Unbound Saga – Going Digital (plus free codes!)

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Ah, the future. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. John M Richardson Jr once said “When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.” We at Vogster would like to think of ourselves as part of that second camp, The Makers, not to be confused with THE MAKER, the mysterious omniscient entity responsible for the misadventures that plague Rick Ajax and Lori Machete in Unbound Saga for the PSP, available now for download exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

See what I did there? Bridge quotes about the future to a reference to Unbound Saga, which then leads to the topic of digital distribution? Yes, Unbound Saga is available for download only. You can’t walk into Gamezoinks, or wherever else you typically buy your disc-based gaming fix, and walk out with a plastic box full of brawling Unbound goodness. You can, however, buy this game from the comfort of your own home, while still in your bathrobe and bunny slippers. Click-click-clack, simple as that. Super easy, and all you need is an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account. And a PlayStation device to play the game on, of course.

Unbound Saga

But why would Vogster, or any other publisher for that matter, buck the trend and do something as radical as bypassing brick-and-mortar? What do we have against the good people at Gamezoinks? Nothing at all, I assure you (In fact, we just made that name up.). But the benefits of digital distribution cannot be overlooked. For the consumer, digital download offers unparalleled convenience. If you want it, you can have it NOW, regardless of weather, bus schedules, gas prices, etc. RIGHT NOW. In fact, I just bought the first three seasons of Dexter from the PlayStation Store while writing this. My fingers barely left the keyboard. How convenient is THAT?? It also guarantees availability. It would have stunk to drive all the way to the mall for that set of DVDs only to find they were sold out. Well, the internet is never sold out, and it is open 24-7. How ‘bout them apples?

Digital distribution is good for the developer, too. It is easier to get the product onto the market, cheaper to manufacture and distribute, and it bypasses the growing used- and rental- markets that eat into sales. The traditional model makes it that much harder for smaller companies to compete, even those with amazing new ideas and talent. Wouldn’t you rather have more good games to choose from? Going digital gives developers a viable stage to present their products for the gameplaying market to enjoy.

We certainly haven’t turned our back on the tactile satisfaction of holding something groovy and colorful in your hands. That’s why we’re hard at working producing spiffy Unbound Saga comics and sweet, sweet action statuettes to adorn your desktops and Unbound Saga shrines (Check out our Facebook Fan page some nifty pix.). And as DLC becomes available, you’ll be able to hop into the new content instantly, thanks to the uber-convenience of it all!

So yes, the digital download method is relatively new, and sometimes new can be scary. But you survived the change from 8-bit to HD, from 2D to 3D, from cartridge to CD to DVD to Blu-ray. I think we will not only survive the change from disc to digital, but we’ll all benefit from the process. And if you don’t believe me, here’s a rock-solid offer to try it for yourself: FIVE FREE CODES FOR YOUR OWN COPY OF UNBOUND SAGA! (codes are for North America only — sorry Lost Continent of Atlantis!)

Wait, what? FREE?? You bet, but because downloading digital content to your PSP is so darn easy (signed in from the PlayStation Store, select “Redeem Codes”) , we decided to throw in a little extra challenge just to emphasize how easy the actual process is WITHOUT the silly contest challenge. Here are the codes — all you have to do is guess the missing characters. (And yes, there is a pattern related to this posting…)

Have at it, junior G-men!


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  • Thanks for the codes, but I suck at this. LOL

  • only 1 comment. ouch.

  • Someone else can used the code. I do not know why, but this game do not interest me. So it is disrespectful if I download it and take away an opportunity from someone that wants to.
    Do you guys have any other games in the work for either the PSP or PS3?

  • Awesome, this game looks pretty good. Thanks for the codes BTW

  • w00t I got the 3rd one!!

  • Yes! Thanks, I got the second last code. Merci beaucoup! :D

  • I got the second one – thanks for this!

  • @BlooodyCow

    I like your thinking man =D

  • GRR I had the last code but I forgot to click continue and someone beat me to it. Oh well. Thanks!

  • Once again I come up empty handed with this type of code give-away. I guess I just can’t type fast enough. thanks anyway guys.

  • Dagnabit, I’m at work. The Playstation Store needs to be available on the interwebs too.

  • wait, what? I really want one!!!


    All the stuff i got in Home and From the store, gone. no games

  • oh well, im not quite fast enough to grab one.

    better luck next time :-)

  • 8002a31 means you should call Sony ASPA

  • @9 xpopxkidx110
    I would hate if someone takeaway an opportunity away from me if they have no interest in the produce or service. Since I would hate if that happen to me, then I should not do it to others.

  • *sigh*

    I can never get the right missing character before they are redeemed. :(

  • #12 (Neil)

    It is on teh interwebz! Get Media Go! That’s how I did it =D

  • So how are you supposed to figure out the missing characters?

  • are that an I or 1

  • #20 (beesee_)
    Start at A down to Z! None of those? start at 0 up to 9. Still none? You lost >.>

  • @21 kingmuscle
    it is an “I” dude. Not a “L” or “1”

  • Ugh I tried every letter and number for the first one but didn’t get it. Not fast enough : (

  • Is there a demo? I’d take a demo a bad “contest” for codes that have already been used.

  • Wait, the codes can only be used once? Thats so damn unfair, at the very least, make it usable up to 10,000 times, like the HOME Managers did with those trashy shirts for E3.

  • @23 blooodycow

    thanks a lot! dont even know why im trying!

  • Aw, I’m too late :(

  • @25 but they won’t give 10 000 copies of the game… anyway.. I lost :(

  • I’m too slow, as usual.

  • So is anyone going to post what the pattern was? I don’t know if I got it right since the code is invalid, and I don’t want to check over and over again until I find a different error message. Seems like they’re all gone now so can anyone fill me in on the pattern? Haha…

  • #30 (TuxBobble)

    Yeah I was wondering the same thing…What the hell is the “pattern”

  • Some of the pattern might be:
    *Number of words highlighted?
    *Capitalized words?
    *Number of quotes?
    *# of word FREE?

    Or just insert anything into the “*”. (Start with #0-9 first and then do the alphabet)

  • Those alphabets in those codes are all capitalized, people!

  • We need a real-life Professor Layton, this would be a piece of cake for him. -.-

  • Eh, some of those “patterns” are pretty arbitrary. “Capitalized Words” could have been “capitalized phrases” as well, which makes these patterns a bit more annoying.

    I don’t feel bad for not getting it. I just figured the pattern wouldn’t be so convoluted. It’d be one thing if it was a straightforward puzzle, but if you’re going to make it more random in the post, it’d be nice for it to be a little clearer.

  • @29
    Oh, I thought the codes were for some demo or something…

  • are all the codes gone

  • @38 bkool18:
    I know. I’m still curious what the pattern was. Just for my own sake, not to get codes. I like puzzles/riddles/etc., what can I say?

  • Seriously, digital distribution will keep PlayStation from coming anywhere close to DS/Wii sales. You may notice that people LIKE buying physical stuff in physical stores.

  • hello guys the “pattern” is MAKER a letter for each code in that order, but i didn’t get one because they’re all already taken :(

  • @40 Denalin
    I don’t know. I really like this idea personally. My opinion is that it’s much better to have content stored on the console than to carry around UMDs.

    Maybe it’s bad to FORCE it, but I love to have the option–9 times out of 10 I will opt for the digital version, unless it’s much cheaper to buy a game second-hand, in which case you have the issue of quality, etc…

    I really hope Sony’s pioneering of the CONSOLE digital distribution era works out well, personally.

  • The fourth one’s letter was G.

  • I hate it when they give codes away. You can never tell what one is ever taken. One of the lamest ways to give them away IMO.

  • Digital Download isn’t the future. There are people who will always prefer to hold the actual copy of the game than to have it on their HDD. And you can’t compare the transition of people going to 2D to 3D or cartridge to DVD’s. That’s just grabbing straws. Fail analogy is fail.

  • (sigh) Tried every code, every letter, every number…

  • It’s probably USAGA.

  • First one had a “M”

  • If only the PSP had PSN messages they could’ve done it using that…

  • Darn…missed out…and this was in my queue but had to slip due to unforeseen circumstances. A freebie would have been welcomed for sure.

  • It was “MAKER” people
    You cant use the codes anymore

    I feel sad Mike

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