Comic-Con 09: Uncharted 2’s Gold Rush Revealed

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Unlike last year, there’s been a bit of space between E3 and Comic-Con this year, and that means: the games on hand have had a couple of months to be refined. That was acutely on display over at the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves area of the PlayStation booth. Naughty Dog unveiled a new co-op gameplay type, Gold Rush, but that was only part of the story. As a veteran of the Uncharted 2 beta, the visual and gameplay enhancements were evident as soon as I picked up the controller. Naughty Dog‘s Arne Meyer explains Gold Rush, and (at the end) shows you why you need to drop by and play the demo at this Comic-Con if you can make it.

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  • amazing, playstation rcoks!

  • Looking good, but I want to see more of Ratchet & Clank!

  • awesome!

  • Can’t wait to buy Uncharted 2! BTW why does the video refresh everytime I move my mouse away from the video? It happens with other videos as well

  • What did Namco Bandai have to offer at Comic Con? any news on the tales franchise? Or are ps3 owners getting pwnt again?

  • Will there be other chances to get the multiplayer skin?

  • Now this looks like a lot of fun.

  • It’s a lot easier to throw it as far as you can and then shoot your way to it. I honestly thought the online would suck but it was awesome. The climbing aspects of the online is what I enjoyed most.

    I noticed that running with the treasure seemed faster than in the beta. I hope it’s not too much faster, being sluggish was a challenge that I enjoyed.

    Thanks for the vid Jeff!

  • So it’s basically horde mode but you have to collect treasure? Sounds good to me.

  • Jeff you made amazing uprise in this video(in good sense)

  • This new co-op mode looks really awesome. The game keeps looking better and better everytime I see it. Naughty Dog FTW!

  • same question as #6. skins are a big deal to people. i mean look @ lbp dlc. thats all they offer is skins and costumes and everyone always buys that. so yea any other chances of getting the skin. also is the revenge attribute from preordering @ gamestop unlockable anyway? and when are we getting the Fat Princess Video Interview? O my so many questions.

  • Cool! I can’t wait for the release. I wonder what else Naughty Dog has up their sleeve????

  • wow this is the longest countdown ive seen on the blog. the uncarted ticker is @ 82 days. i would have atleast waited to 60 :P

  • Jeff, have you had the interview with Titan Studios yet? It’s nearly the end of the week and it still hasn’t been posted.


  • Nice i played the beta! it was great already! now please give us crystal defenders on the PSN Store Today!!!!! and some Fat Princess A.S.A.P.!

  • looks awesome the multiplayer looks like a lot more interesting.

    just wondering. will there be any split-screen co-op at all? like for the campaign and/or multiplayer.


  • i may have to buy this game 50 times. :)

  • This looks great guys I am really excited for this game I have always liked naughty dog. I loved playing horde with friends and this looks like a lot more fun because it is objective based.

  • Any other ways to get that Navarro skin?

  • @Jeff,

    I don’t if it’s just me; but whenever I put my mouse is over the video, the video will automatically restart.

    I am using firefox 3.5.1

  • Nice! Are there any other ways to get that Navaro skin?
    Also, any Ratchet and Clank videos this week?

  • Damn right I’m going to preorder it!

  • Can’t wait to buy this game!

    Offtopic:…why can’t I rank this post?

  • Is it possible for this game to get any better?

  • Great game, really good co-op mode, like that I will end up selling all my other games and stay only with my copy of uncharted 2 lol

    Congrats Jeff, for the guest appearance.

  • What #1 said. The Playstation brand is AWESOME. The games, the creative minds, everything. Im sticking with Sony forever.

    Oh, and Jeff, you might want to add this to the Playstation conversation:

  • Every time I try to watch the video it restarts, been happening with other videos for a while too.

  • This will be GOTY material no doubt.

  • @24, I can’t rank the video either

  • Looks a little bit smoother from the beta a month back. Also, you seem to move a lot faster too. Wonder if that applies to co-op and multiplayer as well.

  • Is split screen going to be an option?

  • It keeps getting better and better, we just need it to hit stores. Really loved this new co-op mode, looks fun and smoother than the Beta’s.

    Thanks for listening to our feedbacks Naughty Dog. I hope to play any UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer mode with you Jeff, I want to test your’s veterane skills!

    Thanks for the news.

  • awesome. Must have game now or Hulk SMASH!

  • Like Nazi Zombies, but way better!

  • Great mode! Nice innovation and thanks a lot!!! I can’t wait to play this game.

  • Uncharted 2 will be the most complete game released this year. Kudos ND! Kudos

  • @SnowboardZombie

    No splitscreen.

  • I’m unable to rate blog posts today for some reason.

  • I wasn’t aware there would be this kind of Sony display at ComicCon.

    Out of curiosity what other games are being shown?

    This looks awesome, but multiplayer is always secondary to a quality singleplayer experience for me.

  • TheThunder2008CA

    yeah I”m also getting the video restart thing whenever I put my mouse cursor on it

    I’m using Firefox

  • Played it in the beta. I like this mode, it’s fun.

  • Yay, go uncharted!

  • Jeff or anyone i know i should call sony and ask but my phone is broken (also be posting in forums), my ps3 broke and kz2 is inside will i get it back if i leave a note on top saying its in there?

    btw can’t wait for this game, i love the team behind uncharded keep up the good work.

  • i dont think this mode will be very popular for the same reason the mode wasnt popular in 5v5 matches. people don’t like to complete objectives. i personally love to and even i dont think this is a good mode for coop.

    this actually should be a straight horde type mode. no one wants to lug the gold around and toss it up just for someone else to pick it up to score. it slows down the game while your carrying it and overall its going to be repetitive. how many enemy types could there be? everyone is human there are no monsters and such.

    i think this mode really needs to be rethought out and not added for the sake of having a game with tons of features

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Is that Arne from GAF?

  • @lowhonor

    Have you played the CTF mode in the Uncharted 2 beta? It was very fun, and this is the same, but with ai enemies that get progressively stronger.

  • Looks absolutely awesome.

  • Nice! Uncharted was my first PS3 game and Platinum trophy. Naughty Dog rules, wish I had a beta key :(

  • @47, as i implied yes i was in the beta and yes i did enjoy it

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