry about this at all?

    Gosh, maybe I should just stop using Gmail and go back to handwritten letters because terrorists could infiltrate Google headquarters and blow up the servers…

  • @triple_lei

    Backups? Why should I invest additionally into external HDD’s or anything of that sort when I can keep a hard copy of the game to begin with? Hmm..

    Seeing as to how unreliable Sony is at times, I rather have my hard copy and not put my trust in their servers at all.

    Maybe you should. I keep backup’s of my emails and print them out to have “hard copies.” You never know.

  • @Tjoeb123
    Sorry maybe I did not use the right words. What I was trying to say was even though I check several times at day the blog I did not arrive on time. I think that your idea of using time with the codes would have a better results. It’s not the fact of not getting the code is not having any idea if they still working or not, at least not until someone said something in the blog (thanks ChaseHammerJ)

  • You can infinitely backup your downloaded games. You can’t backup your hardcopies cheaply or even legally.

    And I like not having to worry about my games getting dirty, scratched, shattered, lost, or stolen. Not being reckless helps, but it’s still easier with downloads!

  • WOW that was completely pointless…………pointless but fun wooooohooooo

  • “Digital distribution is good for the developer, too. It is easier to get the product onto the market, cheaper to manufacture and distribute”

    That’s kinda funny…
    Yes it certainly is better and cheaper for the developer, but somehow it’s hardly ever better or cheaper for the consumer!

    “and it bypasses the growing used- and rental- markets that eat into sales”

    Yeah, and how exactly is that good for the consumer? In this digital download only world utopia people are just supposed to keep buying and buying and buying, until they have a library of a thousand games they have no interest in ever playing again, right? Sounds like a great idea, NOT.

  • Have At It G-Men

    H, A, I, G and M.


  • I got the golden tiiiiicket, I got the golden tiiiiicket! This is just like Charlie and the Chocolate factory where they said they were all gone! BUT I GOT THE LAST ONE!

    I got the golden tiiiiiiiiiiiicket

  • Digital distribution is the downfall.

    You payed for three seasons of a terrible show on the overpriced PSN? Too bad for you. ARRRgh

  • Another game I was interested in that I will now simply avoid. I AM one of those consumers who prefer to purchase games in a physical media format. I WANT that disc copy, I WANT a real manual. Most importantly, I WANT to know 100% that any game I purchase I will still be able to play 5, 10 or 20 years from now. With digital distribution, there is absolutely NO guarantee that I would still be able to re-download the game a year from now, much less 10 years or more. Will the PSN servers still be up? And Mr. Kennedy, as a long-time gamer consumer, I find much of your “rant” insulting and disturbing, like a schoolyard bully shoving an agenda into our faces & telling us we’d better like it or else. Is this the new form of game marketing? And I don’t understand – you can print comics and make statuettes, but not game discs or manuals? The sale of such items CANNOT be compared to the ownership, collectibility and/or long-time playability of a physical media format.

    • Hmm, sorry Baron — no insult intended. Just trying to show how easy DD is. There\’s no agenda, other than pointing out how un-complicated it is to grab a copy of Unbound Saga off the servers and start playing it in literally minutes. Sorry if you took offense to any of it.

  • I’d be willing to be the increase in used game sales is related to the increase in game prices. There’s a growing number of people who would rather wait a couple months rather than pay $70 for a game.

    Digital Download is a nice idea, but Sony really needs to come up with a method of exporting it to a USB drive. What matters is if my PS3 HDD dies, then I have to redownload all my purchases (already been there once). Someday off in the future, I imagine that server will be gone and then I’ll be fondly remembering my games have gone to video game heaven.

    And before you think that nobody is going to play this game in 10 years, or say 30 years, well that’s simply just not true. If you make a game which truely becomes one of my favorites, then someday I will be feeling a little nostalgic and want to load it up…

  • Better yet, someone at Sony/PSB could’ve stepped in and told us when they were gone.

  • Well, those are good points to consider for digital distribution from the developer’s side, but what about the consumer? There are lots of people who depend on the ability to re-sell their games in order to have money to buy new ones. So if your products are distributed digitally, they can’t resell them, therefore they buy less games. And when people aren’t able to afford as many games, they tend to stick with A-Class titles they know will be good and are less likely to try new/risky titles which cuts into emerging developer’s sales.

    Personally, I hate digital distribution because I like to hold the game in my hand. As a collector, I like for things I buy to actually have value but with digital distribution, they have $0 value, so I view it as a waste of my money.

  • I also dislike the idea of strictly digital because of the restrictions they currently place on it (which could be easily changed but will not be). You can’t sell the game, you can’t back it up, you can’t bring it with you, it’s just a matter of time before it’s gone.

    What happens if the game isn’t so awesome and I want to sell it? No dice. What if my hdd crashes, I guess I can re-download it all if I have an internet connection and the game is recent, but not in the future when the servers aren’t up anymore. I still play my genesis and snes from time to time so my media needs to last and unfortunately hdds don’t last. Also what if I want to bring it to a friend’s house and play with him there? Not possible unless I give out my psn id, except I have more than 5 friends and would like to keep an extra slot just in case I need it at some point.

    I’ll put up with these restrictions for cheap games, but I have not and will never purchase an expensive full game with them. I’ll stick with physical media that isn’t as convenient to buy at first, but much, much more convenient in the long-term.

  • This post is all about how great digital distribution is, but I’d like to point out why it isn’t so that maybe you guys can fix it before you make it mandatory.

    Japanese PSN users can change their name anytime they want, as far as I am aware, but in the US, we have to create a whole new account if we want a new name. That’s a real problem if we’ve already bought a bunch of stuff on the old account. It’ll still work on the PS3 as long as both accounts are active on it, but the PSP can only have one account active at a time, which means we get screwed over and can’t access content we already paid for. That is how digital distribution sucks. Please work it out for the sake of all your customers.

  • Yea, like I got time to do this. Fail.

  • LOL, wow. I have over 100 PSN titles downloaded. Hmmm, let’s see….. I have an external 500gb HDD that my entire 320gb PS3 HDD is backed up to. You can also use Sonys free MediaGo software to backup all your downloaded PSP and PS1 games and game saves to. I love my UMD’s and will continue to purchase them, but I refuse to be scared away from digital downloads based on some imaginary apocalypse. Back up your DD content, it’s not rocket science, although it may seem like it to some. In those cases, I suggest you buy a Wii, the games on that system will be closer to your mentality.

  • @baronbrain

    I remember a time when ppl said pretty much the same as you but it was with 8 track tapes, vhs movies, cassette tapes, laser disks, and betamax movies.

    Nothing lasts forever, and even if the games where on umd the same can be said about umds also like what if the umd was damaged or lost how am i going to get a replacement if the stores dont have them or they are no longer sold a year later or that no one around has a copy to sell.

    For ppl that refuse to get games as a download will eventuly get them. Its just a matter of doing it soon or later.

    Games going download only will be poping up more and more. So its down to just accepting whats coming or just learn to live with not playing the games.

    Now im not saying that the developers are going to lose on sales from the ppl that dont want the downloads. It just means they have the numbers showing that for better profit margins that they will do better going download only where they would of lost more from having umds being made.

    Just wait and see. Most of the psp games that will be coming out will most likly be doing the same.

  • Mike Kennedy, you a troll.

    You are deliberately insulting people who like discs, and physical media.

    You, sir, can go to hell.

    I will never buy digital, and I will never buy one of your games.

    • Wha? me Am not TrolL! Me LIKE discs! Especially on oniOn roll!

      I\’m sorry if you were somehow insulted by the post, guy with random-letter-name.

  • Backing up the whole hdd every time I get a game is not going to work for me. If they allowed you to backup games one at a time so that they’re self-contained then that would be enticing. It would also need to work so that I could travel with it incase I wanted to game at a friend or relative’s house, and so that I could then sell it. It would be basically be digital distribution but no restrictions so that I could then put it on physical media. If that was the case I’d be all for it, but it’s not so I won’t be supporting it. If you think I’m going to live without games you’re being naive, I’ll move to a different system or just stop paying for them. I purchase games on disc but if it’s download with heavy restrictions only then I’ll feel justified pirating it.

  • As a legal representative of Gamezoinks, I must insist that you immediately cease and desist using our name and/or distinctive likeness >:|

    I picked up the game when it came out, and have to agree that it’s a very solid brawler, and I was actually surprised with how much I like the look of it. Kudos, guys

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