Comic-Con 09: Uncharted 2’s Gold Rush Revealed

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Unlike last year, there’s been a bit of space between E3 and Comic-Con this year, and that means: the games on hand have had a couple of months to be refined. That was acutely on display over at the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves area of the PlayStation booth. Naughty Dog unveiled a new co-op gameplay type, Gold Rush, but that was only part of the story. As a veteran of the Uncharted 2 beta, the visual and gameplay enhancements were evident as soon as I picked up the controller. Naughty Dog‘s Arne Meyer explains Gold Rush, and (at the end) shows you why you need to drop by and play the demo at this Comic-Con if you can make it.

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  • ughh I really wanted to go to this =[
    next year FOR SURE!

  • can’t wait man. nd is one of the few studios that gives you bang for you buck. at this moment 82 days til launch and its going to be the longest 82 days but its going to be sweet once i get my hands on this amazing game. keep up the good work guys.

  • Wow… Why does it use the MP maps? That kind of ruins it for me….

  • This looks almost identical to the treasure mode in the BETA. Only difference is that you are facing AI. Still looks bad ass though.

  • only 82 day till greatness! I can’t wait.

  • When we get an information about the European release date please? Christophe Balestra said at twitter that it isn’t the 23rd October!

  • ahhh this is amazing!

  • YEah I really do like Uncharted, and the beta was superb.

    But even cooler is the whole brotherhood of Playstation that is kind of emerging. We know Arne, becuase he is on NeoGAF, and Twitter, and same goes for Jared, and then Jeff is there too. And I was just listening to PSNation podcast with Kyle Schubel.

    It’s feeling really cohesive and awesome, and I enjoy knowing the people that are explaining.

    I kind of adds to that viral/community/social element of games, which really excites me.

    Great job guys! This has really made my night.

  • this looks awesome, day one buy for me.

  • OHHH they also added a new room on that balcony where you cash the treasure. Plus I think the reticule for the handgun changed too? Plus Elena has long black pants now instead of the short cargo pants?

    I was looking over his shoulder with a glare on the T.V. so I couldn’t really see the graphical changes…

    Uncharted 2 rocks!!!!!!

  • OMG i hate jeff!! I wish i was their, cant wait for this game to come out. (it’s going to be kick ass.)

  • Well when I was in the beta with my friends we created a 5man team and then did the same thing in Treasure mode in the Beta. We would win more than we would loose but we did loose some.

    It is fun to see that some suggestions about game-play have been recognized by the Dev team.

  • Looking good.. loved the first one.


  • Jeff this is your first blog in a while… What’s up with that?

  • game looks reallly cool first day buy. when is the ps store going get a update

  • hey jeff–

    is there some reason i can’t rate posts when using google chrome?

    firefox works, IE works. but in chrome…the rating is not interactive.

  • With all the extra modes and stuff getting revealed for U2, it’d be nice to have a detailed fact sheet kept up-to-date.

  • this game keeps looking better cant wait 2 get my hands on the full game

  • Udates up
    Downloading Dissida right now =)

  • first thought where: cops & robbers!

    looks like fun! day one for me too!

  • Loved the Beta. Can’t wait for the full game.

  • can’t f***ing wait for this game…..

    can somebody tell me why i can’t rate any article????

  • already pre-paid for my copy and got a code for “gold” weapons! got bling? :D

  • too bad im not a beta tester, game looks awesome! go Playstation!

  • Nice update. Now how about SONY fix the browser…Freeze anyone?

  • what’s this? Activision did send you guys a CODW@W demo after all?! What’s next? Dare I say Guitar Hero demos?

  • GAF.

  • inspired by gears of war 2, horde

  • Great game, loved the beta. Can’t wait for the release.

    Is it just me or did that guy like to point out the obvious? That dude’s annoying.

  • o.0 awesome mode! oh and I preordered yesterday :)

  • for co-op are we going to be able to have say me and a friend on the one console than the rest via online?
    thats one thing i wish games had more of, the ps3 can have 7 controllers connected at once but theres less than 1% of the ps3s library lets you use 2 let alone 7.
    also when is it going to be released in australia?

  • now that is cool! i miss the beta though…lol

  • Yeah that’s my TV

  • @78 just wondering if you even played the first one or for that matter even own a ps3,just curious because your comment sounds like fanboy stuff

  • i picked up a few navarro multiplayer skin codes..

    ill leave them for sale to the highest bidder.. contact me on PSN.. same name as the one you see here.

  • this looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the only thing i don’t like is the blood indicator to show where you are getting shot from, it looked better when they first showed the game off when they first released the beta.

    that is my only concern about how the game looks.

    this could be game of the year!!!!

    keep up the good work Naughty Dog!!!!!!!

  • I am quite disappointed that Naughty Dog made the decision to not include split-screen because the game would take a small graphical hit. Playing with buddies on the couch is really fun and also helps them decide to buy the game as well. I never play single player/only online games when my friends are over.

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